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May 2, 2012 / admin

South Park’s Commentary on Interracial Relationships (Cartman Finds Love)

Season 16 – Episode 7

Theres a new girl in school and everyone wants to know who she has a crush on. Cartman is especially excited. Hes discovered something inside himself that he never knew he had. Now, to make sure nobody gets in the way of true love, its time for Cartman to finally let someone know exactly how he feels.

Click on the picture below or View the full episode here:

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  1. Keshia / May 2 2012 9:11 pm

    I love it! Matt Stone the co-creator’s wife is black. I found that out a few years back on another IR blog. I wonder if he wrote this episode himself as well.

  2. pkayden / May 3 2012 6:07 pm

    But I didn’t like how at the end, she starts dating Token. South Park is hilarious!

  3. admin / May 3 2012 6:12 pm

    I know, I kind of wanted her to end up with Kenny! Cartman is always screwing stuff up! haha. I agree, South Park makes me teeheehee

    • Ruthlyn Oliver / May 3 2012 7:04 pm

      remove the blog about me please

  4. Joseph Hutch / May 3 2012 11:53 pm

    Just stop writing on it Ruthlyn. You’re perpetuating you’re own drama.

    • Ruthlyn / May 4 2012 8:14 am

      That’s the funny thing, though Mr. Hutch…I have no drama. Those is all things i’ve left in the past. And thats exactly where those things belong. The original intent of the post is to talk about my blog which, I didnt even make public at the time and no longer exists. So it doesnt need to be there anymore anyway. And who are you again? Lol oh yeah, nobody.

      • Ruthlyn / May 4 2012 8:20 am

        Oh Lord…excuse the typos…but seriously admin, its got to go.

  5. WingedBeast / May 4 2012 9:45 am

    I rather enjoyed it. And, while many times the story will have some sort of moral, this time it’s a moral I agree with. Either avoiding dating interracially or doing so based solely upon what other people think is right (whether to avoid a problem or purposely stick it up their nose) leaves you not being you. She realized the manipulation and realized that, in terms of where her affections lie, it doesn’t matter.

    Kind of a kick to the jones for Kyle, though.

  6. Joseph Hutch / May 4 2012 11:48 am

    Sorry to say Ms Oliver but your past drama is still your drama. And you didn’t make your blog public but you DID make this blog public on your YouTube video that I watched. But I guess it was okay back then when all writings were about how bad your ex was. Don’t take it down, it’s called freedom of speech. Live with it.

    • Ruthlyn / May 4 2012 6:01 pm

      Tsk tsk tsk and you claimed to have read all the comments. Again, I wanted it down a long time ago. I made the blog public via youtube AFTER I discovered that blogpost. It was in fact the original trolling in at blog post that made me take my youtube channel down and my mother who prompted me to take my blog down. You people are funny, man. You think you know all about me because you watched my youtube videos intently.

    • Ruthlyn / May 4 2012 6:04 pm

      Oh yeah and the fact that people won’t move on with their lives after I was in it is really not my problem and therefore not my drama. I tend to have that affect on those with obsessive personalities. I mean, look at how you’re acting and I never even dated you, boo. 😉

      • Joseph Hutch / May 4 2012 6:57 pm

        Obsessive personality is feeling the need to write on this blog everytime someone puts you down or proves a point against you.This blog is almost a year old. Leave it alone and it will leave you alone. Oh and the statement you made about ‘I got a man..I’m happy’ proves that you can’t live life without a man in it. It just seems like you hop from one guy to another. All your statement proved was that you’re sleeping with even more men than we… Lemme ask you, have you ever been single for an entire year since the age of 21? An entire year of no relationships, no man..probably not. Go find yourself Ruthlyn cause you’re lost.

        Think about it like this, my opinion is mine, yours is yours. You can’t change my opinion, nor can I change yours so leave this blog alone because those that side with you, will always and those that don’t, won’t. Period!

      • Ruthlyn / May 6 2012 8:48 am

        You are very good at arguing, i’ll give you that. I don’t care to change your opinion, nor do I even care what your opinion is…all I can tell you is that you don’t truly know me. No one who actually knows me feels that way about me. Again, the blog is about me, has MY name on it (used to have my picture until the blog owner took it down per my request)- so its not obsessive that I wish to speak for MYSELF about matters involving ME. But when someone I don’t know, who doesn’t know me has a SENSE of knowing me based on some youtube videos I made….and then jumps at the opportunity to address me to tell me how they “feel” about me…hmmmm….

        You truly seem to harp on my relationships…how many i’ve had or haven’t had. I find that interesting that you have such a problem with that. This is what makes me think you’re someone who is bent out of shape that I didn’t want YOU (well that and you feel so close to me, which is creepy) Or that to you the measure of a woman’s worth is found in her relationships. That tells a lot about you, sir! I understand the picture that you’re trying to paint of me…but that girl is not me. I am the strongest woman I know and I do feel sorry for girls like that who need a man to identify themselves.

        This is the third attempt at you trying to paint me out to be some desperate lost soul jumping from relationship to relationship to overcome her daddy issues. Its like you can’t stand the fact that I (like a normal freaking girl in her 20s) date around. Why are you so bothered by me enjoying what’s out there? Im not lost honey, i’m taking the world by the balls. 😉 Or do you not grasp the concept that there are strong women out there who are sexually empowered in addition to finding fulfillment in self?

        So i’m gonna throw that judgement call right back atcha and say that you’re a chauvenistic pig who thinks women are only around for your sexual gratification. All your comments on here -not just to me, but in general are shallow displays of machoism. You probably can’t find a black woman with low enough self esteem to put up with your shit, which is why you’re part of the handful of single white men on blogs like this flexing your muscles and involving yourself deeply in OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.

  7. Jo / May 30 2012 1:17 pm

    Being as that I am a Crossfit trainer I have that right to post pics of my body. You think you are telling me off by assuming things about me. As you don’t understand you are the reason for your own internet craze(you made vids, you go on blogs, you promoted this blog!), don’t get aggravated when people whom are actually part of your real life(Dan), question and doubt you.

    I’d rather not fall deeper into the drama but I beg you to stop defending yourself on this site. You are actually a sad person as I have learnt.

    • Ruthlyn / May 31 2012 5:33 am

      Dan is not a part of my life. I went on two dates with him and thats it. And the reasoning for that is obvious. I stopped making videos years ago babes…so enough about me, lets talk about you. It’s interesting (i’ve “learnt”) to see that If you live in Charleston, SC and work at Boeing so you’re more than likely friends with my ex (one who actually MATTERED) and his tranny. I think you’ve been following my escapades for YEARS and you’re so close to me that it thrills you. At any rate considering how close you are to me and obsessed you are with me (i.e. bringing up my myspace page which hasnt been graced by my presence in forever), I say you drop this unwarranted beef you have with me in your little brain and have a beer or two with me at Buffalo Wild Wings. Lol if you’re so interested in my life boo, i’ll tell you everything- the good, the bad and the ugly. But lets get this out of the way now: I could give two shits that you’re a crossfit trainer. So don’t go trying to woo me with your abs (sidebar honey my first husband was special ops and im in the military, you’re not the only asshole with abs). Is “begging” really necessary? Why not just hash it out over 6 traditional spicy garlic and a shock top? Whaddaya say? Now if you say “no, you’re so pathetic I don’t even want to see you….” then i’m gonna call bullshit and say you might as well just kill me and wear my face as a mask already because you are clearly a die hard fan that goes wayyyy back and you’re right here in my home town. Either that or you’re close with my ex and the tranny and you’re trying to start some shit. On three occasions i’ve run into people here in Charleston who recognize me from YouTube and have approached me so maybe you’ve seen me but didn’t have the balls to say hi! At any rate it’d be interesting to meet you- that is of course if Joseph Hutch the crossfit trainer in South Carolina who works at Boeing is even a real person. But seriously, if you wanna go out for drinks and meet me i’ll buy- i’d like to know if you’re man enough to make your internet attacks to my face.

      • DK / May 31 2012 12:33 pm

        Thank God for that. And, she wants cock. That’s why she’s inviting you out 😛

    • Ruthlyn / May 31 2012 5:44 am

      Oh yeah and when I said “flexing your muscles”, I meant in the figurative sense….not your physical muscles, smart guy. 😉

  8. Jo / May 31 2012 4:30 pm

    Lets review this. I’m trying to woo you with my profile pic on facebook? huh..Lets just say the more you talk, the more I believe all the information about you.

    I got annoyed at this and talked to EACH person involved. So if your not a liar about this internet life you have going on, did you really..
    a) Knock and scream at the door of your ex’s new girlfriend for your EX to come out? By ex, I mean the one that mattered, not the other one who you bring up constantly but in your mind doesn’t matter..yeay right.
    b) Did you or did you not propose to your ex fiance? like got down on one knee, the whole works..
    c) Did you try to pay your light bill with your ex’s credit card after he moved out?
    d) Did you pay bills at all during any of those relationships, Miss Independent?

    Oh and stop trying to woo me because no offense,you’re not attractive to me and I don’t want to be seen alone with you BUT I will go WITH FRIENDS ACCOMPANYING ME if you answer those questions truthfully.

    • Ruthlyn / May 31 2012 9:47 pm

      Lol that’s a trip…Dan comes out of nowhere with his irrelevant self….you throw these bizarre questions at me…none of which are too taboo to answer. I’m not answering those on here. I’ll gladly answer them in person. A. Yes he was being misleading and didn’t make it clear he was in fact my ex. In fact that was the night I came back from seeing Dan who was again…a meaningless fling I deeply regret. At that time Nathan was still telling me he loved me and the tranny didnt mean much to him. B. I did not, he proposed to me on a spiritline dinner cruise underneath the ravenel bridge. It was quite romantic and well played on his part. C. It was MY credit card with MY name on it but it was linked to his account. i paid it with that card because the bill went up tremendously since his brother moved in and ate up all the food. That was the final bill, but prior to that i always paid the internet and half the rent or half the rent and the light bill d) i paid every single bill til Nathan moved in then we split them. Those are the simple answers but since you’re obviously connected to Nathan…im curious as to who exactly you’ll bring. At any rate, you can definitely chill on the petty attacks. Now you just look vindictive (like im so popular that you can’t be seen with me alone cause you’ll somehow be caught up in my drama by association lol). Bring who you want, i don’t care. I pride myself in being a strong woman who can stand alone. As you may or may not have noticed, i don’t back down. And I must say darling, you’re the first person who’s ever said i’m not attractive. So now i’m wondering that if i’m sooooo unnatractive then why do you know so much about me? And why do you hate me so much? Lol what the HELL did I ever do to you? Dan I can understand…I broke his little autistic (or whatever the fuck is wrong with him) heart but YOU??? I don’t even know you, honey and yet you’ve got all this beef.

  9. Jo / May 31 2012 6:49 pm

    And DK, is she as fast as both say she is?

    • Ruthlyn / May 31 2012 10:07 pm

      Dan is ass hurt. Ask him anything about me and he’ll say the foulest things on earth…because I broke his little autistic heart. You wanna talk about a SAD individual? He probably still mentions me in therapy…poor guy. He thought I was the most amazing person on planet earth until I told him to stop contacting me. Now i’m horrible. Lol I don’t really have time for this but this is fun. I’ve been working 12 hours lately in addition to starting school again, being an Air Force reservist and maintaining a healthy relationship (this time around). I’m not gonna deny…like the guys…that I made mistakes. Of course I did. But what i find it so hard to understand is why it bothers people so much when I move on to bigger and better things. Lol why? If you had fulfillment in your life, you would not have your panties in a bunch about me being in a relationship. Call me what you want, it doesn’t really bother me because you’re wrong. But its safe to say that Joseph Hutch is hands down the biggest obsessor ever…he interviewed people for things that happened in my life between January-February. Did Nathan also tell you about being arrested for domestic violence? Or did he leave that part out? Lol that scrawny little shit is lucky that he had me. I wrote his resume for Boeing and helped him move. I took care of every single detail so he could sit on his lazy fucking ass and play xbox for 7 hours. He and the tranny have one obvious thing in common: they’re both very flashy and have an aching desire to be seen. Me, im noticed whenever I walk into a room….im no plain jane. I don’t need a bright yellow hummer or 12 lbs of jewlery and makeup. I don’t need to show off my body parts or tattoos…but just be me. You’ve got a very twisted view of who I am and i’d like the opportunity to enlighten you since you seem so intrigued.

      By the way, whatever happend to that “disertation” you were working on? Most Boeing assemblers are not typically college educated so I find it interesting that a worker bee like yourself has time to go through a PhD program AND be a wage slave for a greedy corporation. Now who’s the dishonest one? I have no reason to lie on here. But anything you wanna know, i’ll tell you if you’ll just quit the petty childishness. And stop getting poor Disgruntled Danny all riled up. His friends-what little he has- would be so disappointed in him of they knew he is still spending his time cyberstalking me.

      Anyway i’ll meet you, bring who you want. Im a one woman army.

      • DK / May 31 2012 10:17 pm

        My mistake was believing the bullshit that you fed me. I should have known that you weren’t and aren’t over Nathan. My biggest mistake was trusting you when you told me that you loved me and thinking that you wanted to come to NJ. I don’t have particular flattering things to say about you based on your actions here, especially after you’ve talked repeatedly to my ex-wife and you messaged another ex of mine to lie about things that I said (2 months after you said you didn’t want to talk to me), but I’m not going to bash you for no reason.

        Secondly, I have more real friends than you ever will.

        Nobody is cyber-stalking your ass. You are a failure. You mean nothing. You meant something at one point you’ve shown your true colors. Things with you would have never worked out, and I’m glad about that.

        If I were half the low-life you were, I’d show everyone the pictures and video that we made on Jan 1st, but I’m not a scum bag like you are.

    • DK / May 31 2012 10:44 pm

      We had sex the second night we hung out. She came here for 2 weekends. She came here after I filed for divorce. The plan/situation was that she was supposed to have been “over” Nathan and that when their lease expired in Feb that they’d both go their own separate ways. She indicated to me that she and Nathan stopped having sex. I knew that she still had some baggage from Josh and Nathan, but she was, or at least was able to lie well, and make it seem like she was genuinely, and she was, interested, in having some sort of a future with me.

      We were going to take things slow, get to know one another, and she was going to transfer to an AF base around where I live, move in with me, and we’d be together. Once she finished her AF duty, she’d go to college, doing speech pathology or something else, and try to get a job working for the state gov.

      She came to meet me, and by her own admission, had a good time. I treated her very well.

      On our first “real” date, we went to Harvest Moon for dinner. She spent the evening recanting the story about Josh and Anabel at dinner time about the story where she called Josh about insurance.

      The next day, Ruthlyn got a call from Nathan who told her that he had sex with another girl. Ruthlyn took it hard. She tried to play it off like she didn’t care that much, but I could tell she did. I told her that I understood she was upset and I didn’t take it personally. After she came to my mom’s house to meet my family, we went back to my place, packed her things, and I took her back to the airport.

      She and Nathan got into a domestic situation 2 days later. There is 0 doubt in my mind that Ruthlyn initiated it to get Nathan arrested.

      These were warning signs to me that I ignored because I really cared about Ruthlyn, both as a friend and romantically.

      I said to myself that she’s been through a lot of shit and that I wasn’t a perfect angel anyway.

      The second time Ruthlyn came to see me, it seemed much more obvious that she was over Nathan. She was cheesing big time when I picked her up from the airport. I gave her an Xmas present. We had a great time together that weekend.

      She went back to Charleston. We continued talking.

      She would get annoyed with me when I’d cut short our telephone conversations because I was either headed to the gym or going home from the gym to shower/change.

      I was really preturbed at the time because my wife and I had agreed that we’d have a speedy and simple divorce. I filed all of the paper work, paid all of the filing fees, and sent her everything. All she had to do was sign the acknowledgement of service in front of a notary and things would be set.

      Instead, my wife found out about me and Ruthlyn, who was a source of discontent during our engagement and marriage, because my wife felt like I put my friendship with Ruthlyn above our relationship, (and Ruthlyn felt like I put my relationship with Nia ahead of her), and my wife decided to piss me off by failing to pay her car note, failing to repay the money that we had agreed and that she had legally promised to repay me, and failed to sign the divorce papers as promised.

      So, one Saturday, the day before the SC primary, I put up a FB status about signing the fucking papers. Ruthlyn and I talked. Ruthlyn said that she didn’t want to be associated with me making nasty statuses like that because she felt it reflected poorly on her. I agreed, deleted the status.

      Then the following”

      Ruthlyn Oliver

      I just wish you could live in my shoes for a day and know what its like to have people track and patronize your every move. Our lives are not one yet.

      you are still fucking married. you treated me like second fiddle then the moment things worked out with her you abandoned me when I needed you the most. had you not done that, i’d have an easier time trusting you freely. and I trust you but you don’t seem to truly care about how I feel about anything. it’s like you
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 14
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      want me to exist solely for you.

      I love you so much…but things aren’t as simple as you’re making them and it bothers me that you can’t see that.
      Dan William
      January 14
      Dan William

      I realize they aren’t. I love you. I have always loved you

      I am working on not being married anymore. What more can I do?

      I am trying so hard to be strong for both of us. [:)]

      I want to be the best man I can be to you
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      get closer to the end of that before jumping into this.
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      I am. I wish she’d sign the divorce papers and get her things out of my home
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      yeah but having me as your profile picture is rubbing in her face that we’re together and that’s not gonna help, it’s only gonna piss her off.

      be nice to her….butter her up…tell her you still care, but that you think this is what’s best for HER. look i’m a recent ex wife, i know. be nice to her and she’ll be convinced that you’ll still be there for her AFTER she’s signed the papers
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      She has me blocked on facebook. Time is on my side. Either way – this goes into default, but I’d rather it went through NOW rather than this being dragged out. There is no reason for this.
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      if you’re nice and respectful she’ll have no problem doing what you ask. but if you’re publicly cursing her out, she’s gonna love getting you pissed and worked up. this is a mess….fix it the adult way. be the bigger person.

      facebook is not the only means of communication. tell her you want to level with her. make a deal and be nice about it.
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      I have been and I’m losing it now. She was the one who wanted the divorce. I emailed these papers to her over a month ago. I am sick of this. I’ve let her use my home as a storage facility for 4 months now. I have been far nicer to this woman than she deserves. There is no reason not to sign the papers other than to piss me the fuck off.
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      I want to move on with my life. I want to rid my life of her.
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      Dan be patient. And be nice. I know how you feel but you can be pissed and talk shit about her when it’s OVER.

      be even NICER. and keep it up til she signs.
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      It’s like she knows that she fucked up and she still loves me and wants to hang on to me. I want nothing to do with her. I want my money. I want her to pay her own bills and do whatever the fuck she wants as long as she doesn’t affect me.

      She is not going to sign them. She is going to let this drag out.

      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      im not blocked from facebook and I have her phone number. would you like me to talk to her? I will be nice and let her vent if need be. I’ll let her believe i’m more loyal to her than I am to you. maybe it will help.

      lol my paycheck after the holidays was $416… smh

      let me talk to her
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      Call her if you want though I doubt that’s going to help at all

      Jame’s ex-gf is trying to weasel her way back into his life

      How are you doing today baby?

      I hope you are feeling well
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      Going to shower. Love you
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      ok but if she tells you I said something negative about you, don’t take it to heart…don’t think i’m truly siding with her. i’m on your side. i’m just gonna say what I need to to make her open up to me.
      Dan William
      January 15
      Dan William

      How long did you guys talk for? Jesus Christ
      Ruthlyn Oliver
      January 15
      Ruthlyn Oliver

      still talking…

      She and my ex-wife talked for about 2 hours while I was at the gym. My doubt that my wife cast me in teh worst possible light.

      My wife made Ruthlyn think about her because she told Ruthlyn how she resented me and how I treated her like “shit.” Ruthlyn and *** were able to empathize with one another.

      So, Ruthlyn was facing possibly moving to NJ and falling into a relationship with someone who put her in mind of Josh or staying in SC. Ruthlyn stayed.

      What irks me is that she should have been honest from the beginning. She shouldn’t have made promises.

      She should have simply said, look, I just want to fuck you and forget about Nathan, before coming to see me and things would have been kosher. But, she played games. Even to this day, her motivations (well, I know what they are psychologically) – are not entirely pure or perfectly deduced.

      Things changed after Ruthlyn and my now ex-wife spoke.

      Ruthlyn wouldn’t call/text me. 90% of the time I’d wait for Ruthlyn to contact me.

      Ruthlyn was going through a lot with Nathan moving out.

      So, because I’m a nice guy – I sent her a check for $170 so she could hire movers to move her into a new place.

      I genuinely cared for her. I had been there for her through a lot of things, and she did the same to me.

      All the more reason it’s so perplexing that Ruthlyn (and by extension) my ex, made the decisions they did.

      I was Ruthlyn’s best friend in the world for a long time. I was there for her when nobody else was.

      And, Ruthlyn didn’t even have the decency to level with me and instead lead me on.

      And, then, she talked shit about me on this website. And, again, a friend of mine from FB, who incidentally has a crush on me, directed me to this webpage because she read where Ruthlyn was talking shit about me.

      I responded on this page, and Ruthlyn went ape shit and said she never wanted to speak to me again.

      Sort of replying on this web page, I’ve canceled all communication with this woman.

      I have no desire to get into these childish and petty pissing contests with her.

      After my wife filed a TRO against me, for my contacting her trying to get my money and to get the divorce papers signed, which was defeated in court, Ruthlyn threatened to file a restraining order against me.

      The police laughed at her and told her that she has no case.

      I was unaware of this at the time.

      When I got the notice to appear in court, I tried to contact Ruthlyn.

      I thought that our friendship was stronger than it was. I reached out to her in my time of need and she twisted the fucking knife.

      It was a huge scum bag move on her part. Someone who had never been anything but good to her got stabbed in the back.

      Again – she can try to spin things however she wants, but everything I’ve said is the verifiable truth.

      I’m 29 years old. I have a doctorate. I make over $117,000 a year. I drive a 40k sports car. And, in a month, I will own a house.

      There was a time where I’d have done anything for Ruthlyn. I’d have given her the stars and the moon.

      But, that time has past.

      I thought she was a better person than she is.

      And, guaranteed, 30 years from now, when Ruthlyn is old, unmarried, and poor, and unhappy, she will think back and be like, I should have given him a chance.

      While I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I don’t have a lot of regrets.

      Ruthlyn screwed me over. I don’t know if she did it because she’s scared of being responsible, or if because she believed lies that lead her to presume I was the same person as Josh, or because she’s a compulsive liar, or a combination of all 3.

      But, nonetheless, it didn’t happen, and I’m better off.

      I treated Ruthlyn like a fucking queen.

      Good luck finding someone to provide you with that.

      And, by the way – please stop talking shit about me to people from inter-racial groups on facebook. And, please stop contacting women that I’ve had sex with that don’t know you.

      You’ve contacted my ex-wife. You’ve contacted the woman that I had a sexual history with prior to you and after me and my wife separated.

      Keep my name out of your fucking mouth and live your life as you see fit.

      You are not my concern, and I am not yours.

      • DK / May 31 2012 10:51 pm

        Sorry for the poor grammar. I’ve worked 36 hours in the past 3 days and have another 13 hour shift tomorrow.

      • DK / May 31 2012 10:54 pm

        As to your idiotic comments about therapy – you need it.

        Instead of being an alcoholic when you were too scared to leave Josh because your source of financial stability would be gone, you should have gone.

        Jo – I did go to anger management/therapy after me and my ex-wife split up because I realized that with the amount of stress in my life, with planning a wedding, working 60 hours, and buying a house, basically with 0 help from my ex, and doing everything by myself, that I could act like a prick when I was stressed out.

        And, I needed a better way of dealing/coping with things rather than turning to anger and lashing out and saying things that made it seem to someone that I was attacking them.

        Ruthlyn’s really pathetic to bring that up.

        Maybe I should bring up her daddy issues and how she told me that I reminded her of her deceased father.

        Or about how the only reason why she got involved with Josh was so that she could get out of VA after her uncle physically abused her.

  10. Joseph Hutch / Jun 1 2012 12:58 am

    To be fair here. Josh isn’t as bad as she made him out to be. He actually isn’t bad at all, just got fed up with taking care of her. She was also a flight attendant, so being with Josh so she could leave VA, was probably a lie. I also want to know her definition of physical abuse because she has accused alot of ppl of that. from what was told to me, SHE attacked BOTH guys at different times, there are even police reports showing that.

    DK, she did you dirty. But to be honest, I don’t think she’s over Nathan OR Josh. Ruthlyn, you need to skip the alcohol and go straight to therapy

    • DK / Jun 1 2012 6:38 am

      If all she wanted was dick to stop thinking about Nathan – she could have just said that was her intention and that would have been cool with me.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 1 2012 7:33 am

      Lol again Dan you are meaningless so im not reading anything you post. But Joseph, im still convinced that you are not a real person. I think you are Amabel or even Natasha. You can surmise who im not over and why but again if you wanna hear it directly from me, you can. If not- again, I gave you the opportunity to do so. But you insist on shooting it down and following it by a petty attack. So you and Dan just continue to discuss your favorite subject: me and have a nice day. I’m clearly wasting my time. I answered your questions honestly and you still can’t tell me why you have so much vested interest in my life. You’re trying to STATE facts instead of verify with me and thats where I have the problem. I have no reason to lie to people who don’t mean anything to me. I certainly have no reason to lie to people who create fake names and accounts. But if that’s what you wanna do…have at it.

  11. Joseph Hutch / Jun 1 2012 7:30 am

    And Ruthlyn you have been misled by people if I am the first person to tell you you aren’t attractive. Your lips curl back like Mr. Ed when you smile and you have bug eyes. Most men would go after you though because you look easy and you exude easy, not sex appeal. Tell me when and where. I might round up four of your enemies and tape this for YouTube.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 1 2012 7:39 am

      Lol you are incredibly childish. The petty attacks won’t stop, I see. Four enemies is all i’ve got. And they all fear me, as they should. I’m not sure how you know what I “exude” if you haven’t met me. And im also unclear of your allegiance to my so-called enemies. What are you, satan? Lol it actually sounds like you want me to say no, I don’t want to see you because you threaten to bring dumbasses into it. This is just laughable- these sketches of things you know about my life…you still won’t answer why I mean so much to you.

      • DK / Jun 5 2012 12:05 am

        God – can’t everyone just shut the fuck up already

  12. Joseph Hutch / Jun 1 2012 11:04 am

    Ok sure Ruthlyn. Anabel and Natasha, how about Nathan? Or how about Josh? Point of this entire thing is you created a cult following and ppl are generally interested in your story. I’m talking about regular people, not ppl involved in your stories. I wish you would go get help in between your busy schedule but it just seems as if youre stubborn. I’m not writing on here anymore, my friends and I need to find another source of entertainment instead of Internet drama. however if you still wanna meet up, let me know.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 1 2012 6:42 pm

      Josh can’t spell for shit and Nathan is not as eloquent as you are. I’ve ruled out Amabel since her name is spelled incorrectly so that narrows it down to one. I was curious to see if you’d get your head out of your ass for a second and quit the petty attacks and quit using Dan’s obsession with me to manipulate him into going apeshit on here. Of course I still wanna meet, im intrigued as to who my number one fan is but I think I know. And if you are who I think I am…round up all your ugly hoes cause Im not backing down.

      • DK / Jun 1 2012 10:53 pm

        Nobody is obsessed with you. If someone was “obsessed” with you – they wouldn’t be 600 miles away from you.

    • Ruthlyn / Jun 2 2012 7:46 am

      Well Mr. Joe, that’s interesting…you seem to have me blocked on facebook. I was able to view your fb profile before because I was logged out. So you wanted me to think you were a PhD student on here who was “studying” me but on FB you’re a Boeing employee in Charleston who doesn’t want me to see your profile although we’ve allegedly never met. Joseph Hutch- another phony character created just to attack me openly and yet anonymously. Thats quite sad. And I also am annoyed with you expecting me to answer your questions honestly (which I did) and poking and prodding Dan (who nobody was fucking talking to in the first place) and dodging MY questions. Enjoy your weekend…whoever you are.

      • Joseph Hutch / Jun 10 2012 3:17 pm


      • Gigi / Jun 12 2012 8:30 am

        I say you should just work on yourself and leave men alone, atleast for right now.

  13. Nate / Jun 8 2012 3:14 am

    Wow… Nothing else better to do….Smh

  14. DK / Jun 13 2012 12:35 am

    So – did you guys ever meet up or is everyone just rubbing their vaginas in fear?

  15. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2012 8:29 pm

    omg you lame people need to get off my dick and let me live my life.

  16. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jun 15 2012 8:32 pm

    everybody just get over me and live YOUR lives.

  17. rockochocko / Jul 1 2012 4:21 pm

    So, I don’t know how the conversation ended at Ruthlyn Oliver (I honestly don’t know the background here…) but, with respect to South Park, I think it was a really cute episode and thank you for showing it! Regardless of whether or not she ended up with a white guy, I’m just really glad a popular cartoon showed a cute black girl as a popular love interest.

  18. deb / Jul 4 2012 10:54 am

    What a mess. This cannot be real life!

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