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January 3, 2013 / admin

Interracial Couple Launches Literary Magazine, The American Reader (gets write up in NYTIMES)


Uzoamaka Maduka and boyfriend Jac Mullen

Saw this article by Amy O’ Leary about Princeton graduate, Uzoamaka Maduka, in The NY Times.

As the editor of the fledgling literary journal, The American Reader, the 25-year-old has a lot of weight on her shoulders as she battles cries of the death of print and stereotypes of her generation being seen as unserious multitaskers who prefer to Instagram the world rather than to write about it.

What is interesting to note is how the Nigeran beauty was able to secure her noteworthy staff as well as the first round of funding for her magazine to pay for her writing staff, etc. (her funding runs out in March by the way and she is looking for new investors as well as advertisers): Networking and being social!

Here’s an excerpt form the article”

On the night of Mr. Asen’s party, The American Reader was just a week away from deadline for its third issue. The fact the magazine has printed anything at all has left many to wonder: how did this young woman, with no special family or literary connections, manage to wrangle some big names around the unlikeliest of projects — a monthly literary magazine?

The answer is that Ms. Maduka, or Max to her friends, has combined an unusual charisma with sheer determination to meet the right people, find the right parties and propel herself into the city’s literary set, even before the magazine has produced much in the way of writing…..

“All of a sudden we found ourselves on fast-forward, almost,” said Julian Tepper, the novelist, who met Ms. Maduka last June at his own book party. “All I can remember is being very good friends.” “It’s no wonder people have responded so well to her, and so quickly,” he added.

founder of the american reader

The takeaway? Ms. Maduka did it the old fashion way – she got out to events, put herself out there and MET/conversed with people who made friends who brought value to her life. She created real life connections and networks – and I’m sure it is through her network that a woman who started with no connections in the literary world has managed to get this write up in the Times.

So, yes, it takes effort, work and the willingness to go out of your way to do things you have never done before if you are to live the life you have never lived before and meet people you would never meet otherwise. I’m sure it would have been much easier for Ms Maduka to have continued her job as an au pair and lead her quiet life. But even if her venture doesn’t go the way she imagines,  how much more exciting of a life will she have led for doing this – imagine the offers and opportunities that will have opened up to her.

And, I totally didn’t plan this but this is a great segue and real life example of why you need to sign up for the 60 Day Dating Challenge like yesterday!

Read the full article here


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  1. pkayden / Jan 10 2013 9:28 pm

    Interesting that he’s called her “on again off again boyfriend”. She is gorgeous. I hope her endeavor is successful.

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