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November 21, 2017 / admin

Malia Obama is Down With the Swirl – and I am not mad at her!

How quickly they grow up. Remember when Malia Obama was a cute little kid standing on the stage at her dad’s inauguration way back in 2008?

Well she’s grown now (or at least you know she thinks she is).

The 19 year old, who now attends her father’s alma mater— Harvard, was recently pictured at a Harvard-Yale Game puffing on an e-cig and smooching a tall, dark haired mystery guy who was definitely on the lighter shade of the color spectrum. His Cory from Boy Meets World haircut was also a dead giveaway to his whiteness.

It’s no surprise really that she’s down with the swirl as I’m sure she has been surrounded by Caucasians her entire life and probably feels very comfortable around them.

I was happy to see comments about the photos were more about her smoking and going through the normal teenage phase than the fact that she was kissing a white guy. Progress?


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  1. Jay Fenton / Nov 21 2017 6:54 pm

    Malia sure did grow up nice. I know one white boy who is VERY lucky!

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