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September 17, 2014 / admin

Midweek Missed Connections – September 2014

Yep, somewhere in America there is a White guy and Black girl checking each other out – on a train, bus, mall, bar, cafe, etc. Unfortunately all too many of these individuals will never speak, meet or connect because of bad timing, insecurity, etc. That is where Craigslist missed connections comes into play. I love browsing these stories from time to time and if nothing, it’s proof that White men definitely find Black women attractive – and vice versa (lots of staring, flirting, smiling being described in these posts).
Maybe one of these very posts is meant for you! I hope these hopefully (albeit a little far reaching) posts will inspire you to speak up and seize the moment. 

headBlack girl at Topanga Mall – m4w – 29 (West Valley)

Craigslist Los Angeles

We both stared (but we didn’t want the other to know we were staring!) at each other frequently (in fact I did catch your smile) at the food court. Maybe you didn’t know it but I love dating women outside my race. You were 28-33? Maybe 5’5″ to 5’8″? Wearing a short plaid skirt with a tight top (yes, you have amazing legs!). I didn’t approach you because it looked like you were with your mom and I didn’t want to freak her out (but I should have!). OK, me. 44, /divorced/muscular body/Italian/French/German.

Bridgeport train station – m4w (Bridgeport)

Black girl, from train station. Friday around 1pm. I’m white guy, you ask me- how you doing. I want to see you again. I guess you go to New Haven.

Cute Black girl who took pic with me at Colombian Festival(7/20/14) – m4w – 25 (Elizabeth, NJ)

I know this is probably a real shot in the dark, but here it goes anyway. I am looking for a cute black girl who took a picture with me on Morris Ave. a few doors down from The Burger King on Sunday July the 20th., the day of The Colombian Festival in Elizabeth, N.J. I was with a group of friends and we asked you if you could take a pic of us. Then I asked you if I could take a pic with you and you said yes, so we did. I was the thick(not fat) dude with the red shorts, Superman yellow, blue and red shirt(the Colombian colors) and a yellow wrap on my head, green eyes also had on very light shades, and tan skin. I was slightly drunk, so I did not even ask you for your number after we took the pic together. (kickin’ myself for that one) Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I only drink socially, and I do work , and am working on a profession. Like I said, I know this is a shot in the dark, but thought I would try it anyway.


braids – m4w (Battery Park)

You-beautiful black woman with braids wearing jeans on the #4 train, got off at Brooklyn bridge
Me=White guy with blue eyes wearing a suit and should have introduced myself

Dunkin Donuts. …6 am Wednesday – m4w (Montgomery)

You were the black lady sitting alone. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I had to actually fight the urge to look at you. I didn’t want to stare. You look absolutely amazing.
I am white but it seemed all the guys that walked in were white.
If interested do you recall what I was wearing?

Deli Counter-Walmart- Lake Meade – m4w (Henderson)

Craigslist Las Vegas
today at the Deli counter. I could not see your nametag…….only part of it: ….nya. I tried to read the missing part but could not.
You are a young black lady, slim but without doubt female, speak with an accent and you are beautiful.
I am an older white gentleman, slightly balding, wearing a business type shirt, glasses, neat and professional in appearance. I too speak with an accent.
We were flirting with each other and I love your smile. I hope you read this and decide to say hello. I would love to see you again without having to stand in line at the deli counter to buy meat and cheese.






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  1. Adeen / Sep 19 2014 12:37 pm

    I went to a university related event last summer and walked inside the room that served food. A White guy was looking at me and smiling. I wonder why he didn’t approach

  2. Nita / Apr 10 2015 11:23 am

    White guys are not like Black men when it comes to approaching Black women.
    You pretty much have to be in the same social circle for them to feel comfortable saying a simple hello.
    Kind of frustrating when we come from a more direct, straightforward culture.

    Going through the same thing right now with a guy in my town.
    Every blue moon I will catch him driving his truck or see him.

    I am so attracted to him and have been thinking of him for over a year now since we met.
    It is starting to feel like insanity.
    He sort of flirted with me once but I think it was to make his girlfriend/office manager jealous.

    It cut deep when he ignored me, the next time I saw him in person.
    So I stopped going around to his office during business hours and just go when no one is there.

    Been trying to meet other guys. Wish me luck. 🙂

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