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January 8, 2014 / admin

This is EXACTLY How to Ask a Black Girl Out – (Video)

White Men of the internets who want to know how to ask out a black girl, listen up because ‘you gon’ to learn today’! 

Jason Horton has made a tutorial video that will teach you step by step exactly how it’s done. What words to say specifically that will get a Black woman to say yes to going out on a date with you. Feel free to repeat the video a few times if you missed anything and take notes if necessary.

Then try it out on a Black girl you’re digging and let us know how it goes

Ladies, you have an assignment too. Do you agree? Is there anything Jason left out? Leave your comments below, as always!

January 5, 2014 / admin

A family that Does Insanity Together: Youtube IR Couple Spotlight

Check out this video of a lovely interracial and international couple (she’s Nigerian and he’s Scottish Irish) working out together to insanity.

You will notice she’s already in pretty great shape!

You can also learn more about this couple and their VERY INTERESTING background and family values/traditions in this video.

Finally, head on over to her Facebook page (and like it) where she shares her talent and love of baking by providing delicious pastry creations like the ones below. If you have an event you want catered, be sure to support! Just don’t eat too many if you want to look like her (or be sure to work it off afterwards… may I suggest Insanity)

Those are all cupcakes, believe it or not!

How much is your mouth watering right now?

Presentation is everything! This woman is a PROFESSIONAL

January 2, 2014 / admin

PROS for Dating a Black Woman – Reason #99

Who in the world is that? Oh Rihanna? An example of a Black woman with many different looks who will always keep you guessing

As if you needed a reason to date a beautiful Black Woman!🙂

Today’s pro for dating a black girl is that we are extremely versatile in our style/looks. You’ll never be bored with a Black Woman!

I recently became friends with a young woman who was showing me her previous pictures and I kept having to say, “Is that you?” or “Who’s that?” because she looked completely different in each and every picture. Different in a good way, I might add.

Black women are some of the most versatile women on the planet. We can, and do, switch up our looks – especially our hair – frequently. That’s why you never really catch a lot of Black women on those talk shows rocking their 70’s hairdo and wardrobe clearly stuck in a time warp and in need of a desperate makeover.

Most Black women are very current with the trends. If natural hair is in, she’ll be rocking a natural do or a naturally-inspired kinky/curly hair piece over her relaxed locks. When Janet Jackson dyed her hair red or Beyonce popped up on the scene, you saw tons of Black women with red or bronze highlights walking the streets. When Toni Braxton and Halle Berry was in the lime light, Black women with those jet black short crops were all over the place!

Look at a picture of a Black woman attending Church on Sunday and going to the club on Friday, and you won’t really know it’s the same person! Black women are notorious for dressing up to the nines to go to church (it’s rare you’ll see a BW going to church, wedding or any other formal occasion in a casual outfit like many other nationalities).

In her club going attire, makeup and heels, she’ll look like she’s just stepped out of a Robin Thicke video and be completely unrecognizable from her every day look.

Black girls really are bad! (bad in a good way) and you won’t get bored with her looks easily, because she’ll probably reach that point before you and do something to switch up her style. It’s like dating multiple women without the awkward/unsure stage.

Black women and the men who love them – am I telling the truth or am I telling the truth? Leave your comments BELOW!

December 31, 2013 / admin

Celebrities who Swirl – Eve and Maximillion are Engaged!

And the celebrity engagements keep rolling in – but this time it’s one of ours (lol). [side note: amidst rumors of Dwayne Wade and his sloppiness, I’m happy we aren’t claiming that one].

Anyway, I digress. Who ever spouted that nonsense about White men being willing to date and sex Back women, but they will never wife them must be eating their shorts right about now.

Rapper turned fashion designer, Eve and her boyfriend of three years, Maximillion Cooper, a British designer, are indeed engaged to be married.  These two met at the Gumball 3000 — an annual 3,000-mile international car rally he founded and have been living in London together. 41-year-old Max proposed to 35-year-old Eve during a “romantic” Christmas Day vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland

Celebrities are trendsetters and since they are in the public eye normalize certain things. With the dearth of Black women / white men celebrity couples for all of us to swoon over, it’s no wonder BWWM pairings are on the up and up.

By the way, what a far way Eve has come from the pit bull in the skirt and Stevie-J. Who needs to be a ride or die chick? I mean, those options don’t sound very appealing to me!

Give your congrats to the lovely couple in the comments – she seems happier than ever, doesn’t she?

December 27, 2013 / admin

Kimora Lee Simmons is Through with Black Men!

After investing (read: wasting) many of her best years with cruds like Russell Simmons and Djimon Hounsou, Kimora Lee Simmons seemed to have made a revelation – it’s high time she got herself a [rich] White Guy! *There are a lot more of those around anyway*

Sure, both of her exes were popular and wealthy, but they were also known for using her up (for sex or a career boost), cheating on her and leaving her to be a single mom. SMH.

Well, it looks like Kimora has come to her senses and is through with [rich] Black men. [Insert the proverbial quote about the definition of insanity here]

Instead of dating rich/celebrity Black men over and over again, Kimora has switched it up a bit with her new boo, Tim Leissner. Pictured in the photo above is the happy couple at the Simmons’ annual family Christmas getaway in St. Barts.

Alongside her beautiful children Aoki, Ming, Kenzo, ex-husband Russell Simmons was there, so at least he’s still kind of in the picture. However, we’ve all seen the women Russell has dated after Kimora and they all have one glaring thing in common – ok, maybe two.

So, who is this Leissner guy? He holds a PhD and is the Co-President of Goldman Sachs Singapore in Southeast Asia. Leissner spends his day-to-day making major cash flow.

Please Take Note of Kimora’s body here – truly fab. See Russell’s and Tim’s body. Kimora = winning

Here’s hoping that for her, the third time is a charm. At least he looks like he doesn’t have an aversion to her kids! Good for her.

Also, in case some people reading this didn’t get the tongue in cheek reference above.. it was meant to address what all Black guys accuse Black women of saying when they decide to date White men.

What do you think of Kimora’s new guy? He’s cute, huh? Do you think it’ll last? Sound off below.

December 25, 2013 / admin

Comment Win from D – How to be Irresistible Testimonial

She asked that I share it if I found it valuable, and without question – I do! Keep reading to see why…
I just wanted to leave a comment about your book. You mentioned how the clothes we wear give the red or green light. When we dress dowdy it sends a “Leave me alone” vibe. That is soo true. I admit the last couple of years I have had to downsize so I have gotten comfortable in the jeans, t-shirts and minimal make up.
I have adopted it as a uniform and it does keep men at bay. I say this not proudly (I am taking measures to get my feminine edge back) but to confirm what you addressed in the book. I do want to add something to that, when you get really hit hard by life, you lose your confidence and you start to “hide” and the “leave me alone” uniform is the best way to hide from the spotlight.
December 21, 2013 / admin

TV Casting: The One That Got Away

Hello lovely readers. I was sake to share this television casting notice with you guys, so here it is. Follow the directions if you’re interested if you want to be on teevee!


For a major cable network comes an inspiring new series…

We are casting real, dynamic and outgoing people who want to reconnect with lost loves!

There are lots of stories where past loves have rekindled their romance and lived happily ever after – could this be you? Take this opportunity of a lifetime to see how “what if” pans out. Take a leap of faith!

Are you ready for a second chance at love?

We are searching nationwide for single men and women who would love to reconnect with the ones they never got over for this new, inspirational series.

To be considered, or to nominate someone, please write us at  with the following information:

·      Name

·      Age

·      Occupation

·      City/state

·      A short bio

·      A brief story about you and your lost love

·      Also, please send us 2 non professional pics of yourself and two of you and your lost love

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