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January 18, 2011 / admin

The NAACP & the Justin Timberlake phenomenon

We all know just because a White celebrity hangs out with Black people it doesn’t mean he will have love for Black Women (John Mayer anyone?). However, some White Male celebrities just seem like the type who would be open to interracial dating though we’ve never seen them with a Black Woman before. A prime example would be Justin Timberlake.

Justin has had Black women as “leading ladies” in his music videos (see video of Justin taking in Ciara’s goods in the video Love, Sex and Magic below in which Ciara doesn’t really act like a lady. He has also teamed up with Rihanna) and subsequently, this could be the reason why his music and videos have always been played on the Black centric cable channel, BET.

He hangs out with rappers and collaborates withTimbaland(sp?) and has a co-called “soulfulness” about him, but he has never actually publically dated a Black woman… I thought he and Rihanna would have made a cute couple.

Black people seem to embrace him with open arms and accept him as one of their own, well – some Black people. Some  Black people like the ones who run the NAACP, who have nominated the musician in the supporting actor in a motion picture category (‘The Social Network’). I am sure many people are wondering if he classifies as a ‘Colored’ person… he’s probably wondering that himself.

He reminds me of another musician named Justin, Justin Bieber, who possesses the same quality and has been embraced by black girls all around the U.S. Black people like Usher, Will Smith and a host of rappers have outstretched a helping hand to the young star. He’s currently dating Selena Gomez, according the tabloid magazine that caught my eye on a recent trip to the bookstore and before that he was with some girl who starred opposite him in one of his music videos who wasn’t Black (according to TMZ). Justin Bieber also seems like the type who would date/like Black girls but only time will tell if his fame and the risk of upsetting his legions of White girl fans will stop him from going that route. As for Justin Timberlake who seems to love black culture, I have a hard time imagining him publically loving a Black woman in return, and I’m referring to having a public relationship –  one night stands and groupies don’t count.

In the meantime, I won’t be watching the NAACP awards but for those of you who do – keep an eye out for the crooner to see if he actually wins – that is if he even bothers showing up!


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  1. Jai / Jan 19 2011 5:22 pm

    I used to be a fan of Timberlake’s but I saw an interview with him years ago and it seemed like he only claims he love for all things BLACK when its convenient(promoting his music) so now he gets the
    ** side eye ** I had no idea he was nominated for an NAACP award(now I’m giving them the ** side eye ** ). I don’t think either Justin will EVER date a black woman, I don’t think they could handle it because they would feel the pressure from their white female fans. That whole John Mayer fiasco still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, his cd’s are at the bottom of my collection now. 😦 Oh well, life goes on. 🙂

  2. admin / Jan 19 2011 8:25 pm

    “It seemed like he only claims he love for all things BLACK when its convenient(promoting his music) so now he gets the
    ** side eye **”

    I totally know what you mean and would agree that it’s only when it’s convenient for him (selling his music/ soliciting support / making money)

  3. floacist / Mar 21 2013 2:51 pm

    Since Timberlake has only had 3 long term relationships, this continued topic about “publicly dating” in regards to black ladies always puzzled me.

    For example: He was never seen “publicly” with his shorter term, lesser known women (ex. Jenna Dewan, Alyssa Milano) nor has he spoken (or even acknowledge) of them. Heck I don’t think we’ve ever seen a photo of the two together. Yet no one would ever refer to those relationships as not being “public”.

    That said, back when he was a teenager, he briefly dated Tatyana Ali when she opened up for NSYNC in 1998-2000 (before things for serious with Britney Spears). You can see him toward the end of her music video for ‘Everytime’ hugging.

    • kelley / Nov 16 2014 7:58 pm

      Just because he hugged didn’t mean they dated. Tatayana Ali has said they never dated. She toured with NSYNC back then for a few months. Why would she be in an relationship with him and it wasn’t public knowledge. After all she dated Jonathan Brandis and he was proud to have her by his side and they were always photographed or video interviews of them in public. The only thing that was publically mentioned was Beyonce saying she and Justin Timberlake kissed once and it was before he dated Britney (she let it slip during an radio interview she and the original Destiny’s Child had back then) .

      • floacist / Jan 3 2015 12:35 am

        Did not said hugging = proof they dated. But they did go out, which was my point in regards to being public. Never said they had some full relationship, obviously not the case. Don’t have the pictures, but there were some of them out attending some gaming event circa 1999/2000.

        Jenna always denied she dated Justin until very recently (especially since she was rumored to have been a girl Justin cheated on Britney with in 2002). That’s just what celebs do.

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