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September 15, 2012 / admin

Date Who you Want Event in Atlanta – Sep 28

Singles of all races are invited to the Atlanta, Date Who You Want! discussion on Friday, September 28, 2012, at the Marriott Perimeter Center, 246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE Atlanta, Georgia, 30346.

Millions of black women went to church last Sunday; and chances are that 99.9% of the single ones went up to the pulpit for the pastor, deacon, or minister to ‘lay hands on them’ and pray for God’s favor in finding them a good black man.  A good black man who never seems to materialize.

Additionally, Atlantans of all races who are interested in interracial dating never venture out for fear of negative comments prom passersby, retaliation from people that oppose interracial dating, and more importantly, pressure from friends and family.

A panel spearheaded by Christelyn D. Karazin, popular blogger ( and co-author of the newly released book Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed and ONYX Atlanta, a group that plans social events for Black Women and Men of other races and cultures, will examine how women can free themselves from their barriers to finding the true love that they deserve by expanding their dating options to include men of other races.

The panel will discuss:

•   The preconceived notions people have about interracial dating that keep them single
•   How and why are Black churches keeping African-American women single
•   Why Black/White interracial relationships are the most fraught with tension
•   How to handle your mixed relationship when your family or friends do not approve
•   How to bypass the shortage of available Black men and Date Who You Want!
•   How to deal with the social pressure that interracial dating attracts
•   How to make yourself interracially approachable
•   How character counts and why you should date who you want!

The Atlanta, Date Who You Want! discussion opens at 7:30pm with a meet & greet cocktail hour. The discussion starts at 8:00pm and ends at 10:00pm.

Atlanta, Date Who You Want! is sponsored by ONYX Atlanta (, a group that connects Black women with men of other races and cultures and DWYW ( a premier interracial dating website.

The cost to attend is $10 (payable at the door.) To register or for more information, visit or call 404.242.2926.

About ONYX Atlanta
ONYX Atlanta offers a wonderful opportunity for Black Women and Men of other races & cultures to meet like minded people with similar interests.  Fun activities are planned all over the Atlanta Metro such as meet & greet mixers, jazz events, sports events, lunch & dinners, book discussions, bowling, motorcycle rides, etc. which  enable our members to meet, greet and swirl!   Visit for more information.

About Christelyn Karazin
Christelyn D. Karazin is a charismatic speaker, writer, author and blogger.

Christelyn runs a very popular blog, Beyond Black & White ( created for women who are interested and/or involved in interracial and intercultural relationships.

She is the co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed by Christelyn D. Karazin and Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, the first ever handbook on navigating the exciting, tricky, and potentially dangerous terrain of interracial relationships with personal anecdotes, historical context, pop cultural references, and expert tips on how to make the bumpy ride a bit smoother.

About Date Who You Want
If you’re looking for a partner of a particular ethnicity, background, religion, appearance, political views, intellect, or someone who shares the exact same interests as you, you have the greatest chance of finding them online at Date Who You Want. (



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  1. Eunice H Eve Massaquoi / Sep 6 2014 9:15 pm

    I am looking for a serious relationship n long term


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