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December 5, 2012 / admin

White Men: How to Get Swag & Why you Need it!

So you want to learn how to get swag

Maybe we should start with what SWAG is and if it is possible for you to even get it!

The good news is no one is born with swag – swag is the result of your environment and simply means to be cool, chill and confident as well as having a unique style. You have an air about you that is the opposite from trying too hard, anxious, frankly – lame.

Some people think that only black men have ‘natural swag’ but this is not true. Some White guys with swag are:

  • 1. Ryan Gosling
  • 2. Collin Farrell
  • 3. Tatum Channing
  • 4. Ryan Renolds
  • 5. James Franco
  • 6. Justin Beiber
  • 7. Joseph Gordon Levitt
  • 8. Ryan Lochte
  • 9. Brad Pitt
  • 10. Justin Timberlake

Of course it doesn’t hurt that many of these men are ridiculously successful and good looking, and if you looked like them, had handlers and beautiful women tripping over themselves to talk to you, you’d probably develop perceived swag in no time.

Until such a time you will need to fake it until you make it.  This may sound a bit weird and you may think that everyone will be able to see through the fact that you don’t 100% believe what you’re portraying, but trust me – most people are so busy faking it themselves and trying to be around the cool people, that they will hardly notice. And it’s better to try than to not because Black women (as well as every other woman on this planet) are very attracted to confident and stylish men. *When I see a confident man who takes care of himself it automatically makes me think that he will take care of me – and who doesn’t want to be chosen by a guy that is in high demand?*

So here are 3 steps to getting Swag

Step 1 – Get a Style that is Uniquely Yours

You don’t have to dress a certain way or fit a certain mold to be stylish. You just have to put a little thought behind what you wear and it will show. It’s the difference between dirty ill fitting jeans and a loose white t – and a better fitted v neck t-shirt and fitted jeans. This also includes your hair cut, accessories (shoes/necklace/watch, etc.), undergarments (No white briefs!).  If you aren’t sure what your personal style should be, turn to your favorite celebrity or model that you would like to emulate and pick similar pieces. Browse fashion blogs geared towards men and if anything stands out at you, go shopping for those items or ones like it. During this time, you should also be throwing out those pieces in your closet that don’t do anything for you at all!

Another option is to go on websites and take a look at the lookbooks. Whether a store sells hipster fashion or more tailored/formal looks there will be advertisements that a company will use to promote their new styles – use these as guidelines and for inspiration.

* Women love to give men makeovers, so alternatively you could ask a female friend or family member to help you with this or hire a professional.

Step 2 – Take an Acting or Improv class

While looking good will automatically boost your confidence, sometimes you just need a little something else to get you there. This is where an acting or improv class will come in. Both will teach you to think/act on your feet and hopefully to lose the jitters. You could also become a student of one of the celebrities listed above and emulate them. This would involve mimicking the way they stand, talk and gesture. Women have been doing this for ages – e.g. watching old movies of Marilyn Monroe or studying Jackie O and just faking it until they make it!

Step 3 – Be Decisive

Women are attracted to men who know what they want – hence the popularity of Alpha males. These men see something they like and let it be known. Well, you have to be that way too and voila, instant swag appeal! Nothing is more of a turn off than a wishy washy man. So learn how to make decisions, quickly and then to act. If you see a woman you like, let it be known by smiling and holding your gaze for a few seconds. Look for indicators of interest, such as a smile in return, a second or multiple look backs, open body language. If you see the signs, don’t linger and hesitate – just decide to go for it and act. She will appreciate it and you will separate yourself from other guys one of the few confident ones. If you have your style together and can act/improvise during the conversation (which will make you feel more confident) this will manifest as you being perceived as a cool, fearless, high value guy with a TON OF SWAG.


Got a tip for how men can get more swag, or something you as a male reader has found to work for you – post it below in the comments section!



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  1. White Chocolate / Dec 6 2012 5:28 pm

    All Of them have class not swag just so you know sag is for little boys I see that all day in school grown men shouldn’t have swag. Big turn off!!!

  2. A White Guy Who Recently Fallen Head Over Heels For A Black Women / Jan 4 2013 8:51 pm

    This was a great article. Thanks for posting! I found it difficult to source articles like this! Happy new Years to you!

  3. justice / Mar 26 2013 6:21 pm

    thanks this has been a big help i appreciate it

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