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November 1, 2017 / admin

How to be Irresistible to White Men (Testimonial)

star-thank-youI love getting messages like these. I get them often, but don’t normally post them because I don’t want to toot my own horn, so to speak. However, I now realize that we should be champions of our work and proud of whatever we have worked hard to be proud of (and I am so very proud of my book).

So, it is with great pride and gratefulness that I share this testimonial with you. And if you have a testimonial regarding “How to be Irresistible to White men” changing your life feel free to keep ’em coming to my inbox, amazon, goodreads, itunes, nook, etc.

There’s a shift happening, folks 🙂


Hi, I just wrote a review for your book (how to be irresistible to white men). Just wanted to say that I really loved it. I bought it out of curiosity because I normally get plenty of attention from white men, and I was wondering what you learned from Asian ladies. It was really refreshing to read your thoughts, you are very honest, very insightful, and a breath of fresh air. You really nailed a lot of the issues we black women are having image wise. Part of my new year resolution, I recently stop patronizing a particular black women’s online hair forum I had been part of for a decade, because many of the posters were so dismissive of black women in IR relationships. I mean, that attitude was always there, but I finally realized after years of sisterly loyalty to this particular online group that it was doing me more harm than good and I stopped login in. My life has gotten so much better as a result of not logging in everyday to the typical negativities. Anyway, thank you for the audacity of writing such a book. I am sure plenty of Black women are helped by it.

Best, Jessy


Thanks so much for sharing your review with me and other potential readers, Jessy! I very much appreciate it and can’t wear to hear of more greatness sure to come into your life from un
plugging from the negativity.

XO, Lisa


November 1, 2017 / admin

Interracial Couple – Swoonworthy Halloween Couples Costume

Halloween is one of my fav holidays (who doesn’t love an excuse to eat delicious candy, dressing up and guessing what other people are supposed to be?). Me and my boo usually do a couples costumes, but we are really bad about procrastinating and leave the costume making until the very last possible minute. This year we literally started making our costumes hours before the halloween party we were attending, so this year we went as random things we thought would be easy to make (boo to not representing our union in costume form).

Thankfully, the black women white men couples were out in full force this halloween representing the swirl – here are TEN beautiful interracial couples costumes from Halloween 2017. Feel free to find, like, and follow the couples on their IG pages.

Did you and your boo dress up together this year? What’d you go as? If you’ve got a great costume that you want to be featured, send it to me and I just might post it :).

Read more…

August 26, 2017 / admin

Boss BW in IR in History – Marie Josephe Dite Angelique

I came across a funny series on boss women throughout history and thought I’d share an episode with you that details the life of Marie Josephe Dite Angelique. It’s incredible the things you can learn on YouTube.

Have you ever heard of her? Or are you aware of a boss black women who were in interracial relationships way back in the day that others may not be familiar with? Drop a name in the comments section and educate us all! The more you know, right?
June 27, 2017 / admin

Jeep Recalculating Interracial Couple Commercial

More and more companies are representing black women and white men in media (tv, movies, advertisements, and commercials). Here’s another one I just came across today.

June 1, 2017 / admin

Glidden Paint Commercial w/ Interracial Couple

I always swoon whenever I see media reflecting real life. Love it! (and it kind of reminded me of Something New)


November 20, 2016 / admin

Mythbuster #71: Black Women Like Aggressive Men

4091dd7c3cb7e534054a18fb2d23943aThese myth’s about to BLOOW – O – O – O – O- o.o.o (Ke$ha reference)

In this series, we’ll be busting commonly held myths about Black women and White men. Today’s myth is that Black women only like aggressive men.

Have you ever heard the following sayings?

Are you “man” enough to date a Black woman?

Black girls like guys with swag.

Black girls don’t want soft guys.

The gist of all of the above is you have to be hard and kind of a dick to date a Black woman: But is it a myth or not?

*Strokes chin* says the word aggressive means pursuing one’s aims and interests forcefully, sometimes unduly so. It also means ready or likely to attack or confront.

Applying the term to men – Aggressive men oftentimes do not respect boundaries or communicate well, and can make you feel fearful that one day they will snap and start throwing dishes a la Johnny Depp caught on hidden camera style.

If we look at the courting behavior of many Black men, you could say that they are aggressive (after all I do not see White men holding up the sidewalk catcalling women and when the women don’t respond positively, getting pissed and calling them names).  I’ve also only ever witnessed black boys roughhousing girls like they are boys as a sign of affection.

Personally, I like to be pursued, but definitely not forcefully. Also although I do not want a man I can walk all over, I definitely do not want a man that is ready or likely to attack or confront me and others (that spells mistreatment and constant problems out in public).

Give me a respectful, peaceful, reliable, warm guy over a dominant bad boy/player with swag any day. I do not care if you want to call him soft, a nerd, or a wimp.

Now, when it comes to protecting me, I do not want my guy to be picking fights with every male who glances my way, but if some stranger comes at me or at us, I want to feel like my guy will have my back and protect me from harm. In other words I want my man to be aggressive when the situation really calls for it, but never the aggressor.

That being said, I think most women, Black, White and Other, prefer that.

Now, while there are Black women who want the thugs (usually lower class black women) if we are being real we can find Hispanic, Asian and White women who also prefer the bad boys over the good men.

Basically, I think it all boils down to a class preference. Most middle and lower class Black women do not want aggressive acting White men (this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be pursued – they do, just not forcefully). So, consider this MYTH BUSTED!

Thoughts and comments? Post them below

November 19, 2016 / admin

10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Right

easy-pumpkin-recipes-for-your-thanksgiving-feast-eidm2v-clipartSo you and your beau want to host Thanksgiving or friends giving. Whether it is your first foray into being the hosts or your umpteenth time, here are ten suggestions to make sure your gathering doesn’t devolve into one of the worst nights of your life:

  1. Avoid the bad topics – Political talk is a no-no. This is especially true if you are in an interracial relationship and your guests are all across the board. On that note, avoid racial talk and jokes as well. Remember that scene in “Something New” where the black and white jokes came out and Simon and the grandfather almost came to blows. It was cringeworthy on the screen and will be even more so if you have to witness this in real life – so obviously, ixnay on the okesjay.
  2. Get Fancy Disposable Plates – If you don’t want to guilt your guests into helping you clear and wash dishes, or have a low key attitude because no one offers to help clean up, make everyone’s life much easier by investing in some high quality disposable plates and forks (especially if you don’t have a dishwasher).
  3. Have Games – on a more positive note, have some games ready to entertain your guests. I am a huge fan of pictionary or charades because you can play with large groups of people. You can also download the app heads up for a similar effect. There are also awesome boardgames that might work depending on the size of your party. Avoid strategy games, and keep the mood light with party games. Games likely to turn dirty (like cards against humanity) is really only appropriate for friends giving and not for when mom, pop, and grandma are around.
  4. diy-decoration-for-thanksgiving-8Decorate – Go ahead and splurge on some thanksgiving decorations. It will make the atmosphere more jovial and give people things to talk about. Thanksgiving themed foods  such as turkey shaped appetizers, banners, pumpkins, wreaths, and anything fall themed you can find would work. Look to pinterest for DIY tutortials and recipes.
  5. Entertainment – Be sure to have some thanksgiving themed movies at the ready to play in the background. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Pieces of April, are just a few of the movies you may want to consider. However, Netflix, Hulu, and cable should have a few thanksgiving themes movies on their lineup. Meanwhile ABC family or Hallmark channel always have family themed movies – so go for those channels if you can’t find anything good.
  6. Cater – If neither you or your significant other are great cooks, there is no shame in ordering catered food. Sure, most guests are likely to show up with a dish or two, but you don’t want to rely on them for the big ticket items like the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and dessert.
  7. Make sure you have enough – This applies to everything – food, seating, plates, etc. The way to do this is to ask everyone to rsvp and then personally send a follow up via email or text confirming attendance as well as if they will be bringing any guests (let it be known the more the merrier).
  8. Start Early – It sucks when people just show up to eat and then bounce. Make a whole day of it by starting early (have appetizers) and letting people know that the start time will be sharp (No CPT). If your friends/family are the type to show up late, just push the time up by two hours so that they will arrive when they are supposed to. If you do this though, make sure you are ready to start receiving guests at the designated time.
  9. Clean House – It should go without saying that whenever guests are coming over your house should be in good condition. If you are not much of a cleaner or you haven’t cleaned in a minute and the house needs a good scrub down, hire someone. There are services like Handy, or individuals offering their cleaning services on craigslist. Most importantly, the bathroom, kitchen, and the space where the guests will convene need to be spic and span.
  10. Don’t forget the Alcohol – If you want people to lighten up and get into the festivities (especially the games) make sure you don’t forget the alcohol. It’s best to have a red, white, and if you want to get really fancy – some champagne. Having the drinks ready to pass out as guests enter is also a nice touch.

That rounds up my list! If you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share, post them below.

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