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November 13, 2016 / admin

Is Broadcasting your Relationship on Youtube Wise?

img_1461About six or seven years ago I used to really enjoy watching all the interracial couples on youtube share their photo slideshows and vlogs.

Back then a lot of Black women and White men were still not sure if either side was really attracted to the other, and these couples provided proof that indeed this type of coupling was not only possible, but becoming more and more popular.

Of course, as with many intra-racial relationships, a lot of these couples did not stand the test of time. Some people opted to leave the videos up while others removed them. Regardless, the poster would get a barrage of questions on their old and new videos asking about updates and details about whether the couple was still together.productjunkiexoxojim

The racist trolls and haters relished in the idea of an interracial couple breaking up and used these instances as “teachable” moments to point and laugh at the incredulity of Black women and White men relationships lasting long term.

But between fanboys and fangirls deeply invested in these people’s lives – sometimes to the point where they pursued someone in the relationship offline (it’s actually quite achievable to start dating a youtube user vs a celebrity so online followers who think they want what they see will actually try to break couples up), and persistent trolls who succeeded in baiting the couple to argue and engage with them, I have to wonder if the biggest mistake these couples made was parading their relationship on the internet for everyone to see.

I talk about why it is a bad idea to always bring up the race issue with your partner in my book, “How to be Irresistible to White Men” (see the sidebar to the right for more info).

Sure, it’s nice to get praise and admiration from thousands of people who think you and your partner make a cute couple, but one of the partners (usually the male in the bwwm vlogger relationship) can start to feel really exploited as though that’s the only reason you are together, or the vlog becomes the foundation for the relationship so a person feels trapped.

Additionally, it can get really old really quick, and tiring to be in a relationship where you constantly fixate on your differences – especially racial differences (most vlogs featured the couples trying to drive viewers for ad revenue talking ad nauseam about just that). That is not sexy or fun – and you should want to make your relationship feel as normal, natural, and easygoing as any other.

What do you think?

Would you ever post your videos and pictures with your significant other on youtube? Do you think it’s a good or a bad idea? Do you follow any couples or have an opinion based on first hand experience? SHARE BELOW!




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  1. angelaroselle / Nov 13 2016 2:08 pm

    Personally, I don’t believe it is a good idea for interracial couplings much less Black woman/White man to parade their relationships on social media. Especially on a site like Youtube. Youtube is a site that has many racist and ignorant trolls so I know interracial vloggers would come in contact with such trolls. Why put a relationship on the line for such trolls? It can get stressful too. Plus it doesn’t look genunine for the couple(in my opinion) to parade their relationship like that online. Why put additional stress on a relationship by vlogging to the world about it and dealing with hecklers?

    If an interracial couple wants to vlog about their relationships, I wish them the best luck. My intention isn’t to discourage interracial couplings from vlogging but to rise the consequences that comes with broadcasting their relationship to the world like that. Personally, if I were in an interracial relationship with a White man, I wouldn’t ever vlog about it. If another Black woman in an interracial relationship wants to do so, good for her. At the end of the day, one needs to do what they feel is best for them regardless of what others think.

  2. Lenora Young / Nov 14 2016 10:40 am

    I think it depends: on whether the couple has businesses that benefit from vid blogging. Ex. Two Oceans meet, they are both models. Where you live: outside of the USA is best in my opinion. What platform you use. I would not use YouTube. Or whether you allow comments, or whether your delete and block finger works. I think it also depends what you post. I would NOT include children, unless my location is remote from the viewing audience. I can see blogging about vacations after the fact. Or special outings and celebrations. Also relationship milestones. It’s like everything else in life. Use good common sense, protect your privacy, be safe, and honor the sanctity of your relationship.

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