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December 11, 2013 / admin

Comment Win by Mrs C.!

Now, to be clear I don’t think most Black women who like White men do so only because of bad experiences with Black men. I’ve always been attracted to White guys, for example. However, I totally get those women who decide to explore other options because their experience with Black men are simply not cutting it. To each his/her own.

This comment that came in today speaks to the later group of women who have had terrible luck limiting themselves to only Black men and are having the shields removed from their eyes.

I for one am very happy that more and more Black women now consider interracial dating to be something they would gladly do. The more options Black women have, the higher our value will be!

From Mrs. C –

First I would like to thank AW for their strength in opening up these doors and the author for her courage in helping BW to live happier and more fulfilled lives.
In my experience, most BW that I have even broached the idea of dating a WM, ball up in the fetal position and rock back and forth. The thought seems to terrify them. It’s like they cannot even just think about it. They say that WM just want them for sex and this is used as an excuse to shut down any thought or discussion. Let us not forget the BW who shout loud and proud how they will never be with a WM. This is probably due to the WM boogeyman stories the BW is spoon-fed and force-fed. This has led to an indoctrination of BW where they are “programmed” to despise, hold in contempt and be terrified of WM.
When I was single and opening up my options, I never met another BW who was doing the same (circa 2004). Every BW I met was all about the brothers and the plight of the black man. So I would have to say BW cut themselves off from opening their options. This is due to their indoctrination plus the inept way BM handle racism (promoting themselves as victims and seeking acceptance as oppose to empowerment).
The BW has been defeminized by the BM to rationalize his lust for white flesh and justify his overall incompetence as a man. So to be healthy and happy and feminine, the BW needs to detach from the BM. Face it, he detached from you decades ago.


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