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How to Reply to Dates

The NEW way of replying to a date proposal:

If someone proposes a date and you are interested in responding, you must send an email to with your information/picture with the NAME AND PUBLISH DATE OF THE BLOG POST you are responding to in the title of the e-mail.

Your e-mail response should include the following:

1 to 2 pictures of yourself, your Name, City/State, Age, Height, Gender, Education, any interesting tidbit about yourself, On a scale of 1-4 where you stand regarding how much you (Drink, Smoke, Exercise, Eat Healthy),  the qualities you are looking for in an ideal date, and an optional personalized message to the date proposer.

 Your information, pictures and comment will be forwarded to the date proposer and will not be publically published.

If you do not see someone you are interested in replying to/or someone in your neck of the woods, you are free to propose your own date (men/women equally welcome). Your date proposal can be as simple as meeting at a pub for drinks or the squash court! Proposing a date puts you in control to select something YOU are interested in doing and allows you to do the picking!

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