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May 5, 2012 / admin

2 Black Women in People’s List of ‘Most Beautiful Women’, One BW is #1!

Beyonce recently topped People’s List of Most Beautiful Women in the world – yes, out of 3 billion women in the world Beyonce apparently reigns. Paula Patton came in 8th place.

It’s great that they are recognizing the beauty of Black Women but many are up in arms saying that Beyonce and Paula Patton look very ‘mixed’. I believe Paula Patton is mixed and we all remember that commercial with Beyonce claiming to be a quarter french and Indian and all this – as well as Beyonce’s perpetually blonde weave. lol.

Do black women have to look like a ‘white woman dipped in chocolate’ to contend amongst the other plain looking white women (like Michelle Williams who is definitely not more gorgeous than Paula Patton. Uh, glasses much?!?) and have their beauty appreciated?

Progress or not? What say you?

The top 10 most beautiful women, according to People, are:

1. Beyonce

2. Sofia Vergara

3. Charlize Theron

4. Lily Collins

5. Madeleine Stowe

6. Christina Hendricks

7. Michelle Williams

8. Paula Patton

9. Miranda Lambert

10. Kate Middleton


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  1. Ebon / May 5 2012 2:22 am

    This is not progress unfortunately. It’s a piss poor representation of black women. I’m not on a light skin rant, I have cousins that are mixed, but light skin girls need to stop being pushed to the forefront. I’m sure this rushed list was put together with a perception that black women idolize anyone light. Some crazy, demented black women do (and aren’t even aware of where the history of that dismorphia even comes from, slavery and being close to masha, harlem renaissance night club show girls, paper bag, some black men’s perceptions, etc.) but in recent years there’s been a budding recognition of dark beauty. However it’s only ever remained in black forms of news media.

  2. Metal 0-4 / May 15 2012 6:47 pm

    “a white woman dipped in chocalate” lol? If a white girl literrally had her skin color and hair texture somehow changed to resemble those of a black girl, I still wouldn’t be fooled because I’d be able to tell that she was actually white due to the lack of curves lol. I’m actually a white dude lol. I have a friend who picks at me and says that the ones who look good in the face (and not just the light-skinned ones) must have some white in them somewhere down the line. You know how I counter that lol? I say, “Well, a black girl who doesn’t have curves must have white in her down the line!” lol.

  3. Kisa27 / May 16 2012 8:46 pm

    My only thing is Paula needs to be third and Kate fourth. I just google images of everyone ahead of them and its certainly a crime that their number 8 and 10. Anyways to the real point of this conversation we can say is not actual progress they halfway kissing our ass. But don’t worry we’re definitively going to be on top one day and for sure no one’s going to forget it.

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