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January 2, 2014 / admin

PROS for Dating a Black Woman – Reason #99

Who in the world is that? Oh Rihanna? An example of a Black woman with many different looks who will always keep you guessing

As if you needed a reason to date a beautiful Black Woman! 🙂

Today’s pro for dating a black girl is that we are extremely versatile in our style/looks. You’ll never be bored with a Black Woman!

I recently became friends with a young woman who was showing me her previous pictures and I kept having to say, “Is that you?” or “Who’s that?” because she looked completely different in each and every picture. Different in a good way, I might add.

Black women are some of the most versatile women on the planet. We can, and do, switch up our looks – especially our hair – frequently. That’s why you never really catch a lot of Black women on those talk shows rocking their 70’s hairdo and wardrobe clearly stuck in a time warp and in need of a desperate makeover.

Most Black women are very current with the trends. If natural hair is in, she’ll be rocking a natural do or a naturally-inspired kinky/curly hair piece over her relaxed locks. When Janet Jackson dyed her hair red or Beyonce popped up on the scene, you saw tons of Black women with red or bronze highlights walking the streets. When Toni Braxton and Halle Berry was in the lime light, Black women with those jet black short crops were all over the place!

Look at a picture of a Black woman attending Church on Sunday and going to the club on Friday, and you won’t really know it’s the same person! Black women are notorious for dressing up to the nines to go to church (it’s rare you’ll see a BW going to church, wedding or any other formal occasion in a casual outfit like many other nationalities).

In her club going attire, makeup and heels, she’ll look like she’s just stepped out of a Robin Thicke video and be completely unrecognizable from her every day look.

Black girls really are bad! (bad in a good way) and you won’t get bored with her looks easily, because she’ll probably reach that point before you and do something to switch up her style. It’s like dating multiple women without the awkward/unsure stage.

Black women and the men who love them – am I telling the truth or am I telling the truth? Leave your comments BELOW!


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