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Q: Why do I have to pay $.99 to release a user’s info?
A: Online dating can be great, but the one thing that unnerves most people is the anonymity of it all (who is really behind there?). In other words, no one has any clue as to who you are! By requiring you to make a small, drop in the bucket ninety-nine cent payment we are able to glean a little bit more about you – your real name and all that good stuff. Of course none of that information is released but in an effort for our users to feel more comfortable and safe someone should have that information. We also believe we are offering a pretty valuable and ridiculously cheap service. We’re pretty much AS CHEAP AS YOU CAN GET in comparison to other dating websites – and you only pay if you see someone who tickles your fancy.


Q: How do I propose a date?
A: Just click on the page – propose a date – and follow the directions. In order to post a date a picture of your face is required! And yes, you can be a male or a female and propose a date – after all it’s the 21st century ladies! If you don’t want to propose a date and have your picture on the site simply browse other people’s dates and reply to them.


Q: How often can I propose a date?
A: You are allowed to propose a date once per day


Q: When I reply to a date, will my reply show up in the comments thread?
A: Nope. We hold all comments and forward them to the date proposer on a rolling basis (one at a time with the user only being able to see the next reply if they decline the current one). Keep this in mind – if you reply to a date and are not chosen it may just be because the user didn’t get a chance to see your message. Ways to prevent this from happening: Post your own dates or check back often to be the first to get first dibs.


Q: Oh yeah, now that you mention the rolling replies – what’s up with that?
A: We know that when a man/woman is given too many options oftentimes he/she will be paralyzed by inaction. We actually want you to get some offline dates so we figure if you see someone you like stop searching already! It’s our way of giving you a good kick in the pants. Plus, it’s free to post so what did you expect – a lobster dinner?

Q: What’s the catch?
A: The only catch to be found are the men / women on this site. We’re very upfront about our business model – we got the transparency idea from Obama…*before you click away, WE HEART some Republicans too*


Q: Transparency, I like that – what’s your name?
A: Uh, – that’s very sweet of you but please stop hitting on me, I’m taken. Seriously, we’re just proponents of men and women interrested in IR dating hooking up already… a modern day Cupid.


Q: Why are you guys so awesome?
A: This actually isn’t a frequently asked question… but it should be and I just wanted another chance to tell you how fabulous we are. There are a lot of things wrong with online dating sites – the main issues being: * people are overwhelmed with options, *the cost and with free sites – * the safety factor. Triple whammy. Sure, you can see members but the chances of that member being able to recieve your message *i.e. – they are a paying member* is slim. A common complaint is that users find themselves sending out a ton of messages which may or may not be getting to the other person and receive little to no replies in return. Why the heck would you want to pay for that? So, we’ve developed the perfect solution to tackle all that’s wrong with dating sites. That’s what makes us so awesome!



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  1. WingedBeast / Jan 19 2011 9:42 am

    Where are the already proposed dates? I can’t find any.

    • admin / Jan 19 2011 3:19 pm

      Proposed dates can be found by clicking on the proposed dates category – if you have proposed a date it will appear on the site in the order of receipt as we like to give every one a full day as the top blog post.

  2. Paula James / Jun 27 2017 9:04 pm

    This is cool! $.99 is the cost of getting to meet someone? Where do I sign up?

  3. Paula James / Jun 27 2017 9:09 pm

    I tried to click on that link for propose a date,and an error popped up, that read missing information. Please help.

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