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May 13, 2011 / admin

Blog Spotlight – Ruthlyn’s (From Youtube) Revenge

I remember when I used to browse Youtube back in the day I would come across videos made by a beautiful girl named Ruthlyn. Mainly, the videos were dedications to her military hubby and featured the two of them in happier times. What stood out was how young and attractive this couple was – and many people became instant fans and champions of their interracial marriage.

Well, the other day I was going through my blogroll and came across a post( that announced the break up of this couple as well as the fact that they were both seeing new people (still interracially).  The comments section got pretty ugly when the new girlfriend, Ruthlyn and her hubby jumped into the conversation, but that’s all water under the bridge as this is probably old news to many of you. I say all of that to say that this was how I stumbled upon Ruthlyn’s really great blog –

It’s a very insightful and well written personal blog. Ruthlyn is in the military so I gather she doesn’t have a lot of time to post regulary, but when she does she always has something thoughtful to say. She is much wiser beyond her (23?) years! You should check it out – I highly recommend it.



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  1. mzdougla / May 13 2011 5:35 pm

    Oh yes. I remember Ruthlyn and josh. I really liked them as a couple when I saw them back in ’08 and the husband was sooo attractive. He’s never dated any other ethnicity accept for bw. I heard last year about the divorce, bcuz I was on his FB page, and yes they both are dating other people (his new gf looks like a model, she’s sweet). They both had their little issues….she’s always putting their life on display and I’m pretty sure he has his problems also.

    Now, here’s where it gets weird. I told a friend of mine about him and how attractive this couple was and she went on FB and added him, then out of no where he started chating with my friend on FB (she called me). A month later he texted her, that means he went on her page and looked for her number (she called me again). He told her that his gf was in NY. I’m not sure if he just wanted someone to talk too or what, but I didn’t think it was right for him to look for numbers on FB and text women that he didn’t even know while his gf was out of town. He confided in her about the issues between him and his ex wife (which I won’t say). Yes this was some mess I brought myself into lol.
    I saw him on my friend’s page just 2 days ago. He’s still yummy lol. I don’t know what the relationship with his gf is like, because I took myself off his page, but I just find that whole situation odd.

    • admin / May 13 2011 5:54 pm

      Yikes! Girl, you have the low down! lol. You remind me of Wendy Williams 🙂

      Ya’know, facebook makes it too darn easy, but if it wasn’t there – cheaters will still find a way to creep (smh)

      • mzdougla / May 13 2011 9:49 pm

        Oh I feel like wendy williams 😀
        “How you doing” lol…I heard his side of the story, didn’t get Ruthlyn’s. My friend is FB buddies with her also lol. She’s not really focused on the whole situation. My friend is dating someone, but I asked her “do you think he is a little interested in you?”, she doesn’t think so.
        He commented on professional pics she took, and said, “I would like to think I gave you the idea to wear those shirts”. It seems friendly, but then again he was the guy texting my friend when his gf was out of town. Ugh! Who knows lol.

    • Yes! / May 14 2011 4:37 am

      wow…the guy is a hot stanking mess…ruthyln rubs me the wrong way sometimes (she seriously has not learned from putting so much of herself on the internet..and of course she introduced her new beau on camera which she claimed she’d never do again…whatever) but i’m glad she got out of that relationship.

      They were seriously the IT interracial couple of youtube for awhile…both very attractive and in love…some people were straight up living vicariously through them.

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 7:48 pm

        You have a point. I took my fiance off of youtube. I realize that people out there are nuts and have pretended to be me for various purposes. I’m sorry I rub you the wrong way. But I realize that the only way to cover up bullshit is with more bullshit. And i’m not a bullshitter. 😉

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 7:51 pm

      HEY!!! You read my blog? I haven’t publicized it yet…I didn’t think it was ready for public viewing. But i’m about to. Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment!

      • admin / Jun 12 2011 11:21 pm

        NP. I think it’s great – I read all the posts in one sitting!

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 7:54 pm

      that does not surprise me at all.

  2. Jamila / May 13 2011 5:43 pm

    I remember them too. I don’t think I could have such a sexy husband or a sexy husband that knows he’s sexy. Even if I could trust him, it’s the girls that would throw themselves at him that I don’t trust. AND, I don’t know if it’s me but white men seem to cheat on their wives alot for no reason … that’s my biggest reservation with them.

    • admin / May 13 2011 5:53 pm

      Sounds like another myth buster is about due

      • mzdougla / May 13 2011 9:33 pm

        I think so also…I will be waiting for it lol.

    • Nkosazana / May 14 2011 5:05 am

      Oh it’s you baby. Actually WM don’t cheat more than any other man. BM might even cheat more with the whole ghetto mess that some are trying to emulate.

  3. mzdougla / May 13 2011 9:53 pm

    I will say this…he still loves her.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 10:52 pm

      I know this. My intentions are not to hurt, interfere or manipulate, so I did nothing with the texts, emails, and messages that I have to back your statement up. But we all just gotta keep it moving. I never go back, always forward.

      • populus / Jun 11 2011 10:29 pm

        LOL Ruthlyn are you truely over Josh? i thought you was engaged to be married again.
        What texts do you have to say he still loves you? and why do you keep them if you are over him?
        hmmm somethings not right!!!!

      • populus / Jun 13 2011 6:34 pm

        LMAO so you don’t have the texts, emails and messages to back up the statement anymore?
        And as the instigator thats not me IT’S YOU.. you are the one that has directed your subbies onto this blog via your blog that you miraculously made public!!! (hmm i wonder why) my dear it’s been public for ages all you have to do is google your name !

        Ruthlyn i must admit i was a fan of yours but you are becoming more and more transparent as time goes by. You are just out to hurt a certain person(s). Am i right ? hell I know i’m right….

        “But we all just gotta keep it moving and never go back, always forward” LMAO who the hell are you trying to convince.

        I have wondered who marries someone after three months of knowing them, then gets divorce, then turns there subbies against him and his gf, and then shes with someone she met in the airforce WHILE she was still MARRIED of course! and now engaged? Thats called a MASTER MANIPULATOR.. yepp that’s you ruthie i’m sorry but it has to be said .

        I apologise to the admin for this, i read, see, and hear BS from this chick all the time.

        Btw ruthlyn i’m not who you think it is, i know you would love to think it was them!! But no your wrong

      • admin / Jun 13 2011 8:00 pm

        Populus – once you’ve been cleared to comment you can comment freely, however I don’t want this to turn ugly or create an opportunity to bash or attack Ruthlyn’s past.

        Yes, she shared aspects of her life on yt, but nobody knows the real/full story. Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge. I think she’s trying to move on and her blog doesn’t dwell on those things.

        I think you’ve made it clear you’re not her biggest fan. I think you should let this one go.

  4. Yes! / May 14 2011 4:47 am

    I also see from her blog that she’s engaged again…interesting…I’m just going to take a step back away from her life like I did when I unsubscribed…I feel weird knowing so much REAL drama about a complete stranger but sometimes drama is drama and you just can’t stay away…must try…

    • admin / May 14 2011 1:46 pm

      lol. she only skims or slightly alludes to the previous drama on her blog once or twice if I’m not mistaken. For the most part, it’s just her musings on various subjects and her take on things is pretty insightful, or at least interesting.

      • Yes! / May 14 2011 7:09 pm

        I’m not talking about her blog..i’m talking about participating in discussions about her personal life like on here…I already learned something new from a couple of comments above without even trying LOL…

  5. Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 7:54 pm

    and yes i’m 23. 🙂

    • mzdougla / Jun 12 2011 7:30 pm

      Ruthlyn, I truly wish you all the happiness in the world! I love the new approach you’ve taken and I really enjoyed your point of view…very insightful 🙂
      Glad things are coming together for you…goodluck!!

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 13 2011 12:13 am

        thanks! oh god I knew there had to be an instigator on here (“Populus” who actually types just like what’s-his-name)…alleging i’m not over him. . .completely ignoring your post about him STILL talking to random women online. What’s there to hold on to? LOL Texts, photos, videos…all gone. But seldom did I stop to question the preoccupation with what and who I’m over. Why do people care so much?

        Anyway thanks for reading my blog. Things are only getting better and better for me. I am blogging to get rid of my itch to make more videos. My personal life is just that…my fiance and I (as a couple) are ungoogleable. I may have screwed myself on my internet footprint a few years ago but these days you gotta DIG to get the latest information on my personal life. And that’s how I intend to keep it. Only the real wierdos have that info. I remember one person made a video stealing pictures of my fiance just to show YouTube what he looked like and then saying that he was straight out of high school (when he’s 22). NUTS.

        Somebody stole my profile pictures on facebook (they WERE public) and created a photobucket account alleging to be me on yahoo answers. It really creeped me out because they took some of the photos and colored them sepia and black and white. Not only did they take my pictures but they took the time to edit them. That was when I took my privacy settings up like 8 notches.

  6. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 14 2011 12:47 pm

    it’s ok admin, there’s always someone faceless and anonymous who is obsessed with my story who is on one side or the other. lol they never let anything go. EVER. This blog is kind of hard to find. I found it by googling myself to see the current status of my internet footprint. Kind of creepy that someone takes the time to look me up like that. Sad, too. It is indeed water under the bridge and I realize the more I address people like this with facts, the more it sounds like I AM dwelling on it. People like that who were “fans” just can’t swallow the truth- that people divorce, life goes on and water DOES go under the bridge. I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept to grasp. Unless they had a skewed perception of what it was in the first place. When a woman’s fed up….there ain’t nothin you can do about it.

  7. Paighton / Jun 14 2011 10:54 pm

    I’m just gonna say one thing here to intervene. I believe Populus was saying that you directed your fan base here to read comments which were mainly bashing your ex. You even commented saying how you know he still loves you but yet your over him. You have emails, but now you don’t the next day. Why would you even say things like that if not to make him look bad or his gf? Your a child in woman’s clothing. I, like her was a fan but you’ve def pushed your fans away the more you entertain topics and rants about ur ex. Just stop talking about him. Bringing him up in your videos didn’t help either. You were talking about “NWNW” and kept bringing him up? why? I, like everyone else knew you directed that vid to his gf. He has nothing to do with the topic bc you did not have children with him. period. And from what I heard he dumped you, so what are you talking about a woman being fed up? Chick please.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 1:52 am

      GET A LIFE

      good lord it’s the fuckin internet and it’s MY life. Not yours. You’re wrong about pretty much everything you said but debating your ignorance is not even worth it. Why do people get so worked up about MY business? Obviously somebody is drafting YOU and “Populus” to bash me. I posted a link to this blog on my blog (which doesn’t get much traffic) but I didn’t direct it via facebook to anybody. I didn’t direct ANYBODY to bash anybody.

      Also…when I want to attack people I do it BLATANTLY. I don’t tip toe around the shit. It’s out there. “NWNW” is about marriage and guess what??? I WAS MARRIED! I have a right to use MY STORY…MY LIFE as a frame of reference. So the fuck what? He mentioned me in every video he posted but deleted them all.

      And you guys still aren’t answering why do you care so much? I’m aware I lost people to the slut. She deleted my youtube videos so that she could start fresh with a rotting man. She can keep you guys! Obviously you guys are so obsessed with her man that you believe their lies. It’s disgusting….stop addressing me. “Broke up” we’re in high school. pftt

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 1:58 am

      *wooo-sah* i’m not sure why i’m letting these internet groupies get to me. I just got off work and i’m a little wound up. I guess nothing pisses me off more than people making the slut and the douchebag more important to me than they ever were. Don’t you guys get it? I was in an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. CHEATED ON REPEATEDLY…why in the hell would I be trying to hold onto it? Why is this concept so difficult to grasp? GRASP IT! GRASP IT NOW and leave me alone.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 2:11 am

      exactly. I had no children with my ex. NO WEDDING NO WOMB HAD FUCKING NOTHING TO DO WITH MY EX OR HIS SLUT. If it did I would have mentioned her. I’m straight forward. Period. And if I need to make another video to clarify, then so motherfuckin be it. OBVIOUSLY you weren’t around for the days when I used to address someone named “SargWP”. I tell it to people STRAIGHT UP when I address them. I DO NOT speak in subtleties or undertones. I made ONE video directed to the girl and it is here:

      92 likes 16 dislikes. Now you tell me who believes what.

      And I was going to delete it, but you groupies obviously don’t know what it’s like to for me to rip someone 5 new assholes. If I attack someone I own up to it. I DO NOT attack someone in the shadows and under the table and then act innocent for the masses. That’s what pussy ass bullshitters do. Besides that video, I have nothing to say to her. She wiped out my photobucket account and I had pictures of my friend Adam who died last year. I will never forgive her for that. But for taking the douchebag off my hands, I thank God everyday she did. Believe that.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 23 2011 4:08 pm

      Paighton is Amabel. “childish banter”.

  8. Paighton / Jun 15 2011 7:08 am

    First off, I don’t know her personally but I think you are contrasting this story in your own mind to place blame on her. The fact that you call her a slut baffles me too, if your not over the entire situation. And please! Everyone that seen your last video pretty much all agreed you were trying to insinuate the entire time how you were better than her bc you had a “ring”. Which you kept stressing was so important, more important than a healthy relationship and family. I’m not attacking you but don’t put your business on display if you don’t want ppl to analyze what’s going on. This divorce, you have made so public will always be a topic of conversation. Leave her and him out of your mouth and maybe ppl won’t talk about it anymore. The more YOU bring them up whether it be in blogs or what have you ppl will continue to talk and question. He did make videos mentioning you but he also made a video saying he did that so he could get views and took them down. Like any person who reads and looks at your videos, you have built up anger and love for him. You say your peaceful and then come out in a tirade in the next video. You still love him and its clear to everyone. So my advise to you, stop the childish banter from your end bc you look like a bitter ex wife.

  9. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 10:19 am

    WHY DO YOU CARE? Have you answered that yet? I’ve asked 3 or 4 times now.

    If you believe her lies, than yes…I could see how you would think my behavior and calling her a slut is harsh. lol And although I sound angry here…it’s not at them, it’s at you for being a dumbass.

    I don’t care about how I look to you groupies. REAL women know the truth. Just because you can’t accept it, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t. Josh and I have made peace but dumbass groupies like YOU wouldn’t let it go. I didn’t come on here talking about my ex until someone else mentioned him. Also, I have no reason to lie about the situation because I didn’t do anything wrong and even my ex can attest to that. If you want to know the truth, i’ll tell you. But if you don’t want to hear it and want to continue to take sides with the slut (yes she is a slut and I refer to her as such whenever I talk to Josh and he does not defend her anywhere near as much as you people do) then stop addressing me. I DID NOT make the divorce public. I made the MARRIAGE public. If I had made the details of the divorce public, you wouldn’t be coming at me like that. You clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. All you need to know is you’re barking up the wrong tree, mama. I’m peaceful with my life as it stands but i’ll be damned if I let one of you groupie bitches come at me with that bullshit the slut’s been feeding you.

    And yes bitch I am better than her because I had a ring. He let that slut in our house while I was at military training and the skank never left. By that time I had moved on, but my problem was that the bitch had the nerve to take shots at me to hide her OWN insecurity. I don’t hold back punches when I throw and please know that if you were in the same situation you’d probably act more adversely since you are all up in MY shit right now- shit that has nothing to do with you.

    I’m so sorry admin…some people on youtube are so obsessed with my life it’s pathetic. Feel free to just delete this whole blog. These idiots have ruined it.

  10. mzdougla / Jun 15 2011 10:53 am

    oh my goodness!!! Just to be clear, I never “bashed” her ex husband. I’m not one of those YT fans, that pick and choose sides, while slinging allegations at the other person, no offense. I don’t know him…so there’s no reason for me to “bash” him. I was just commenting. I know now, that I should’ve kept what little I knew to myself. What ever happened should be between the parties involved…just my opinion. I am not in any way, shape or form, angry at the ex husband…That’s their business.

    p.s. just clearing things up 🙂

  11. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 11:33 am

    Thanks mzdougla…for the record I have no idea who you are…you are just telling what you know and I appreciate it. I did not direct anybody to this site but i’m about to if you little groupies don’t sit the fuck down. There is a difference between bashing someone and stating facts. She stated facts. I’m not angry at the ex husband either. He’s just sloppy…like I was several years ago. He adds girls on facebook and then hits on them. He’s been doing it for YEARS. He shared with me things about their relationship- told me not to use it against him. Because I have made peace with him, I won’t. I’m just sitting back and letting nature take its course. I had to block him from my phone because he called me frequently asking to be friends.

    Out of desperation, he messaged my fiance on facebook saying that I was a great girl and requesting information about what i’m doing. Josh means well these days, but he’s not the kind to commit. She has calmed him down a lot- i’ll give her that. But his heart isn’t in it 100% and to say that is not bashing. If I still loved him, do trust he would be mine. But he fucked up too many times for me and the guy I have now has more time, more energy and more respect for me. And i’m engaged. If I was so horrible, I wouldn’t have this wonderful man. There was a time when I WAS bitter and I WAS angry. But now I can look back and just shake my head at how stupid I was for being with him as long as I was. I have a right to talk to people about it. It’s my life.

    ALSO…text messages, voicemails and emails are kept for legal reasons. I had to have certain people in my chain of command listen to the threatening voicemails, facebook messages, and emails I was recieving from him and their family members at the time.

    If I was as fucked up as you’re making me out to be, i’d be in another bad relationship. Just give your opinions some thought before stating them.

    In the blog link posted above by “Black in the Baystate”, I did not direct ANYONE to that blog to bash them. Many people found it before I did and someone directed it to ME. But Josh admitted to he and Amabel and their family members posting under pseudonyms to attack me. I post only as “RUTHLYN” and nothing else (with the exception of the ONLY video I ever directed at the slut). I don’t have time to direct people places nor do I care enough. But people need to get their facts straight before popping off at the mouth with shit they don’t know about. It’s obvious what happened to most people, I’m baffled that some people can’t see it.

    Whatever, i’m just glad no one’s talking about my fiance. That’s when I start throwing punches relentlessly.

    MzDougla this isn’t normal for me. lol ok People rarely to never come at me with this bullshit. I’m not sure whether these people are fishing for information or what…but they like to poke and prod at me.

  12. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2011 11:43 am

    I think you sick fucks want us to be together but it’s not happening. Get over it. He still loves me. But I have no love for him and just a smidgen of respect. I am an ex wife and that is a part of a my history. I don’t sweat guys that fuck up- never have, never will. If you want to be a cheerleader for that sorry ass relationship he’s in now then go right on ahead and leave me the fuck alone. I’m in this one for the long haul.

  13. Paighton / Jun 15 2011 2:12 pm

    I just sent this as a link to amabelscorner. let’s see what she thinks about this. Ruthlyn you still rub me the wrong way, I truly think that your upcoming marriage is a joke and your trying to compensate. But live your life.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 19 2011 12:24 pm

      lol now knowing 100% that you are Amabel you are completely nuts referring to yourself in the 3rd person like that. OMG. What a loon! You’re advertising. How sad. Sweety if you got something to say to me then why don’t you shoot me an email. You have my email! You hacked into it, remember?

  14. Ruthlyn / Jun 15 2011 3:34 pm

    Am I supposed to be scared or something? You don’t know any of us. I don’t care what you, her, Josh or any of you groupies think. You send this to her and that’s fine. She’ll probably write about it in her shallow ass blog, tweet about it or draw attention to it via her family. But I do have a right to post here and I have a right to tell my story…period.You obviously want to start shit because of some blind disgusting loyalty you have. I’m at work right now…I don’t have time to go back and forth like you guys do. Say what you want about me but you know nothing about my relationship thanks to my willingness to protect it. If you go on my blog, I do NOT BASH those people and if I direct this blog to anybody, it will be people in REAL LIFE, who DO know us personally. You really have nothing better to do than to involve yourself in other people’s business and it’s very sad. You are sick.

  15. Paighton / Jun 16 2011 5:58 pm

    How did you know she had a twitter? or blog? Damn girl. You are obsessed. I did give her the link and she wrote this.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 23 2011 4:11 pm

      Paighton is Amabel, guys.

  16. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 16 2011 7:54 pm

    Fifth time asking this question: why do you care? Why does your loyalty lie with these people?

    If i’m lying, fabricating or anything may God strike me down but I don’t know what reason I have to lie about anything. I have nothing to gain from lying about these things. I am an ex. lol What they had to gain about lying about their relationship is acceptance from obsessed losers like you and an army of flighty bimbos who swoon over OTHER PEOPLE’s relationships…also like you, i’m assuming.

    Yes i’m embarrassed by my behavior in these comments. Not sure why I let you idiots get to me. I realize that each the I mention it, people say “AH-HA!!! YOU TALKED ABOUT IT! YOU’RE NOT OVER IT!” But it’s a part of my life and if it comes up…YES I will speak on it. No one is going to make me feel guilty for that. I’m glad that HERE she decided to take the high road but it was really wrong for her to throw in the loss of a soldier in the same segment. I don’t believe in taking the high road all the time.

    Dude she’s just as delusional as you guys are. So sad . I’m just waiting on the nasty emails and texts from her family to start pouring in. lol I’m not sure what posting her silly little blog is supposed to convince me of. You are really pathetic for caring so much.

  17. Paighton / Jun 16 2011 9:31 pm

    I have no loyalty with anyone but her post sounds alot better than the last 50 you’ve posted on this blog. lol. Stop talking now. Who are you trying to prove this to? Your audience? random ppl? They’re past you and your divorce. I just wanted to see how long you would persist. Who cares about your divorce? you’re both with different ppl and in my opinion, you need counseling bc your not over this issue. You have literally posted like 100 times here to prove that your right, they’re wrong and he still loves you and she stole your husband but you can always get him back…rightttt… your fingers a rest and get off this site. You look angry and bitter.

    • jessie / Jun 17 2011 10:29 am

      come on really?… give her a break

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 17 2011 1:54 pm

        lol thanks Jessie. I haven’t spoken about this in a long time so it’s bothersome that people still won’t let it go. And as long as someone comes at me with a lie, I WILL mirror it with truth. This isn’t a matter of being over it or not. This is clearing up falsehood about me. Obviously this person gives a shit about my business or else they wouldn’t be on here in the first place. Pathetic people with no lives of their own- vicariously living through others.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 17 2011 11:53 am

      Paighton this has nothing to do with you. . .why are you still on it? THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ME! lol You’re gonna tell me to get off of a blog that’s about me? Really? Who the fuck are you?

      I have not dwelled on the “he still loves me” bit because it doesn’t matter. You don’t know what they’re past just because of what’s written in a blog. You don’t know anything. How bout you sit down and mind your OWN business. When was the last time you spoke to Josh on the phone? Eh…exactly.

      I don’t want him back you idiot. Never fucking did. EVER. He knows this. She knows this. You need to get this through your head.

      You’re just some random chick on the internet…you have no right to tell me where and when I can’t post.

      WOW you seriously need to get a life.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 17 2011 12:00 pm

      and as far as “posts” go, I don’t give a shit about what you idiots think about me so I put it all out there. Whats-her-face is nasty in private messages and anonymous comments with fake names. She is VERY self-conscious about her internet presence. But you guys already know all my business anyway so there’s not point in me ducking and hiding. Yes her post WAS better than my 50 posts (because her name is on it) but you don’t know her. This bitch is fucking crazy. She gave her little sister my number to cuss me out on my text messages last time this year. Sent me and my “subbies” some nasty messages about me. You don’t know these people so defending them so blindly is fucking retarded on your part. She continuously spreads lies about me to make herself look and feel better and until then I have no respect for her. Has NOTHING to do with the divorce. EVERYTHING to do with her coniving ways. If you want to believe that she’s the angel she tries to portray then so be it. Talk about it amongst your fellow groupies but don’t come at me with that bullshit cause i’m gonna keep it real and tell the truth.

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:24 pm

      What is it with you and Ruthlyn? It’s her life and it’s a story she can continue to tell if she so wishes…

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 18 2011 5:19 am

        this is Amabel messaging someone as Amabel. Someone posted this personal message as a comment on my youtube video. See the similarities between her writing and Paighton? Hahaha LOSER.

        “u actually have no idea what i did last summer. You are just one of those ppl assuming I’m a homewrecker. I met Josh after Ruthlyn had been given divorce papers. They have been separated for a yr before they got married, and I met him 6 months ago. So please, stop talking shit about me bc I probably look better than u thats why u have no picture.”

        She uses “bc” How pitiful this girl is googling me to slam me on blogs under a fake name. She ignores that her boyfriend is talking to other girls online and defends him. That is a girl with low self-esteem. Seriously. You just gotta pray for her. That is the most childish display of insecurity I have ever seen.

  18. Maggie / Jun 18 2011 9:19 am

    Come on now Ruthlyn. I was a fan of you. Please stop acting bitter. Leave it alone and live life with your man. You seem to be bashing Josh’s gf more than him and he was the one who divorced you, not her. Leave her out of your mind. They obviously aren’t thinking about you and it seems like your dwelling on them. I like you alot, your very articulate but this blog portrays you as a psycho for real. Stop commenting. I read her blog post and she’s above all the drama, the only crazy one here seems to be you.

  19. Maggie / Jun 18 2011 10:01 am

    Coming from a fan Ruthlyn, please do not get married right now. You have not healed from your divorce. You still have built up anger. I am divorced also. If my ex husband came on a blog and stated “Maggie still loves him, her new bf is a psycho”and it wasn’t true, I’d laugh and move on bc lies don’t affect me which it seems like their doing. I don’t know what you tend to gain from this but it has painted you as a woman who has not yet healed from this. Whomever your new fiance is he must be hurt from this. You stated “your more important than her cause you were a wife.” but your new fiance is not married to you, is he less important than Josh? Do you love him less bc he’s not your husband? The answer is no. Talk about the present and not the past. Move on completely and then get married, don’t get married to heal from a past marriage. It won’t work and you’d end up hurting him in the end. Take my advise and maybe seek counseling, it helps.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 7:09 pm

      Please stop mentioning my fiance. You guys know nothing about him or us as a couple and I intend to keep it that way. All I can tell you is he is a very strong man. HE is above this more than anyone. My ex threatened him too. You guys have no idea what you’re talking about.

  20. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 6:05 pm

    hi i want to say i read Her blog also. She seems to have moved on and shes very mature. Ruthlyn u look crazy, Ur not over josh, which is obvious. U said ur aloud to talk about ur past but i never see u talk about any other ex besides Josh. Because u dont care about them, but u DO care about Josh. Im pretty sure He isnt in love with u. Im know them from FB and i will say he is COMPLETELY in love with her…not u. I also agree about the marriage thing…dont do it. Ur using Nathan to heal from past wounds. Marriages that start like that never last. And Josh is the one u should be mad at, not her. she owed u nothing…wasnt ur friend, sister, or even associate. Its Josh who u should be mad at but yet u rarely speak down about him. Move on and get over it, cause obviously Josh has.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 7:03 pm

      I only talk about Josh when other people bring him up first. I try to deter from these conversations. But all people know about my past is Josh. No one ever asks about or wants to discuss anything else. And again…can’t talk about it without someone.

      • LOL...women / Jun 18 2011 7:48 pm

        Wow. Ok Oliver directed me to this site and you guys got my girl Ruth so twisted. I work with her. Her ex husband texted her A LOT recently. When she first started here, he was calling and harassing her all the time. I’m not saying this to slam her ex, cause I don’t know him. But from what shes told me, he’s a complete tool. Everytime he sends her a text, she shows it to me and her other coworkers. He’s not over her at all. Yall got it backwards. I’m not following the whole internet beef but I can tell you Ruth is a nice girl and only mentions her ex when he contacts her so we know. She did seek counseling last year and let our 1st Sergeant listen to his crazy @$$ voicemails. He threatened to go after Nathan’s job and he had nothing to do with it. I listened to that message man.The guy’s nuts. And from a guy’s perspective (also military), there is no way homeboy’s faithful to the new girl. Ruth loves no one but Nate. A lot of guys tried to get with her but all we ever hear is Nathan this and Nathan that. Ha I didn’t even know his name was Josh. Daym Ruth thes girls are all up in you KoolAid and don’t even know the flava. But i’d ignore them from here on out tho.I can’t blame her ex for not being over her. She fine as hell. And there’s nothing wrong with her. Yea she was bitter but she is so dam happy now it’s annoying.haha

    • MissDiva / Jun 18 2011 7:31 pm

      well obviously he is NOT completely in love with her if he is sending ruthlyn emails and stalking her new man just to get some info out of him. What else have we learned? He is still checking for facebook girls to cheat on her with. SMDH. Women should know the same way you get him… you know the rest

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:27 pm

      Oh really? you really think Josh has gotten over Ruthlyn indeed…Men are very deceitful. Only time will tell….

  21. lmao / Jun 18 2011 6:26 pm

    Josh’s new girl is beautiful. All those things you say a about her blog..please. She writes about her life, hair, makeup, etc. How is her blog self centerd? it seems she just lives a different life then u. She writes nothing about black issues, or interracial dating. not saying its bad to do that, but im saying obviously she is color blind, and hasnt made her race apart of controlling her life and goals. She has pretty hair, skin, and face. her bone structure is gorgeous. Ruthlyn is pretty but not in the way Josh’s girl is. Ruthlyn u who pretend not to be self obsorbed but then get HUGE FAKE BREASTS. I bet know one knows that. come on now. His new girl seems intelligent, outgoing, and kind hearted..i think shes awesome. dont hate.

    • MissDiva / Jun 18 2011 7:14 pm

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and joshs new girl is not a monster, but c’mon, let’s not get carried away. And how do you know Ruthlyn has fake breasts? Amabel, is that you, girl?

      • truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 8:02 pm

        Im not amabel dum dum. i know because she goes from being flat as a board on her fb, to having huge breasts, shes not twelve and didnt grow them duhhhh.

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 8:52 pm

        Lol that is Josh. The name went from lmao to truth hurts. That is definitely Josh.

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:33 pm

      I read Ruthlyn’s blog and Amabel’s blog too….I love reading both and I think both women are special in their own way. Ruthlyn is a beautiful woman, so is Amabel. Both ladies are from different backgrounds with different opportunities and privileges…Beauty is truly in the eyes of the Beholder…..

  22. Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 7:00 pm

    I appreciate the feedback ladies and I realize how bad I look in these comments but my blog is what truly reflects what’s on my mind day to day. All I’m doing here is defending myself. And ladies I have proof that the other party is also not over or above it but it’s not important…like AT all. If I were truly dwelling on it, my daily blog would reflect that. Again, there is a lot that is not being said because I am being generous. I agree that I should have just ignored the first negative comment but yes I get angry when people tell me they believe all the false perception that this couple has built AT MY EXPENSE. Look if they could tell their lies without mentioning me but more power to them. But they continuously make me a scapegoat to cover up their wrong-doing. It’s not a matter of simply being divorced. It’s being shit on repeatedly after the fact for their own personal gain. I really need people to understand this: I WILL defend myself when I’m being attacked in regard to that whole situation. I have been too kind to these people by not divulging these details. Words in a comment can easily be misunderstoof so I can see how you can call me bitter. Josh has apologized for everything that has happened. But she never did and still attacks me and is still keeping up this charade. But just because I comment to nonsense and defend myself doesn’t mean I’m not in a position to be in another relationship. No one knows the whole story but us and no one has a right to judge me or tell me what to do with my life. Believe me..they ARE talking about it but I’m public with it now. No more protection.

    • MissDiva / Jun 18 2011 7:25 pm

      I believe you. I think it’s also obvious how dirty your ex was/is and how nasty joshs new girl was/is. I think some body said she didn’t owe anything to you because your ex was the one who was married and committed to you but if she knew you and josh were married and w e all know she did then hell to the yes, she is just as BAD as josh. Ruthlyn I wish you all the best with your new man! Both of them will get what’s coming to them soon enough.

      • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:39 pm

        You are so right…I absolutely think Ruthlyn made the wrong choice with Josh in the first place. Her ex is just not worth the stress and time of the day…I don’t know him personally, but a person’s personality can be read from what he says and how he looks sometimes. There is a saying that ”What so ever you sow, you must definitely reap”….So peace to both parties…

  23. Mellisa / Jun 18 2011 7:40 pm

    Why do these crazy people keep tracking your every move on the internet? This is so damn pathetic. Don’t you people have anything better to do than to harp on this woman’s life? SHE DOESN’T WANT HIM. SHE HAS MOVED ON. why should she be jealous of an old scheming whore when she had the damn ring?

    • truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 8:08 pm

      she’s the one replying to some stupid blog, Not amabel, not josh. if she has truely moved on she would have ignored it, but no she keeps dwelling. what ever, that girl is nuts..she needs help. i was subscribed to her till i started to see through the BS. And alot of us know Amabel didnt mess with a married man, he was separated, RUTHLYN met Nathan when she was married also and separated, does that make her a whore too. And i was friends with both of them on FB in the past, actually all 3. I know exactly how the breakup played was all over Facebook. i remember it.

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 8:22 pm

        Omfg that’s not how it played out at all and there’s so much more to the story than that. I believe Josh or Amabel or both and friends are on here. This is the same story they were telling. If Josh and I were legally separated at the time that slut flew from New York to Savannah, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening. Please stop perpetuating the lies. Nathan came into the picture after the divorce decision was final and I recieved therapy. Josh told me he wasn’t going to Ranger Ball with anyone and lied. Later that night told me this random slut from facebook flew down to see him. This was during the short time we were patching up our marriage, which is why he lied. Not that any of this matters anymore, but with every lie told, I will tell the truth. I asked Amabel on facebook “did you know that he lied to me to date you? How does that make you feel?” To which she replied “nothing’re his wife.” I didn’t plan on being for long so I told her he’s no good. You’re not the first girl he’s lied to me about and now he’s still talking to other girls on facebook behind her back. Once a cheater, always a cheater. NOW…SHORTLY AFTER I was handed divorce paperwork I had a rebound guy and told Josh to fuck off. Then the told me that we will fix our marriage when I got home. Enters Amabel and a wek later he tells me she’s moving in.. so he had a relationship with this girl long before any talks of divorce began. Natahn is NOT ANYWHERE IN THE EQUATION AND ONCE AGAIN KEEP HIS NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 19 2011 1:32 am

        lol Josh and Amabel ARE on this blog. under fake names.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 19 2011 1:42 am

      Melissa the only reason why these people have invested interest in my story is because they’re either Josh, Amabel, or their family. These are conniving spineless people who can’t fight their own battles and are too chickenshit to show the world who they really are.

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:42 pm

      Well said Melissa!…At the end of the day, Ruthlyn wins…She had a ring on It and is about to have another ring on it….! there is definitely something head-spinning about her….

  24. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 8:44 pm

    It went like this, and no im not amabels friend, i just think this whole thing is funny. i dont personally know the girl. anyways, one day Josh posted on FB “getting a divorce, this marriage sucks”, so me being friends with them both messaged him and asked why. He said he was forced into marriage and the marriage was hell and he’s done. so i left it as that. Then Ruthlyn didnt post anything. but one statuses saying she was getting a divorce. I didnt bother with it because i figured maybe the divorce was mutual, then he posted they got back together. Ruthlyn posted “im not getting a divorce..sike”so everyone was commenting about her joke. Things seemed ok, but then JOSH started posting stuff under some guys pic. NOT NATHAN. It was not nice stuff which ruthlyn kept deleting. I asked Josh why. you see if u ask josh, he’ll tell u whats happening. he’s kind of naive i will say. So he said ruthlyn let some guy [blocked] her in training when they were MARRIED, not separated. so anyways after that thats when Amabel flew down to see josh. Ruthlyn messaged amabel and asked those questions, and amabel told her the truth. I know this cause i asked her too. Then one day, maybe a week or 2 later josh put single again as his fb status. i asked what was going on and he said Ruthlyns mom forced him to get back with her but he didnt want to. He also posted statuses about his new Condo, which means ruthlyn never got a chance to live there, she’s lying. he bought that house after the fact. He started dating Amabel exclusively AFTER she was served with divorced papers. So who cheated..getting [blocked] by some random dude while married is cheating in my book.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 8:49 pm

      Truth hurts you are SO Josh it’s not even funny. Hun I was married to you, you don’t think I know how you type?

  25. Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 8:46 pm

    I am not jealous of Amabel because I know what she is going through. If I didn’t believe she was getting what she deserves, i’d feel sorry for her. Josh wasn’t over his first wife…talked about her constantly. I know what it’s like to feel like the next best thing. I know what it’s like to need validation from strangers on the internet. I don’t need that anymore which is why I don’t make videos with my man anymore. That’s why I made all those videos. Friends and family saw I was being treated poorly and I was truly miserable. So I created an online fanbase for that validation. Josh was constantly talking to girls online, his ex’s who were local and ex’s abroad. Not to mention all the army wives I used to roll with in Savannah don’t like her. The guys say I’m cooler and are sexier. Even Josh’s closest friends who have met her (I’m gonna name drop) Eilers and Lonzo say I look better than her and I’m smarter. He was always very inappropriate…wanted to take his cake and eat it too. I became an alcoholic to deal with the loneliness and desparation I was feeling…friends dying left and right.Life with him was a nightmare. You guys have no idea. She pretends to kep it together…she has supportive family which I never had, but she is truly sufferin

    • Mellisa / Jun 18 2011 10:10 pm

      Wow!!!!! I didn’t know all of that! If that’s what she is really going through I kind of feel sorry for her. Not to instigate but she does seem sad in her youtube videos and like she is trying to put on a happy face like its all good. On the other hand I’m glad you got out of that toxic relationship!!!

      • truthhurts / Jun 19 2011 1:13 pm

        I agree with u on that. Amabel seems kind of sad to me also. I’m not going to comment on here anymore..ive said what ive needed to say. Like i said the last time i do think Ruthlyn suffered as i do think amabel is suffering too. Even though Ruthlyn thinks im Josh, im not him. I even explained im not on Josh’s side but Ruthlyn shouldnt come on here pretending like shes innocent and i know she not either. They both played apart in that divorce and its sad they play the blame game. While Amabel is suffering with Josh, who does seem a bit douchey to me, and being blamed for something she didnt do. I cant predict the future, Josh and amabel may not last forever either. He loves her now but things can change. But i will say ruthlyn is not over it. I wish them all the best.

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:51 pm

      I read sometime in her blog that Josh’s friends like her more or something and Josh’s mom says She is clean and all…I may not be exactly right though…But one advice for you is -KEEP IT COOL, DON’T BLAME AMABEL AND DON’T GIVE FACTS BECAUSE WE KNOW….We have eyes and ears….!

      • Ruthlyn / Jul 16 2011 2:54 pm

        lol she wrote that blog entry to compare herself to me. Someone sent it to me and pointed that out. I sent it to Lonzo and he laughed his ass off because he said she twisted his words. Yes I am messy but Josh’s mom never visited when I was living there. It was clearly a means of comparison- her vs. me. It’s a sign of insecurity on her part. Who brags about that “I clean and he doesn’t even have to tell me to” or something to that effect? LOL I can see right through her because she’s living my previous life. I feel so sorry for her honestly- especially knowing that she felt it necessary to come on this blog and attack me….STILL. “Paighton” posted a link to her blog which was advertisement. Amabel is using MY youtube “celeb” to get people on her side. It’s very pitiful. I don’t make videos anymore so I could really care less.

        I used to do the same thing…try to rationalize and list all the ways I was better than Josh’s first wife. Again, I don’t hold it against her to do that because I too was extremely insecure when I was with Josh. He made me feel that way. He always talked about his first wife but I had an even greater affect than her because of the whole youtube thing. I think she finally was able to see through what he was doing- making all those youtube videos to address ME. I knew she was desperate when she got on youtube and made a video in a bikini in the shower. “How to wash relaxed hair-” yeah right. Josh pointed me to that video where he made tasteless remarks about her body.

        All you can do is pray for this girl and hope she finds peace. Because a year later she’s still googling me. That’s just sad.

      • mellisa / Jul 18 2011 5:24 pm

        Oh yes! I remember that video and thought it was more than a little strange… seemed really attention seeking to me!
        Do people really not know how to wash relaxed hair? And even if that was the “real” intent a close up of your head is all we really need. lol. Not the whole view!
        It seemed more like an attempt to elicit comments (compliments) about her body, which if my memory serves me right didn’t get the job done. I also seem to remember her putting in some fake comment about not looking at her body. lol
        The fakeness I just can’t deal with. Child, please STOP.

  26. Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 8:57 pm

    Alright Josh I see you want to play. Why don’t you tell them about fucking Katrina…Danielle…Sasha…god knows who else you fucked during our marriage. And then in April asking me if I wanted to be with you? Sayingyou’ve been crying for 4 hours…I asked you if you were gonna marry Amabel and you said you don’t see it working out. Hey asshole, I recorded every conversation I had with you. You wanna test me…bad idea. Very very bad idea.

  27. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 8:57 pm

    LMAO im not Josh, i was friends with u, and Josh on FB..thats all. I dont know that guy either. Personally Josh is not even my type. He is a bit self absorbed. But i think ur issue is ur blaming the wrong person. Amabel didnt break up ur marriage. it was already broken before Amabel came into the picture. Im not commenting on here anymore because i spoke the truth and u know it. Im going to give u some true advise..woman to woman. Move on, Live ur life with ur new man, stop dwelling on the past. u cant change fate. People live and learn…now take this as a learning experience and forget about it. ok im done here proved my point and if u think im josh ur crazy…im not, i can promise u that. U guys never even met me, Everyone knows be careful what u put on can come back to haunt u. goodbye.

  28. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 9:05 pm

    ok i lied i have to say one more thing.. I BELIEVE U RUTHLYN on those things, u were miserable, u suffered, etc etc. but i dont think he wants to be with u anymore, and i think ur blaming the wrong person, which is amabel. I dont think josh is the creme of the crop, so dont think im some groupie. Im not on his side either. But amabel was not the demise of ur marriage and u know it…ok im truely done now.. If ur truely happy then stop explaining urself on here and move on. …GOODBYE

  29. Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 9:12 pm

    LMAOO JOSH YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT. Josh…you and I BOTH know we didn’t put that stuff on facebook. I’m on a roadtrip which is the only reason why I’m on this thread with my phone. Yes bye Josh…go fight your war and leave me and Nathan alone. Lol you’re such a liar. You are so Josh cause josh uses a lot of “….” and can’t spell for shit. Would you like me to copy and paste a sample of your writing to Nathan? I’m jumping off here too…I’ll admit I hit below the belt but again…if I’m lying about ANYTHING…may God strike me down. Peace ladies and gents.

  30. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 9:23 pm

    YES u did put it on fb..thats it tried being nice but stop lying..those statuses are true. the other stuff i asked Josh about, thats how i knew u were ..I ASKED HIM. Josh will tell u anything if u ask. anyone on youtube whos spoken to him knows that., but if anyone doesnt believe me. FRIEND REQUEST JOSH on fb, go back like a year on it and u can see the statuses im talking about. IM not Josh so stop calling me that. GO ahead people friend request him and look at those statuses..i was trying to be nice but now im pissed off ur confusing me with someone else.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 9:53 pm

      Lmao…ok Josh. Omg it’s so obvious. You are so dumb.

    • nancy / Jul 12 2011 7:56 pm

      If you are not Josh or someone like him or close to him, why do you keep emphasizing that ”she is confusing you with someone else?” …Move on….

  31. Maggie / Jun 18 2011 10:16 pm

    It’s true!! I did just what truthhurts said and truthhurts was right. Is the reason why you think it’s Josh bc she was right? It was all there. I am friends with him on fb bc he adds anybody and there it was. Wow! lol. Ruthlyn no one is talking about Nathan so your defensive over nothing. We were talking about how you got divorced in the first place and truthhurts was right. He does seem very in love with Amabel too. Ruthlyn a word of advice, just live life. No doubt he probably did some bad things to you but he had been married before you too, as you have told everyone and from what I remember married you shortly after divorcing which is what you’re going to do..hhmmm..don’t make his mistake honey.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 18 2011 11:57 pm

      Not fooled. Stop embarressing yourselves, guys. So lame.straight losers.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 19 2011 12:04 am

      Admin, IP addresses on secure government computers tend to be encypted if not scrambled so you can’t trust what your app says in terms of location.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 19 2011 9:39 am

      lol..Maggie…how do you know “truthhurts” is a she?” lol come on you guys are so dumb. Get off my jock, already.

  32. admin / Jun 18 2011 10:17 pm

    If you’re going to post please stick to ONE name. I can see the ip addresses and some of these comments appear to be the same person using pseudonyms

  33. truthhurts / Jun 18 2011 10:33 pm

    HAHA I am the same LMAO and truth hurts, i changed my name because i like truthhurts better…RUTHLYN ask the person who made this blog, ask them where my IP is located…you will see IM NOT JOSH and feel dumb…GO Ahead ruthlyn ask them where my ip address is, IM in the U.S. not fighting overseas..HAHAHA maybe u’ll know who i am once u see where im located then u’ll know it aint josh.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 19 2011 1:39 am

      no thanks i’m not a stalker like you, i’m good. And i’m positive that you’re Josh.

  34. absolog / Jun 20 2011 12:55 am

    Wow…I did read some of this saga and frankly, I am wondering why this site is allowing all of this. I really like this site and I truly hope you guys do not allow the saga of these three or four people, I kinda lost track with the fake names and made up stories, to ruin your reputation with those of us who respect your site and look to you for advice, encouragement, support and understanding of how things are when you find yourself attracted to someone outside your race. Please don’t flip the script and start delving too deep into what happens when things don’t work out. As I have seen with the posts I did actually read here, things can and will get pretty ugly when you are dealing with people who feel the need the air their lives, the good the bad and the ugly, for all to see. I say, take this fight back to you tube, or better yet, take this shit to court, at least those people are paid to listen to the childish banter going on between all involved in this triangle, square, octagon or whatever shape this thing has taken on. Please HOME Admin, go back to the things we actually need from you, which is advice on how to do things right in this fight we are envolved in which is the right to love and be with whom you choose, regardless of the color of one’s skin. And let the riff -raff take their fight back to YT, FB, Twitter or where ever. Anywhere but here!!!!

    • admin / Jun 20 2011 1:38 am

      Hi Absolog. This post was originally meant to highlight Ruthlyn’s (a woman who has been involved in interracial dating and somewhat well known for her IR marriage) blog. It was never meant to turn into this back and forth about her ex-husband or his new girlfriend or even to show what happens when things don’t work out. I do respect if Ruthlyn feels the need to defend herself though (and set things straight), which is why I allowed the posts to go through. I generally don’t sensor. This post has been up for a while (and off the main page for a minute) and only recently turned upside down/inside out. It seems some people are specifically searching for information about Ruthlyn, which is what brings them here.
      I hear you though, the chi in this particular post has been disturbed, but as you can see we’ve been posting our normal fare as per usual ….

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 20 2011 12:17 pm

        I’m perfectly fine if you delete it. I probably should have warned you that there are strong feelings associated with the drama surrounding my previous marriage and misconceptions. People DO look me up and google me- and I don’t understand it. I suppose you’ll keep it up for the traffic that you get. But i’d rather not a lot of people read anything that was posted here. I should have let people say what they want to say but I just don’t have it in me to allow lies to be told about MY life by people who weren’t involved. Lol “the chi was disturbed” I like that. And as far as Absolog, I disagree…I do think it’s important to understand that things don’t always work out and that looks can be decieving. Family photos lies and smiles are often forced. I think that if one is going to explore interracial relationships…ALL of its aspects should be explored- the negative as well. Or else you end up with girls like my ex’s girlfriend thinking she got a prize when she really got screwed. I feel a level of responsibility for putting a false image out there regarding my relationship and what it really was.So many people did vicariously live through me and when I got cheated on (blatantly), they ALL got cheated on. But that’s just my take. Do you, admin. I’m too focused on my own relationship to worry about others…that’s for sure.

      • Dixie / Jun 20 2011 3:40 pm

        Preach Ruthlyn. ITA. Having been married to a white man in the past it’s important to let others interested in venturing out that just because the man is white doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. It’s important to vet, vet, vet!

  35. absolog / Jun 21 2011 1:01 am

    Well, I certainly do appreciate everyone’s response, and I do believe I might have said some things in a way so as to put people down and I didn’t intend to. To admin…thank you so much for being a willing participant in responding to what your readers are saying. It’s the very reason I like this site. Much respect to you Ruthlyn, I by no means was trying to aim my thoughts at you. And believe me when I say I do know that there is always space for a downside. For the things that I have endured in my own life, never again would I walk through life wearing those rose colored glasses, and I say again because I too have sported them…and proudly, but after being knocked down, I realized “I don’t even wear glasses”, so I took them off and now see clearly. I can not begin to imagine how all of this makes you feel. Not so much what everyone is saying, but also in dealing with the breakdown of a situation you trusted and believed in while everyone was saying what they were saying. I see you as a very strong woman, because strength is what it takes to move beyond something negative without bringing that emotion with you in everything else you do. Stregnth is understanding that that person hurt me, and let me down, and not holding it aganist all other men that cross your path. Stregnth is having the gaul to find love and happiness with someone else and letting the dead bury themselves so to speak. I am truly happy you did not allow bitterness to block your future happiness and wish you and your other nothing but the best. To anyone else reading this, I am far past the stage of believing things will be better because the way this guy looks or because of where this man is from. I know there are wolves in sheeps clothing in every nationality, and the only thing that I know was perfect was Jesus Christ. Good night humans.

    • mzdougla / Jun 23 2011 3:32 pm

      Amazing comment Absolog, both of them. I’ve felt the same way (concerning the blog). Someone called this a stupid little blog. This is a very wonderful blog, where women, such as myself, could get advice or just talk about issues, but the YT/ Facebook fans have chosen to flock here and leave nasty comments under multiple names. The regulars of this blog are not use to seeing such nonsense. 85 comments about Ruthlyn’s life! I can’t understand why! oh why! are people attacking her so horribly? People are constantly asking her about her life, but then slams her when she discusses it…it makes no sense. Some of these people seem like they believe anything, anyone tells them, and thats a horrible way to go through life. This is not for your entertainment, this is someones life. The little that I know…I wish I didn’t. All I have to say is KARMA!! Ruthlyn is definitely strong. I couldn’t do what you are doing right now, and still have my sanity.

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 23 2011 4:05 pm

        Thanks mzdougla…it took a lot of strength to deal with this mess before when the wound was still open. But now it’s just comical that these people are going to watch my current relationship thrive because of my decision to keep it private. I’m so glad SOMEONE sees what’s going on here- that is- people asking about it or stating misguided “facts” and then when I address it, say i’m dwelling on it. LMAO. You guys have no idea what I had to overcome during the divorce. I could write a book on all the horrible things they BOTH did during that time. The threats, the stalking- you guys just don’t know because i’ve been kind enough to them not to expose it. And that was a year ago. Thanks to the strength I demonstrated a year ago, I am finally in a good place. I wonder how many years it will take people to accept that…I don’t know.

      • Ruthlyn / Jun 23 2011 4:10 pm

        oh yeah…the Paighton person is Amabel. I know how she writes too thanks to her nasty little two cents to me here and there over the past year. She staged a reaction from Amabel on her silly blog to speak freely here under a psuedonym.

      • Mellisa / Jun 23 2011 6:21 pm

        I think you should write that book!!!
        All of your haters who want to be in your business so bad can pay for the details they so desperately want to know and can’t stop searching for.
        And J & A couldn’t do one thing about it as long as you are telling the truth in your autobiography. Do it girl do it! lol. The truth will set you free!!!

      • admin / Jun 23 2011 6:38 pm

        Thanks Mzdougla. I’m flattered that so many people read and enjoy the contents of the blog. Life is busy but I have always wondered what small part I could play in getting bw and wm to break down the barriers that seem to exist between us and celebrate those couples who have overcome those hurdles. That’s the purpose of the blog and will remain its focus. To the people who aren’t fans, it’s a niche blog with the name blackwomenwhitemen… it’s like, you should know what to expect and what not to expect when you visit here. It’s certainly not for everybody.

        I, too, was shocked that these people pounced on this post from out of the woodworks. That’s how I know they are specifically searching for information about Ruthlyn. I agree with you that Ruthlyn is very, very strong. To add on to that, she is also very kind, because I do not know if I would be inclined to spare anyone’s feelings or reputation given the circumstances.

  36. Ruthlyn / Jun 24 2011 7:50 pm

    Yes these fools are so misguided, thinking they’re going to back me into a corner. They fail to realize that i’m smarter than both of them combined….and i’m totally fine with the lies they tell as long as it doesn’t come back to me. We live in two separate worlds now and my name had to be completely trashed for Amabel to be remotely comfortable in a world where, if you’re not a wife (or at least a wife-to-be), you ain’t SHIT. I know Amabel wants that ring sooooo bad because everyone around her is an Army wife. Not to mention it is a close-knit community where wives are called together for briefings and meetings during deployments that girlfriends are not allowed to be apart of. Girlfriends are not entitled to knowing any information whatsoever. Unfortunately I asked Josh about this a few months ago and he was like “are you kidding? I just got divorced a second time…” And mentioned that she is just not compatible for him. She is wasting her time with him, I can tell you that. He needs a glorified housekeeper and bill-payer because he’s hardly ever home. She is dealing with loneliness of all sorts- pretending she is perfectly fine with being an “Army girlfriend” pretending to be a spouse. She’s got it a little harder than I did as a second wife because I didn’t move in with him until I was promised that ring. I have high standards and she obviously does not. As pompous as that sounds, those Army wives will eat you alive and have NO respect for you whatsoever if you’re a long-term girlfriend and not a wife. It is a social network in that world.

    Maggie mentioned earlier some mess about not getting married…but i’ve been in my current relationship for a year and a half- engaged for 6 months. I don’t post my every move on youtube. We live together and the compatibility is just amazing. Nathan’s in the Air National Guard and he only deploys voluntarily. We have been with each other day to day…everyday. He was frustrated watching me comment furiously to this blog- he was right next to me most of the time. But I actually feel better since I figured out that it was Amabel and Josh themselves, trying to cover their tracks yet again under pseudonyms. I’m a little disappointed at Josh (lol story of my marriage) because I sincerely thought he was finally above this but apparently not. I’ve spent more time with Nathan in the time we’ve been dating then my whole marriage to Josh. So for people to tell me i’m not ready for another relationship because I need to “heal” is merely a monument to the fact that I’ve protected this relationship so well. People are referring to Nathan as my “new” man but a year and a half isn’t really new. lol

    With military guys, you can get a ring on your finger in 6 months or less- guaranteed. Granted their not a douchebag who’s just using you for sex/bill paying/housekeeping/making their ex wife jealous.

  37. Ruthlyn / Jun 24 2011 8:14 pm

    Just wanted to close out by saying I will stand my ground no matter HOW many people pounce on me. They tried to intimidate me during the divorce, talking about counter-suing, Amabel threw out a defamation lawsuit….lol I wasn’t gonna waste another dime or bout of energy on dealing with Josh so I let it go, and asked for nothing but my maiden name. If they want to continue to attack me online, that’s fine but I am not the one. I don’t cower like a scared child. That just goes to show how insecure these people are- that they STILL get pleasure in attempting to put me down. That’s not conducive to a healthy relationship at all.

    Hey if he puts a ring on her finger than more power to them…if not…it will contradict what I was told by Josh. I don’t know what it is about him that makes her want to stay with him as long as she has- especially since she is making the same mistake I did with the same person- that is, showcasing him on youtube and letting strangers tell her how sexy he is. This would be fine if he didn’t continue to talk to other girls online for the attention. He needs lots of attention from more than one (black) woman. This is why he’s not marriage material. Maybe Amabel is…but he is not. He loves the attention he gets from women online because he’s simply never satisfied with what he has. I don’t understand how she would think that if she obtained him online while he was married, that it wouldn’t happen again to her. That’s what baffles me.

    I could put my fiance all over youtube and if girls tried to contact him, he wouldn’t tell them SHIT. lol He CERTAINLY wouldn’t be going through their pictures commenting. My fiance could care less who adds him on facebook or what. He’s too busy working to build our relationship and our lives together. Only black girl in his life is Ruthlyn. Period.LADIES: you don’t want a white man who loves black women. You want a man who loves YOU. Josh is the second guy I’ve had like that and I thought “well he was married before so obviously he’s not afraid of commitment”. I know I thought that because I wrote it in my journal. I thought his willingness to “commit” was sexy and intriguing for such an attractive young man. I was WRONG. Be wary of serial daters/black girl slayers who can sense low-self esteem and take advantage of it.

    • mzdougla / Jun 25 2011 10:15 pm

      Great comment Ruthlyn. I think the problem is a lot of the women/fans ARE living vicariously through your previous relationship and the girlfriend’s new relationship. It seems like seeing the ex husband date yet another black woman, temporarily satisfied the obsession they have. Nothing else seems to matter…and what I mean by “obsession” is, they are thrilled to see an attractive white guy, regardless of how unhealthy the relationship is or how mentally unstable the man seems to be, choose a black woman (again) over a non-black woman. I believe your comments written previously to be true. You articulated your response well, and I felt it was consistent. Also, the friend was axed from the list…if you know what I mean. So someone did make an appearance.
      Good luck with the blog and Congrats to you and your fiancée (I will keep his name out of my mouth LOL)

  38. Ruthlyn / Jun 26 2011 12:42 pm

    YES! LOL I can’t believe someone in one of my videos where I officially announced my divorce said “well at least he cheated on her with another black girl”. As if that SOFTENS the blow of being (publicly) cheated on by your husband! LMAO. These people are both delusional and sick. They need to get their OWN white guys and maybe they’ll be snapped back into reality. LOL

    I know Amabel hacked into all those accounts because Josh freakin TOLD me she briefly worked in the Cyber Security department of the FBI. (this is one thing I have been generous and not told people) He admitted to her hacking into my AOL account but then when it came down to my youtube account, gmail account and facebook they denied it. Who else would take the time out and go out of their way to delete all my videos, photos, and change my password? That’s nothing but the devil in that woman. If she were so happy, she wouldn’t be doing that nonsense and wouldn’t be googling blogs about ME (to this very day).

    As much as I despised her for acting like a whore, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing something so petty and childish to her. Yes I’ll call her out in a heartbeat but to delete all her youtube videos? Really? Half the shit she did I know because Josh told me. He is not a good friend…not a good boyfriend. Told me she threw out a lot of my things- kitchen items like cups, plates that I left behind- just because she wanted no trace of me in that condo. There’s still a lot of things there that belong to me but I chocked it up as a loss just to not deal with her craziness. They like to call ME crazy because I comment on a blog or a video (again about ME)…but man you guys just don’t know.

    Insecurity turns women into monsters. I know because I was insecure when I was in that shitty relationship too. He was not over his first ex wife….like at ALL. Still googled her, looked at her photos…accidently called me her name. I mean…lol it was bad, guys. I’m not going to go into it because it doesn’t matter anymore.

    But I think the main reason these people are so focused on this relationship is because they have no concept of the truth. I’m just the crazy bitter ex wife who is taking shots at poor Amabel cause she’s with my ex husband. Which also makes no sense whatsoever. LOL

  39. Swordfish / Jul 29 2011 8:08 am

    Populus and Paighton, why are you bothering Ruthlyn? Why don’t you get a life and stop making her life a misery.
    You two idiots, need to grow up and why don’t you just move on!

    Stupid creatures!

  40. madamesiamese / Jul 29 2011 3:47 pm

    **BLANK STARE** I cannot believe that this stuff happens on the Internet. Ruthlyn, you need to file a restraining order or something. This is scary….

  41. lovely / Jul 30 2011 9:28 pm

    Ha i got some info too. Im friends with amabel on fb and her own family is upset with her for being with Josh. Her sister is not talking to her, and deleted her from fb. her dad cut off her cell, now she is getting one in Josh’s mom’s name or something. It’s crazy. All because she’s with Josh. Ive seen how amabels familty is and she comes from an educated background. they are close nit. So if her family disapproves of it then something is wrong with Josh. I think her famiy sees right through him. But her being so dumb and in love is choosing him over her family. Men come and go but family is forever. Her dad seems like a smart man. If he disapproves enough to not want to speak to his daughter then something is most def up with Josh.

  42. lovely / Jul 30 2011 9:41 pm

    Oh when i first became friends with amabel on fb, fb was in the old settings. So remember when you could take surveys or do questions on there and it would be posted in your profile. Well she took one back in 2009. It was called 25 QUESTIONS or something like that. anyway one of the questions asked if you have any obsessions. Her answer was..and i quote “yes, im OBSESSED with interracial dating. ive never been in one but i would love to be. Especially the youtube videos of interracial relationships.” so Josh is her first interracial. I really dont think she purposely chose josh. But she has had an intent to go after interracial love. So im assuming just by the question she was obsessed with yt videos and when Ruthlyn and Josh broke up she jumped on it. Her goal was an interracial relationship and she was determined to get one. So if it wasnt Josh, it would have been any white guy who gave her some kind of attention since having a white man was her dream lmao.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 31 2011 6:42 pm

      Oh no here’s something CRAZY.

      In EARLY 2009- like January….one of Josh’s teammates was killed in action. Being a first year Army wife, I didn’t take it so well. So I went on youtube asking people to say nice things for me to send to josh on a DVD. About 5 people made videos and Amabel was one of them. No bullshit. She’s been in love with him for a long time. She needs to understand that he’s NOT worth fighting for.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 31 2011 6:44 pm

        SOME of the “tribute” videos are still up! One labeled “for Ruthlyn and Josh” I had changed because there IS no more Ruthlyn or Josh. lol Amabel of course took hers down. Some were made “for the troops” just to be vague and not feature our relationship.

  43. Lioness / Jul 31 2011 8:02 pm


    This Amabel chick is completely psycho… I’m by far from being a “groupie” or “fan” but just reading/seeing what this girl has done in order to get with Josh is completely mind-boggling. Granted I don’t know all of the details ( nor do I want to know) but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what her strategy was.

    Regardless of how she made her move pre/post the divorce, Amabel had been eyeing Ruthlyn’s ex from the beginning. How are you going to befriend someone on YT as a friend/fan, leave comments and make videos in support of someone else’s relationship and then swoop down on the girls man after the union had (or in the majority’s case had not) supposedly ended. It’s classless. Whatever image she THINKS she’s projecting out into the public is just smoke and mirrors. Women with a bit of class and morals about em’ can see right through it.

    What’s even more sad is how there are folks stating that Josh is pursuing other women online and yet she’s still trying to “keep it together” with her audience by rambling on about “trust” and having a “solid foundation” being means of making a successful relationship work. Sounds to me like she just wants a ITL no matter if its destructive or not. If it’s true about her relationship with her family….well that’s just sad.

    Now she has come out with a new video broadcasting her affiliation with — along with giving her experiences and some differences within the M-Community about being a military “girlfriend” as opposed to a “wife”. Sounds to me like she took some notes if not word for word what Ruthlyn had written a couple of posts up. Now that Ruthlyn has left YT, Amabel seems to want to take her place. SingleBlackFemale anyone? The girl def has some issues…and so does her man.

    Smoke and mirrors.

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 1 2011 11:48 am

      That’s stupid!! Creating an EVEN LARGER fanbase.on when “her soldier” is dogging her! LMAO Also…her “soldier” is special ops and it’s not so smart to say where he is stationed or divulge information about his whereabouts. If she were a WIFE she would be invited into the meeting about OpSec (Operations Security) if she says much more she will get him in trouble. This is all going to back fire in her face more than it has already. It’s like she’s asking a dump truck full of shit to back up closer and closer on her to fall on her.

  44. superfly / Jul 31 2011 8:35 pm

    This is absolutely insane Ruthlyn!! From reading all of this, it seems as if this girl was beyond obsessed with your life and she wanted it so badly. Also, reading what “lovely” wrote, I’m just assuming that maybe Amabel is embarrassed to leave Josh because she was showing off what she has and wanted to emulate Ruthlyn’s old lifestyle on YT and her reputation will be tarnished after if they break up and yeah… maybe she won’t leave because she’s in love, but I don’t understand why she would expect to have a glorious relationship when it was built upon cheating and lying. I don’t know exactly how their relationship is, nor do I really care( just here to support Miss Ruthlyn ) but this chick need to realize that blood is thicker than water and since she desperately need to be in an interracial relationship, she can find another white guy. lol White guys hit on me on a daily basis even more than black men, and i’m black. So you can find someone sweetheart… lol PATHETIC!!!

  45. lovely / Jul 31 2011 11:36 pm

    I will say this. Amabel is insecure. She’s a decent looking girl but i feel like she feels awkward in her own skin. She’s kind of nerdy in a way. Like a girl who just discovered she is pretty after high school lol. But yes what ive said is true. like i said, im friends with her on facebook and saw how it all went down with the family issue. And i will say this I TOO am one of the girls he tried talking to while he is with Amabel. texting me, commenting on my photos. I kept amabel as a friend but i deleted him. I felt guilty when he started saying things to me completely inappropriate. (sorry, i admit im not the best speller lol) I even have photos of him writing COMMENTS under, which i blocked amabel from seeing those albums on fb…so Amabel, if ur reading this, say something and i will show u the proof, and send u the texts i saved in my phone. Josh is a cheater. All amabel did was take a dirty dog off of Ruthlyns hands. And i will say this also. Josh is an Oppertunist. In alot of his conversations he talked alot about money and how thats what he needed in his life. Ruthlyn if you only knew the crap he said about you, and the stuff he says about women in general. He has no respect for black women. I think he has a sexual attraction to us but i think he enjoys how black women practically worship him. He gets off on that power i tell ya. I asked him why does he like black women so much. That man couldnt even give me an answer. What kind of crap is that lmao.

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 1 2011 11:42 am

      “All amabel did was take a dirty dog off of Ruthlyns hands. ”

      THANK YOU! And for that reason when people say “omg i’m so sorry that happened to you. I know you’re still hurting” I get pissed cause the crazy girl did me a favor!

  46. Lovely / Jul 31 2011 11:59 pm

    I will say this. Amabel seems like she was closeted. Like she came from this perfect family, with this perfect background that it gave her this perception of love. She is so nieve that she believes everything a man tells her because her father truly loves her mom. Ruthlyn came from a different kind of background. To me because of that she had to grow up fast and isn’t as easily fooled by men. Yes Josh fooled her but she learned quick in my opinion, where as Amabel can’t seem to catch on to things as quickly. she doesn’t have much street smarts I least this is my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 1 2011 11:37 am

      WHOAAAA…. LOVELY you got ALL THREE of us pegged out 100%!!! I KNOW Josh had to TRASH me to make himself look and feel better. Amabel is EXTREMELY sheltered. She was a pretty pretty princess growing up…given EVERYTHING and she thought that Josh was what she wanted. I was totally used to assholes and was fooled by his love for black women and him having been previously married. I wanted to keep the divorce under wraps initially because of the embarrassment of having broadcast our marriage and then having to explain to so many people why it didn’t work out. They keep saying my mother wanted us to stay together but my mother HATED him. What they’re referring to is the fact that my mom pressured me into marrying him when I first started living with him- to which we were engaged anyway and Josh and his trashy family did NOT complain about that until this divorce. Yes I come from the school of hard knocks but my family hated his guts. They practically stopped talking to me too because I kept finding every reason in the world to defend him. You CAN’T reinforce old school principles of marriage on a man who is a DOG and a cheater. Lovely again, I feel I need to state that I do NOT know who you are, nor did I tell you to make those statements. Yes he has a sexual attraction to black women- ANY black woman…but he is NOT marriage material. he is a player. Period. He has no TRUE love for black women- we are merely sexual objects to him.

      • lovely / Aug 1 2011 2:03 pm

        I 100% aggree with you Ruthlyn. I was just saying that u wasnt as sheltered and learned quickly from past mistakes. Amabel seems sheltered and naive. I can clearly see the difference in yours and her personalities. You’re very strong willed and opinionated, While amabel seems a bit weak and scared to me. You can see how she acts in her videos. She’s all awkward and fidgets alot, and stumbles when she speaks. She’s like a scared little kitten. Your more comfortable in your skin then she is. Thats all i was saying. Yup, you dont know me lol. Josh is FAR from marriage material and he fits that “Stereotype” of the cheating military husband. I dont mean all are like that but it is a stereotype, and he fits it, thats all. well i dont want to comment on here anymore. Ruthlyn if you want to speak privately, let me know. and ill message you on fb or youtube or something. Just comment back on here and ill mesage u. If not, Ruthlyn i wish you the best, and Amabel if your reading this, I hope u get out before your heart is broken & damged. Peace out.

      • Ruthlyn / Aug 1 2011 3:01 pm

        yes please hit me up! I think her heart is already damaged, hence finding another outlet beyond youtube for the validation she needs ( “that’s why the divorce rates are so high [insert stupid giggle]” lmao. I’d like to stop commenting here as well but for a second I almost believed I WAS kind of unjustified in getting irritated by her constantly taking stabs at me. Obviously she did me a favor…now I wish instead of ankle-biting me she’d WOMAN UP and just focus on her relationship without feeling the need to keep bringing me in the middle of it. Either that or leave the bastard.

  47. mzdougla / Aug 1 2011 1:07 am

    hmm wow! 114 comments.

    “I think he has a sexual attraction to us but i think he enjoys how black women practically worship him.”

    Those “types” of black women should never be in an IRR. They are making a mockery of women, such as myself, who have ALWAYS been open-minded or attracted to men of different ethnicities. I can’t tell you how appalled I am, when I witness these behaviours. It seems some of these “types” of women are mentally unstable or maybe in competition with black men. Who knows…but I’m really not use to seeing this sort of nonsense.
    A white guy discussed, on an IR blog, his past relationship with his ex girlfriend(bw). He loved her, but the feelings weren’t mutual. She was always telling him how she actually preferred black men, and would always take him around her most conniving, racist black friends who would always pressure him to leave her, because “she does not want him, and should be with a black man”. Those types of women should refrain from jumping into IRR just for the hell of it, because that man is now heart-broken. In my opinion, women with the “I can’t find a good black man” mentality, do not need to start hunting down white men.

    By the way, my friend that he messaged/texted isn’t black.

  48. jessie / Oct 13 2011 6:53 pm

    @ ruthlyn i whats going on with your blog?

  49. Nunya / Dec 24 2011 6:06 pm

    So Nathan and Ruthlyn broke up ?

    • Andres / Jan 5 2012 1:33 pm

      Yup. He left Ruthlyn for..get this…another black girl! it me or is something wrong with Ruthlyn? If two guys leave you for other women, could you be telling the whole truth about the stories you tell? If you are, what the fuck is wrong with you? Hhmm.. She put it all out there on her facebook too.

      • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 7:53 pm

        Iwasn’t “left” for another woman….quit starting rumors, asshole!

  50. Andres / Jan 9 2012 12:07 pm

    Oh and the icing on this cake. Ruthlyn got a new white guy and he’s separated but STILL married. So basically she doin the same thing Amabell did but calling Amabell a hoe and she ain’t?!? So… the moral of this story is Ruthlyn’s a fuckin hypocrite. Leave people’s lives alone and don’t don’t be quick to judge one person when you probably worse.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 5:00 pm

      alright JOSH

  51. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 9:16 am

    Nunya= Andres = Joshua Detwiler

    omg i read all of these comments and it was soooo entertaining. i honestly don’t know who/what to believe BUT you all can make a really good IR soap opera/romantic comedy and make tons of bucks for the IR obsessed black girls out there!!

    and to agree with another poster, OMG YES i absolutely HATE HATE black girls that are “obsessed” with white guys like its the new harry potter movie or something. as a black girl who has always been open to ALL TYPES of GOOD MEN it really pisses me off and embarrasses me to even be the same race as these girls who think that they are open minded but are truly just as naive and stereotype filled as the typical racist closed minded person!

    i’ll admit i did go through a phase of “disliking” black guys because of a FEW ignorant black guys that i encountered making lewd comments and gestures towards me BUT i realized that good men truly come in all colors and the focus of black women needs to turn to GOOD men not WHITE men b/c honestly while I will say that I am most physically attracted to them (would never admit this publicly however lol) white men have their own foul vices. They are not these godly creatures of open minded-ness. They’ve been treated with the same ignorant media brainwashing as black males have so don’t expect them to be free of any and all negativity towards black women.

    all i’m saying is, if you’re attracted to another race and the opportunity presents itself, by all means, go for it. but if it doesn’t don’t seek it out! trust, a good amount of white men ARE small minded, spineless, approval seeking hypocrites (black men have their problems too, but this is about BW/WM)
    do not assume that white men are open minded, tread carefully and know your man’s personality NOT HIS COLOR!

    i’ve been fortunate in my life to attract literally every kind of man. i used to be “cocky” about it, but now I don’t care. Now I focus on a man’s internal character and not his complexion. It kind of makes me feel bad when I see sites by black women almost entirely dedicated to worshipping white men, i’m afraid its going to turn young black girls into little white boy worshippers and just further embarrass us a as a race of women as if black men’s public bashings haven’t done enough damage as it is.

    As a group of women we need to be teaching eachother to become beautiful and independent from within and focus on ourselves, the rest will follow!!!!!

  52. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 9:45 am

    ok so I’m bored so I’m going to psychoanalyze all the characters of this drama, but this is just my opinion, by no means is it necessarily true

    Ruthlyn, opinionated girl, independent spirit, striving to hard to find a strong sense of identity, not realizing that she already has one–so kind of chasing her tail. this may be why relationships are hard for her, she can’t find the space between being her own woman and being in a relationship with someone, or maybe she just hasn’t found the right man who will give her that space that she needs.

    Amabel, low low self-esteem. I mean you’re from NYC but have to move across the coast to find a man???? Hmmmm. I’m sure Ruthlyn probably slung some shade at her, but morally, I think Ruthlyn had more of a right to do so seeing as she was the wife/ex wife. Judging by Amabel’s blog and videos she had two motives a) recover her new internet image from whore to new “better” girlfriends and b) validate her relationship to the world, but mostly to herself. I do believe what Ruthlyn said about Josh not being a great guy, I can remember from old photos and vids of him that he did seem a little obsessed with sex, usually guys who are dissatisfied with themselves become addicted to things like sex, video games, alcohol, etc. to try and fill the gap, but it never does, the hole just gets deepers

    Josh, in addition to what I wrote in the above, I can just look in his eyes and tell he’s a sick guy. Like I said, pretty much 99% of all guys find me attractive so I’m not one to be swayed by looks (and I find Josh’s to be quite average btw) I can tell he’s not a happy guy, maybe he isn’t over that first wife (the one before Ruthlyn) Lord knows what happened but that first wife did the dirt on him lol because he hasn’t been okay since. He’s been chasing black women online for A WHILE. I was a Ruthlyn fan back in the day (I was just a youngling then) and Ruthlyn revealed that they met on MYSPACE, so even Ruth met him via him hitting on her ONLINE. Why can’t this guy meet chicks in real life? Self esteem issues much? Also, when guys like this break up with someone its another blow to their already crapped self esteem, which is why they stay obsessed. He may or may not “still love” Ruthlyn but he DEFINITELY IS still obsessed. He needs to prove to himself that he was the better one, that she lost not him. And him staying obsessed is what fuels Amabels psychotic devotion to Ruthlyn as well. Men who are not in a good place have no means to be good boyfriends. Josh has something going on, there’s a lot of hurt in his heart that has nothing to do with Ruthlyn or Amabel, but it’s way too painful for him to dig in to so he just keeps sexing black girls and harassing Ruthlyn.

    so that’s my take and thank you

    Ruthlyn aka Lovely

    and Josh/Amabel aka Paighton aka Truthurts aka Melissa LOLOLOLOLOL

    josh and amabel were particularly terrible at masking their troll attempts.

    this has been so very entertaining thank you all

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 4:58 pm

      I am not lovely. i only post as Ruthlyn

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 7:59 pm

      but apart from that, thatwas quite a fair and accurate evaluation of us. 🙂 and Nathan’s not gonna post on here. He’s abpve all this bullshit. Better than me.

  53. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 10:02 am

    one more comment: a prediction for the future if you will….

    Amabel does not see her relationship with just as a relationship anymore. It’s a challenge to her now, no matter what she is going to try and wait it out to get that ring!! Not because she likes Josh, she probably is miserable, but what else can she do? She moved across the coast to live with a ranger while he was in the middle of a separation/divorce…all ready has a national/internet reputation of being a whore due to his ex-wifes youtube fame and is also probably getting negativity hurled at her from the army wives due to her only being an army hoe….she can’t leave him, that’s too embarrassing. She MUST stay now, she MUST get that ring, her self-esteem and validation depend on it. BUT, how much will she be able to take? no doubt by now the fairy tale IR confetti has fallen to the ground and she’s starting to see the reality of not only military spouse life but life with a broken man. THink about it, what woman in her right mind would even choose to get involved in that drama in the first place…and of course Amabel knew what was going on–she added Ruthlyn on FB because she was an obsessed fan of hers so she had to know….now the mystery is, Josh may or may not even plan on getting her a ring EVER. he may wait a while then start purposefully sabotaging the relationship to get her to leave….but this is going to be a tough on Joshy josh…because judging by Amabel’s apparent lack of self esteem I don’t think she’s going to mind being cheated on…she just want that ring so she can be invited to the army wife tea parties and fling it around on YT….so, josh, how are you going to get rid of her??? Nonviolence I hope….

    I just wish girls weren’t so naive. Although I think Amabel is a complete IDIOT for this, I do see a nice girl underneath it all and I can tell she does have some common sense and possibly a decent head on her shoulders….this is a lesson for all ladies out there…low self esteem will make you do crazy things!!!

    and omg Amabel i did see that rachett shower video…please take that down, i felt embarrassed for you just watching that. Did josh tell you to do that??? I think you know that you are way too classy for that. That just looked plain foolish. You literally looked like a cheap prostitute advertising on youtube. You made all black/panamanian woman look bad. SO bad. Please please please take that down, you looked like a rap video reject. I’m so serious…you are a nice looking girl why make yourself so cheap. First publicly being someone’s jump off girl in the middle of his messy divorce then getting in the shower half naked on youtube….do you read how bad that sounds??? Don’t you work in pollitics???
    I know I’m ranting on you Amabel and I truly don’t mean to but please take a good long look at your life, I can guarantee you will regret alot of what you’re doing a few years from now. HAHA

    why didn’t you get with Christopher Fields?? He was a hot white banker? (I actually used to be friends with amabel too LOL, josh isn’t the first guy she was hittin up online)

  54. me / Jan 13 2012 6:00 pm

    Get off of Amabel’s back! at least she’s more of a woman that Ruthlyn will ever be!

  55. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 9:44 pm

    dear “me” aka Amabel, hi how are you 🙂

    also I just wasted a few minutes of life to watch Amabel and Josh’s video and in EVERY SINGLE VID josh is always making perverted/uninventive inuendos. it is quite obvious that amabel is only a sex object to him. in one video he crawled out from under the table to pop up between her legs……uhm…..classy? he’s actually an insult to amabel and black women in general….

    and Amabel, i really was not attacking you, just calling it like i see it — and honestly, all of you are foolish for airing this dirty laundry all over the net so you can’t get upset at strangers sharing their thoughts and opinions.

    Actual, maybe this “me” is Josh….he would be more likely to refer to Amabel’s “back” wouldn’t he lol
    he’s actually just a pervert lol. i would never EVER give some disrespectful fetishinzing white boy the time of day……i really hope he goes back to white girls after he dumps Amabel because he’s just making a mockery of black women.

  56. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 9:54 pm

    and amabel…..please read the writing on the wall, he will dump you, honey…so start saving up for that plane ticket now because your black behind is headed back to the Bronx from whence ye came.

    Why do you think he sprung the move on you? That was step one, he is slowly and surely trying to make you uncomfortable so YOU leave so he can blame it on YOU thus giving him another sob story to sell to some naive black girl who falls for his garbage, tired game.

    I know we all want to be that “special girl” that comes into a guy’s life and changes him, but believe me sweetie, your punani is NOT made of gold…to Josh you are just another black girl, a toy, and he’s already bored with you. The sooner you accept that you’ve messed up, the sooner you can get back to NY and start over….delete all your youtube stuff, learn from the experience and move on….i honestly wouldn’t give your relationship six more months.

    Just my .02

  57. Tanisha / Jan 14 2012 8:36 am

    I cannot believe this “situation” is still going on! I think all parties involved are guilty of keeping the mess going. I follow this internet saga, because I’m nosy and its interesting to me. It actually appears that for the past few months Ruthlyn actually backed away from the situation. She stopped posting on YT, and most of her tweets were not related to amabel or Josh, except for one incident where she was going off on Amabel about insurance or something, IDK. I know that in the past, ruthlyn has been guilty of keeping the fire burning, but I have to give it to her, she was doing pretty well. I’m not sure why she backed off, but I think it may have something to do with other drama going on in her personal life.
    As an outsider looking in it seems like Josh won’t let things go. I don’t know whats really happening on the inside, but on the surface, it seems like he is nitpicking. Amabel made the comment on twitter about how if she didn’t like a person, she would just ignore them and not talk about them. That is not what Josh is doing. His motives are very transparent. I first observed it when he wrote the snide remark on YT saying “From what I hear, we are doing better than some people”. We all know who he was referring to. Then he comes on here posing as Andres, telling all of Ruthlyn’s business. Then he befriends Nathan on Fb, just to piss Ruthlyn off.

    Amabel adds to it, not even letting it register in her brain that her man is constantly obsessing over his ex. She even posts snide remarks on twitter, like “We tried to warn him” (referring to Nathan), or about how she’s going to get lawyers and what not. Unless I’m missing something, if Ruthlyn has started back up again its because of them and their many obvious gestures to get at her, that they actually believe are discreet.


    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 5:15 pm

      that’s what I’M saying…I didnt even remotely entertain discussions about Mrs. Detwiler #1….he was clearly not over her in the beginning…but I did everything I could for him to stop talking about her…and he finally did. I don’t see how this girl can’t see that Josh just wont let go. There’s no need for him to involve himself with Nathan. We were actually IN LOVE. Josh was nasty, degrading and abusivin eery sense of the word. Nathan is a sweet boy who made a bad decision. Josh would like to think him and Nathan are one in the same but I resented Josh throughout our marriage and hid the pain he caused me. Nathan was sweet til the very end and is invplving Josh because his ass is on the line and he knows Josh is fucking crazy.

  58. Tanisha / Jan 14 2012 9:47 am

    Also, I do agree somewhat about the vulgarities Josh displays in he and amabel’s videos. Amabel seems to pride herself on being a hardworking professional, and I am shocked that she posts some of those videos. Employers and prospective employers will google you, and having your man comment on your pubes and give the impression that he is giving you cunnilingus is NOT a good look, seriously.

  59. Let's be Realistic / Jan 14 2012 3:04 pm

    Amabel just tweeted that her and josh meeting with lawyers ….she said “after two years of harrassment to us, she finally messed with someone who wouldn’t put up with her.”

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 5:19 pm

      shes referring to something going on between me and Nathan that they decided to poke their nose in. And despite how she’s making it sound, it’s NATHAN’s ass on the line, not mine. I won’t say much more than that.

  60. Just a youtube viwer / Jan 15 2012 10:06 am

    First of all i am not Amabel or Josh, but just a youtube viewer. You sure know too much about their lives, what makes you an expert?.

  61. Let's be Realistic / Jan 15 2012 10:23 am

    actually, more evidence that Josh is a controlling psychopath…….Amambel Williams tweeted on November 4 2011 “Just found a bunch of emails I never got. Thanks to josh who checks my email more frequently than his own”

    this proves that he is always in amabel’s personal emails which means it is likely that he was all up in Ruthlyn’s too.
    I’ve noticed that manipulative cheaters are always the most paranoid and controlling in relationships…they have to have all passwords all access to their SO’s information. LOL this drama is soo funny I hope one of them comments on here soon 🙂 I wish we could get Nathan Hayden’s persepctive on Ruthlyn

  62. tanisha / Jan 16 2012 12:23 am

    A little advice for Ruthlyn: Believe it or not, you are the glue holding these two together. As long as you are reacting, responding, etc to them, they will think that you care. No woman wants a man that nobody else wants. So Amabel gets off on the fact that the two of them still ruffles your feathers. It makes her feel like she is winning at some game. Josh, on the other hand, wants to prove you wrong. So the fact that you speak against their relationship, and have doubts about it, he is going to do his best to keep it going. Just let it go. Stop watching their vids, reading tweets, and blogs. Stop responding and live your life. Thats when things will get really old for them. Trust.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 4:53 pm

      wow I didn’t realize people were still posting here. seems like for the most part you guys are very insightful. I need not say much more. Its kind of scary how much you do know/see/realize. And Andre IS Josh..because I got the same text FROM Josh saying “you’re a hypocrite for dating a guy going through a separation” To set the record straight, he is NOT my new man. That’s number one. And secondly….his marriage had dissolved to a point where he did not have to lie to his ex wife ….telling her he still wanted to be with her and harassing her…in order to be with me. Josh kept Amabel a secret, LIED to me and moved me out of our home without me knowing. In fact I spoke to the ex wife on the phone just yesterday and she’s quite cool. Additionally, I am dating around….last two dates were BLACK MEN. But apparently I post everything on facebook. Yeah Josh AND Amabel are bragging that they have someone who’s friends with me on facebook copying and pasting what’s on my wall postings. Those two are sick. And as long as they remain obsessed with me, they’ll never truly be happy together. Josh got into some trouble while he was deployed and someone contacted me about it….and yeah it was in regard to him cheating on Amabel. He got all worried I was gonna entertain his hobag drama and I told him I don’t care and want nothing to do with it. Nathan and I got into a legal situation, so either he contacts Josh or vice versa. And what happens? Josh jumps at the opportunity to still remain in his life and Amabel like the airhead she is, follows suit. So he sends me a text saying maybe he’ll see me in Charleston and this crazy voicemail expressing this sudden loyalty to Nathan- someone he once threatened to “go after” in another voicemail. Bottom line is Josh is obsessed with still being in my life and Amabel somehow gets some sick pleasure in involving herself in it and making it about her. The insurance thing? I got something in the mail about his life insurance, stating we were still married. The letter made no sense, so I figured i’d call him about it. After all, I called him before in regard to something else with his name on it and it was no problem. I asked if he had gotten married, because a change in life insurance would indicate that. I guess the hoe was in the car, so he put a little show on, like I was trying to delve deep into his personal life. I was just being courteous, I truly don’t give a fuck. So Amabel uses that opportunity to tweet about it, stating that I just called to hear his voice, was “begging” to know if they’d gotten married and “I wish she’d stop calling us”. To which I replied…”US? What do you have to do with insurance? When I want to learn how to be a whore, i’ll call you…til then, hoe sit the fuck down” or something to that effect. lol I agree, snide comment but it pissed me off like hell that she makes “business calls” to my ex husband about her. Its like she was just waiting for a fucking excuse to talk about me. Shes got nothing else to talk about except her hair, makeup and pitiful relationship…so..whatever. they are the biggest bunch of stalkers in the world, I swear its pathetic. I wish they would stay out of my life, what o’m going through now has nothing to do with them. You woild think if they were so happy, they’d be focusing on strengthening their relationship, but nope…stil gotta harp and ME and then say IM harrassing THEM. Unfuckingbelievable.

  63. Tanisha / Jan 16 2012 8:06 pm

    Ruthlyn, you don’t have to explain yourself. I admit, for a while I thought you were, the one doing the harrassing, but now I everytime I look up, Josh and/or Amabel is taking a dig at you. I know that they know that its obvious to you, but they think that youtube viewers and the like are too dumb to see past the B/S. I know girls like Amabel. I too went to an all girls high school, and have a similar background. From her blogs to her YT videos, she does things, which she thinks are subtle to piss you off. Everytime some type of milestone happens with her and Josh, she tries to “say it without saying it”. I’m presuming that her and Josh have gotten hitched, judging by the way she was fidgeting with her ring in one of her product review videos. Thats a prime example. Instead of making a video about how her and Josh are engaged/married/whatever, she only wants to do enough so that YOU(ruthlyn) figure it out. In her blog she talks about moving on an army base, and how she has committed forever. The whole thing is really passive aggressive in nature. Josh is a little dumber than Amabel, his digs are not as sublime and discreet. Its not hard to know that Andres is Josh. He was just bubbling over with excitement to put it out there that you and nathan are done.

    I really wish you the best and hope that you can move past all of this nonsense.

    Remember, “When another woman steals your man, the best revenge is to let her keep him.”

    Because honestly, when I look at their videos, they are not a couple that I aspire to be like. Those sexual comments are excessive and aggravating. Everyone’s different, but I like a little tenderness and sincerity, and I don’t see that with Josh.

    You are a beautiful and intelligent woman. Don’t waste your youth tripping off the BS.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 9:57 pm

      and thanks for the compliment. I find it funny that it’s obvious that he’s a perve. Y’all just dont know, i’m sparing you the details.

      • tanisha / Jan 16 2012 10:21 pm

        Yuck! I can only imagine…lol!

  64. Tanisha / Jan 16 2012 8:21 pm

    Also why don’t you delete or restrict those mutual friends on FB that are going back and telling your business.

    And on twitter, Amabel was implying that you were texting Josh all night, why doesnt he just change his number.

    You all are complaining about each other,but won’t take permanent steps to block each other out of your lives for good.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 16 2012 9:47 pm

      I unblocked her to see her mutual friends to delete them, but her list of friends is not available for the public. Its also funny how they know who’s giving me this information, but won’t tell me who it is. I don’t watch their videos anymore. Haven’t in awhile. I’m too busy having a life to worry about the lack thereof they have. And yes I DID set up my phone so that when he calls it goes straight to voicemail, but I refuse to change my number. There are still times when his name pops up unfortunately and because we’re duel military, those things can get jacked up. I also started protecting my tweets. As for the ghost stalker….not sure what I can do about that…ive already deleted at least 300 people. When I get in another serious relationship, I will deactivate my facebook account again.

  65. tanisha / Jan 16 2012 10:20 pm

    Delete your FB all together and start a fresh one with a new email address, and only add people you know and trust. One of Amabel’s tweets said “your friends with my bestfriend on FB, and you wonder how I know all of your business”. So I’m presuming you are friends with Josh’s best friend? Maybe you should delete him or her.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 17 2012 7:13 am

      No, I have no clue who she’s referring to. If I did they’d be deleted. And I’ve already took enough down because of those loons…my blog, my youtube page…I’m not getting rid of my facebook just because of a few stalkers. This “friend” of there’s only copied and pasted the conversation that followed when I changed my status to single. Since then, I haven’t put anything too personal on facebook and I don’t plan on it.And in that tweet, Amabel referred to the “ghost stalker” as HER best friend..In a recent, long and psychotic voicemail to me, Josh referred to my stalker as “crazy people.” I considered opening up a new fb page, but facebook nor any kind of internet communication is that important. To me. Plus all that bullshit aside, the true testament to the fact that they won’t leave me alone is the fact that they’re involving themselves in this issue with Nahan. Again, when the tables were turned and I was contacted to help bring Josh down, I told them I want nothing to do with him. Josh gets contact, and he comes to my town to meet my ex fiance. That’s just crazy. Seems likeno matter what I do, this couple is obsessed with finding out what it is and with whom so they can somehow make it about them.

  66. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 7:46 am

    oh my goodness. i don’t get how amabel even has a job still. doesn’t she work as a political associate? i don’t get how you can be involved in all this mess with a married man, make a video of yourself in a shower, post it on youtube…..and still have a job?

    Ruthlyn I’m truly sorry that you have to deal with these crazy people. But if it makes you feel any better you should obviously be able to tell by now that no one believes their crap…the only people actually posting in their favor is them and their ghetto family members lol…trust me, within a year amabel is going to back in the Bronx, believethat. Josh wants her out, I can tell. I know its killing her to not comment here…she wants to seem likes she’s above it but she’s not, I bet my comments hurt like hell because they are all true. She messed up. She embarrassed herself and pretty soon she’ll be calling you in tears asking for advice.

    You are really strong Ruthlyn, let’s see how amabel holds up when her ish hits the fan….but tbh Josh probably won’t even bother her after he ditches her because she was just a rebound, make my ex jealous (fail attempt) hoe….he doesn’t love her the way he loved you.

    thanks for commenting Ruth…and trust I love that you’re commenting, like you said, it IS your business, you might as well be the one to clear it up instead of some random trolls or WORSE, people who just want to spread lies about you to make themselves look good

  67. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 8:09 am

    BTW I Am sooooo glad there is so much of this TRUTH about JOSHUA DETWILER on the net….and I do pray that the next little black girl he tries to victimize googles his behind and reads ALL OF THIS. guys like him give interracial dating a bad bad name. off with him. btw, when I first saw amabel’s jawline and nose, i was like….KILL IT WITH FIRE lol ok now I am totally trolling. this is just too much fun. why be a public whore??? why make it so easy for people to trash your name?? le sigh. some girls never learn tbh josh was probably her first boyfriend or something…that’s how naive she acts.

    i wonder how her mother feels about all this? dear amabels mom, I know you didn’t raise her to act this way, and I truly apologize that this is how she turned out.

    Thank you Ruthlyn for being calm and classy throughout this entire drama and remaining a positive, intelligent role model for black women everywhere. Believe it or not, that was mostly why I watched your vids back in the day, not because of Josh’s average ass lol. Am I allowed to use that word? If not, I apologize mods.

  68. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 8:53 am

    Also Ruthlyn one more thing, the real reason Amabel enjoys joining Joshua in harrassing you is because she is so angry at you. She is the epitome of a fan gone rogue. She does it out of anger because she does know that Josh is still obsessed and she hates it, but she can’t take it out on Josh, she knows that would result in her getting that ass clapped. lol sorry mods, had to. All those little “sneak attacks” on you, that are not sneaky at all btw, are just to vent her deep seeded and growing anger at you. She wishes Josh would just forget about you but he won’t so she joins in but really she’s mad that he’s still obsessed.I mean really? He drove to Charleston just to involve himself….this dude has some real psychological problems going on…I mean several lol and I truly am going to pray for Amabel because I know she is living in the pit of hell. How did she get herself into this mess. I literally feel like crying for her because unlike Ruthlyn, she doesn’t seem like the type that is strong enough to get out. Girl needs an intervention ASAP. Her family needs to do something. I don’t care, an uncle a dad anyone needs to go get her before he starts abusing her!! I want to cry right now. Amabel if you’re reading this, no amount of pride is worth staying in an abusive, demeaning relationship….get out! It is so important that you GET OUT!!! who cares about all this internet stuff…just delete it and disappear, we’ll forget eventually….but you’re life and your face is more important (you don’t really want to damage it anymore do you?)

    wait a minute! isn’t there a rule about girlfriends not being able to live on base….please don’t tell me Amabel married this fool…OMG why why why….this is why women get stereotyped as being dumb, Amabel please get out while you can…..oh dear. I can’t believe that no one in her family stopped this from happening. You can’t just jump into marriage with anyone, especially a guy thats screwed up TWO marriages before 30 years old LOL LOL LOL

    someone please clarify this….are they married? dear lord i hope not. Amabel if you married this peice of trash, please clarify your logic of marrying a man who divorced two women before the age of 30. you are his third wife. and he’s still talking about his second wife and probably still fantasizing about his first while he’s sleeping with you (and other women apparently)

    do people really do these things? i don’t want to be on this planet anymore lol amabel do NOT let him hit you. you keep them skillets close boo and when he tries to get all ike turner you let that latina come out full force!!!

  69. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 9:02 am

    what woman could even be proud of a ring knowing her man gives it out almost as easily as his penis (emphasis on almost)?

  70. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 9:06 am

    oprah voice “you get a RING….and you get a ring ….and you get a RING!!!! Everybody gets a ring!!!”

    lol I am too too silly today.

  71. Tanisha / Jan 17 2012 9:17 am

    Thats why I mentioned the comment about the airforce base in her blog. She knows that if no one else knows what that means, Ruthlyn would, because Ruthlyn is inthe military. All she cares about is showing Ruthlyn that she’s doing such a good job, he married her.

  72. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 10:55 am

    oh man…well she’ll be divorcee #3 soon enough….all I can do is shake my head at these people. sad. and amabel is by far the saddest. was she that desperate to get married? i think i’ve said all there is to say here so i’ll stop now. smh

  73. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 11:20 am

    *apologies for all typos, i was typing between furious bits of laughs and giggles.

  74. This is sad / Jan 17 2012 1:37 pm

    Let’s be realistic, why do you act like you know Amabel in and out? you only know her by what Ruthlyn has said and for you to tear apart a complete stranger is just sad, you need to go see a mental shrink or something. You’re just as bad as all those little 12 year old girls that send death threats to Selena Gomez because she’s dating Justin Bieber. Really? GROW UP!. I would think if Josh was abusing Amabel she’d probably leave him a long time ago. I really don’t buy what Ruthlyn says because it’s alot of finger pointing. But in reality none of us including YOU know these people and you need to get a life. I have been following Amabel;s blog and youtube for awhile, i have yet seen anything posted by her that even mentions Ruthlyn. The only posts i’ve ever seen her making is when she’s stressed about the cyber bullying. Pretty sad to see even adults stoop so low as those pre-teens and teenage girls to cyber bullying.

    • Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 3:22 pm

      well i actually am 19 yrs old, university student, if that makes you feel better…surprising eh? I write better than amabel and her man 🙂 and I know I’m being a little rash in some of my comments but its actually because I hope she reads them and wakes up. there’s no way she can’t see whats coming to her and I don’t like to see any woman, especially any woman of color be mistreated. I am actually on both Ruthlyn and Amabels side. I want the best for both of them truly, but Amabel needs to wake up and either Ruthlyn will figure out that she needs to stay single for a while or hopefully she finds the right guy for her.

      its not that i know amabel in and out, its more of like….”if it looks like a hoe, and acts like a hoe…its a hoe.”

      and I’m not a crazed Ruthlyn fan, as I said in earlier comments, i can tell she has her own issues as well. but is she the worst in this scenario? far, far from it.

      also “this is sad” you said “I’m sure if josh was abusing amabel she would have left a while ago.” uhm so you know her personally? or you ARE her…..hmmmm….well if you judged by her ACTIONS of desperation I think you’d assume otherwise.

      have you never heard of a desperate woman with low self esteem staying with an abusive, cheating man? If not, then I’d like to take you on a field trip to every ghetto of America where you are sure to find many many of these women. Amabel is a text book example of this type of girl–and if you don’t think Josh sniffed out her insecurities and took advantage of them you are insane! he knew what amabel was about…he knew he’d get points with her just for being white and mildly attractive and he preyed on that and she, being the desperate one she was, jumped on the opportunity. LOL sad thing is Josh was sending EVERYONE messages lol, even I have messages from him and I was like 17 ar the time…dudes a perv.

      And I know Josh is abusive, no one needs to tell me that, its so blatantly obvious…go to Black in Baystate’s blog on this and read Joshua Detwiler’s five paragraph post where he threatens Ruthlyn’s job. if i was amabel, just seeing how vindictive he acted towards Ruthlyn would steer my butt straight back to the Bronx. I seen so many guys like him, insecure, unhappy, cheating, abusive….those traits tend to flock together in a man….especially in the type who’s been married twice before thirty and no offense to our service men, but being in the army tends to accelerate these characteristics in men. and I’m not cyber bullying at all, this situation is out in the open and I have freedom of speech to offer my opinion. You’re addressing me as though I’m the only one who sees that Amabel is screwed. Every commenter on here sees that besides her ghetto family members and Josh and Amabel themselves. and honestly, its fun to comment on drama when its not yours…but just because i’m not involved doesn’t mean that it isn’t obvious what is going on here.

  75. Ruthlyn / Jan 17 2012 1:59 pm

    Lol I haven’t been calm the whole time, and I’ve had unguuarded moments where I haven’t been particularly classy either. In that reagrd, (Let’s Be Realistic), you are giving me too much credit. What they did in the beginning was say I TOLD people their business and to attack them, when its obvious they are full of shit. Lol But I DO FEEL BETTER about providing clarification myself, than to let trolls and stalkers peice together scraps of information. Again, I ONLY post as Ruthlyn and with theexception of the obvious identity of the trolls, I don’t know any of the people who have commented here, nor have I directed anyone here to read this except one coworker severl months ago. But just to put into perspective how aggressively I’ve been stalked, I deactivated my facebook page…Amabel tweeted about that, of course..stating people who deactivate do it for attention. I did it for the opposite reason. The mmoment my wedding got callled off in October, I deactivated because the dynamics of everything were changing and things were unclear. Nathan was saying one thing, behaving the opposite way…and I was in limbo. So I didn’t want the wrong information to get into the wrong hands. I deactivated for almost 3 months until it was set it stone we had broken up. So the DAY….THE Day I came back on facebook, somehow this stalker ass couple found out about it. It was ridiculous. But also, if they did in fact know as much about me as they like to brag, they’d know I was dating some brothas too. Buut since Josh’s dumbass let me know someones been sharing information with hi, I’m banning all personal/romance-related info from my page. Yeah this guy wanted me to put pictures of him all over me on Facebook..but I told him not to tag me. So there are pics of my by myself, but not with other guys til my next serious relationship. At this point imbeyond annoyed with the interracial webesphere. I haven’t given up on white guys, but these jackasses who lie ain’t helping their case. Plus the sitgma, the parents, the dumbass friiends who are non-supportive, black women with low self esteem ready to pounce on your man because he’s white …the shit gets old. Lol I am truly amazed by how much you guys are ble to read between the lines and see this bullshit for what it is. . .bullshit.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 17 2012 7:32 pm

      ehhh sorry for all the typos, I typed that on my shitty old phone. lol

  76. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 4:16 pm

    lol Ruthlyn we all saw through her… a few of my posts were deleted but I will let you know again that I saw through everything she was doing the whole time. Amabel/Josh keep commenting on here (under fake names of course) saying that Amabel’s blog/twitter/youtube have never mentioned Ruthlyn ….yet again, another low IQ attempt to mask their even more humiliating attempts at passive agression…here’s the thing miss Not-a-belle…us women are really good at sniffing out passive agression….pretty much 99% of everything you’ve done on the internet ever since youve gotten with Josh has been mainly for Ruthlyn’s eyes…its been said several times but I’ll say it once more Not-a-belle needs Ruthlyn to be jealous so she can feel like she has something worth being jealous over. simple as that.

    my comments were deleted but yes Ruthlyn I noticed everything, the hair thing, josh’s comments, things she would say and do in her vids…and let’s not ignore the fact that all of a sudden when she’s with josh she wants to make tons of vids….she definitely only had like one video before that…. so she thought she could just take someone’s dirty ex husband, start making tons of vids with him and no one would call her on it? lol wishful thinking sweetie. Not-a-belle you definitely need to refund your Hofstra education because they played you sweets. to be honest if I got with a busted, cheating, not fully divorced man you best believe i wouldn’t be parading it on youtube…i would be hiding that ring under rug if i were you Not-a-belle, because it is nothing to be proud of and it won’t be on there long, ask Josh.

    Amabel, what’s going to happen when you go for a job and they google you….you work in politics right? well there’s a reason why you’re only an associate and probably won’t be going much further up the ladder than that. don’t make an enemy at work sweetie, because if you do, you are in for a ton of embarrassment.

  77. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 4:49 pm

    woahhhh this thought just came to me out of the blue…Josh, make sure she’s taking her pill…this kind of girl is notorious for “accidently” forgetting and getting preggo so she can solidify some form of family and togetherness with a man she doesn’t want to lose. and god forbid some woman bear you a child. and amabel/ruthlyn get tested he wasn’t/isn’t faithful to either of you so you never know.

    and that will officially be my last comment. i’ve spoken wayyy too much of my mind here and enough is enough lol

    i hope all three of you step elevate the game in 2012 🙂 amabel, get your own man without drama/excess baggage and delete those horriffic videos

    ruthlyn find a good man or just stay single for a bit to give yourself a rest and figure out things.

    josh….well….just don’t infect anyone with anything. i wish you’d just leave black girls alone, but any further advice is just useless at this point. you are who you are.

    *I will clarify for legal purposes that I was NOT solicited by anyone to post on this forum or to post in anyone’s defense or favor. All opinions expressed are just that, MY opinions. i’m posting this so that certain vindictive people can’t claim that someone sent people to comment here, I commented by myself, i can spot bs for myself, thanks.

    • SomeoneNeedsHelp / Jan 17 2012 5:45 pm

      wow seriously little girl, get a life !!!! you are coming across way to obsessive on this blog.
      The only stalker and troll I see here is you…. Now you have added your opinions and slander please do us all a favour and PISS OFF. The only reason why Amabel should be getting a lawyer should be for people like you.
      ‘This is sad’ was right you are a cyber bully, and you definatley need to visit a shrink before its too late as you are only 19… a kid in my eyes. Maybe you should read a book preferably something on the lines of overcoming obsessive disorder!!!!!

  78. This is sad / Jan 17 2012 5:15 pm

    Amabel’s youtube is about hair and makeup, always has been. Just sayin’.

  79. Let's be Realistic / Jan 17 2012 6:31 pm

    just to clear things up. this is my first time commenting on this blog a few days ago and obviously i check back to see if people have responded…and since there is not option to edit my posts, if I have a new thought i have to create a new post for it.

    once again Amabel’s blog were NEVER about just hair and makeup…we all know that. is getting in the shower half naked about hair and makeup? no. is having your foul excuse for a man pop up between your legs about hair and make up? in your “house tour” video he sticks his hand down her pants and she laughs and smiles at the camera, is that hair and makeup no….that is a white trash pervert fondeling a pathetic black “woman” who acts like she just hit puberty and I may be younger but thank goodness I haven’t made a mess of my life like Amabel has…I actually have class and make rational decisions, something amabel’s proved she’s incapable of…and josh if that’s you…i obviously wasn’t “a little girl” on facebok…..and that’s all i’ll say.

  80. As The Drama Turns / Jan 17 2012 8:23 pm

    wow this is very entertaining to say the least

  81. dude / Jan 19 2012 9:58 am

    this is way better than reality television. i have seen the videos and i nearly hurt myself laughing in the one people keep commenting on where he pops up between her crotch. the worst part is that Josh says “I was just having a snack if you know what I’m saying”………having a snack? did two adult professionals really assume it was okay to post that online? i’m guessing the army doesn’t test for functional sanity. what a shame to the heroes who are giving their lives to protect this nation–not sleeping around and disrespecting women.

    i’m a guy and i would never post something like that of my girlfriend. and the washing hair video…i would be so pissed if my girlfriend did that. guys are already perverts there is no need to ask for extra attention.

    also “Let’s be Real” all white guys aren’t like this twat. at least i’m not. please don’t let this loser paint that picture for you. although he’s doing a really excellent job at reinforcing the stereotypes. thanks bro.

    • Ruthlyn / Jan 19 2012 8:03 pm

      yeah…I was so embarressed to take him anywhere…now you see why. I remember one time a girl at work invited me to the beach…”can Josh come!” she yells, “NO!” lol. because of his behavior at a party at her house…embarressing as hell.

    • As The Drama Turns / Jan 20 2012 6:15 pm

      I have to agree with you! Josh is a sicko. How could he let her make a hair vid like that? Because he is a sensless and selfish human being. He can’t give 2cents about amabel. Seems to me its just a sex thing. Wow what a relationship! If that’s all its based on, then i suggest amabel keep a back up plan. lol

  82. The truth is.... / Jan 19 2012 7:10 pm

    All men are perverts regardless of skin color..That’s how they are, some more extreme than others. However Josh saying all those perverted things on video is degrading and i am surprised youtube hasn’t pulled those videos off. No one wants to know you’re eating your woman’s tacos Josh!. I am surprised Amabel lets him talk like that to her. I know i’d be pissed if my husband talked like that, thankfully he’s has more respect for women which so many men out there like Josh is lacking!. Keep the perverted stuff behinde closed doors! no one cares and it’s disgusting.

  83. Vivianne / Jan 19 2012 8:55 pm

    i have to agree with “this is sad” …some of the commenters here seem a little dedicated, but they do make good points. i am actually just learning about this drama although from what i read it is a few years old? i usually like to watch IR videos on youtube because they are so refreshing and uplifting and I stumbled upon this link through searching for the latest videos of Amabelscorner.

    i’ll admit I did find it odd in the house tour video when amabel asks josh to tell them what was in the kitchen and the first thing he says is “black girl with no panties on.” and then i couldn’t make out the full sentence but he goes on to say something about shaving pubes. it just seemed a little weird. especially now that i know they are engaged. to me, it would have been cuter for him to say “My lovely fiancee” or “a beautiful girl” not “black girl with no panties on” that struck me as a little vulgar and crude and then it went over the top when he kept mentioning pubes. when i first saw their vids i thought his first little inappropriate joke was him just being a guy trying to flirt….but then when it never stopped and infiiltrated every video they did together, i realized that indeed amabel does not seem to be much more to him than “a black girl with no panties on”

    and my personal insights : their personalities don’t seem compatible. josh seems like the playful, never grow old, never settle down, eternal man-child type, while amabel comes off as the college grad, minority woman, who wants to have stable, rewarding, lasting relationships and material comfort. i’m surprised these two got together. she seems a little more mature and balanced than him but maybe that is why he keeps her around, maybe she tones him down and they compliment each other. who knows.

    everyone keeps judging her for moving with him so fast, but you have to remember she’s from NYC, maybe the living conditions in Savannah were better. The condo they had in savannah would cost a lot of money in new york. plenty new yorkers would steal a woman’s husband to have that kind of square footage lol seriously 1000 square feet can easily cost you 2K per month. grass is always greener i guess.

  84. KelsiDelish / Jan 21 2012 12:04 pm

    ha these comments is givin me life! yall really went in on amabel and her trolling on here just made it worse. i actually don’t blame josh for his nasty comments, i feel like Amabel wants them in there videos, like she planned them or something. if she really didn’t want his comments in there she would edit them out, but she doesn’t edit them out because she loves it.

    thank the heavenly father us good looking black women are smart enough to stay the hell away from this dude. and ruthlyn said he was racist too. smdh let a scrub say some racist ish to me and see what happens to his face. his clark kent knock-off lookin azz. this has really opened my eyes to how white guys can act and i’m a little more careful of them now. the reason i backed away from black dudes for a lil bit was cause they be actin reckless so if you think i’m about to walk into some more ish you crazy.

    brb bout to return this asian boy’s texts lol

  85. Ruthlyn / Jan 22 2012 1:21 pm

    well I am glad that this couple has made youtube videos and showed their asses…now there should be no doubt that even a small part of me wanted to hold onto that mess. Since this is an interracial blog and all, and my internet presence unfortunately is too closely related to the bw/wm interracial internet world….

    I’ll use my most recent ex Nathan as an example. He was a dream…a sweetheart and I stand by that. However, he was a people pleaser. Nathan being originally from Wyoming, never had to deal with or even think about the racial tension and dynamics between white people and black people. So when he moved down here to South Carolina…wanna know what happened? He attracted rednecks for friends. And maybe they weren’t poor, but they were redneck-minded….they had no black friends and felt uncomfortable around black people. Nathan is a likeable guy so we get invited over houses for BBQs and shit…to the beach….My race is brought up jokingly as means of breaking the ice. “I don’t care what she says, black people don’t sunburn”, Nathan said as he was putting sunscreen on me. Not so harsh, but after hearing shit like “WHAT?! You’re black and don’t like fried chicken?!” from his redneck friends, you don’t want race brought up at ALL around people like that. “She’s black so my credit is fucked”, Josh would say.

    One thing Nathan and Josh also have in common is that in the presence of their friends, they will make degrading and cutting comments about me just to get a laugh. Nathan finally cut that shit out, but his friends influenced him detrimentally. Not saying all white guys are like this, but I have experienced this with countless other white guys whether they be friends, flings, boyfriends or whatever. I am tired of being seen as black first and a woman second. I’ve only come across a handful of white boys who don’t give a fuck about the color of my skin, and Nathan was one of them but would make racial jokes at my expense to get a laugh out of his friends and that shit wasn’t cool.

    Im dating around and its nice not to experience that with the black guy im dating…who is actually my favorite 🙂

  86. Angela / Jan 23 2012 3:41 pm

    Ruthlyn, why can’t i see your blog. I enjoyed reading them.

  87. nunya / Jan 31 2012 3:12 pm

    Ruthlyn just like to start drama and act like a victim. If all these things were true, especially with Nathan and all. Why is it that your brother is friends with Nathan on facebook?. Thought so.

    • Let's be Realistic / Jan 31 2012 5:35 pm

      LMAO wow Joshy D. can you make your obsession with her any more obvious? You cling to her and her family’s facebook’s don’t you? could you relax a bit? This is mad disrespectful to your current fiance/wife.

      • Ruthlyn / Feb 3 2012 1:14 pm

        Lol Josh forgets that I KNOW his trifling ass and that “nunya” is definitely a Josh word, as is the expression “playing the victim”. Josh you SUCK at trolling, just stop. You’re embarressing yourself so bad. You fucking lame…go spend time with your wife/jumpoff/main hoe/live-in sex slave or something and stop talking my family. I don’t give a fuck about what anyof your brothers are doing, so why are you worried about mine? Stalker….

  88. nunya / Jan 31 2012 6:37 pm

    Joshy? mmmkay if you say so sweetie.

  89. nunya / Feb 3 2012 2:16 pm

    wow Ruthlyn, i find it funny how you automatically think this is Josh. You couldn’t be anymore wrong, just proves how much of a nut job you are that like to stir shit.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Feb 3 2012 8:18 pm

      I like to stir shit, huh? And who are you? LMAO. Oh let me guess, Amabel? Why do you care about my brother??? I’m a nut job??? Alrighty….

  90. nunya / Feb 3 2012 2:19 pm

    There is definitely wrong with this chick if your exes are now really good friends and not to mention your brother too. So why is it the men in your life are talking with eachother?

  91. As The Drama Turns / Feb 3 2012 2:29 pm

    so her brother and nathan friended each other on facebook!! what’s your point nunya? and joshy you also friended nathan on facebook! Checkmate!!

  92. nunya / Feb 3 2012 8:08 pm

    This is so funny.

    • Ruthlyn / Feb 3 2012 8:30 pm

      you are so lame. how do you even know who my brother is???? WACK. I’m friends with Nathan’s brother on facebook…so the hell what? What does that have to do with ANYTHING?!

  93. Let's be Realistic / Feb 3 2012 10:13 pm

    Its starting to feel like Josh comments on this blog when he misses Ruthlyn. Like in some sick way, this drama is how he stays connected to her and somewhat in her life. It may sound strange but I’ve also seen this play out in other breakups/divorces. men don’t deal well with a guilty conscious. It turns into obsession/anger. I bet he’s probably called her (maybe still calling) and he starts out sorrowful and talks about missing her then five minutes later he’s hurling cutting remarks about how its Ruthlyns fault that the relationship went down hill. I won’t say who but I’ve witnessed this situation go on with people very near to me (not me however).

    Make no mistake about it, this thing with Amabel won’t last because Josh is not okay. In a way, I almost feel sorry for him. I want him to get back what he had in his soul that went missing thats causing him so much unrest. Even though they say the relationship was sour. Josh seemed FAR more happy/excited/in love in Ruthlyn’s videos with him. And I’m not being biased. I found a random link to Ruthlyn’s “I want my soldier home” video. and the glow in his face/eyes is NOTICEABLE. I can always tell if a person’s state of consciousness changes and Josh’s definitely did.

    I think that the relationship ended due to Josh’s problems. And he’s sorry about it, and doesn’t know how to deal with the guilt besides turning it into hostility. He didn’t want to hurt Ruthlyn but he couldn’t change who he was at that time. Part of him didn’t know how. Part of him didn’t want to. But he did love her. Something always dies inside a man when he loses a woman he loved or the relationship fell apart. I’ve actually witnessed this before with a guy who really liked me. I’ll explain in my next comment. So this one won’t be too long.

    Like I said before he has some internal issues…. This time Nunya may be Amabel but I think its Josh getting embarrassed at his lame troll attempts (finally) so he tried to throw us off by using feminine expressions (ex: “mmmkay, sweetie”)

    Anyways, obviously its Josh who keeps coming back to stir things up and its getting awkward for me to comment here now….i think the rest of us need to let these two talk it out LOL its been how many years? and “nunya” , “andres” and the rest of Joshua’s split personalities are still butting their heads in on a matter allthough they are apparently “over it” ………….something is just really fishy in this situation but i genuinely have to thank all of you. This is probably the “juiciest” blog comments section on the internet. I mean when/where else can I butt in and give my useless although hopefully insightful opinions on other peoples lives….like that other commenter said, this is FAR FAR better than Jersey Shore.

    • As The Drama Turns / Feb 4 2012 10:09 am

      @Let’s be Realistic I agree with you 100%, this is far from over. I also watched the video “i want my soldier home” and just seeing them together back in the day, they were a lovely couple and you could definitely see that in josh’s eyes. he doesn’t have that with amabel.. as far as the two of them talking it out, that’s a great start, but amabel wont let that happen. i do believe that there are some unanswered questions that needs to be addressed between the two of them, and maybe that would at least bring the two together for closure. but yeah, this is far better than jersey shore! you just never know what to expect next… things start to calm down…and them BAM! here is starts again! im just going to sit here and wait for the next episode, lol

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Feb 6 2012 7:11 am

        Yep! What happened in October was I had an issue with my vehicle registration (his name is still partly on my car) and I was able to call Josh and get it straightened out in 5 minutes….NO BIGGIE, right?! Cool! I asked “So…I can , call you for issues like this and we can handle it like adults, right? SWEET! Then a few weeks later I called him and I guess Amabel was in the car (in regard to the life insurance issue) and he makes some big spectacle out of it, like I was calling for mindless chat and not business. Amabel of course, tweets about it…lmao. So yeah I think Amabel’s insecurity is “directing” Josh’s behavior. Cause he was cool and cooperative when she wasn’t around. But yeah…Josh DOES have an obsessive personality. He is OBSESSED with his car, he gets obsessed with women. Man!!! He would look at pictures of his ex wife (the first one), wedding photos, talk about her constantly…poor Amabel. I can only imagine how often I come up. But yeah, just when I think Josh and I can be civil (which we COULD be), Amabel aint havin it. As if i’m still a threat…lol I ENCOURAGED him to still talk to his first wife because obviously it was driving him crazy- wondering what she was doing and where she was. I ENCOURAGED him to do whatever he needed to do to move on from that, didn’t make the discussion of her taboo or hostile…and guess what?! HE GOT OVER HER. So Amabel needs to cut the insecurity out at this point, she’s got a ring now but is still holding the mentality of a whore. Josh is like a child and you have to train him.

  94. Let's be Realistic / Feb 3 2012 10:25 pm

    My personal example of the light a man loses when he loses a woman he loves or it falls apart.

    In highschool as an upperclassman I literally “fell” in “love” with this italian boy. We both did. We didn’t try to make anything happen or start out with any intentions. Our pretentious prep school was small so our whole class knew each other well and we’d just happen to have classes that year together and got closer. I know I was young but still to this day I know that he has to count as my first “love”. Everythign was so easy with him. I didn’t feel like I had to be anyone else to please him. We had a genuine connection. Its hard to explain just one of those things you have to experience. its nothing you can fabricate or try to make happen, its just there. Well anyways, here’s how it went south.

    He was a cutie–no doubts about it. And there was a particularly insecure egyptian girl who had a stage five cling on crush on him. but i was probably one of the better looking girls in my class plus i was more outgoing, this girl was sort of an introvert. the only way she got close to him was because he came from a big italian family and had a younger sister in the school who was friends with the egyptian girl’s younger sister also. So me and this kid took it slow, we basically were dating but neither of us felt the need to complicate it. Well egyptian girl would go around telling people that he liked her and that she had dinner at his house (she left out the fact that she would follow her LITTLE SISTER to his house so she could hang out with him) anyways so when I got word of it I cut him off–big time. like …..big time. I just randomly started dating a soccer player from another school and he was really crushed by it. it was like his personality changed and that fun, bright eyes boy disappear. it was still the same face, still the same name, but something was totally different about his spirit. and while i was hurt too by the situation….i felt like i had done something far worse to him than he’s done to me. i know he never forgave me for it. took him a year to start talking to another girl (and he was a ladies man before me)

    so yeah, sometimes break ups can change a guy. i feel sorry for the women who have to live in the aftermath

  95. Let's be Realistic / Feb 3 2012 10:50 pm

    lol and to respond to Ruthlyn’s comment about Josh using the term about people “playing the victim”

    i’ve noticed its always the victimizers that use that card, claiming people are just “playing the victim” while they victimize people. just like its always the closet racists that constantly complain about black people using the race card or how they can’t say the n word (why would this word need to be said? its entirely unessential to an educated vocabulary). just like the cheaters and liars are the most paranoid and distrusting (even going as far as to pick up their significant other from work everyday just to make sure that they come straight home). and the homewreckers are the most spiteful against the home that they wrecked. ironic, isn’t it? yet such is life.

    i think if you want josh out of your life for good. you have to tell him you forgive him. that he did the best he knew how at the time, you both did–you both were young and you learned and now can move on. idk lol maybe then he’ll get the closure he needs before he puts another failed marriage under his belt.

  96. nunya / Feb 4 2012 8:54 am

    You think you got it all figured out don’t you realistic?. Perhaps YOU are Josh and the only reason why i keep coming here is because i’m getting these stupid email notifications.

  97. Let's be Realistic / Feb 4 2012 10:19 am

    lol if you think I’m a white male then you haven’t read my comments at all and have poor critical thinking skills. Further proof that Nunya is definitely amabel or josh.

  98. Let's be Realistic / Feb 4 2012 12:03 pm


  99. Give it up already RUTHLYN! / Feb 6 2012 5:09 pm

    You bitch about how you think Josh and amabel are obsessed with you then you come back and tell the same tale again. Now who’s the obsessed one? Time for you to move on and for you to call someone else a whore, you better look at yourself in the mirror missy. Grow the F up already.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Feb 7 2012 9:12 pm

      lol why so angry?? 🙂 DAMN! Chill out, homie!

  100. Mike / Feb 7 2012 11:45 am

    Ruthlyn, don’t respond to these comments. You don’t owe anyone an explanation! people being people will always think what they want and at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter!

    What is important is those individuals in your life that bring happiness to you each day and I’m certain none of those people post comments here!

    The only one’s posting here (including myself – this is my first and last) have no impact on your life at the end of the day, so we simply aren’t worth responding to!

    I wish you love, happiness and prosperity in your life………..

    Ciao, Ruthlyn 🙂

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Feb 7 2012 9:15 pm

      thanks Mike. All of this is kind of comical. Truly. I was frustrated by it at first but now it’s obvious that certain people have gotten to a point of desperation where they’re showing their asses. Fortunately because i’ve been upfront from the gate, I have nothing to hide. Just amazing to me the depths to which people would sink…it truly is.

  101. As The Drama Turns / Feb 8 2012 12:09 pm

    are you kidding me…an extra in army wives??? what the hell is next?

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Feb 27 2012 9:45 pm

      lol it films here in Charleston down the street from where I live. It’s really not a big deal most of my friends on the Air Force base have been extras.

  102. Let's be Realistic / Apr 16 2012 3:08 pm

    so word is that Amabel is in fact preggers now. What did I tell you guys? SMH. Another black single mother in the making. I hope Josh is on time with those child support payments. I wish that break up would be televised as well but she’s blocked her twitter and hasn’t uploaded any new vids…oh well, I’m sure we’ll hear through the grape vine.

    Amabel, ya dun goofed girl! Ya Dun Goofed Up!!!!

    • That's4metoknow / Apr 16 2012 3:30 pm

      why the hell do you care if Amabel is pregnant? mind your own buisness!

  103. As The Drama Turns / Apr 16 2012 4:23 pm

    well well, its down hill from there! josh will sure to be on a prowl now. amabel, i thought you were smarter than that. i suggest you get yourself a backup plan.

  104. That's4metoknow / Apr 16 2012 5:05 pm

    @As The Drama Turns. You sure like to think you know it all don’t you? what a bunch of freaks ya’ll are. Who cares if they are having babies?. Do you think perhaps Amabel and Josh are much happier than Josh and Ruthlyn were?. Sometimes some people aren’t meant to be together but are perfect for someone else. Gee who woulda thought, welcome to the real world of how real relationships work. I sugest you get a life and leave these two alone.

    • As The Drama Turns / Apr 16 2012 6:38 pm

      wow @that’s4metoknow you sound so upset sweetie. no need for all of that. last time i checked it was a free world you know (like freedom of speech). well we have our opinions and you have yours. enough said. if you don’t like the forum then i suggest you leave and don’t visit pages as such. byeee!

      • That's4metoknow / Apr 16 2012 9:57 pm

        LOL @asthedrama turns yea we have freedom of speech, but since you don’t know these people you act like some obsessed stalkers that have NO LIFE. Amabel did not ask to be famous and Josh sure didn’t ask for this attention. Its people like you that keep on talking about it to death when this is all old news. How i pity you.

  105. As The Drama Turns / Apr 17 2012 9:28 am

    @that’s4metknow, ok you’re right, i don’t know them but then again i do because they put their business out here not me. my question to you is , do you know them? and if not why the hell are you here? yeah that’s what i thought! for the same reason that im here, so just shut the f up ok! if it didnt interest you then you wouldn’t be here either. unless you’re one of them. haha

  106. That's4metoknow / Apr 17 2012 9:35 am

    Do i know them? thats for me to know them or one of them? that’s for me to know. Maybe if ya’ll quit sending me email notifications i wouldn’t keep on coming back. Durrr!

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 17 2012 2:43 pm

      I really don’t wanna talk about this anymore, but truthfully…yeah…she DID want this. She wanted so badly to replace me and went out of her way to make YouTube videos with him to prove it. They made it a point to put themselves out there together…ever so publicly…in a failed attempt to erase me from the picture entirely. But I DO agree with “that’s for me to know” when he/she says they are more compatible than me and him were. She is far more submissive in every sense of the word. He knew damn well he wouldn’t be able to drag my black ass out there to Colorado where his racist ass family lives but through all this bullshit, she stuck by him. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, I still feel very bad for her but she was far more willing to put up with his bullshit and his impulses than I ever would be. Not to dog her, but I’m too strong and intelligent of a woman for someone like him- who expects you to drop everything you worked hard for and earned just to sit up under his ass. No ma’am, not me! If they are truly happy, I wish them the best of luck.

  107. SiomaraD / Apr 17 2012 3:55 pm

    y’all, I’m friends with Amabel’s sister. Yes, Amabel is pregnant and I do suspect it was to keep Josh attached to her. Josh has cheated on her several times already so if she hasn’t left him yet, I doubt that she will in the future. I think Amabel really wanted to be married and have kids and because Josh was the guy she wanted, she was willing to overlook other flaws. I could critique their relationship, because trust me, I know much more is going down than even what you guys know because I’m friends with her sister, but at this point they are having a child so for the sake of the child I wish them the very best.

    As far as Ruthlyn….honey, I don’t even know why you still comment here, you and I both know you aren’t missing out on a darn thing! I’m going to respect my friendship and not put people’s business on the streets but yeah girl, you did yourself a favor when you left….

    • Kendra / Apr 18 2012 8:01 pm

      @Simona you must be some friend if you’re going behind Amabel’s sister’s back and start talking trash,. No real friend would do this and i highly doubt you are friends with Amabel’s sister.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 19 2012 7:46 am

      Its hard to keep silent when your own name is being thrown out there and people keep addressing you. Doesnt mean I’m not over it, just involving myself in the discussion That was my whole debate toward the top of this comment chain, “someone” kept trying to say that I wasnt over him when there clearly aint shit to hold onto. Lol and I saw all this coming. None of it is surprising at all. To bring a child into it is just plain irresponsible. They didnt ASK for this? Ha!

  108. tanisha / Apr 21 2012 11:52 am

    This blog is neverending!!!

  109. Romans 12-21 / Apr 23 2012 11:39 pm

    This is a pathetic melodrama that is not going to end well for either one of them. She will eventually get tired of him cheating on her and she will leave with the child. This child will have a much worse up-bringing than he/she needs to have without a good male role model/father figure in the house. It’s really tragic how myopic and shallow people could be.

  110. Joseph / Apr 24 2012 6:24 pm

    OK. So I took time out and read all the articles in this entire blog. Interesting but by far this is the most entertaining. I read all the corresponding comments and I came to the realization that this will never end. You want to know why? Because Ruthlyn herself is perpetuating it. She comes on this blog like every six months with a new story about Josh, or her new white guy that acts like Josh, or Josh’s new life. You are still in love and will forever will be. I know you will not admit it but ol’ boy Dan Keller said you google you’re name often, you even did at his place, so I did as well. One of the first things that came up was a video of you and Josh and where was it? On YOUR Myspace account. If you are so over him that would have been taken down and forgotten about.
    You’re accusing everyone that is not agreeing with you to be Josh. Do you want them on here? Do you want them to pay you the attention you crave? You probably have daddy issues- and I’m not trying to be funny- because I have never once heard you say “I’m single right now, working on healing from my past relationships, just want to collect myself after all I have been through.” NO! You jump from one guy to the next, apparently they can be married now too, so I guess you’re a whore now also.
    I’m not bashing you but it seems like they moved on and you’re still defending your honor on this blog. why?? This blog would not be important to you if you had better things to do or lived a fulfilling life but I can tell you don’t. Move on, stop writing on here. Other people will always talk about you, that is life but you don’t have to listen and stoop to their level.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 25 2012 6:08 pm

      What you say is very valid but its really just not correct about me. And at times I can see how I was perpetuating it but…Joseph (and I KNOW you’re someone else) you have slammed me on other posts of this blog so its not surprising that you would go so far as to bring up my myspace page (by the way…who the fuck still logs onto myspace???) When you ADDRESS ME, yes I will definitely respond back. Especially when its obvious that you have vested interest in me as mentioned earlier in this blog. I think its obvious all this is over and yet here comes someone else all late, wrong and attempting to have me all figured out commenting on this blog. You’ve also emphasized on another post that I have dated around and your dismay with that. Why are you so upset about it? If I had to guess i’d say you were Dan…Daddy issues is a low blow seeing as my father is deceased but someone psychotically obsessed isn’t very considerate of things like that.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 25 2012 6:34 pm

      ILol and btw my myspace accout WAS forgotten about, which is why that video is still up. So again…the whole cliche of “you’re not over him because….” shit is sooooooo old. Not all women are the same. I don’t know who you think you are, but you don’t know me just because you’re obsessed with me. How do you know whether i’ve healed or not? Go find a blog about YOURSELF with 200-something comments- halfway filled with lies- and see how easy it is for you not to comment. You are trying to bait me so that I can defend myself. SWEETHEART, I’m a grown ass woman….i’m not defending SHIT, and i’m gonna date whoever the hell I want and comment wherever the hell I want. Just because you present your bashing in a more educated way than the dumbasses who shall not be named, doesn’t mean you’re better than them. You’re just saying the same shit. You look obsessed, stop embarrassing yourself. Remember love, this blog was about ME. If you’d actually read the comments as if you claimed to have (which by the way is also semi-obsessive and creepy seeing as how I myself haven’t even read all the comments) you would see that you’re the only person bashing me who ISN’T them. Why the hell do you care about me so much? Enough to look at my MySpace??? Dude you’re a few olives short….

      • Romans 12-21 / Apr 26 2012 12:05 am

        He posted from his facebook account. He’s from Charleston SC.

      • As The Drama Turns / Apr 26 2012 1:29 pm

        way to go ruthlyn! well said my dear. i don’t understand why people want to come on YOUR blog and have the adacity to point fingers towards you. after all it is about you and if it bother some people, then why keep coming on here. dang..stupid stupid stupid! so my point is the blog is and always have been about you, so why the hell do the haters keep coming here? is it insecurity??? not mentioning no names, or is that somebody just can’t simply let go and still loves you? not mentioning no names!

      • sosubtle / Apr 26 2012 1:36 pm

        Wow, as the drama turns. i wonder who on earth you ever could be talking about. So crypitc! hahaha

      • Ruthlyn / Apr 26 2012 4:12 pm

        Then his facebook account is defnitely a fake because what are the odds of this fool being in the same city as me?

      • Ruthlyn / Apr 26 2012 4:25 pm

        Lol I wish you could edit these comments so you’re not posting multiples but I do recall someone who called themselves Joseph Hutch from Charleston, SC attempting to add me on facebook…Messaging me “I love your youtube videos” in a failed attempt to get me to add him. His picture was a shirtless whiteboy and it looked fake as hell. He is some kind of obsessed farce. Either Dan or one of those other pathetic guys who tried to get a shot at me and can’t handle rejection. He referred to me in another post as some kind of celebrity. Im just a no-nonsense girl who knows what I want. Maybe SOME people would spend years in therapy feeling sorry for themselves, but I never have and never will sweat a dude in that way. I’m too smart and beautiful for that shit, but I also understand that there are so many guys out there….why not yell “NEXT” if youre not being satisfied 😉 Yes Joseph, I got it like that. I pay my own bills and take care of my DAMN self. I don’t need a man, but they sure are a blast to have around!! 😉

  111. Kendra / Apr 24 2012 7:35 pm

    Not sure when people are getting the idea that amabel is pregnant. FYI she isnt 😉

  112. Joseph / Apr 24 2012 7:56 pm

    How do you know Kendra?

    • Kendra / Apr 25 2012 10:34 am

      I am friends with them.

  113. DK / Apr 26 2012 7:28 pm

    I am getting real sick and tired of my name being thrown out here by you.

    1) I am not Joseph Hutch.
    2) I don’t give a flying fuck about you
    3) I don’t know why you continue to contact my soon-to-be ex-wife about what I posted on here nor do I know why you contacted a woman I had a sexual relationship with for 3 months prior to you other than to fucking start trouble and tell half-truths.

    This seems to be your MO.

    4) You are 2 faced as shit. I haven’t talked or contacted you in over 2 months and yet I continue to be told about you either talking shit about me or engaging in immature bullshit about me.

    5) Information dump coming in 5,4,3,2,1….

    Ruthlyn Oliver


    your fiance banned me from talking to you for some reason. But you know if you want to talk for whatever reason. . .i’m here. I told her she cannot control who I can and can’t talk to, that you have been a great friend to me for a number of years and that I am NO THREAT to her. I’m sure she’ll see this message too (Hi ***, calm down please!). I just don’t understand why she is so insecure about me talking to you! She needs to chill. I respect your relationship, but if you attack me. . .I will attack you back.

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    July 10, 2011
    Ruthlyn Oliver


    are you fuckin serious right now? DENY

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    July 10, 2011
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    When you get divorced then try again. Til then you are dead to me. and you know exactly why. You’re no better than my ex husband.You lead me on for 4 goddamn years. . .I don’t have time for you anymore.

    August 12, 2011

    I am better than your ex-husband by the way [:)]

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    August 13, 2011
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    not much of an accomplishment hun.

    Ruthlyn Oliver

    I’m a real person and I told you I have stalkers. You don’t understand. that pic may show up in someone’s youtube video now. My privacy is important to me. Someone created a whole photobucket account of my unguarded profile pictures. Not to mention you have a bunch of random IR people all over your page.

    Ruthlyn Oliver

    the picture about marriage…but fine. goodnight.

    January 14

    That is humor. OK. Fine.

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    January 14
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    I just wish you could live in my shoes for a day and know what its like to have people track and patronize your every move. Our lives are not one yet.

    you are still fucking married. you treated me like second fiddle then the moment things worked out with her you abandoned me when I needed you the most. had you not done that, i’d have an easier time trusting you freely. and I trust you but you don’t seem to truly care about how I feel about anything. it’s like you

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    January 14
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    want me to exist solely for you.

    I love you so much…but things aren’t as simple as you’re making them and it bothers me that you can’t see that.

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    January 15
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    get closer to the end of that before jumping into this.

    January 15

    I am. I wish she’d sign the divorce papers and get her things out of my home

    Ruthlyn Oliver
    January 15
    Ruthlyn Oliver

    yeah but having me as your profile picture is rubbing in her face that we’re together and that’s not gonna help, it’s only gonna piss her off.

    be nice to her….butter her up…tell her you still care, but that you think this is what’s best for HER. look i’m a recent ex wife, i know. be nice to her and she’ll be convinced that you’ll still be there for her AFTER she’s signed the papers

    Ruthlyn Oliver

    Jan 23

    to me
    Hey Dan!

    I’m sorry I didn’t call you yesterday…I was over my friend Lin’s house for a Mary K party and then I literally packed til I dropped. I wish I could have found my bluetooth to talk to you while packing. I hope you’re not upset. I haven’t been doing a very good job keeping in contact with you, but please don’t take it personal…My mind is just scrambled and crazy. This too shall pass! But i’m always thinking and talking about you. I love you! I can’t wait to get all through this so I can focus on building our relationship! MUAH!


    For someone who loves Batman so much – maybe you should focus more on being more like Bruce Wayne and less like Two-Face.

    Enjoy your life.

    Again – I’m going to tell you the same thing I told someone else – 5 years from now you will probably be a single mother, and your life will be unnecessarily hard. You will look back on your younger years and realize you were sitting on a fucking winning lottery ticket, but you were too scared to cash it in.

    Again – please keep my name out of your mouth. I don’t talk about you, nor do I have any desire to continue with these petty bullshit games.

    Just as you instigated with Nathan to turn the tables on him – I ask you to stop that with me.

    Enjoy that link. I’m sure you’ll understand what it means being as how you’re from Boston.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 6:58 am

      Lol youre truly crazy Dan, look at you. You copied and pasted certain parts of the conversation….WAITED for me to drop your name ONCE…youre just crazy. all i did was look at the dates you posted on these messages and its obvious you’re trying to still make yourself still relevant. You nor any pathetic obsessed white boy is going to intimidate me. So please stop, you look CRAZY AND OBSESSED BECAUSE YOU ARE.

  114. DK / Apr 26 2012 7:49 pm

    And don’t confuse being stubborn as an ox and persistent with being obsessed. Nobody gives a shit about you enough to actually stalk you. Stalking someone is contacting a woman who you’ve never spoken to once and who doesn’t give a flying fuck about you to tell her unflattering things that a guy who she had been having sex with for over 3 months said and didn’t say about her. That is stalking.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 7:00 am

      Nobody gives a shit about me? So you carefully go through your facebook and pick and choose peices of our conversations from the past two years? Dude…where do you get time for this?

  115. Joseph Hutch / Apr 26 2012 10:53 pm

    Ouch!!! Go DK! Ruthlyn is phony as fuck apparently. Saying she loved you, telling you what to do to your wife so you two can be She should stop talking about others when she is worse

  116. Joseph Hutch / Apr 26 2012 11:14 pm

    I’m not going to express anymore interest in this bc i go on here for comical relief BUT I suggest you guys stop patronizing Ruthlyn bc she takes this seriously. I also suggest someone send this blog to all parties involved. If their name is on here, they have a right to know. Otherwise no one comment but those that know firsthand and not judging based on a story being told from one party -bc as we have seen there is always two sides to every story.

    • DK / Apr 27 2012 12:09 am

      There are 2 sides to every story. One person’s lies/bullshit and the truth.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 7:07 am

      Omg just figured it out…Joseph Hutch is Amabel. That makes sense and Dan conveniently leaves out that unlike me with Josh….his ex wife moved on to some other dude and hated his guts. He was legally married but his ex knew about me..thats the difference. Makes sense that he leaves out WHY I stopped talking to him…WHY his ex wife hates his guts. Not sure what hes talking about having sex for 3 months…not me…I ONLY SAW DAN TWICE…TWICE AND THIS IS HOW HE ACTS. See how crazy this man is, folks? He was watching all these comments and spent hours on facebook hacking up a few converstions of ours to make it look like he’s relevant. You people are the most pathic specimens on earth.

      • Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 7:13 am

        Omg so i read it and my words were sooooo taken out of context, too. He left out things he was saying to me. Some of this was before he got married. Lol hes such a psycho, im literally like…scared.

  117. Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 7:24 am

    Lol well Dan’s psychotic ass just came and ruined all the fun in this. Now i’m truly not posting on here. I totally just gave him what he wanted….to talk about HIM like he fucking matters. Once upon a time he did. For like two weekends. But this is what happens when you break the heart of an obsessed man. Im not posting here anymore since Dan just trolled the shit out of it after I told the police he was cyberstalking me. DAN…THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING….SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT ME WHERE YOU WANT…BUT DO NOT ADDRESS ME ANYMORE. DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH ME, DO NOT SPEAK TO ME. I can very easily get his ex wife in here to side with me but he’s making it seem like she still cares about him!!! I talked to her the other day and although she is pregnant with some other guy’s kid, Dan is telling her he wants to impregnate her too. This man is truly sick. You’ve gotta be to focus so intently on a girl you only went on two dates with! Lol you people are a joke. Im out. But seriously Dan. Dont address me. Get your aggressions out on your facebook page or those 50 million interracial groups you are a member of. You were only married for two months then she gave you the boot for a REASON. Because you are a delusional and pathetic peice of shit.

  118. Joseph / Apr 27 2012 10:49 am

    Nop not Amabel, Nathan or Josh. Sorry to disappont you tho. I’m just a guy interested in this story. If I had the right mind I would send this to all the people involved bc it’s slander and they can press charges against you just based on this blog alone. My dad is a lawyer and i know this for a fact. Matter of fact, does anyone know Amabel and Josh’s last name so I can look them up on facebook. I actually want them on here, it’ll be fun!

    • Kendra / Apr 27 2012 11:05 am

      yup they have facebook, they’re not hard to find 🙂 they both have youtube account as well 😉 and amabel has twitter but it’s private 😉

    • Let's be Realistic / Apr 27 2012 7:55 pm

      haha amabel you really suck. did you notice that in all your sentences you use “bc” instead of because. Ruthlyn pointed that out in the beginning and YOU STILL are using it and thus identifying yourself in every single post you troll on.

      Now it makes sense why you were dissing Ruthlyn’s claim of being light skinned in another post….lol you are so so Amabel. Are you secretly jealous that Ruthlyn is light skinned and you aren’t? Its just a complexion honey. You aren’t an ugly girl…not as pretty as ruthlyn IMO but you definitely aren’t ugly. don’t be insecure about things like your complexion.

      Are you upset that Ruthlyn definitely IS light skinned and you are not? If you are, that just shows how big of a slave complex you have. Amabel you are such a sad embarrassment and from what I’ve gathered from reading this, you are also just plain dumb. Now it makes sense why Josh can cheat on you and you still stay with him.

      LOL and then you had the nerve to try act all intelligent like you know the law….”my dad is lawyer…” SMH girl, go somewhere else with your lame threats…

      haha this whole drama is sooo laughable. i’m starting to think all of the names involved in this saga are a little bit psycho lol but amabel girl you are such a hot mess. i don’t even have enough words to tell you about yourself….sad thing is you don’t truly realize how pathetic you look right now so you’re just going to continue on through life making an utter fool of yourself and your culture. SMH this is exactly why people don’t respect us.

      hahaha but please keep this going this is such a good read. and amabel, just use your real name “bc” we all know when it’s you. you are bad at masking your intentions and you go in too quick to make jabs at Ruthlyn.

      Keep this going guys this is so entertaining.

      • Let's be real / Apr 27 2012 8:17 pm

        Ok just stop already, Let’s be realistic sounds like you’re probably just a Ruthlyn fan. Why do you keep coming back for more? why don’t you just let things just die off and quit bringing shit up and pointing fingers when you do not know any of these people personally Ruthlyn included?. Ruthlyn is probably sick of this nonsense just as much as Amabel is. I highly doubt that Amabel even comes on here, as a matter of fact i know for a fact she does not come on here because she’s a bigger personal than to stoop down to all of your levels. You need to quit making assumptions, just because someone uses abbreviations in their grammars doesn’t automatically mean they are either Amabel or Josh. Why are you so wrapped up in their lives? don’t you have one of your own?. This blog is how old now? LET IT GO!!!

  119. Lioness / Apr 27 2012 11:37 am

    Wow… Is all I can really say. This whole saga has really been blown up to uttermost outrageous proportions. I mean, at first I was a Ruthlyn-fan and saw enjoyment in watching her videos about her views on race, politics…and whatever else in-between. I honestly could care less about her interracial-videos and her relationship in general due to the fact that myself have been there and done that. But this is just pure madness…

    To read all that has been transpiring the last couple of years is straight up out of this world. I cannot fathom any reason for anyone to keep this whole “saga” going on. I mean-, both parties have obviously moved on with their lives.

    -Ruthlyn appears to be settling in her life from the details that I gathered. Although I would like to see an intelligent, well-spoken woman to live life on her own a bit after her publicly made past relationships and put herself first.

    – Amabel/Josh “appear” to be drawing themselves out of the spotlight. If she’s pregnant…fine…who cares? If Josh is in deed cheating on her repeatedly, then that’s their business to sort out. If it is true I can’t believe that she would invest anymore energy being in a relationship with a scumbag….but then again, we are not in the situation…nor will we get (I could care less) all the details…so who are we to sit here and gossip and judge? She’s a grown woman, just like Ruthlyn and is free to live her life as she sees fit.

    I get where Ruthlyn is coming from where she is tired of people gossiping about her behind her back. I get it that she feels a need to respond to every little detail being said about her. If I were in her shoes and experienced what she had went through-, I’d probably be doing the same. But the net is a public forum…and despite all efforts to “correct” what wrongs were said…the task is going to be impossible. But Ruthlyn, if you know in your essence and your soul that the things said about you are completely false…then just let it go. Just keep your head high and keep on doing your thing. As you are probably observing…the more that you give these people a reason to keep going at it ( by responding to the bullshit)…you’re just fighting an endless battle. These people obviously enjoy seeing how flustered you get every time they write something about you. At this rate…it’s never going to stop. The only way to win this battle is to stop responding to it. When they see that their comments have ceased to affect you…they too will stop the commenting.

    Don’t listen to the madness…don’t respond to it. Just do YOU.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 27 2012 4:05 pm

      Yep- this has gotten out of hand… These aren’t really details about me…just peices. I want to reemerge on my own terms but we’ll see. I’m definitely done now that disgruntled boy toys of the pasf wanna cut and paste scraps of Facebook messages. Lol that is taking it too far. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. This Joseph cat is obviously obsessed beyond reason too and he’s being so pathetic by keeping it going. We are adults…let’s start acting like it, folks. I agree I am so much better than this mess.

  120. Let's be Realistic / Apr 27 2012 8:07 pm


    Dan Kellner (sp?)

    I’m all for new info if you so choose to defend your name but just pasting what is “supposedly” messages between you and Ruthlyn really isn’t enough cred for us to automatically assume what you are posting is the truth.

    and just one more final LOL at Amabel…does anyone else think its hilarious that she (under one of her troll aliases) “suggested” that someone “inform” Josh and Amabel as if they haven’t been on here and commenting the whole time LOL Amabel you are so psychotic. First, you become obsessed with Ruthlyn, make fan videos for her (which I remember as well LOL) then sweep across the country and try to make videos with the same man while bashing his ex (so foul) then come on this forum first trying to advertise your own unsuccessful obscure little blogs and vids then typing under aliases and such….honey…..I just don’t know what to say LOL you are a mess , like have you seen the movie Fatal Attraction lol because that is definitely you. I can’t even look down on you because I honestly tihnk you have some form of a personality disorder. I think something is clinically wrong with you….

    Ruthlyn IMO….this is a mess. I can tell this Dan Kellner guy is probably off his rocker a bit (as are Amabel and Josh) but you really need to slow down. Now I know you’re the type to say “who is this anonymous, internet bitch trying to tell me what to do–I’ll do what I want!” And I respect that, but in my humblest opinion, you do have things going for you, and running through all these guys, especially all these psychos, cheaters and non commitment minded men is not going to do you any good in the long run. Step back, ask yourself “why am I attracting all of these crazies?”

    I’m sure you probably don’t need to hear it but you need some time to yourself. I know for a fact Amabel and Josh are shady. Most people don’t even need you to chime in to realize that, but you are a genuine girl, you DO have things to offer a quality man but you need TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER. Please give yourself that opportunity. You honestly do deserve it.

    • DK / Apr 27 2012 10:14 pm

      First of all, I threw her out previous to getting married to her. Secondly – I am the one who threw her out in August.

      Keep telling your bullshit lies. I didn’t have to selectively paste shit. I pasted what she sent me.

      I was much more than a 2 weekend fling.

      She wanted to be with me when I was engaged and wanted to move up to be with me. She was upset when that didn’t happen. She wanted to be with me and settled for Nathan, which is why she said I “lead her on for 4 god damned years.”

      I could post plenty here.

      This is truly hilarious that you hate someone’s guts who was kind enough to lend you money when you needed help moving. INDEPENDENT WOMAN – lol bullshit.

      The problem is that someone lead someone else to believe that I’m similar to her ex-husband, which isn’t true.

      Again – while someone was telling me she loves me, adding all of my friends and family members on facebook, coming to visit me, having sex with me and telling me she loves me afterwards, and talking about how we’re going to be together – LOL – and when I MUTUALLY want the same – I’m stalking.

      This is beyond comical.

      The only people are the ones who are insane are the ones who can’t see facts hitting them in the face.

    • DK / Apr 27 2012 10:15 pm

      I have pictures, emails…lots of things I’m sure you’d love to see.

      • DK / Apr 27 2012 10:26 pm

        And, yes, I had filed for divorce prior to meeting a certain someone for the first time. She and I had a long history of talking for years, and what I thought, at the time, a future together.

        I was invited to come meet this person for the first time in April 2009 when I was on vacation in Florida while this person lived in Savannah. And then, this person wanted to come see me in Sept 2009, but I was in a relationship at the time with my soon-to-be ex-wife.

        Un-named person also made me a Youtube video that was going to be DVD’s and mialed to my home residence in May 2010, but did not because she had received my letter indiciating my engagement.

        Certain person also spoke to me on the phone numerous times in June 2010 – and indicated – with my fiance at the time listening on speaker phone (because my fiance knew what said person wanted) – that she wanted to move to NJ and go to TCNJ to study speech pathology and to be with me.

        Certain person and I again talked after certain person’s divorce in Sept 2010. Certain person did not have deep feelings for Nathan, and wanted to be with me.

        Certain person was clearly sending emails saying she wanted to be with me while talking shit about me on this very blog because people “found out.”

        I have emails that I can forward and take screen shots of to corroborate all of this.

        And, yet, I’m the crazy one because I like a Facebook status.

        A certain person’s words are not being taken out of context.

        She’s mad because her fake ass is being exposed for the fraud she is.

        And, keep threatening this nonsensical bullshit. Nobody has threatened you.

        You cannot slander someone’s name and then when said person replies file a TRO against them. It doesn’t work that way.

        First of all, I live 600 miles from said person – have not contacted them in any way – even though I can easily do so – and have no desire to do so.

        But, yes – keep talking to my soon-to-be ex-wife and a former FWB of mine about me.

        I’m the obsessed one. Yes. I don’t talk to a certain 2 faced individual for like 6 weeks and you go on FB and message a girl who I hadn’t been romantically involved with for months, who doesn’t know you, and who doesn’t like you, about me.

        That is sad.

        The way certain individual tells the story, I’m hiding in her bushes and lighting candles near pictures praying for her to come into my life.

        Said individual can keep spinning her web of deceit and lies, but eventually, the truth comes out.

        And lastly, fuck off.

    • DK / Apr 27 2012 10:40 pm

      Let’s be Realistic –

      my first dinner date of mine with a certain person in Dec 2011 – consisted of a certain someone recanting all of these stories about insurance etc and about a certain ex and his fling.

      1) you don’t know me

      2) I a professional person who was blessed to find these things out prior to anything serious happening with said person

      3) when said person had nobody else in the world she turned to me 2x – and said person betrayed me

      4) as I started before – as long as someone isn’t talking shit about me – which she still is – I will have 0 to do with said person

      5) how are you sweety 🙂

      • DK / Apr 27 2012 10:45 pm

        So – the take home message from all of this:

        I truly, from the bottom of my heart, pity that there isn’t a Hell for her to go to. The empty life of this horrible little person proves that you can get away with the most extraordinary of offenses to reality and truth.

        If she would read the Bible at all, and I would doubt that she could read any long book at all, she would have easily encountered the following verse: Matt. 5:44 But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…

      • DK / Apr 27 2012 11:51 pm

        Get whatever slut bags you want to bring on here. It wouldn’t be the first time a certain person has had them visit this blog (first time was like 3 weeks ago) nor will it be the last time.

        Go ahead. Contact every woman I’ve had sex with in the past 8 months. You’ve already contacted 3 of them. Want me to give names to add to the list?

      • DK / Apr 27 2012 11:58 pm

        LOL out loud when the person you want to “vouch” for your story use to call you “Similac breathe,” was jealous of you (as you were of her) for a year, came back because “I can’t do any better,” and in response to finding out about us having a romantic rendezvous, has sex with the most pathetic friend I had and gets knocked up by him.

        Lay down with dogs and you get fleas.

  121. Let's be real / Apr 28 2012 12:06 am

    DK let it goooo! really. If you have beef with Ruthlyn take it up to her privately. Everyone wants this to end and it doesn’t help that people who really don’t know this couple keep bringing all of this back up again. Sure i’m no help but i keep getting email notifications and it’d be nice if all this just died off or the person of this blog deletes this completely. It’s old, move on.

    • DK / Apr 28 2012 7:51 am

      I “let it go” up until the point that someone who claims wants nothing to do with me discontinues contact with people in my life. Stops directing my soon-to-be ex-wife to this blog to start trouble about things that I said. Stops FACEBOOK messaging the woman that I was romantically involved with PRIOR to her and saying that I said “this, this, and this.” Want to talk about obsession? That’s contacting people who you don’t know to start petty nonsense and drama with someone who has 0 to do with you, doesn’t talk shit about you, and doesn’t contact you. I have bit my tongue while the aforementioned individual did these petty and childish things. I kept quiet until my name was being thrown out there.

      The veracity of the aforementioned person’s words (more aptly called lies/distortions) is like saying that movie Reqiuem For a Dream is ONLY ABOUT A WOMAN who wants to wear a red dress on TV.

      It’s because of these juvenile games and nonsense that I’ve had nearly 3 years of my life wasted and $60,000 pissed away.

      But, unlike someone else, I’ve “earned” and “bought” something more valuable than I could ever imagine from my experiences.

      I’m not the type of person who delays a divorce where there are 0 issues of contention because I want to “get a rise” out of the other person. Or turns around and goes to bed with a man because my separated husband has sex with someone else as a revenge fuck.

      I’m not the type of person who talks shit about how much I hate my husband while I’m away in Texas only to want to come home so I can have a place to live while I’m preparing to leave him.

      I’m also not the type of person who tells a guy that he reminds me of my deceased father, tells this person how much I love them, how I was meant to be with them, etc etc. etc. And, then, when said person shows me genuine affection and concern – blows up on them…

      Ruthlyn Oliver

      Jan 26

      to me
      You’re right. And I’m sorry…

      Something happened last night. I had some kind of strange nervous breakdown. I took it out on you and that was not right. I am truly sorry.

      However…I am extremely frustrated by the fact that you DO NOT LISTEN to me. It makes me feel like if I come up there, i’ll feel trapped. Everything I say literally goes in one ear and out the other. And it seems like the more I said “stop”, the more you kept going. Which just made me even more upset. You do not listen. Period. And it is pushing me away.

      You act like i’m some kind of goddess or angel who is gonna come and make all your dreams come true. I’m a PERSON.. .a HUMAN BEING- FLESH AND BONE. And I am a BROKEN person. I have issues. I cannot be your EVERYTHING.I can’t even be strong enough for myself right now. You have unfair expectations of me. I’ve told you this a million times.

      I appreciate your support and your encouraging words…but just thinking about starting a new relationship makes my brain explode.It’s too overwhelming to think that i’ll have to put everything on the line again for someone else after all this shit i’ve been through. You SAY you understand, but I don’t think you do. And it’s frustrating because I really like you and I HATE being so cold. Please just LISTEN to me when I say STOP. That’s what it means. It means STOP.

      Ruthlyn Oliver

      Jan 27

      to me

      … Thanks for helping me with moving expenses, but you do not listen. And you nor anyone else can offer me emotional support right now. PLEASE STOP tagging me in things, stop posting personal things on my facebook wall. STOP making comments that sound like we’re together. MY EX IS READING MY FACEBOOK WALL. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?! I have a fucking court case coming up and I can’t look like i’ve moved on and things are great. Why aren’t you understanding this?

      Yes – I guess in your world that exists, not much different from the world that exists in the Pink Floyd song Lunatic in My Head – a guy who calls you once every 2-3 days and will “like” a comment on your facebook page is obsessing over you. LOL.

      Again – don’t confuse my desire to “get in the last word” and my obstinate behavior with being “obsessive.” Far different.

      As it stands – because of all of the bullshit I’ve been through – and trust me – there WILL be a tell-all book being made soon – I almost gave up on “sistas.”

      But, unlike someone else – I don’t just give up on a sub-group of people just because of a few experiences.

    • Ruthlyn / Apr 28 2012 6:22 pm

      I would really like this blog to be deleted. This psycho is now posting TEXT MESSAGES. He just ruined it….and hes expelling wayyy too much energy on it because i’m not reading it. You gotta feel sorry for these people.

      • Let's be real / Apr 28 2012 6:30 pm

        i agree ruthlyn this blog needs to be deleted. Unknown people are getting way too involved and this whole thing is really old. Time to move on to a brighter day.

      • DK / Apr 28 2012 7:10 pm

        I feel nothing but pity for fake people. I posted gmail messages. That was it. You want this deleted because your spot is blown up and anyone with half a brain knows that what I’m stating is the verifiable truth.

      • DK / Apr 29 2012 6:29 pm

        No – I posted messages on FB in my original post and then Gmail messages later.

        Trust me – I’m much better off without a fake like you in my life.

      • DK / Apr 29 2012 6:33 pm

        Lastly – how exactly am I a piece of shit? This is funny. What did I ever do to you?

        AGain – $10,000 bet or ante to anyone who doesn’t believe me about the email I received from a friend regarding the fact that you wrote about me in 4 different posts PRIOR to my ever knowing that this blog existed.

        As to obsessed – even AFTER we both stopped talking to one another – YOU CONTINUED TO CONTACT MY SOON-TO-BE ex-wife about me AND you contacted a girl that i was involved with PRIOR to you, who you don’t know.

        You are a sad and pathetic person who is too wrapped up in what people think, which is why you spend over an hour putting on makeup each day.

        It’s truly sad what an ugly, resentful, and 2 faced person you are.

        I truly pity you from the bottom of my heart.

        Remember that when you have nobody else in the world and when you can’t run back home to mommy that you fucked up royally and have a knack for treating people who are good to you like shit while you lick the boot of men and people who mistreat and abuse you. And trust me – what goes around comes around.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / May 3 2012 7:30 pm

        you may have noticed i’m not debating or refuting anything he says because I have asked him numerous times to stop contacting me. I have a man and I have a life- a happy one at that. I’m a beautiful and intelligent girl (and I freakin KNOW it) so it’s hilarious when hateful obsessors try to paint me out to be some pathetic, homely and lost soul who has no one to turn to. lol That has never been be and never will be. And it certainly won’t be over some asshole who thinks he is God’s gift to black women. lol

        I have not come back posting anything nor cared to respond to any of his nonsense. Look how he behaves, he just goes on and on like we have all this history. lol He is saying all these things for my attention and you can tell by his tone that he is saying it to hurt me. Saying stuff like “she’s just mad cause I…” Actually i’m not mad at all, just wondering why this blog owner is letting this persist. And I honestly feel bad for him that- although I haven’t spoken to him since January he is still acting like he can’t handle the fact that I don’t want him anymore. I honestly think he has some form of autism or something- not to be funny, but yes I did discuss that with his ex. There is something seriously wrong.

        I literally have just skimmed over it but have not read it. I do think the “soon-to-be” ex wife thing is funny because that woman wants absolutely nothing to do with him for the same reasons I want nothing to do with him. . Because he’s a disgusting freak of nature. He can’t handle the fact that i’ve moved on…and if his instability is not apparent here, then I don’t know what more to tell you besides the dude is psychotic. And if I’M not reading his copying and pasting and his shenanigans, I can’t imagine who else would be interested in reading this nonsense as well. The bottom line is I knew him for 5 years via online, went out with him TWICE and he was smothering, disrespectful of my privacy and lived like a slob. There’s not much more to it, he’s making it out to be some dramatic saga and making this blog to be about him. This is ultimately why it needs to come down. It’s original intent, to promote my blog has been obliterated. I don’t have a blog anymore anyway out of respect for my mother who was embarressed by me sharing my candid opinions.

        I will persistently ask the blog owner to remove this blog until its gone. Blog owner, if you’re reading this…pleaswe get rid of this blog…

    • DK / Apr 29 2012 1:11 am

      Got plans for both of us
      That involved a trip out of town
      To a place I’ve seen in a magazine that you left lying around
      I cant hold my liquor
      But I keep a good attitude
      Cause its alright

      • Ruthlyn / Apr 29 2012 11:45 am

        Lol Dan you didnt blow up shit, all you showed was how psychotic and obsessed you are. The sad part is you think you’re actually affecting me by posting things im not reading and videos i’m not watching. You posted texts, gmail emails AND facebook messages. Youre a deranged ass-hurt Ruthlyn reject. The only person reading your shit is you and my other obsessors. I hate to break it to you, but it’s obvious that i’m still important to you when I just played you for a fool and flushed you like the peice of shit that you are. No one else cares, stop trying my make it seem like you’re important to me. I don’t care about you, get over it. I’d asked for this blog to be deleted long before you started googling me and trolled the shit out of it. You truly have no life. I feel sorry for you sweetheart. Last time I will address you. You mean nothing to me. . .now get over it.

  122. Mia / Jul 11 2012 9:34 am

    This is a hot mess lol…I didn’t even read all of it..but this is just sad. I am on no one’s side, nor do I follow any of these people on Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, whatever. Idk maybe it’s just me, but when I break up with someone, I get over it and don’t argue with strangers about it. I…just….move…on. This really seems like some 18-25 year old type stuff. Smh

  123. confused / Jul 11 2012 9:24 pm

    Why does Amabels engagement ring look EXACTLY like the one ruthlyn had with Nathan. Its not like that kind of ring is a trend for engagement rings. Most people still go with the normal engagement setting/diamonds. But that one is flat with a circle of diamonds. i can explain it, but if you saw it you would know its not the average ring. ….I just found that kind of weird, thats all.

  124. Amabel and Josh are married! / Aug 18 2012 4:00 pm

    Did anyone see that Josh confirmed on his youtube page that he and Amabel got married a few weeks ago?

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 24 2012 5:26 am

      Lmao sorry…saw your post and I couldn’t resist. I was gonna leave it alone. But this kind of abuse needs to be publicized. That video was a hot mess. He films her ass for 30 seconds, mocks her…talks about her “big brown butt” even though she’s like 110lbs soaking wet. He’s demeaning the entire time toward her although this is her 3rd time picking up everything and moving to accomodate him, she’s his 3rd wife, he’s only giving her a few weeks of credit for being an Army wife. “this is why I hate Army wives”. And then ends it by saying the word “niggas” lol dude Josh is so cutting and demeaning and that was only like a minute and a half of him on a PUBLIC youtube post. If anyone is stupid enough to think that I miss that, then they deserve to be publicly humiliated too. I didn’t want to comment on here but if no one else was going to point that out, I had to. Amabel do yourself a favor and stop letting him make a fool out of you… yourself before you have children with that psycho.

      • Ruthlyn / Aug 27 2012 12:38 pm

        Dan please go away, nobody is gonna read all that shit. I’m not going to argue with you. You don’t matter. Please get over me and move on. You’re hurting nobody but yourself. I give you an inch and you take a mile. This is why and Josh are incapablele of being happy and making anyone else happy.

  125. Pamprin / Aug 20 2012 11:39 am

    wow. It seems like Dan is really hurt from all of this and can’t let go. Dan, to get over all of why happened to you, just stop going on these blogs and such. You’re just going to keep hurting yourself. Move on. We all know that you have money and blah blah blah, but honestly money does not keep a REAl woman. I’m pretty sure if that was what Ruthlyn really wanted, then she would be with you know. It’s really rude to sat that she’ll end up being a lonely women with kids and unmarried. She seems very happy in the new relationship that she’s in now. and by the way, how are you dropping bible verses and you just mentioned that you hope that there isn’t a Hell for Ruthlyn to go to. A bit confused, but whatever. live life and MOVE ON.

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 24 2012 4:57 pm

      Pamprin, dead on…I am not worried about anyone but me,myself and I. At first I felt like Amabel was getting what she deserved but after seeing that video i’d actually begun to feel sorry for her. I remember how cruel Josh was to me when he had an audience an fed off f the fact that he thought it was “cute”. Those are the things he says when he’s being nice, i can only imagine what he says when he is angry. He is so racist. One time we came from a party full of black people and I told him about how badly he embarrassed me at the party by blatantly hitting on this girl and making her feel uncomfortable, he goes “I don’t give a fuck what those monkeys think of me!” in a truck full of his friends who were speechless and perplexed. Ah the time when he told me to “move my fat, lazy black ass” in the street that one night we he was drunk in front of his friends. My post above however…in and of itself should be proof that IR is NOT all flowers and daisies. Btw please don’t get that guy started again, you see how he acts after being broken up with after TWO dates. All that!!!!!!! Wtf?! Please…

      • Let's be Realistic / Aug 24 2012 8:00 pm

        I agree Ruthlyn, I feel bad for Amabel too. Does anyone else notice her body language. She seems kinda slumped over and not to bubbly…kind of disappointed with life.

        Josh does seem verbally abusive and like you said, I’m sure it is much worse when he is angry.

        I kind of feel bad for being so harsh on her. I wonder if she’ll stay with him. My question is, if he’s so racist why doesn’t he just get with a white woman? He’s weird.

      • DK / Aug 24 2012 10:10 pm

        I’m not upset about anything any longer. You threw away a good friend by being a lying, deceiving bitch.

        If you just wanted someone to fuck you to make you feel better about the fact that Nathan left you for another woman, that could have been what it was.

        As it stands, you were a girl who flew up to see me 2 times, and we had sex a few times and that was it.

        In the end, you were just a piece of ass, but, at the same time, you were insistent on telling me how we’d be together and how you love me.

        So – in closing – fuck you – and don’t get it twisted.

      • Ruthlyn / Aug 25 2012 8:40 am

        No Dan..l wanted to give you a real shot. And you took it too far too soon. Talking about a house, and babies and reitrment after our first date…caling and texting and emailing me 12 times a day. It was obsessive behavior and I discussed it with your ex wife to see if I should give you the benefit of the doubt or get out while the gettin was good. If i wanted dick, i would not have gotten it from you, you’re right. The sex was a joke anyway. Worse than Josh, even! You don’t have a “dick” you have a penis. Lol. You’ve obviously still angry cause you’re calling me a bitch. You really need to continue seeing your therapist if you stopped going because you thing you’ve healed. It’s not normal or healthy to speak to people that way. I don’t go halfway across the country to fuck nerds. YOU don’t get it twisted. I am a real woman and I need a real man. And you are just a drooling nerd with a 6 figure income. Leave me alone. For the last time.

      • Ruthlyn / Aug 25 2012 8:45 am

        Ugh I hate word press…can’t edit the typos after telling someone off. Lol first thing in the morming on an ipad.

      • DK / Aug 26 2012 12:49 pm

        How could I have been broken up with when I was legally married and we weren’t together (another example of you talking out of both sides of your mouth). The only nerd is you. Second of all, I don’t remember you complaining when my face was in between your legs and when we made the video that we made. Anyone want to see it?

        As it stands, I went days without messaging you repeatedly. I would call you once an evening when I was leaving work. You clearly “lead” me on. You spoke of moving up to NJ and getting a job up here in the Fall. I didn’t coerce you into saying this shit. These were your words.

        You and I for years had talked mutually about a future together.

        I guess you don’t remember on Jan 1 wearing a diamond ring and band on your finger that you put on while you slept over.

        As to obsessive behavior – contacting a woman from NY that I was involved with PRIOR to meeting you and telling her things that I supposedly said about her (some of which were true and some of which, in your typical fashion – were bold-faced lies) in March after I hadn’t spoken to you for weeks is obsessive behavior. You had never spoke to this woman, weren’t Facebook friends with her, and didn’t know her. Yet – you contacted her – she didn’t even really know who the fuck you were.

        If you wanted to be with someone else, someone who was black, because you had bad experiences with white men and were hurt, that was your prerogative. You could have just not deceived me. I wouldn’t have given a shit. You could have just said – Dan – I can’t put everything on the line once again for a guy and have it blow up in my face. I’m done with IR dating.

        The only thing that you did that hurt me was when I came to you in February because I was going through some bad personal shit and you completely blew me off. Even though when nobody in the fucking world gave a shit about you – I did. Even though at one time you referred to me as your best friend. When you needed me – I was always there for you. And when I needed your friendship – you turned your back on me.

        This is a paragon of the situation and our character.

        I am a loyal and good friend. I may have a problem with my temper and I’m certainly not a perfect person (I’m very hard-headed and argumentative), but I am loyal and honest to a fucking fault.

        Go live your life as you see fit because the best revenge is personal happiness.

        All of your fake internet friends who you’ve never met before and who keep “unliking” my comments like a bunch of **** wouldn’t lift a finger to help you in your time of need. And yet – when you couldn’t even afford to move, I voluntarily gave you the money out of the kindness of my heart.

        You are a sad and pathetic woman who likes to talk about how you’re sexually liberated, but in reality, you really are just slutty.

        You are 25 years old with no college degree, having bounced around between multiple schools, divorced, childless, and frankly, unhappy with how your life has gone.

        Don’t take your insecurities out on me by making shit up to win friends on the internet.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Aug 27 2012 9:54 pm

        LOL again, Dan…I give you an inch…you take a mile. I’m not reading this shit. The first two lines are enough. You’re psychotic. LEGALLY MARRIED!LMAO NIA FUCKING HATES YOU and regretted marrying you only weeks after for your abusive and controlling behavior as apparent in this thread! Same reason I hate you! Call me what you want. A heartless bitch, lonely, miserable slut…and keep ’em coming (you’re only showing you’re true colors and not making yourself look very attractive right now) i’m 24 by the way but again i’m done arguing with you because i’m not really reading what you’re saying because you’re disgusting and meaningless. It’s not my problem that you’re unhappy. Take that shit up with your shrink, with your mommy, your daddy, your God or what little friends you have. Not my fucking problem. You had since February or whenever to get your shit together. Now move the fuck on you pathetic nerd. You clingy motherfucker…you don’t mean shit to me. Please get a life or rant on one of those interracial groups you spend all your time on. I am not going to argue with you on here about what’s true and what’s false. You are not worth any more of my time. You never were.

      • DK / Aug 27 2012 10:30 pm

        My “shit” is together.

        I’m buying a home and I have a wonderful girlfriend.

        You; however, will no doubt, are not happy.

        As to being controlling = not at all. When I was together with my ex, she did whatever the fuck she wanted and I didn’t care so long as she didn’t over-draft her checking account and contributed to the house (both of which she didn’t do).

        So – you hate me – because I texted you (less often by the way than you texted me)? You and her are both extremely pathetic.

        Enjoy having a loser boyfriend with 0 to offer you and having an illegitimate bastard child and having nothing in life.

        2 peas in a pod. LOL.

        Your hatred of me is as delusional as both you and her are.

        I’m glad you think you’re so cool because you try to insult me for going for anger management.

        Maybe you should get over yourself and let go of your “daddy” issues as someone else alluded to.

      • DK / Aug 27 2012 10:42 pm

        I matter so little that Ruthlyn contacts a woman I was sleeping with from Sept-Dec. in late March after Ruthlyn and I had not spoken for weeks to talk shit about me. A woman, who incidentally, doesn’t know or care about Ruthlyn.

        So – Ruthlyn – if I never mattered – what is it that you did with me what you did on camera? Why is it that you cried while we were on the phone when I basically told you that I wasn’t calling off my engagement?

        Why is it that when you went on your wedding vacation by yourself that you told you mentioned me to your mother in terms of suitable prospects?

        Again – you fucked up badly.

        I’m not anybody’s option; definitely not yours.

        You try to paint this intricate picture of me by using half-truths so to win support from other women on this blog in order to further your low self-esteem.

        The fact of the matter is that all of the evidence is on my side.

        You and I both discussed for years one day meeting and having a serious relationship together.

        So, when you sent me house listings in SC and when we discussed being together, I was stalking you and being obsessive – right?

        The closest I came with being “obsessive” was the night you blew up on me sending me like 80 texts in a 2 minute span basically telling me that because of my pets that you wouldn’t want to move up here. And that you couldn’t put everything on the line once again if you were going to be miserable.

        Again – in Ruthlyn’s world – the movie Requiem for a Dream would be summarized as only being about a woman who wants to lose weight to wear a red dress on TV (ignoring everything else that transpires). Must be nice to live in Candy Land.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Aug 28 2012 7:45 am

        DAN I AM NOT READING THIS. How many times do I have to say this? If i’m not reading this, then no one else is. If I don’t care, then no one else does. Believe me. You have nothing to prove. Because you don’t matter.

  126. Rheannon / Aug 21 2012 7:00 pm

    Oh damn.

    I was looking for Detwiler on Google, I met him a few months ago on a deployment and wanted to add him on Facebook. I didn’t know he had all of this drama. I learn something new every day.

    Amabel, your husband is excellent in bed, perfectly cut abs and nice….apparatus. I wouldn’t want to be his wife though.

    That’s all I can contribute to this discussion. I like my job.

    • Pamprin / Aug 22 2012 3:12 pm

      wow. details!

  127. tanisha / Aug 21 2012 11:07 pm

    How about that Tom Akin guy? Talk about foot in mouth…

  128. tanisha / Aug 22 2012 5:13 pm

    I’m sorry Rhiannon, but I find major holes in that story. First of all if you were trying to add him a a facebook friend, then you would just go to facebook and add him. He is searchable on facebook. Secondly, I went to google his name just to see if this blog popped up. After 8 pages, I gave up. I’m sure it may come up after 8 pages, but who looks for someone for 10+ pages on google, when they can go to facebook and find that person in 2 minutes. Now if you google his name along with Ruthlyn’s or Amabel’s then, this blog will pop right up.

  129. As The Drama Turns / Aug 24 2012 8:16 pm

    @ruthlyn and let’s be realistic, I have to say I agree with you both. After seeing that vid my heart actually went out to amabel because it is so obvious that he is simply a jackass that likes to humiliate women (especially women of color). Amabel didn’t look happy at all and I hope that she gets out before its too late. God forgive her if she bares his kids!

    • Ruthlyn / Aug 25 2012 6:23 pm

      Yeah…that’s the only type who can tolerate him for more than a year. Someone with low self-esteem who never thought very highly of herself. Her posture has always been to me- that of an awkward teen who can’t really defend herself effectively if need be. That video is embarrassing and I can’t believe THAT is how they’re announcing their marriage. I would have BARELY tolerated being treated at way at age 20 but as a now 24 year old (and 25 in October) at this point in my life I don’t take that shit from anybody. Especially if i’ve been with someone for two years through all this public internet drama, blatantly cheated on with desert queens (like Rheannon up there allegedly) and other skank hoes, picked up and moved…cussed out by random people online who don’t know me for YO ass…If I were his 3rd wife, i’d be damned if I put up with that crap from Josh at that point in our relationship. Lol old dog hasn’t changed his ways a bit. Some other girl contacted me online saying Josh fucked her friend and did her dirty while he was deployed last year (thinking i’m that vindictive ex wife who wants to get him in trouble or something) and he begged and pleaded with me not to tell anyone…like I care. I know Josh is a cheating manwhore….doesn’t phase me or affect me anymore. He sounds like some pervert in that video. Ugh. Lol Thank God i have a sweet and loving man who would never speak to me that way, exploit me like a peice of meat or treat me in a demeaning manner.

  130. Ruthlyn Oliver / Aug 30 2012 6:16 pm

    I have reported this blog post to word press. I told you about this several times. Admin, You’ve allowed this forum for a psycho like Dan Kellner to attack, harass and openly cyberstalk me to persist long enough. Now he has googled to find my man’s facebook. That is where I draw the line. The blog post that you have linked this blog to has been taken down because unlike you that blog owner actually cares about how the information posted by hateful people like Dan Kellner affects people’s lives. Yes I have perpetuated the drama by commenting but Dan has not contacted me in any other way besides writing on this blog for an audience. I don’t know if you’re enjoying this, reading this or ignoring this. But you either don’t truly care about the well-being of black women or all of this is for your entertainment. This is my LIFE. It is not television. It is not YOUTUBE. It is not VIEWS, demographics or how many comments you get on your stupid little blog. 3 days ago I went into greater detail (that I will not go into here) as to what exactly he said that finally made me crack. This is no longer about me. I have safety concerns for my family.

    • DK / Aug 30 2012 10:11 pm

      Look you fucking drama queen – nobody contacted you or your boyfriend or whoever the fuck you’re involved with. Get over yourself. I worked 13 hours on Monday and Tuesday and today and I spent all of Wednesday preparing to close on a house. You truly are a fucking crazy bitch. Nobody has attacked or harassed you. You open your fat fucking mouth stating untrue things and I respond. Notice how when nobody posts about me that I don’t post on this forum/blog. Of course you don’t. Because YOU DON’T FUCKING GET IT.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Aug 31 2012 8:15 pm

        all of the things you’ve posted here Dan do not look like 0 contact to me. Not to mention you seem to be watching this blog to see when he’ll be mentioned next. I haven’t been reading what the poster child for autism has been writing but I couldn’t help but to notice that he’s mentioned several times that he’s buying a house. Am I supposed to be jealous ’cause What a coincidence- So have I 🙂 Who says i’m upset? Life is great! I just want this stupid, blog post gone . Admin please get rid of this blog post. I have too much to protect to be dealing with this obsessed freak of nature. God he’s disgusting.

      • DK / Sep 1 2012 1:35 am

        Miss Oliver:

        This will be my final response to you. We both know that I have issues with “self control” when it comes to dealing with things that are argumentative in nature and just “dropping” things, but after personal rumination after the celebratory nature and 5-HT-induced euphoria of today’s events, and speaking with both my attorney and my confidant/adviser – I’ve decided to no longer respond to your “bullshit” and to no longer beat a dead horse.

        Both of us have made ourselves seem like ugly, shallow people by divulging things about the other person in a game of one-up-“person”-ship. We are both guilty of that. Ad, I don’t want this taken too far and to digress into something that becomes more bitter and prolonged.

        It’s obvious that at one time or another, each of us cared about one another which is why we indict one another with such vindictive and hurtful language. I can’t speak for your reasons (though I’m certainly well aware of them), but I can clear the air about me. The animosity the permeates this blog between us does nothing to better either of us and reflects poorly on us as people and on our relatives/loved ones.

        It’s my firmest desire that you can somehow convince yourself to read the following because it will open your eyes and perhaps help deliver a form of personal catharsis to you as well as me.

        If someone were to ask me who the 4 most important people were to me in July 2010 – I’d have undoubtedly and candidly replied 1) My mom 2) The man who would be the eventual best man at my wedding 3) My fiance 4) You.

        Far from having an obsessive personality (which would explain why I’ve never been addicted to gambling, sex, alcohol, or any recreational drug of any kind) – I am a devoutly loyal person. And judging by that list, also someone who foolishly picks his friends/people close in his life (referring to my choices in those with 2 X chromosomes).

        A lot was made when Hillary Clinton in 2008 made attack ads against then-candidate Obama regarding a 3AM phone call and what would be of his fitness to handle such a call; this fitness to deal with such an abstract hypothetical has never been something that those close to me have had to wonder.

        Had I ever received a call from any of those 4 people at 3am stating that they needed my help, I’d have rushed to help them, even to my own personal detriment.

        That’s called loyalty and love. Maybe those are foreign concepts to many, but they certainly shouldn’t be to you.

        I had told you how I felt about you numerous times, quite frankly; and judging by the tenor and comments on this blog – being honest is something I’ve never had to apologize for or been bashful with sharing.

        And, you told me numerous times how you felt about me; however, on the contrary – your boorish behavior leads me to question/doubt what you said to me.

        You mentioned to me in November 2011 how after things degenerated between you and Nathan and me and my ex-wife, that we seemed destined to be together. I don’t know if you were shoveling shit or being honest, but I genuinely believed that there might be some veracity (at the time) in such a statement.

        That’s why when you told me that you wanted to finally meet me after years of friendship, countless texts between us, phone calls, emails, personal correspondence, etc. – that I didn’t hesitate to spend $400 on a plane ticket.

        You and I had very good times together, as you’ve divulged prior to you and me throwing a collective hissy fit / bitch-fest towards one another.

        I genuinely thought that you cared for me and wanted to build a future together (one that I am so God-damned thankful never existed due to the qualities I now see exhibited by you towards me).

        So, I decided to give things an honest chance and pursue you. Randomly meeting someone who you’ve known for 2 days and talking about marriage is psychotic behavior. It’s quite a different story when you’ve been through personal hell and someone has been a close friend who you tell that you love (in a non-friendly way) and have discussed NUMEROUS times building a future with.

        Unequivocally, I can be honest (and I doubt you will or care to) and state that I, in fact, did love you.

        I wanted for you to take your time, heal, deal with things in South Carolina, and come be with me in the future.

        I was fully prepared to do whatever it took to build a future with you. I’m the type of person that people will describe as someone they’d want to go to war with. Because, when I have my mind set/intent on doing something, nothing will deter or stop me from doing it.

        And, then, something strange happened with you. Not with me (as again – you attested to). And things changed.

        You decided, for whatever reasons, (and reasons don’t matter here) that this was not what you wanted.

        So, you decided to passively ignore me while at the same time messaging me and deceiving me about what you were doing.

        Again – if you were honest with me and told me that you weren’t feeling me – I’d have been fine with that.

        The problem that I had at the time was the cognitive dissonance between your words/actions.

        After all of the bullshit and nonsense that I had been through, I wanted, more than anything else, to believe in a fairy tale ending. That maybe you and Josh divorced for a reason. That I was getting divorced for a reason. That the night that your ex-fiance had his bachelor party and we spoke for over 3 hours, that you and him didn’t make it down the aisle for a reason.

        The cynic in me should have been the wiser, but sometimes, even I like to dream, “what if?”

        I’m not going to lie and state that I wasn’t upset or hurt about what transpired.

        But what hurt the most was not the 2-faced actions that transpired with you “talking shit” about me on this blog while simultaneously sending out emails telling me about how you wanted to be with me, or your facebook messages saying “sweet” nothings, but rather the act of betrayal.

        When I was emotionally beaten down, I reached out to you for something uplifting. Even if you had the terminity to tell me to grow a set of balls and to fight back, while I was struggling with my life’s direction, it’d have been much appreciated.

        Instead, when I reached out to you, you blew me off like I was that “mother fucker to steal on.”

        This act of blatant and calculated betrayal hurt worse than you could imagine. We used to listen to the song “The First Cut is the Deepest” by Sheryl Crow in happier moments, and this was certainly the deepest cut you could have inflicted upon me. This was not the first cut; however, but the final straw.

        Even your bastardizing my character and my honor on this blog, or through your actions in contacting individuals who are not in your life, but mine, regarding me, pales and shirks in comparison to this.

        When I needed you, you lied to me about my IPod charger being stolen when you moved, and then proceeded to tell me that if I contacted you again you’d pursue legal action against me (which I was alerted to by friends who work at the local police station – and keep in mind – these people know me well; as you’ve pointed out – I’ve lived here my entire life).

        I cut off all contact from you entirely. I haven’t called you, emailed you, facebook’d you, or messaged you in any manner until my name was slandered on this blog by you.

        If someone was stalking you who was psychotic, the end result would likely be in the paper. It wouldn’t be something that results in dick measuring contest over a period of 4 months on a random blog.

        And, then, you continued to bring me up in an effort to deride me to make yourself look better.

        But, again, if we had an impartial jury, either I’m the most amazing photo-shopper and liar ever (both of which I suck at) or I’m indeed posting the verifiable and complete truth. I’ll let anyone else be the judge of this. I’m sure Josh or Nathan could vouch about the veracity regarding what I say.

        In the grand scheme of things, all of this is trivial and means nothing.

        I have more than moved on.

        Trust me when I say this – you did me a huge favor. Things wouldn’t have worked out in any way, shape, or form, if you and I did pursue a relationship.

        I used to think the world of you. I thought you were beautiful and amazing. I ignored your negative qualities, and put a huge emphasis about our personal affections for one another.

        No woman in her right mind would ever have the type of relationship with some random man that you had with me if I was psychotic and “stalking” you. You wouldn’t have had me speak to your mother on the phone for 30 minutes on the way to driving you to the airport to basically dissect/judge my intentions toward you, her daughter.

        My intentions were good.

        Neither of us are perfect people. And while you think you can correctly “diagnose” (I don’t know what leads you to believe to be qualified to do this other than unbridled narcissism being as how you’ve never even taken college level biology let alone acquire an advanced degree/profession training in the matter) what’s “wrong” with me, it’s imperative to your future happiness and well-being to realize your faults.

        A lot of people have always, through circumspect means, questioned how I could be so successful academically and how I can be as smart as I am when I act like an asshole, have a completely underprivileged upbringing, and, in the words of some, act like “uncouth white trash.”

        The reasons why I am who I am is because 1) I never hesitate to face a challenge that stands in front of me 2) I refuse to lose 3) I have a fantastic memory that includes both images, “video,” and written form.

        When you sat on my lap and watched my personal “spiritual” adviser roast me at my wedding, I mean, give his best man speech, I told you that it was dead on. It absolutely encapsulated me 100%. And the reason why people laughed their asses off and still view it through the prism as the “Best” best-man speech ever was because his descriptions of me, which include most of the above, hit it out of the fucking park.

        Yes: I’m too obstinate to leave well enough alone. When I know that you’re dead wrong and that I’m right – I will attack and debate the issue at hand and pounce and gravitate towards the topic like a starving lion towards a zebra.

        And the more you come at me, the more I’m going to come at you. I don’t need an audience (unlike someone else who shall remained nameless).

        I would be more than happy to dress someone down through personal email just as quickly and with the same “relish” as on a blog that I had 0 idea existed.

        If you were “scared” of me as you intimately described long above, you would not essentially challenge and engage in a pissing match with that person. Ever seen a horror movie? What happens to the beautiful woman who has a psychotic stalker? Do you think she opens the front door and leaves it unlocked and says to the stalker, hey you, come in here and come get you me you chickenshit coward? Nope.

        Far from being scared, you’ve gotten your “Joneses” off by this back-and-forth to a degree just as much as I have.

        But, I need to learn to not gladly suffer (maybe this is my George W Bush “nuc-lear moment) fools. And, what we’re engaging in matches the definition of a shell game.

        So, from that regard, we are both crazy – crazy because we expect to keep doing the same thing and to receive a disparate result from what previously resulted.

        Those who stare at the past have their backs turned to the future.

        I’m a walking paradox. And, I’m turning over a new leaf.

        Ruthlyn – from the bottom of my heart – I hope you learn this as I have:

        My penitent experiences have taught me 2 lessons in life. First, there will always be heartache, despondency, struggle, and despair in life. Two, that people of strong will and profound fortitude can make a difference. One is a
        sad lesson; the other is inspiring. I choose to to be inspired.

        So, rather than us threatening one another, or divulging more ugliness in hopes of upping the other person, I’m going to do as promised and share with people a picture or 2 (contains nothing that is otherwise offensive in any manner and does not portray anyone in a false light or in a demeaning way).

        There’s gonna be some stuff that your gonna see That’s gonna make it hard to smile in the future (No Doubt) But whatever you see, through all the rain and pain You gotta keep a sense of humor Gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit
        Remember that Just keep ya head up

        Dedicated to Papa Doc

    • Pamprin / Aug 31 2012 5:08 pm

      wow! be safe girl. men can be freaking crazy!

      • DK / Aug 31 2012 5:16 pm

        God damned – I must be Superman. To commute 50 miles and an hour each day to the suburbs of NYC and to work a job where I make a base salary of over 117k a year and to work 13 hours Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and to spend all day on my day off Wed catching up on sleep, and packing to buy a house (which I bought today) all with enough time to somehow stalk someone who I don’t talk to and have 0 contact with (which she divulges) when I am too cheap to get a smart-phone and don’t even have picture texting on my phone – Jesus H Fucking Christ – I must be God.

    • df / Sep 1 2012 3:57 pm

      yeah i’m completely astounded that this post still exists.

  131. DK / Aug 31 2012 5:31 pm

    Ruthlyn’s upset that she’s been dressed down like a lying fucking clown on this board and talks out of both sides of her mouth. Anything for attention. You are clearly an attention whore – which is why you made your life so public online and why you need to continue to bring my name up every 4-6 weeks when I don’t talk to you and don’t care to. We know what my problem is. I’m an argumentative prick. And, when someone starts an argument with me – I finish it. As to your “man” – I have no idea who he is nor do I give a flying fuck.

  132. Ruthlyn Oliver / Aug 31 2012 7:33 pm

    Fellow posters on this blog, as you see you cannot talk Dan down. For every post that I write or YOU write to him, he posts 5 or 6 things…so please do not address him. As you can see he is an irrational person full of hate and anger. Over the fact that he saw me only twice and I decided that was enough and I never wanted to see him again. He is a sick individual and I will pray for him. I have prayed for myself too, that I don’t give into his hatefulness. I have asked the admin of this blog to remove this post several times. I have asked her in the private “contact” forum, divulging private details of my life that Dan has hinted towardl knowing about and that is what scares me. That is where I draw the line. She obviously does not care about me, my privacy or my family. The difference between this blog owner and Black in the Baystate is THAT blog owner kept a line of contact with me in gmail (actually asked me how I was doing) and removed damging comments from BOTH parties. This blog owner is keeping all comments up. and doesn’t respond) Her demographics and views are more important to her than the fact that people’s lives are affected by her blog. Well guess what admin, i’m a fucking PERSON. And I removed my blog and youtube channel for a REASON. And I stopped contacting Dan for a reason. That reason…he is making very obvious here. So I will ask you one last time..and now openly. For the sake of my privacy…REMOVE THIS BLOG POST. IT IS ABOUT MY BLOG. AND HAS MY NAME. I NEVER AUTHORIZED THIS SHIT IN THE FIRST PLACE. MY BLOG NO LONGER EXISTS. I have already reported it to word press so you might as well get rid of it before they get rid of you.

    • DK / Aug 31 2012 11:16 pm

      Good – if you bought a house (which you didn’t – someone else paid for it) then you can certainly return to me the $169 for the moving expenses that I gave you and you can return to me the IPod charger that you stole from my home residence. And, again – I get email verifications and can see when my name is mentioned. If you don’t talk about me or to me – I don’t post. If you slander my name, I will respond. I am not full of hate. You betrayed a good friend, and nobody on this blog gives a flying fuck about you including myself. Being a good friend to you brought me nothing but bullshit and strife with my ex.

      Anyone going through this blog has all of the proof/evidence that they need to show that I have 0 to do with this when I’m not being mentioned.

      You went, behind my back, and contacted women that I had sex with WHO YOU DIDN’T KNOW AFTER you and I ceased all forms of contact to start trouble.

      So, yes, keeping talking to my ex-wife about how horrible I am. Great role model for young black women that you both turned out to be.

      All that you are a testament to is what a lying piece of trash you can be and how I had deep feelings for 2 people – effectively meaning – that for a period of time in my life – that I had shitty taste in women.

      As to my “autism” – how does it feel that you’re a failure at life and that your father, who you said I reminded you of, would probably be just as ashamed of you and your vile behavior as I am.

      If you ever did truly buy a home, then you’d know how time intensive and mentally fatiguing it can be. So, again – between work and buying a home – I had 0 free time with which to even entertain trying to “stalk” you.

    • DK / Aug 31 2012 11:47 pm

      I’d like to apologize to this forum that I’ve ever had to even be a member of this trashy blog post. Why I was ever mentioned on here or brought up is beyond me. It’s a shame that anyone has had to read or become privy to any of this nonsense and lies and defamation of my character that Ruthlyn has been engaged in.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 1 2012 8:10 am

        Dan all i’ve said to you during this whole blog is “Go away. Leave me alone”. That is hardly contact. No one mentioned you. No one knew about you. You came onto this blog YOURSELF. I thought you googled it after I ended contact with you. I think all you want to hear is that you mattered and you were important to me. Ok fine. You were. But you ARE NOT NOW. And you need to move on. Seriously. If you have this grand, happy and busy life you speak of, you really need to get back to it and stop taking steps back. At least Josh and I were married. He had a REASON to be bitter and angry and obsessed. My relationship with you was not significant enough to be publicized. It ended before it started. So fade away and cut it out. You need to move on and enjoy your life. You are way too angry for how insignificant our relationship was.

    • DK / Sep 1 2012 1:38 am

      If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.
      — Barack Obama

    • Pamprin / Sep 1 2012 12:10 pm

      you’re gross. leave her alone you sophomoric child. you’re insane.

  133. DK / Aug 31 2012 11:07 pm

    Women on here – is that normal behavior for a woman to fly up to see a married man who she had an emotional affair with while married and engaged to other men to basically make a sex tape with a man who means nothing to her? I’m just curious. Ruthlyn – nothing has been leaked, but after your little stunt where you thought you’d try to file a bullshit TRO against me because I asked you for the IPod charger that you stole from me back – I have been far nicer to you than you deserve. Please stop contacting me and please stop addressing me and nothing more will come of our former friendship other than a hearty fuck you and have a nice day

  134. DK / Aug 31 2012 11:34 pm

    So, Ruthlyn – what say you – stop contacting me and stop talking shit about me to half the world. Live your life and be happy. I have been doing the same. I think you realize by now that I’m a very argumentative person and that I have problems with just simply letting things go when I’m right. So – be the bigger person – and stop posting things about me which amount to slander. Stop contacting my ex-wife. Stop contacting women I’ve been involved with. Keep my name out of your mouth. And, I’ll certainly do the same.

  135. Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 1 2012 7:40 am


  136. Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 1 2012 7:45 am

    Dan, nobody is contacting anybody except you persistently bothering me on this blog. You won’t go away and everybody is starting to see you harassing me. You don’t know details about who bought what or who is currently doing what because i’ve protected those things from psycho, obsessed people such as yourself. Normal behavior is guys walking away and accepting rejection with dignity and not bringing up things that happened back in January. It is now September. I don’t care about how I’ve affected your life. And no one cares about how you THINK you’ve affected mine. Please go away. Admin only YOU have the power to make this stop.

    • DK / Oct 3 2012 12:49 pm

      Actually, you did contact a woman in March over a month after we stopped talking on facebook to start shit. She told me that you contacted her telling her unflattering things that I said, some of which were true and some of which were not.

      You continued to contact my ex-wife for months and months.

      You continue to talk shit about me on these blogs. Why? Because your life is empty.

      So, let me just get things straight, in idiotic women’s logic – It’s not stalking when we’re friends for 5years, you call me the night you marry Josh and tell me how much you love me, you send me a picture of you in your wedding dress before Nathan calls off your wedding, you tell your mom about me as a prospect while you’re on vacation, I speak to your mom on the phone 2 separate times for about 1 hour, you come to meet my mom at dinner and take pictures of my diplomas, and my mom, and have my mom take pictures of us, when you go through and comment/like on my facebook pictures in early January of this year, and you email me telling me how much you love me, etc. and how you want us to be together…

      BUT BUT BUT BUT I’m a stalker if I call/text you 2 times a day when I either get out of work or just to say hello.


      Keep trying to deceive the world.

      And, everyone, please stop patronizing Ruthlyn. She doesn’t like it.

      If you were so content with yourself you wouldn’t have to say that you’re beautiful and you know it.

      You are a beautiful woman on the outside, but an ugly person inside.

      There’s nothing better than a good lie.

      And, by the way, I love how you mentioned me going to anger management after me and my ex separated as a way to try to paint me as “crazy.”

      Crazy people aren’t allowed to enter a room without going through a search and a metal detector to meet Bill Clinton at an event in DC.

  137. Let's be Realistic / Sep 2 2012 7:24 am


    This is exactly why you should stay away from white men.

    This was an excellent teaching moment.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 2 2012 7:49 am

      Lol Autistic white men. with post graduate degrees. Or testosterone-pumped muscle heads who think all black women are beneath them and yet are solely attracted to black women. I know there are still some wonderful white men out there. lol But I believe whole heartedly i’ve found Mr. Right…and he is simply not white. lol

      • Not so funny / Sep 2 2012 9:16 am

        I agree with u 100 percent ruthlyn. But PLEASE do not ever mention autism and compare it to a crazy person. Its not funny, and its wrong. Autistic people have nothing to do with this blog. My son is autistic and I feel completely insulted that it is mentioned and u find it Funny.

      • Let's be Realistic / Sep 2 2012 10:45 pm

        Only a Wesley Snipes looking black woman would be self loathing enough to stay with said misogynist muscle head loser.

        There are two kinds of men in the army: honorable men who want to serve and protect and scrubs who really would have no future or accomplishments or decent income without the army. Its sickening. Its like an alternative to a life of petty crime and prison for this particular sect of white ‘men’

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 3 2012 7:38 am

        Thats why I went Air Force 😉 the men are better quality- smarter, the jobs are better, deployments are shorter, lifestyle is better, and they make more $$ when they get out. I don’t entirely agree with the “Wesley Snipes” thing. Only because I was referencing Josh as the musclehead. Amabel is just sheltered and seems like she’s just discovered her beauty over the past couple of years and that her beauty is validated by this man because he’s white. Unfortunately I see that a lot. . .I saw that in a comment on another blog post here where a black woman was like “OMGZ MY HUSBAND IS WHITE AND HE LOVES MY NATURAL, KINKY HAIR!!” um…well, first of all…so what?! And secondly I hope he loves the way you are. He’s your husband. I never said dumb shit like that when I was in interracial relationships…it was never a big deal for me. Fine white boys were a dime a dozen. Lol I played them like chess peices and every now and then I found a very special one…there are a few who I am still close friends with who will always get me all choked up and tight in the throat when I think of them.

    • DK / Sep 3 2012 9:23 am

      Yes- because it’s white men who abandon their black children and the mother’s of these children at epidemic rates. It’s white men, who due to their down-low behavior, infect black women with AIDs.

      It’s white men who mistreat, abuse, and beat black women on a daily basis and have forced black women to be the financial back-bone of their community, which is in DIRECT contrast to every single other community in the United States.

      You mentioned how you were the student, and now it’s time to sit down and let a teacher explain some things to you.

      To reiterate – I remember when a certain black women held a gun to her head because she was depressed about her relationship situation and I spent time on the phone with this person reassuring them things would be ok. When nobody else in the world gave a flying fuck about this person (including the black men in her own family) when she was in basic training, I remember that there was only 1 person who would consistently write her to boost her spirits and to keep in contact with her.

      I remember when this same person didn’t have a dime to her and couldn’t afford to move. And, I remember stepping up to the plate to help a FRIEND out.

      Teaching moment: like the only person who writes on this blog who’s honest about anything only to see someone else continually defame him.

      It’s one thing to want to circle your wagons to defend a black woman who’s being exposed as deceitful because you disagree with my tone. It’s quite another to spit in the wind and ignore what the verifiable truth is.

      Teaching moment – like the fact that companies and government officials hire mufti-cultural faces for reasons of public policy rather than competence, that the government actively gives out loans/grants to minority-owned businesses, and despite spending over $1 trillion on the war on poverty, which has disproportionately gone to one group in America as a % of the population, that a certain community today is more dysfunctional than it was 50 years ago.


      You want to make a post “bashing” white men. All while doing so in a language created by white men, on a machine created by white men, and utilizing a forum on the internet, incidentally, created by white men.

      Teaching moment: like the fact that when I first began to talk to Ruthlyn I was working for a major research university and teaching students, nearly all of whom were black (and foreign by the way; Nigerian, Haitian, or Jamaican), in a program that was set up to get more black students into medical school or graduate school in the sciences. I spoon fed these kids what was going to be on the exam, taught them what to study, and what not to study. And, this program, which was set up with funds from the university (meaning the state and predominantly white student’s tuition) barred white students from receiving access to tutoring sessions and benefits of the program.

      So – student – sit down and get back to class.

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 3 2012 9:37 am

        Dan, after the way you behaved on this blog- you have nothing to teach anyone.

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 3 2012 9:47 am

        No one is defaming you. You are defaming yourself, by quoting the bible, calling me a bitch. You’ve been going through all kinds of emotions in these blog comments showing just how unstable you are. You are not in a position to brag about your formal education, it obviously wasn’t enough to sustain a rational person. YOU ARE CRAZY. GO AWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

      • Pamprin / Sep 3 2012 3:24 pm

        Dan, Let’s not get things all twisted. I’m not going to bash the white race, because after all, my grandfather was white, HOWEVER, you are giving tooooo much glory to white men,. Telling Ruthyln that the language that she’s writing in was created by the white man. Let me school you son, 1. we wouldn’t know ANYTHING about this language if WE WEREN’T TAKEN FROM OUR HOMELAND AND PUT INTO SLAVERY by theses “amazing” white me.(you know your history so I’m not going to elaborate on the rest) 2. As far as medicine goes, BLACK MEN have made contribution to this as well. It is not well known or praised by “Americans” because white America want to receive all of the credit. I know this because during undergrad I double majored in biology/pre-med and Africana Studies. You have NO idea what you’re talking about. and yes, you do have a point when you stated that black men have a higher statistics of leaving their women resulting them in being single mothers, but to be completely honest, I would rather be abandoned than to be brutally murdered. WHITE MEN between the age of 25-40 are more likely to commit murder than ANY OTHER RACE IN AMERICA. WE( blacks) deserve some type of scholarship to better ourselves. It’s tine for YOU to be schooled my dear.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 3 2012 9:20 pm

        Please…Ladies this is a trap. He wants you to talk to him..He wants to justify posting 80 more things on this blog and then relating them somehow back to the FOUR DAYS I spent with him. Please do not give him FUEL to continue to harrass me. This man needs to leave me alone. Please do not address this man.He is psychotic, irrational and he has NO MORE TO SAY here. You do not want him to speak to you or anyone else here. Please. You do not want to get in to it with him. He has no life whatsoever and will post 50 million things before he lets you get a word in edgewise. He LIVES to post in interracial blogs and on facebook. Besides his actual dayjob, writing things about interracial relationships, his ex and apparently now ME online is his sole purpose for existing. PLEASE DO NOT GET HIM STARTED. PLEASE DO NOT ADDRESS HIM AND HE WILL STOP CONTACTING ME. THIS IS WHY THIS BLOG NEEDS TO BE DELETED.

  138. Ruthlyn / Sep 3 2012 5:06 pm


    • DK / Sep 3 2012 5:28 pm

      Wrong once again (the both of you). I am going to ignore the idiotic post immediately preceding mine and just state that my behavior on this blog is in response to someone else’s comments/character.

      White Black Other
      1976 9,157 10,969 226
      1977 9,523 10,625 240
      1978 9,915 10,875 192
      1979 11,078 11,843 265
      1980 12,487 13,320 394
      1981 11,686 12,428 361
      1982 11,154 11,333 393
      1983 10,499 10,109 401
      1984 10,631 9,343 363
      1985 10,235 9,712 424
      1986 10,740 10,970 468
      1987 10,563 10,729 411
      1988 10,190 12,257 385
      1989 10,606 12,674 427
      1990 11,823 14,238 404
      1991 11,754 15,970 543
      1992 11,078 14,866 605
      1993 11,203 15,818 615
      1994 11,096 14,807 587
      1995 10,577 12,994 640
      1996 9,804 12,007 599
      1997 9,105 10,922 578
      1998 9,230 9,571 519
      1999 8,009 8,853 540
      2000 8,011 9,240 490
      2001 8,276 9,428 462
      2002 8,473 9,313 462
      2003 8,274 9,579 561
      2004 8,522 9,234 453
      2005 8,350 10,285 492

      Those are the statistics by offender. This is aggregate #’s.

      Now, let’s look at per 100,000 people:

      Homicide Offending Rates per 100,000 Population by Race
      White Black Other
      1976 4.9 46.6 4.6
      1977 5.1 44.4 4.8
      1978 5.3 44.6 3.7
      1979 5.8 47.7 5.0
      1980 6.4 51.5 6.9
      1981 6.0 45.9 6.3
      1982 5.6 41.2 6.4
      1983 5.3 36.3 6.2
      1984 5.3 33.1 5.3
      1985 5.1 34.0 5.8
      1986 5.3 37.9 6.0
      1987 5.2 36.6 5.0
      1988 4.9 41.2 4.5
      1989 5.1 42.0 4.7
      1990 5.6 46.6 4.2
      1991 5.6 51.4 5.4
      1992 5.2 47.0 5.7
      1993 5.2 49.2 5.6
      1994 5.1 45.4 5.1
      1995 4.9 39.3 5.4
      1996 4.5 35.9 4.8
      1997 4.1 32.2 4.5
      1998 4.2 27.8 3.9
      1999 3.6 25.4 3.9
      2000 3.5 25.6 3.3
      2001 3.5 25.6 3.0
      2002 3.6 25.0 2.9
      2003 3.5 25.3 3.4
      2004 3.6 24.1 2.7
      2005 3.5 26.5 2.8

      Now, granted, generally when white men commit crimes like this – it’s usually done in an extreme – example: crazy white guy kidnaps woman, beats her, kills her, rapes her while she’s dead, and then eats her body.

      Your statement above; however, is dead wrong. And, it’s not even close.

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 4 2012 12:40 pm

        I told you he’s fucking crazy. Talking to Dan about race and interracial relationships is like talking to a terrorist about Jihad. He’s positive he’s right. He will terrorize and stalk the shit out of black women, call the bitches, sluts and whores and yet swear up and down he knows what’s best for them. He is ass backwards and fucked up. Dan please go away and leave me alone.

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 4 2012 12:54 pm

        I say “leave me alone” “go away” and Dan posts 50 million things quoting the bible, Barack Obama, calling me a bitch, a lying slut, talking about some sex tape, now copying and pasig statistics. Yeah Dan we can tell you’re really happy, really stable and really busy. I’m sorry but youre making an idiot out of yourself. You really need to leave. You are out of your mind an it’s hard to hide it when all you have to do us scroll up and see you trying to terrorize me. No one is going to think youre intelligent. You’ve already shown your ass. Just disappear and LEAVE ME ALONE. I have said it EVERY SINGLE POST. And you STILL AREN’T GETTING THE MESSAGE. Ive never in my life told someone to leave me alone for 9 months.

  139. Pamprin / Sep 4 2012 6:42 pm

    I will respect you, Ruthlyn. I won’t post anything regarding that loony anymore. As I said before, please be careful because you have a serious nutcase stalking you.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 4 2012 7:10 pm

      yeah, he is obviously out of his mind. Maybe if more people contacted the admin via the contact button other than myself, she will eventually start to give a damn about me and get rid of this. This man is clearly psychotic. No one in their right mind will relentlessly harass and bother someone who says “go away and leave me alone” each and every post…after having only dated them twice. His behavior is literally starting to scare me. He keeps talking about how he can’t stalk me because he lives far away. I can only imagine what he would do if I lived close.

  140. DK / Sep 4 2012 10:39 pm

    If it weren’t for the fact that my lawyer advised me not to distribute the pictures that we took together, I’d plaster them all over the fucking internet so people can see the truth for themselves.

    You do realize that my posts have been over the course of 7 months. This is not a casual conservation taking place in the span of minutes.

    I’ve asked you repeatedly to shut the fuck up and to leave me alone and yet you still continue to post here about me. I left this board for over 3 months, until once again – lo and behold – you mentioned me.

    As to “time” – you have a bullshit government job where you play on your fucking Ipod/IPad/cell phone all day and are on the computer non-stop.

    And, no – you don’t own a fucking house so please shut up.

    If someone was a nut-case and stalking you – you’d be in a lot of trouble.

    That’s obviously not the case here which is why you engage me.

    You don’t hit a lion in the face with a piece of meat if it’s really a lion. You’d only do that to a lamb.

    • Ruthlyn / Sep 5 2012 1:10 am

      Lol LEAVE ME ALONE. GO AWAY. oh and yes. i know you love me so much. I know you’d plaster pictures of you and I all over the internet which is why you took 50 million you fucking disgusting creep. go away. You have no idea where I work, what I do…or who I do it with. Please LEAVE ME ALONE. GO AWAY. Nobody is contacting you except YOU harassing me. LEAVE ME ALONE. GO AWAY.

      • DK / Sep 5 2012 1:14 am

        First of all – you took the pictures. Second of all – we both know which pictures I’m talking about. They are not appropriate for children’s eyes. You have them up on your photobucket account. 🙂

      • Ruthlyn / Sep 5 2012 1:26 am


      • Ruthlyn / Sep 5 2012 1:38 am


  141. Mr Laurelton Queens / Sep 6 2012 3:34 pm

    (Coming into the room)

    Whoa Whoa breaking up the fight. It feels like the backroom of a strip club in the hood here.

    Geez I don’t know what is going on man.

    Mr Laurelton Queens

    I am out

  142. Holmes / Sep 11 2012 11:43 am

    Ruthlyn you brought this on yourself crying like a baby when you brewed this is not the way to no

  143. Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 30 2012 2:14 pm


  144. AJ / Sep 30 2012 6:30 pm

    No, Admin please leave this blog up. Ruthlyn has in the past never thought about how this blog, or other blogs for that matter would affect anyone NOW that it is affecting her negatively she wants it discarded. This blog is a testament to how she actually is, it should not be taken down.

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / Oct 1 2012 6:45 pm

      Please tell me, AJ. how am I? Does the blog in fact speak for itself? Me pleading for Dan to leave me alone for 7 months? Amabel and Josh coming on here for a year under fake names and me telling them to fuck off? People leaving comments about Josh flirting with random girls online? Me pleading endlessly to have this god awful and useless blog posting removed that is linked to TWO inactive blogs? This blog has provided a haven for people to attack me and for people like you who don’t even know me to pretend like you do. It’s really quite pathetic how badly you harp on my life. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME.

      • DK / Oct 1 2012 7:02 pm

        First of all, you attacking me and me defending myself was why I kept coming here – ever think of that? Have I contacted you in any other way even though I easily could? No idiot. Why? Because I don’t give a flying fuck about you.

        If I was half as obsessed with you as you like to make people think I am, you’d be in witness protection.

        This blog reveals what a fake ass person you are and you’re mad that your spot is blown up.

        You are a pathological liar and a deceitful person.

        You want to weasel away into obscurity after your slutty ass put your business out there for the whole world to see.

        I know you better than you know yourself.

        You don’t like who you are (which is why you google yourself and why you take 500 pictures of yourself in the same pose and delete pictures you don’t like). You are disappointed in how your life has turned out because of shitty decisions you made.

        You have never lived up to your potential, and you have low self esteem.

        Don’t take that out on other people.

        So some obscure strangers know your business that YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR putting out there. So what. Get over yourself.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 1 2012 8:50 pm

        Here we go again. Dan posting after he says he’ll stop…continuing to harass me and me saying leave me alone.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 1 2012 9:04 pm

        Since “leave me alone” isn’t clear enough…i’ll address one thing. It’s obvious that you want me to hate myself because I hurt you. I’ve been there before and having that kind of hatred in your heart and obsession of that hatred is really no way to live.

        The thing is Dan, I don’t really care about you any,pre. You are going to have to move on…SERIOUSLY. The fact of the matter is, I DON’T have low self esteem like, at all. Lol and you are trying to paint me as this miserable person because like the perfect portrait of a disallusioned stalker that you so perfectly fit, you think that I am somehow miserable without YOU. You don’t want me to be happy if i’m not with you when in fact i’m the happiest i’ve ever been in my entire life. Hate to break it to ya, kiddo. Despite all those things you posted- sure you were once very special and important to me but not once were you the center of my universe as I obviously was yours. You are acting like I somehow owe you something. And Dan…I don’t.

        Stop coming back here begging for validation that you once mattered. It’s beyond pathetic.

      • DK / Oct 3 2012 12:22 pm

        Look at the date and time stamps of when I post here. When you mention my name – and I get emails of you talking shit about me – I come onto this blog. When I’m not mentioned – I don’t post on here. From Sept 2 – yesterday – I didn’t post on this blog. From April – like August – I didn’t post on this blog – why? Because I didn’t have to defend myself.

        Being argumentative does not make someone crazy.

        And, by the way, if I were crazy – 1) Ruthlyn wouldn’t respond to me for fear I’d do something

        Next: noobdy is butt hurt at all. You’re the one who fucked up, not me.

        Maybe you’re not used to a man having a genuine interest in you and being genuine after having known you for over 5 years. That’s your problem, not mine.

  145. Ruthlyn Oliver / Sep 30 2012 7:44 pm

    I don’t understand why people still care how I am. I am not trying to be a public figure. I am a person trying to live my life. I no longer have a youtube page. I am just trying to blend in and live my life. You nor anyone else knows how I am except the people in my personal life. And that’s the end of the story. lol.

    • Independent*black*woman / Sep 30 2012 11:25 pm

      Just today you wrote you manage a very popular Facebook page, that doesn’t sound like someone trying to live a private life. It sounds like someone seeking approval from others because they need approval from others to feel good about themselves.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 2 2012 4:43 am

        My page is a military humor page in which i’m completely anonymous. Facebook users submit their own memes and material and if they ask me to remove it for fear of reprimand from their job or what-have you, I do. Not all facebook pages are interracial/black woman themed. So thanks. 😉 Want the link, or will you troll the shit out of that too, talking about how i’m apparently pregnant now? Lmao Who the hell are you, btw? Lol

    • DK / Oct 1 2012 10:17 pm

      Whatever comes out of these gates, we have a better chance of survival if we work together. We stay together…we survive

    • DK / Oct 1 2012 10:19 pm

      I don’t need validation at all. Stop mentioning and slandering my name and I won’t “come” back here.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 2 2012 4:48 am

        Dan all i’ve been saying to you is LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU brought this upon YOURSELF. these people are attacking me but this shitty blog owner wrote this blog about me and you started writing about YOURSELF. I want nothing to do with you and you need to get over it. That is not slandering you, that is telling you to leave me alone.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 5:16 am

        Dan, what YOU’re doing is slander. What I’M doing is saying leave me alone and stop cyber stalking me. I have not even argued with you about anything you said any maybe even only actually attacked you on here a handful of times because I want nothing to do with you except to no longer be harassed. You have not exposed anything excepf the short amount of time I spent with you, which was the lowest point of my life. The most that was revealed was revealed because YOU put my business out there…not me.

  146. give it up already / Oct 2 2012 10:57 am

    Ruthlyn you need to stop playing the victim and ignore Dan. You keep responding to him and he’ll respond back. It isn’t going to get you anywhere but constant bickering on here. Just leave it alone and it will all die off. That’s why you need to be-careful what you post on the internet because it will follow you and the only way to stop it is to ignore it. Dan is like a bee on honey that keeps on coming back.

    • DK / Oct 2 2012 11:23 pm

      Cognitive dissonance is wonderful. You came on here talking about me. I didn’t come on here talking about me. You mentioned me. You continue to mention me. Even after you and I had 0 contact, you went, in March, and contacted a woman that I had a sexual relationship prior to my meeting you. Why did you do that? Why did you continue to contact my ex-wife? Why did you contact the aforementioned woman AGAIN recently?

      I was “hurt” over how you betrayed me for a few hours, and then realized that one day, it’s going to hit you in the ass how badly you fucked up.

      I have a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend. I own a house. I have a great job. I have great friends, a wonderful dog, and my family is healthy.

      I have everything that a man needs in life.

      I am beyond lucky and fortunate.

      The only person who needs to move on with their life is you.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 5:35 am

        Bahaha then why are you sweating me so hard, Dan? Stop acting so ass hurt if your life is so good! Lol

    • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 6:41 am

      Uh, no Dan you started talking about yourself first but you’ve posted so much shit I guess you forget. And “give it up”, I actually did stop posting for awhile. But a friend told me Mr. psycho posted a few pics of us from that time I met him (and another long ass post that I didn’t read) and we were both astounded that this blog still existed. Now instead of everyone realizing how psycho Dan is, everyone is acting like the existence of this blog is my fault. Hell yeah im still posting and i’m blowing this shit up til it comes down. This is ridiculous and so are all these people in my life. I did not bring this on myself. No way.

  147. Independent*black*woman / Oct 2 2012 11:34 pm

    Ruthlyn admit it, you don’t want this blog taken down, you post on it a couple times a day, I’m not willing to waste my time and count your posts but if you don’t have the most, I’m sure a close 2nd. Dan don’t waste your time on ruthlyn, there’s no need to defend yourself, we see through her facade. She’s obviously not happy, look at how much weight she’s gained. I didn’t want to have to go here, but ruthlyn try to deny it and I will post a picture I have of you and your “sugar daddy,” don’t believe me, your on his left and you two are in a bar by a pool table.

    • Independent*black*woman / Oct 2 2012 11:49 pm

      I’m sorry let me correct myself, your wearing a black tank top with a heart on it and your man is in a green shirt ( he’s to cute for you BTW! ) looking a lot thicker in the mid section honey, is he a chubby chaser? Here let me go ahead and predict what your going to say…….. ” OMG!!!!! You are the ultimate stalker, leave me alone! Your obsessed with my life, go get your own!”

      Same old song and dance, and once again it was you that put all these photos up, I’m just curious what Dan looks like and what the photos he speaks of look like?

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 5:47 am

        How pathetic are you? Harping on someone else’s life because you’re anonymous and no one knows who YOU are? I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong guy. Sean and I have never taken a picture by a pool table.

        Regardless, if you’ve got a picture of me and you’re going to sit there and continue to claim that I’M pathetic and I should stop groaning that I have stalkers then you should definitely reevaluate YOURSELF, so-called independent “black” woman. Lol i work 12 hours a day so the only time I get to do this is before work and after work.

        Only reason i’m on here is because this blog is about me and i’m monitoring what’s being said. Who are you and why do you have photos of me and vested interest in my life? If you don’t even know what Dan looks like, why are you interested in him as well? What the hell is wrong with you? Lol you’ve got problems, boo.

      • DK / Oct 3 2012 1:03 pm

        You mean the pictures/video she made of my face in between her legs?

    • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 5:31 am

      Wow, wrong again. I recently just lost 15lbs and am skinnier than I was when I was dating dan for those two weeks he wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom by himself. i don’t even know which picture you’re talking about because I don’t play pool. All of my clothes are currently falling off and I’m am barely a size 6, cascading down to a 4. I can’t think of a green shirt in my man’s closet. So i’m sure you have the wrong photo. Hahaha pathetic stalkers are so cute.

      • Nikki / Oct 3 2012 10:41 am

        OKAYYY. STOP NOW. Ruthlyn get yo’ ass off the blog! You talking about weight now and step children, girl get yo’ life! for real! I took the last hour of my life reading this blog and everyone that was written about was cause Ruthlyn herself mentioned them on here. Ruthlyn just mentioned kids are involved, like wtf. No kid was involved until you said that!

        Girl, a word of advice:

        People aren’t laughing at Dan anymore they’re laughing at you and your failed attempts at continuously writing on here proving your sanity. You are not sane and so aren’t the men you’ve involved yourself with, now and in the past. Have you ever been single? I think you should. Picking up a guy with kids now, law suits filed with previous boyfriends, bitter blogs about ex bfs, liaisons with crazy pharmacists( bc you were lonely- which you wouldn’t be if you took time to grow up), etc is proof that your life isn’t on the up and up. You need a lifecoach.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 3 2012 6:38 pm

        Nope. My point is that if ANYONE is going to be putting my business out there Nikki, it’s going to be ME. You don’t know my life. Joke is on EVERYBODY. The details will be revealed when the time is right by me, on my terms, on my own forum, with photos that will provide myself. Not these bits and peices that hateful people want to prevent cause they hate me for one reason or the other. That is the point that i’d like to drive home. You got me so twisted. It’s all good, though boo. The truth will be revealed in due time. I’m not taking any of this personal. Dan just needs to leave me alone and Independent “Black” Woman needs to get off my dick. This is all quite amusing, actually.

  148. DK / Oct 3 2012 10:55 pm

    Ruthlyn – how do you one minute go from wanting to have a private life to talking about how you’ll reveal things about your life when you’re ready to. You are taking all of this personal.

    That’s why you don’t like people on the internet patronizing you.

    You are hands down the most insecure woman I’ve ever known.

    See, I may not be a perfect person, but I don’t give a flying fuck if 99% of the world hates me.

    I say what I want to, and I do what I want, consequences be damned.

  149. Independent*black*woman / Oct 4 2012 12:03 am

    Ruthlyn is that what you want to reveal in due time, that you have a dick. At this point I am having fun watching you squirm, your an ant and I’m a mean kid with a magnifying glass. I have nothin better to do then mess with you, I will admit that, but what’s your excuse? Nicki is exactly right, everything personnel said on here was said by you, and have you ever been single? I herd once Nathan dropped your ass you were living with this dude the same week? I guess your just a hopeless romantic that believes in love at first sight?

  150. WearACape&Fly / Oct 4 2012 11:30 am

    Well Ruthlyn you wasn’t complaining at the start when everyone was coming here to talk shit about your ex husband? In fact, I clearly remember you were making subtle digs and putting information on this blog to slander them and make yourself appear the victim. Now suddenly the tables have turned and I guess this Dan has put your ass on blast your now screaming to get this blog removed. You have issues, you obviously like the attention this blog gives you that’s why when random people felt the need to dissect and analyse the relationship between Amabel and Josh based on 1 video lol (watch one video of someone then suddenly you know everything about them huh?) you were quick to join in. Why do you ever care if Josh is allegedly cheating? Heck, why are you even watching their videos? lol It’s pretty obvious you’re still really bitter and sore about that.

    You say you want this blog post to be removed yet why do you keep coming back here to stay relevant? You and I both know the only way to stop this now is for you to stop posting! it’s a simple as that. If you stop responding to Dan and other people, everyone else will. Stop acting like you hate that this is happening, you know you love the drama,stalkers and this is probably the only form of communication which keeps you connected to your past lovers. Let go and move on.

    Lastly, I really cannot comprehend why the blog owner referred to you as wise? you are anything but that word. You are neither mature. Unless by calling you ‘wise’ was inference to your promiscuous behaviour… A string of ex-husbands by the age of 24? I’ll be very embarrassed.You’re clearly trying to compete with Josh to show that you’re over him, that’s why you keep jumping into relationships and married none other than a rebound,I don’t recall a time you have even said i’m single and happy, you always are quick to say you’re in a relationship as if being in a relationship is the epitome of showing your life is going well. If you were happy with your current relationship you wouldn’t be on here fighting with your exs everyday you come back from work.

    Here’s a tip try dating for…Say I don’t know… a year before you make commitments, Because marrying people based on love at first sight isn’t clearly working for you. ^_^;

    • Independent*black*woman / Oct 4 2012 4:15 pm

      We’re well said, I don’t thinks its about Nathan or josh that she’s not happy with its herself as you said. She probably not even in love with this guy or even lust, I think she’s in need with this guy. With out him she’s back with mommy and daddy. She probably has mommy and daddy issues so she will whore herself out to these white men and now this black man. What happen ruthlyn was daddy not in your life, did mommy love someone another man over you?

      • DK / Oct 5 2012 1:36 pm

        I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon

      • Pamprin / Oct 6 2012 12:13 am

        Don’t get personal with this. I don’t know Ruthlyn personally, but how do you know if she even have parents? You don’t know if something tragically happened to them, (God forbid) and you speak of her parents like this? If you’re upset with her then whatever, but there is not need to talk about her family. That’s just low and frankly, pathetic.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Oct 6 2012 6:06 pm

        My dad died when I was 9 at the age of 43. My mother never remarried, never had any other boyfriends or men in the house.

        But yes this is pathetic. I speak of Amabel ,Josh and Dan like the low-life trash they are because they directly affected my life on a personal level. These people I have not done anything to and they are dragging my family into this, taking low blows. lol It’s just plain NUTS.This is why this blog needs to come down. This behavior is truly insane and yes obsessive. People are dissecting me in ways that are for lack of a better word, psychotic.

        I’m not sure where people are getting “promiscuous” from and then making contradictory statements about the seriousness and exclusivity of my relationships. At any rate, this blog is solely the reason why people are still interested in my life when I am no longer on youtube.

  151. Ruthlyn / Oct 5 2012 6:00 pm

    You guys have some serious issues if you think i’m gonna take the time out to read all the nonsense you think you know about my life. Lol I never read anything Dan ever posted and he was actually relevant for a little while, what makes you silly, random internet people think i’m gonna sit here and read your attacks? All i’m saying is. 1. Dan shut the fuck up and stop contacting me. 2. Admin delete this blog.

  152. Ruthlyn / Oct 5 2012 6:08 pm

    You are really hateful people. Some of the things you are saying to me I would never say about another person I didn’t know personally. Lol that is really pathetic. I never did anything to any of you guys. You guys have more problems than I ever will. To pick apart someone and hurt someone like you’re trying to hurt me- and for what?! Lmao im on here because this blog is about me, Dan’s on here because he can’t move on- the fuck I ever do to any of YOU?! Lmao why do you guys have such a keen interest in trying to rip me to shreds? Must be so easy to do when I know nothing about the truly pathetic lives you must lead. Pathetic with a capital “P”. I love how “sad” you think I am. Lol i love hearing that. I wish I knew where that rumor came from.

    • DK / Oct 6 2012 6:15 pm

      So someone who was never anything but good to you as a friend and someone you were romantically involved with and who gave you money so you could move when you were broke is a low-life piece of trash, sans proof, because…logic.

      Keep playing the victim.

      • Ruthlyn / Oct 7 2012 9:13 am

        I’ve asked you to leave me alone on this blog since January without arguing with anything you’ve said except saying leave me alone. You have been calling me every name in the book, harrassing me on a daily basis, cyberstalking me and I have not argued with you- just said leave me alone. I went to see you for TWO WEEKENDS.

        I’ve let you post whatever you wanted without arguing with you. All i’ve said is leave me alone. That makes you low life. You live like trash. Your house is FILTHY. Your house wreaks of cat piss and bleach.Your animals are out of control. The way you speak to your mother is disrepsectful. You are a trashy person. I decided I wanted to stop seeing you for the above reasons and you took it badly. Now please get over it.

        Like I said, YOU stop playing the victim and STOP coming back here begging for validation that you once mattered because you’re just as pathetic as these people who don’t even know me.

        Go back to your house and your girllfriend while I work on shutting this blog down. For the last time leave me alone.

      • Ruthlyn Oliver / Oct 7 2012 7:09 pm

        and stop acting like the little two weekends I spent with you were significant. There was never a single picture of you posted on my facebook. Remember why? I didn’t want people to think we were together. BECAUSE WE WERE NEVER TOGETHER. Stop repeating things that transpired in the those four days. They are in the past, and were not significant, life-changing moments for me like they were for you. So before you go posting PARAGRAPHS AND PARAGRAPHS of the same shit you posted 30 posts ago. I’ll say it again like I said before. STOP coming back on this blog begging for validation like you mattered, trying to pretend like you were just as important as my ex husband, my ex fiance and just as important as my current relationship.

        I ended it before it even started. So move on. Get over it. Stop cybertalking me. And leave me alone. I didn’t so much as make a facebook status about you. You were a SECRET. Nothing to be PROUD of. So just let it go now. lol You are looking mad desperate.

        You don’t compare or match up to anyone I ACTUALLY dated. That’s why the shit had to end. It will take time, but you’re only making it harder on yourself by continuously engaging with me.

        You think you’re hurting me Dan but you’re hurting nobody but yourself. Stop trying to stay in my life. You’re NOT And your behavior here is TRASHY. GO AWAY. AND LEAVE ME ALONE.

      • Independent*black*woman / Oct 7 2012 8:58 pm

        Dan I’m going to have to side with ruthlyn this one and only time, you come across as crazy and desperate. What does ” I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon” even mean? If you want to expose ruthlyn for who/what she is, go for it, she point her fingers at everyone else and accepts no blame. She accuses you as playing the victim, but clearly she deserves the Emmy for her role as the victim in this whole tale. I think admin should rename this blog “days of her life!” As I said before, I have nothing better then to do, so I write on here as push buttons. Ruthlyn what is your excuse, no matter what you say, your not going to change anyone’s opinion of you. You said Dan, Amabelle and josh were trash, please show my where Amabelle an josh wrote on here in the last year, only you an Dan continue to write on this blog, and even if Amabelle and josh are writing on it, they at least have enough class to not use there real names. It sounds to me like you have serious issues and Dan has shown that he has issues as well. You too probably deserve each other!

      • DK / Oct 10 2012 1:05 am

        Ruthlyn is obviously still in love with me and unable to settle her issues.

        Dollar-to-dollar – none of them have what I have whether talking about intellect, money, body, ability, or a combination of them all.


      • Ruthlyn / Oct 10 2012 3:33 pm

        Hahahahahahahahaha *breathes breathes breathes* hahahahahahHahahHh Daniel Poindexter Kellner. Actually, I don’t know or care what your middle name is, lmao….if I were sooooooo in love with you honey you’d at least be worth changing my relationship status on facebook. I was never ever ever ever in love with you. You were the butt of my jokes between me and Josh and are making an ass of yourself now. i LOVED you, but you became tooooooo obsessive and still are.

        I don’t block people from google, myspace, facebook and verizon wireless that i’m in love with. NOR do I ask them to leave me alone on some blog. I didn’t ask Josh to leave me alone until he started threatening me. If I were still in love with you, do you really think i’d give you the boot? Lmaooooo wow I knew you were delusional but holy shit hahahahahahaha

        And as for you independent black woman. YOU and Dan deserve each other- you are both obsessed as shit with me and exposing me except the difference between you and Dan is that Dan is a certified psycho and he thinks that I owe him my life and commitment and babies. What the hell is YOUR excuse for taking shots so low that you mention my parents- my father who is deceased by the way, you low class, no- count bitch. Why don’t you take all that time you have on your hands and scroll up or better yet CTRL-F “Paighton” that is and admittedly Amabel posting under a psuedonym attacking me on this blog about a year ago. Josh’s sloppy no-spelling self posted under a few fake names as well.

        And finally admin and whoever else wants to come at me…i’ve been very generous because I DON’T have a lot of time on my hands like you pathetic peices of shit. But never forget, you are fucking with a heavyweight. And these small and sloppy sketches of my life are the only thing that is keeping this blog running.

        Only because I haven’t had a lot of time have I not either made this blog mine or shut this worthless shit DOWN.

        Just face it, losers, i’m a way of life for all of you and i’m a force to be reckoned with.

  153. Ruthlyn / Oct 10 2012 3:48 pm

    I say you and Dan meet up. Obviously the “girlfriend” he has is not sufficient because my blocked call log says he texted me around midnight talking about how he was on ambien. He DOES have some income. He’ll fly you up to New Jersey, and you guys can talk endlessly about your favorite subject- ME 🙂 He’ll tell you everything you need and want to know about how horrible I am because I broke his heart after dating him for two of what were apparently the most wonderful weekends of his whole entire life. Lmao he’ll show you the hundreds of pictures he took of me. And then you guys can plot to destroy me and expose me. You can make like, a whole youtube full feature length movie and write a tell-all book about how horrible I am. Dan is probably working on that book now. You Independent Black Woman can be Editor-In-Chief. You two can be on the cover together and it will instantly draw the attention of interracial readers. Lmaoooo

  154. Mike Smith / Oct 20 2012 4:58 am

    Ruthlyn, your internet “army wives extra” here, LOL. Listen, time heals all wounds. Unfortunately some people need a lot more time in order to move on.

    STAY FOCUSED, ignore (Its hard I know) the online comments no matter how low or hurtful they get and really enjoy life.

    Be well,
    CIAO my friend……….

  155. Shar / Dec 18 2012 3:09 pm

    Damnnnn, so is Josh and Dan the same person?

  156. Mike Smith / Jan 28 2013 9:58 pm

    Ruthlyn, Hey you……..

    Happy New Year! Let me say, I’m proud of you! Keep moving in the direction you are. The world is yours for the taking!

    Be well,

  157. Me / Feb 13 2013 4:14 pm

    For you – I think you’ll understand!

    • Mike / Feb 21 2013 8:48 am

      Ruthlyn, me again, forgiveness is the final step to really moving on! Forgiveness in yourself, forgiveness of others. It’s probably the hardest step of all.

      Spread your wings and fly……… You have a pure heart!

      Ciao my friend

  158. Why / Mar 10 2013 5:13 pm

    this is sooooooooooooooo weird. all of it.

    • fdsa / Jul 3 2013 6:55 am

      Lol I agree…. and I just read the whole thing.

  159. Fazzia / Oct 31 2013 12:02 pm

    her name is now Ruthlyn Veney. She married now to a black guy, go figure.

  160. Mike / Jan 26 2014 10:29 pm

    The “Last Chapter”. Everyone has moved on. The last pages of this book have been read and now the cover closed. All involved are in a new place.

    The healing has occurred and the memories, the good memories will always be with everyone. The details of everyone’s life are no longer important nor are they for everyone’s consumption. I wish good things to you all, only good things.


    • glutenputin / Dec 31 2015 10:18 pm

      Wow! This is a hot mess with crazy stalker vibes. I know this is old, but I will never discuss my marriage to anyone! Lol, esp. because I’m in an IR relationship. Just remember, it isn’t the race, ethnicity or culture, if someone is evil, they will be evil. Wow, just wow……

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