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June 14, 2018 / admin

In need of a new stylist? He’s White & Slays Black Hair

I came across Vincenzostylist on instagram ( ) – it was a video of him (a very cute white guy) doing a little black girl’s very curly hair.

The caption read “‘A curly princess'”. It was the cutest video ever. He would trim the little girl’s ends and give her the clippings, instructing her to put them underneath her pillow so they would grow.

It was nice to see him calling her a princess with her natural curly hair (no need to straighten it to look like all the images of princesses she’s probably used to.) He was also so patient while she did was little girls do: moved about non-stop while he was trying to get her to stay still so he could give her a nice cute.

Anyway, I did a little scrolling and saw that many of his clients were black women. This was a little strange, since whenever I go to a white stylist and my curls pop after a wash (I normally get blow outs so I come in with my locks straightened) they get that deer in headlights look… like, hrmmm – how do I manage this?

Most of them can’t—they won’t put enough tension to get the edges straight, they detangle/comb my curls from the top to bottom instead of bottom to top, they want to dry the hair (not realizing curly hair should be kept wet), or try to just do a quick blow dry first resulting in a frizzy mess.

I then quickly realized that he was married to a black women and had a mixed family. Oh that explained his ability to slay our hair. And he proudly proclaims in his instagram profile that he does ALL HAIR.

He also says that he is accepting new clients. So you ladies in Long Island looking to get a color, shape up your ringlets, or silky blow out, hit him up.




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