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July 9, 2014 / admin

Queen of IR Dating Halle Berry on Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)

Despite all the crazy things said about Halle Berry, I loves her and think she has played a huge role in fostering interracial Relationships.

She burst on to the scene and made many White men sit up and take notice that Black women can be super hot. You’d be hard pressed to find a White guy who wouldn’t admit to Halle being beautiful and date worthy. And who knows? Maybe that small admittance helped some guy open his eyes to the other gorgeous Black women surrounding him in his own hometown or  become comfortable with sharing his attraction to Black girls with friends/family/etc.

In her career she has also pushed herself to not just be the stereotypical ‘black girl’ (BAPS) but show that we can convincingly play smart, beautiful, sexy (bond girl material), and normal women – as well as have crossover appeal.

I’m sure many Black girls/women noticed, just as I did, the large amounts of White guys who proclaimed Berry was beautiful and dateable and as a result thought to themselves it was completely viable to attract White men. Many BW can give her a run for her money when glommed up (just as Halle usually is).

Also, Halle has been able to nab some VERY HOT white men and normalize the BW-WM pairing on an international stage. Black girls have taken notice of that too. Although some criticize her of pandering to a large swath of her audience (Black men and NBABM women) by claiming she ‘tried’ with black men, the rest of us realize that she probably isn’t seriously apologetic about dating White men.

Perhaps her relationships (however they have or may end) gave some girl out there to confidence to flirt with the hot white guy in her local neighborhood.

She has constantly held a spot on People’s most beautiful list year after year, and is aging quite gracefully, and clips like the one below of her on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon show JUST HOW COOL and fun she is (and other black girls/women can be).

Kudos to Halle


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  1. Sue / Jul 9 2014 1:51 am

    Halle Berry is not black she’s mixed race.

    • admin / Jul 9 2014 5:43 pm

      This is true but without knowing her background 99% of people would assume she was black just from looking at her and there are plenty of black women (with 2 black parents) who who look like Halle does (skin tone, facial features, hair type, body, etc.)

      • Angel / Aug 30 2014 8:55 am

        Keep deluding yourself. Most of the black women who have trouble dating IR DO NOT look like Halle Berry. Halle Berry looks like a mixed race woman, no matter how much you hate that fact. Many black women look like her because of racial admixture. That does not mean MOST black women can succeed at IR like she does.

        By holding Halle up as an example, you are admitting that the more West African a black women looks, the more trouble she will have dating IR. Let’s be honest. If MOST black women looked like Halle, there would be no need for books and blogs teaching black women how to attract white men.I live in the US and NONE of the mixed race women I know have trouble attracting white men. In the UK, most mixed race women marry white men. BWE liars created the myth that white men don’t like mixed race women and the myth just won’t die. White men have always loved mixed race women. The lighter brown skin and softer features are much more appealing to them than strong West African features and very dark skin.

        Darker skinned women with strong West African features are more inclined to date IR because they are more likely to be rejected by black men. Yet surprisingly, they are also more likely to be rejected by white, Asian and Hispanic men. The BWE blogs moderate their comments to give the impression that big nose, broad face, nappy hair, jet black skin is what most white men want, LOL.

  2. Anny / Jul 13 2014 11:33 am

    What difference does it make? She identifies herself as a Black woman. Her mother (although white) knew that she had to raise her to identify as a BW because that is the way society sees her.

    • Angel / Aug 30 2014 9:09 am

      Halle has had a successful career BECAUSE she is mixed race. The same way whites felt comfortable voting for Obama BECAUSE he is mixed race. The biggest lie that blacks accept is that white people see all “black” people in the same negative light. They do not. Mixed race people are much more acceptable to whites than full-black people. Always have been, always will be.

      Halle’s mother encouraged her to identify as black because she knew that Halle would be worshiped in the black community and because Halle is too dark to pass for pure white. But Halle has always played the mixed race card. Even while claiming to identify as black, she always mentions her white mother, just like Obama. And she clearly loves making babies with white men. Halle’s mother knew Halle would be better off competing against black women because she could easily take men and jobs away from un-mixed black women. As a mixed race woman, Halle is appealing to both blacks and whites and that is why she has had such a great career. Someone like Gabrielle Union, even with her hair weave, has not come close to having a career like Halle. Halle did not need hair weaves to look mixed.

      • Nita / Apr 10 2015 1:44 pm

        WOW. Although what you say and how you sat is harsh.
        It’s the damn truth!

        But I don’t think we need to pit one against the other.
        Promote positivity on both sides.

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