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September 18, 2018 / admin

Mythbusters – White Men Have Small Penises… True or False?

20 Fingers echoes every woman’s thoughts with the song, Don’t Want No Short Dick Man

It always amazes me how some people (especially people that have never been with a white man *couch* black men and a lot of black male identified black women, talk about not wanting to date out because White Men have small penises.

Donald Trump may have Yeti Pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart (according to stormy Daniels), but that doesn’t mean all white men are lacking.

I remember the first time I was with my first boyfriend (A white American guy) and I was surprised to find that he was able to please me just fine. Now, I guard the kitty pretty well and haven’t slept with a ton of guys but out of the sampling of men I’ve been with I’ve never had any problems.

Now, this could be because according to studies, black women have the tightest kitty kats – but I digress.

According to white men have the biggest penises after Black men.

So, if you’re a black women on the fence about dating white men because you think that they won’t be able to satisfy you (And I get it – sex in a relationship is a BIG DEAL for most people and I’ve decided against being intimate with other races of men because I got a feel for what they were working with), just look at the research.


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