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July 12, 2014 / admin

Want to Meet New People This Summer? Throw a BBQ

people-bbqAh, summer, summer, summer time! The time of year when folks retreat from hibernating in their warm abodes and venture outside to mingle amongst other human beings.

This is the perfect time to meet new people and increase your social life. According to The Wall Street Journal, 30% of couples still meet their significant other through friends so your social circle better be (or get) on point if you’re single and looking.

I don’t fall into the 30% in my current relationship but can understand why this has been the leading way to meet others since the end of World War II. The reason people like to meet this way is because it’s low pressure, and since we vet our friends and tend to run in circles of people that are similar to us, our friends friends are usually pre-vetted and similar in socio economic, demographic and geographic characteristics.

Now, what is a guy or gal to do if he or she doesn’t have a lot of friends (say you’ve just moved to an area) or the ones you have are kind of lame (they are homebodies)?

Simple. If you’re not getting invites to do things with your friends, you have to start doing the inviting.

One event that is hard for people to turn down is that of the summer BBQ. Free drinks, free food, grilling, music, relaxing, games = an almost guaranteed RSVP from even your most introverted friends.

However, since you probably don’t want to date one of your current friends (or maybe you do, in which case this is the perfect ruse to flirt with him or her) the kicker in using this strategy is to make sure each friend brings a friend, or two.

Other tips to have a successful BBQ 

Send out invites early: Give people enough advance notice to ensure higher attendance

Ask everyone to bring something: You should be prepared to provide treats but get people to commit to bringing something to the BBQ and they will be more likely to show up, since they know you’ll be counting on their dip.

Think about a gag/theme: A kiddie pool, piñata, board games, bbq in the park, or even promising to have a projector to watch a movie (where the participants get to vote between two choices or recommend a movie) will be sure to get more interested parties.

Another good suggestion is to subtly let it be known that you are putting on a matchmaking bbq and that each friend is encouraged to bring a single friend. Hit your couple friends up for this because they will undoubtedly know someone who they’d like to hook up!

Tie it to an event or holiday: A bbq to watch the world cup, a bbq to watch the US OPEN, a bbq to celebrate the fourth of july. You may think everyone has plans for these days but believe it or not, many people don’t have plans and are waiting to get invited to do something. You could be that person.

Use Social Media: Facebook is a great tool to use if you want friends of friends to commit to coming. Either use an event page or a group private message (although I prefer event invites). Make sure you adjust the settings to allow other people to invite their friends and then specifically encourage it in the description.  Speaking of descriptions, make yours a good one.

Ask for Volunteers: Get some folks to commit to coming early to help you set up and prepare. People are more likely to stick around your bbq if they’re not the first or only one there. If you want your guests to stick, you’ve got to have other guests as bait.





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