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December 12, 2013 / admin

Real Interracial Marriage Photos

Haven’t posted one of the real interracial marriage photo boards in a while, and I’m in a romantic mood today!

It always amazes me how people from two separate worlds and places can meet each other and find enough commonalities to want to be together forever.

This post should also be a reminder to men/women who find Black women or White men attractive that there are tons of people/nationalities outside of Americans for you to consider dating. Europe is HUGE and lots of White men there find Black women absolutely stunning. Africa and the Caribbean have a lot of women there who don’t have hang ups about dating outside of their race. Don’t sleep on these people 🙂

Ok, let’s celebrate some interracial unions, shall we? Browse and enjoy!

She’s Black, he’s White/Filipino

She’s African American, he’s Norwegian

She’s Nigerian, He’s Italian/Polish/Russian

She’s African American, He’s Caucasian

She’s African, He’s Caucasian

She’s African, He’s Irish/Italian


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  1. Melissa / Jan 27 2015 5:05 pm

    I don’t know why there is such hostility towards interracial relationships. No one can deny the fact that the MOST beautiful children come from these relationships. How can something be wrong if it produces beautiful children???? A white woman with 3 black children and it doesn’t bother me when I see white men with black women. Why do a lot of black women hate it when white women are with black men?

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