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February 25, 2014 / admin

It’s Sick to Celebrate Patton & Thicke’s Divorce

Oh, boy! Another celebrity marriage has come to an end… but this one was unlike any of the others. This one lasted for 8 years and began when both of the participants were 14 (Robin Thicke) and 16 (Paula Patton).

Instead of people being sad at another broken home involving a child, admitting they don’t KNOW WHAT happened and wishing the couple all the best, or keeping their mean spirited ‘I told you so’ speculative thoughts to themselves, it seems as though folks are reveling in the fact that this marriage has devolved.

Not only that, but the racist and bigots have gladly jumped at the chance to snatch on their Klu Klux Klan masks and bring race into the equation – despite Paula Patton being a mixed race individual herself.

The Black guys also made an appearance to try to convince good looking and successful women, presumably brown skinned like Paula, to stay in their lane and stick to their own race of men b/c interracial relationships never work out! (Despite interracial marriages between White Men and Black Women having the highest success rate)

Here’s an awesome contribution to the discussion about these two people’s lives: see Jimbuscrepes. (From Gawkr): note JimbusCrepes not only tries to tell ladies that men of their own race will ‘understand’ them better. Really? I can’t make out most of the sounds many Black males go around mumbling, much less try to understand the slang/ebonics they use when they try to ‘holla’. And don’t get me started on the (c)rap music!


He also makes sure to prescribe settling for the slightly older, and pudgy (black) guy… who probably looks a lot like JimbusCrepes because he’s less likely to stray.

Is it appropriate to mention the huge out of wedlock birth rates in the African American community? Also, I guess less men can get divorced if they never commit and get married in the first place like many Black men are averse to doing.

Anyway, I digress. Did nobody’s mother ever teach them ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? Especially when it comes to a delicate subject like a dissolution of a marriage? Just uncouth.

Please, do me a favor and if you catch someone spouting off online about why they are happy for the separation, why Paula deserves this because she ‘flew the coop’ or any other such nonsense, and put them in their place!

Also, post the link in the comments section for other readers to go and pile on top of them for their bad manners.

P.S. – to the haters: “One monkey don’t stop no show!” This woman and man’s separation will not convince us to come on home. You need MORE people


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