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February 14, 2018 / admin

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas – You’re Welcome

It’s Valentine’s day!!! Ladies, valentine’s day is not just about receiving; it’s also about giving. It’s a chance to show your man you love him – and trust me, he’ll appreciate it just as much as you appreciate him planning a date night and/or getting your flowers and candy.

Now, if you didn’t get your guy something don’t worry. It’s not too Late! Here are some last minute things you can do / buy / whip together to show your baby you care and he’s the most special person in your life.


1. Paint and Sip Classes – They are all over the country so I’m sure you can find a class. They now even have classes where you can paint mugs or vases instead of a canvas. Most classes allow you to go rogue so you can skip their paint by numbers art and just decide to draw something special for each other.

2. Escape the Room – Also located all over the country, these game are super fun and you have to work together to escape. if possible, try to get a private room for just the two of you!

3. Lessons – Does he have a hobby or something he has always wanted to do? Swimming, soccer, trivia? Find one of those social clubs and gift him a 8 – 12 week package. You’ll be helping him grow and what man doesn’t love a woman who wants to help him grow?

4. Cook or Bake for Him  – Fill it with love (and make sure it tastes good) and you can’t go wrong with a home cooked dinner or home baked dessert. If you opt for the later, make your treat personalized by adding his name and hearts with frosting. If you opt for the former and are in need of a good recipe, hit up blue apron’s website and view the top favorite meals.

5. Give him a massage – No, you don’t have to book him a spa day. Pull up one of those massage videos on youtube and emulate the massage therapist right from the comfort of your home / bedroom. Get some aromatherapy going with candles and cue up some romantic tunes with help from Alexa.

Bonus: If you have one of those 3-d printing classes in your area, that’d be a cool valentine’s date!


Material Things:

1. Games – If your guy is a gamer, go ahead and run over to the nearest game stop and pick up the latest / hottest game on the market. I know, you wish you could throw the damn console out the window given how much time he spends on there, but by buying him a game it’s a way of acknowledging that you care about his happiness and his hobbies. And maybe you won’t hate it so much if you just sat down and played with him.

2. Sneakers / Shoes – Men love a good pair of kicks. I would recommend getting a matching pair of fresh white adidas, or converse, or nike’s.

3. Chocolate / Candy – Men also have a sweet tooth too. Get him a box with a variety of chocolates and sample all the different fillings together. Win-win.

4. A Good Book – Thank God for brick and mortar book stores. If you are in need of a last minute gift, run into Barnes and Nobles and head straight to the comedy aisle. You can’t go wrong with comedy, but if your guys is really into a particular subject you could also pick out a best seller in the category and voila! Instant thoughtful gift.

5. Wine – Pick up a bottle of his favorite wine or liquor and sip it together on the couch. You’ll be buzzed, he’ll be buzzed, and you’ll have a great valentine’s night.

Bonus – A card with a heartfelt message never hurt no one.


If you’ve already got something planned, share the deets below and help your sistahs out!



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