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May 3, 2012 / admin

What the Tweeps are Saying – The Men Speak on it!

People are talking! What are they saying?
Read below for a special “The Men Speak on it’ version of What the Tweeps are saying!

The sweetest love comes from black women

Ryan RecherRyan Recher ‏ @rysoserious

I think interracial couples are amazing. I’m praying for that for myself.

A black girl came in today and she had a killer weave with the side n back shaved so I decided the only girls I’m gunna date r chocolate 1s

I wanna date a beautiful caramel light colored skin black girl with hazel eyes & body ^^ lol

I kinda have a crush on a black girl..she’s in my class, I’m gunna say something to her tmorw…I always stare at her”- @VinceTortorice

God why do I love big black women so much??

More after the jump

Black girls love Italians… Ever since a bronx tale. #calogero

I’m whipped. My girlfriend is black so we thought it’d only be fair.

My mom says I have a thing for black girls. – Chester French

I love black women dammit! 🙂



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