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November 30, 2012 / admin

Gabrielle Douglas and Justin Bieber?

I love Gabrielle Douglas! Such a perky, pretty and accomplished young woman bursting with personality and warmth – who is also getting her empire building on with multiple endorsements.

Today, I thought we could have a little fun and pair Gabrielle Douglas up with some eligible bachelors in Hollywood! I mean, we hear about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and other random white female celebrities and who they are dating ad nauseum, but we never seem to have any high profile young black women with other high profile and successful men. For example, the other day I got sent a clip about Keke Palmer and saw that she was dating some random guy. A beautiful and successful girl like Keke could probably have her pick of the liter and dating a high profile guy would only boost her celebrity status so I was colored confused.

But I digress; PR teams have been responsible for Brittany spears and justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautnor and a whole other host of famous people. Remember that Rihanna and Josh Hartnett thing? Yeah, perfect example. So, why can’t it work for Gabby? I’m sure all they need to do is make the introduction and Gabby’s pretty smile and feminine allure will do the rest.

Top 3 Wish List of Guys I want to see Gabby Douglas Dating

1. Justin Bieber

2. Taylor Lautner

3. Any of those One Direction boys


Who do you think Gabby should pair up with? List your recommendations in the comments below.
(Side note: The guys should be age appropriate so don’t go listing someone old enough to be Gabby’s daddy!)


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  1. Jazz / Dec 1 2012 4:00 pm

    Maybe no one thought to pair her up with another celebrity because she’s 16 and should be focused on school and her gymnastics career instead of boys. She seems like the type to put boys on the back burner for other important things. Your logic is kind of crazy to me. No Keke Palmer, don;t date the regular, successful manager guy that makes you happy, let your team hook you up with a famous guy that you might not have anything in common with, but at least it will make you more famous. Yeah, that’s what every young celebrity strives for.

  2. Saige / Jan 10 2013 11:56 pm

    I agree with the above. She’s 16 and obviously focused on different motives. I also feel like your sort of degrading Ke Ke palmers choice to date someone who I guess lives a normal lifestyle. That’s giving love a negative connotation especially in the Hollywood lights. Like your saying that she should date just someone famous just to boost her celeb status rather than for love. In connection with this your saying that Gabrielle has to date white and famous to get to more publicity ignoring the accomplishments that put her in the lime light. I also doubt that every black women is interested in white men though and who are you to judge who she should be with. However, I understand that this site is geared to believe that and some of these people aren’t even single anyway and I don’t see where the link would really be for them because . Before I get hacked down for that comment I don’t have preference for anyone.

  3. merendamorris / Jan 15 2013 2:05 am

    What about those beautiful boys from Teen Wold (MTV’s remake)?

    • merendamorris / Jan 15 2013 2:05 am


  4. wakawaka / Feb 1 2013 12:23 am

    Gabby is adorable and cute and all but if she was to date Bieber, all hell will break loose. Tons of fans (white) hated on Selena and I know they would be even MORE worse with Gabby.

  5. Silver / Sep 4 2013 6:09 am

    Selena is actually Latina, half Mexican half Italian… Love her to bits.
    Neither of them should date Justin Bieber, he is a little douche bag scum face idiot :). And the other guys mentioned are older. Lautner is what 21?
    Gabby would be absolutely cute with Austin Mahone who is much more adorable… however, I do agree with everyone else she is a bit young and doesn’t seem like the type to date a guy based on power popularity of success.
    Somehow I do not really like Keke…

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