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December 25, 2013 / admin

Comment Win from D – How to be Irresistible Testimonial

She asked that I share it if I found it valuable, and without question – I do! Keep reading to see why…
I just wanted to leave a comment about your book. You mentioned how the clothes we wear give the red or green light. When we dress dowdy it sends a “Leave me alone” vibe. That is soo true. I admit the last couple of years I have had to downsize so I have gotten comfortable in the jeans, t-shirts and minimal make up.
I have adopted it as a uniform and it does keep men at bay. I say this not proudly (I am taking measures to get my feminine edge back) but to confirm what you addressed in the book. I do want to add something to that, when you get really hit hard by life, you lose your confidence and you start to “hide” and the “leave me alone” uniform is the best way to hide from the spotlight.
When I was a young girl in the 70’s my mother was a fashionista!. she was ultra feminine in her walk, talk and dress A fomer debutante she was sassy and confident. After she and my dad divorced, I saw her put on the “uniform” only taking it off to put on a dress for church on Sunday with a touch of blush  and a dab of lipstick and as soon as the last shout was over, back to the uniform and 30 years later, she still wears the “uniform”
Being a single mother and working two jobs at times, she just did not have it in her anymore to keep her feminine edge, she was trying to survive and raise 3 children alone. The divorce took alot out of her and she hides in the uniform.I  have tried to get her out of it, but she is comfortable with it. After a broken engagement and downsizing from my career, I have donned the “uniform” as the recession has knocked the wind out of me.  I am taking measures to ditch the uniform, but find it challenging some days.
The uniform also minimizes rejection because you are not looking for acceptance, but to hide. Some days you do not want to be bothered, you do not want to be open, you do not want to talk about your favorite foods, tv shows, walks on the beach. You just want to go to work and go home when you are in that “place” but I know that is not the way I want to live, I want to resurrect my dating life and head down the road to marriage which is why I bought your book. I have read it and am reading it again.
Thank you for writing it and thanks to your former roommate and your other Asian advisors that provided the info you share with us. It is appreciated.

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