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February 8, 2018 / admin

Two Dope Queens both date Interracially – That’s DOPE!

I don’t have HBO because I don’t care for any of the shows (Insecure included. Sorry, Issa, but it’s just too ratchet for my taste… and where’s White Jay?).

Thankfully, HBO knows all black women aren’t the same and has allowed two other black women, Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson ( AKA Two Dope Queens) to get the spotlight on their platform.

I haven’t seen the show, which airs Fridays at 11:30pm – but apparently you can watch the first episode for free here –

However, I have seen a clip where one of the queens was talking about being in an interracial relationship with her “white bae” and him complimenting her edges. Funnily enough, I have learned that both dope queens have been with White bae’s. The fact that they talk about this in their books, podcasts, interviews, etc. is a great thing because they are mainstream and it just lets WM know regular BW are open… and open more regular BW’s eyes to the idea.




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