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September 9, 2014 / admin

Oldest Interracial Newlyweds Involved in Family Drama

Possibly the oldest interracial newlywed couple

Possibly the oldest interracial newlywed couple

Newlyweds Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, are likely to be the oldest interracial newlywed couple in the world, according to an article about the couple and their family drama on AOL.

The two met while standing in line for a lottery ticket, which resulted in a $2500 win, over ten years ago and have been together ever since. The Virginians would not have been allowed to marry if they had met in their 20s or 30s or 40s, given Virginia’s law banning interracial marriages at the time.

But the story isn’t all roses and butterflies – and the world record might not last for long, since Hill has been declared legally incapacitated for several years and her estate worth $425,000 now hangs in the balance.

With marriage comes rights and Mr. Harrison legally has claim to that fortune should anything happen to his new wife. That means Mrs. Edith’s family would have to split their inheritance, which doesn’t sit too well with one of her two daughters.

Hill’s daughter, Patricia Barber, who is opposed to the marriage and had no idea about the couple’s intention to marry is calling for a judge to annul their union in Mrs. Hill’s best interest. She claims her sister and co-guardian over their mother, Rebecca Wright, acted improperly by taking her mother to get married without the court’s permission.

While the judge, James Clark, found the marriage to have been improper, he also worried that breaking up the couple could “create a circumstance in Mrs. Hill’s life that she doesn’t deserve.” A current investigation is underway, being led by  lawyer, Jessica Niesen, to gather the facts and meet the couple.

If she finds that the marriage is not in Hill’s best interest, she has the authority to pursue a divorce or possibly an annulment on Hill’s behalf.

It’s yet to be seen if Hill and Harrison’s marriage will be upheld but for now, the two live together in Annandale, with Rebecca and Robin Wright (Mrs. Hill’s granddaughter) helping care for them. Rebecca Wright said the two do a good job taking care of each other – his hearing is not great, and her vision is not great. They dance, listen to music and take walks, which has improved their health.


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  1. swirlqueen / Sep 9 2014 11:35 am

    People need to leave this couple alone to live out the rest of their years happy. It must be said that these two grew up in an ugly chapter of our Nation’s history — Segregation. Virginia was no place of comfort for blacks and for her to find love across racial lines, him as well considering their respective childhood speaks volumes for our present time. I say help them, don’t hinder for a few dollars one may inherit. Shame on the daughter bringing this action against her mother and uhm, step father.

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