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December 4, 2013 / admin

Which Race of Men are the Best and Worst at Proposing?

small_wow_proposals_info_graphic_So, new research by proposal expert, Robert Gosling, suggests a man’s race may be a contributing factor for whether or not a woman can expect to receive the proposal of her dreams. Can you guess who came out on the bottom and on the top?

Some people say there’s no difference between White and Black men, and they can’t understand why a Black woman might have a preference. It’s studies like this one that shows on a whole all men are simply not on the same level. I’ve found most of the White guys I’ve dated to be more romantic, thoughtful, chivalrous, giving, etc.

Obviously, not every single White guy is like this – but I really do think it’s the way they were raised compared to how a lot of Black men are raised. Not just that they were lacking teaching from their mother/father, but they just emulate what their uncles/brothers/friends and other people in the community do. And in the Black community, it’s considered foolish or being whipped to make sure your girlfriend gets treated like a Queen.

Anyway, read the article and let me know what you think in the comments section. For those of you married ladies, here’s your chance to dish about how awesome your marriage proposal was or confess to how disappointed you were.

Here’s the article:

New research by Robert Gosling, proposal expert and author of the book “How to Propose Without Screwing it Up: 50 Common Mistakes You Won’t Know You’re Making and How to Avoid them”, sheds interesting light on the recent leap in the number of women unhappy with their marriage proposal (25% to 33% from 2011 to 2013).

With uber romantic and over-the-top proposals being de rigueur on YouTube and many becoming overnight sensations, like the home depot, and flash mob videos that made news headlines nationwide, it would appear more men are getting the message that a proposal should be a big deal and are doing their best to make the moment memorable for their intended.

Why the growing discontent amongst women then? “According to the research, certain segments of the population have yet to realize the shift in their mate’s expectations and are skewing the numbers down,” said Robert.

2000 married women were sourced for the anonymous study in New York City over the course of a week. Each subject identified their mate’s race, and were asked to rate their marriage proposal as either satisfactory (they were not disappointed with any aspect of their proposal) or unsatisfactory (they were disappointed in some aspect of their proposal).

“The disparity was astounding.”

47% of women proposed to by Black men rated their proposal as unsatisfactory; 35% of women proposed to by Hispanic men rated their proposal as unsatisfactory; 29% of women proposed to by Asian men rated their proposal as unsatisfactory; and 26% of women proposed to by White men rated their proposal as unsatisfactory

Many women proposed to by Black or Hispanic men complained of proposals that were rushed or ill-planned, diamond size, feeling like their men waited too long to pop the question or were only asking because of extenuating circumstances. Women proposed to by Asian and White men were disappointed in the place or location of the proposal and that it wasn’t romantic or original enough.

While the sample size is small, there is something to take away from the results.

“What we found was all men need some help in this area, but Black men and Hispanic men particularly need to step their marriage proposal game up, at least in New York City.”

About Robert Gosling
Robert Gosling is the author of the newly released book, “How to Propose Without Screwing it Up: 50 Common Mistakes You Won’t Know you’re Making and How to Avoid them” available at For more information about Robert, visit


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  1. Dean white / Dec 9 2013 2:55 am

    A lot of black men like to have fun and not work all the time. If you dump him he don’t care because he might just have a lady on the side anyway. But black men do take control and are sometimes more fun to be around.
    A lot of white men are more of a one women man, but they do work a lot and that can take time away from a woman. They will treat their lady as a queen. A white man’s lady is his world, so remember what one will do to keep his world. Plus most of the time there is not another lady to run to if you dump him. But Love him and he will be fun to be with
    I don’t know much about Hispanic men, but I do know this: The Hispanic man is always the man of the house and they sometimes get upset when a ladies tries to be in control. How ever they will work a lot and that is a good thing.
    Asian men: Humm I know that most of them are smart and make good money, but I don’t know much more than that.
    This is not true in all cases, so I just you must just get to know the man first.

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