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December 27, 2013 / admin

Kimora Lee Simmons is Through with Black Men!

After investing (read: wasting) many of her best years with cruds like Russell Simmons and Djimon Hounsou, Kimora Lee Simmons seemed to have made a revelation – it’s high time she got herself a [rich] White Guy! *There are a lot more of those around anyway*

Sure, both of her exes were popular and wealthy, but they were also known for using her up (for sex or a career boost), cheating on her and leaving her to be a single mom. SMH.

Well, it looks like Kimora has come to her senses and is through with [rich] Black men. [Insert the proverbial quote about the definition of insanity here]

Instead of dating rich/celebrity Black men over and over again, Kimora has switched it up a bit with her new boo, Tim Leissner. Pictured in the photo above is the happy couple at the Simmons’ annual family Christmas getaway in St. Barts.

Alongside her beautiful children Aoki, Ming, Kenzo, ex-husband Russell Simmons was there, so at least he’s still kind of in the picture. However, we’ve all seen the women Russell has dated after Kimora and they all have one glaring thing in common – ok, maybe two.

So, who is this Leissner guy? He holds a PhD and is the Co-President of Goldman Sachs Singapore in Southeast Asia. Leissner spends his day-to-day making major cash flow.

Please Take Note of Kimora’s body here – truly fab. See Russell’s and Tim’s body. Kimora = winning

Here’s hoping that for her, the third time is a charm. At least he looks like he doesn’t have an aversion to her kids! Good for her.

Also, in case some people reading this didn’t get the tongue in cheek reference above.. it was meant to address what all Black guys accuse Black women of saying when they decide to date White men.

What do you think of Kimora’s new guy? He’s cute, huh? Do you think it’ll last? Sound off below.


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