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January 8, 2014 / admin

This is EXACTLY How to Ask a Black Girl Out – (Video)

White Men of the internets who want to know how to ask out a black girl, listen up because ‘you gon’ to learn today’! 

Jason Horton has made a tutorial video that will teach you step by step exactly how it’s done. What words to say specifically that will get a Black woman to say yes to going out on a date with you. Feel free to repeat the video a few times if you missed anything and take notes if necessary.

Then try it out on a Black girl you’re digging and let us know how it goes

Ladies, you have an assignment too. Do you agree? Is there anything Jason left out? Leave your comments below, as always!


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  1. JJinPA / Jan 9 2014 3:56 pm

    My guess would be that a black girl would want a white guy to act like a white guy. Otherwise she might think he’s making fun of her by trying to act black. As a white guy I’d be ill at ease trying to act black. So I think Aaron’s advice was right on. And it worked!

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