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October 9, 2018 / admin

10 Interactive Halloween Costume Ideas for the Single Ladies

It’s about that time – my second favorite holiday is quickly approaching. And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Halloween. As a child growing up in a religious home I was taught not to celebrate halloween (and I’m sure a lot of black women can relate) but this is just one more thing that makes us others as everyone else is calmly going around celebrating the fun and not worshipping devils.

Anyway, that’s an article for another day. What we are going to talk about today is that If you are single and NOT loving it, don’t have any hangups about dressing up for halloween, and want to take advantage of the many opportunities to meet single guys that you probably wouldn’t meet elsewhere because they don’t frequent clubs, bars, or live in your neighborhood, then halloween is your time.

You’re definitely going to want to hit the parade, parties, and gatherings. But you can’t just show up with a t-shirt and jeans and claim you are dressed up as someone who thinks costumes are lame. The greatest way to show a man that you have personality and are fun is to get creative with your costume and go all out.

But, don’t just stop at a cute outfit that people will compliment you on. Dig a little deeper and get an interactive costume if you REALLY want to give a guy an easy way to approach you for a photo or to test out your cool costume.

Here are 10 interactive Halloween costume ideas that you are free to rip off!

(1) Wind up toy doll – bonus point if you manage to make the winding key twist and turnable

(2) The Bachelorette – Don your most glamorous gown and heels and have a bunch of long stemmed roses handy to give out. Since some people might not get it, you may also need a name tag that says The Bachelorette. Then feel free to hand them out to whichever guys catches your eyes for the night with the famous catchphrase “[insert guy’s costume character name], will you accept this rose?”

(3) Crossword Puzzle – questions on the front and puzzle on the back or vice versa. *tic tac toe would work here as well

(4) Willy Wonka Costume – hand out golden tickets or candy


(5) Tinder – Let all the pictures be of you

(6) Bubble Wrap Girl – Stick some fragile stickers on top of the bubble wrap and dress up as something fragile that should be handled with extreme caution. People will still try to pop you.

(7) Bubble Girl – Along the same vain dress up as bubbles and make sure you have a handy bubble gun and a lot of soap (because everyone loves bubbles).

(8) Fortune Teller – carry a crystal ball or tarot cards and have a sign that says free reading so that people will come up to you and ask to have their fortune read

(9) Magic 8 Ball – In the same vain, dress up as a magic 8 ball (you can also put a white 8 on your black beenie and have the answers on your tummy) with various answers and encourage people to ask a question. A sign that guides people to shake will probably also be helpful.

(10) A tongue twister – Sally Sells Sea Shells Down by the Shore. Wear a trench coat, shades and look perpetually paranoid. When you walk past people, whisper “Ppppst, can I interest you in some sea shells?”






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  1. blackmermaid10 / Oct 16 2018 12:01 pm

    Love these!! They are definitely outside of the box. I love Halloween and I am always looking for something different where there won’t be 10 of us in the same costume. Thank you for sharing this!

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