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October 21, 2013 / admin

Interracial Missed Connections OCTOBER 2013

42nd Street A train platform BLACK WOMAN – m4w – 47 (Midtown West)


Hi I was getting off an uptown A train (white guy). We made eye contact as I got off train about 7pm. You are a very attractive dark skinned black woman who caught me eye the second I saw you.

Know this has a snowball’s chance of working. What else can I try?

Hope you see this.


K Mart on Aramingo Ave. Sunday 9/15…at say 10:00am – m4w (K Mart on Aramingo Ave. )

hello dear in K Mart aramingo aveyou are a black woman very meaty and sexy with sexy black stretch tights and a brazere looking top. your mid section was showing. you really were revealing lots in that outfit. i was the white guy who said hello as you were just about running from the store. you are sweet looking and soooooooo sexy especially in that outfit. your booty was to die for!!! my name is rick. i want to meet you if that is possible??? please email me if you see this ad and i prey you do!!!

hot black girl at benefit on Saturday – m4w – 56 (Tom and Jerry’s)

you were sitting at the table with your Daddy and a few others. I walked by you and we locked eyes, several times. you have the blonde streak in your hair. Tell me about it, so I know it’s you.

Saturn Vue at the Shell station – m4w – 25 (Mahwah)

Saw you at the Shell just over the NY border in Mahwah on franklin tpke. You; super cute black girl, awesome hair, great smile. Me, freckly white dude, tie, white sunglasses in a BMW. You waved just as you were leaving and I so would have liked to meet you in person. Tailing you somewhere would have been way creepy and not at all cool. Figured I would give this a shot. Get at me!

where do we know each other from – m4w – 25 (the pure , Parsippany)

My Names Shawn I Was In A Resutant Last Night Called The Puree In Parsippany Near A Hotel I Looked Back At You Once And Took A Double Take I Was WIth Family Out To Eat WHERE DO I KNOW U FROMI HAVE BLOND HAIR BLUE EYES I WAS WEARING A A GREEN POLO

Barbie in Wawa – m4w – 38 (South Philly)

Looking for the gorgeous black girl that bought me my ham sandwich and OJ at the Wawa in South Philly. I was the white guy in white v-neck T-shirt. You said you worked at the Hospital, I am traveling on the road with my band. Wanted to give you my # but you disappeared. I hope you see this and contact me Barbie. -Lane

locked eyes on N train..u told me you wouldnt look awayt – m4w – 25 (Astoria Queens N train to 59th st lex av)

Ive never thought id have the chance to use this part of the site but i want to because i thought u were gorgeous. Im usually not shy although i can be… i wasn’t expecting much getting on the train. I was with my friend on the N train going to the city and we both got off on lex and 59th st. U were African American i believe and u have this really nice complexion and really nice hair. We locked eyes and i was fine at just staring at u but after a few seconds u said that u wouldn’t look away and i told u, u got this one. If u didn’t say anything i would have had u look away first 🙂 xp. It be nice to link up with u.. kicking my self in the ass for not asking for your number. chances r u wont look on here but its still on my mind . i wanted to leap over and kiss u softly … guess i have a little crush on u 🙂
im 6’3 , white and was a little stoned ( reason why i didnt make my move lol )

South mountain mall 10/11 – m4w – 36 (Liquor store)

You were a cute petite black chick with heart earrings that said love buying a bottle of zin(?). I was the white guy behind you with long hair. You are cuuuuuuuutttttteeeee!!!!!! I would love me some of that Brown Sugar!!!!

Beautiful black lady,,speedway oak creek, – m4w – 48 (Oak creek)

Howell and puitz, we looked each couple times as you can tell I was very attracted to u, I was a white male in work cloths

Clarendon Whole Foods yesterday – m4w (Arlington)

Washington DC
You – the most stunning black woman I have ever seen. You looked absolutely jaw-dropping in that blue dress with the brown boots.
Me – Stocky 1/2 Asian guy in blue dress shirt and black dress slacks.We bumped into each other in the produce aisle, the canned goods section, the bakery aisle, and the beer/wine corner. How I wish I had the courage to say something to you.

Cute black woman Laufers at rt1n 95 – m4w – 28

You were with yourgirl You orderi believe a red headed slut And wings We were watching cross fitt on tv I wanted to say somehing to you But you were also occupied with your friend U was the cute white boy to your left Itwas a wed The 2nd? Of yourlooking at this Id love to see you Go on a date!?

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  1. Kiwiwriter / Oct 27 2013 5:53 pm

    I hope these quests have a happy ending.

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