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February 6, 2018 / admin

Are Men Taking Women’s Last Names Now?

Um, when did Zoe Saldana get married to an Italian man named Marco Perego -ex professional soccer player who looks a lot like Salt Bae-, and push out three kids (2 of them are twins… speaking of, why does every older celebrity woman have twins nowadays)?

Apparently Zoe’s hubby even took Zoe’s last name! And a lot of people have something to say about it.

Now, I am of the opinion that a woman doesn’t have to take her husband’s last name, especially when she’s worked so hard to get that name recognized as Zoe has. I wouldn’t think anything of Zoe keeping her name and her husband keeping his name – I guess it gets a little odd when kids enter the picture though.

Will they get the dad’s name and if so, then your kids have a different last name than you. Or will they get their mom’s name? Then the dad gets to look like the step dad. It definitely gets complicated.

But a man taking his wife’s last name just seems a bit emasculating. It doesn’t help that Zoe seems like the super strong, masculine, dominant type. I mean, case in point: passersby said Zoe was yelling at her hubby in public in the below picture (it sure looks like it’s true).

What say you guys? Would you ever let your husband take your last name? How do you feel about the whole we’re married, now change your last name matter?


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