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April 26, 2012 / admin

Online Dating Help – Only Black Guys Message me, what to do?!

“How to let White Guys Know I’m open to them with Online dating?”

Online dating is great! So many guys you would not have normally met all in one spot, telling you exactly what they like and don’t like so that you can gauge wether or not you would have anything in common or if they are your type right off the bat. You know they’re single and eligible (well, most anyway) and they are just itching to take some cute woman out on a date. There’s just one thing. If you like White Guys but you are a Black woman, chances are you might find yourself getting more inquiries from Black men and not all that much from the guys you are really attracted to.
What to do? How can you let the guys you prefer know it’s okay to reach out and message you. How can you drop some subtle hints that will speak to their subconscious, since you want to keep it classy and avoid coming right out and saying “I prefer milk in my coffee” or something else similarly cheesy. Here are my tips and tricks to help –

1. Get some pictures of you and 2 or 3 white guys hanging out and post it – preferably the main picture since this is what will entice men to click into your profile

2. If you have what would be considered non-typical “black music preferences/hobbies” list them.

3. Talk about your preference for light colored eyes, if you indeed have one (blue, gray, green) – most guys will understand what it means

4. If you grew up in a predominantly White area or state, mention it!

5. Post a picture of you and your White girlfriends to show that you are comfortable around White people

6. Mention a White male celebrity crush in your profile – find a way to work it in there! Maybe something like, “bonus points if you look like Shawn/Corey from Boy meets World. Had the biggest crush on him growing up!”

7. Talk about your love of different cultures or your penchant for variety – e.g. “Variety is the spice of life! I love learning about new cultures!”

8. Mention your love of other foods such as Italian, Polish, Russian, Greek, etc.

9. Talk about visiting a country and how much you loved the men there . E.g. “My favorite place I’ve ever been to was Italy. They seem to love me and I love them!” Fill in the blank to match your preference.

10. If you speak another language (or multiples) mention and don’t be afraid to even incorporate it in some of your profile. If it is the language of the type of men you prefer this should get them writing to you because you’ll be speaking directly to them! Nothing says you are open to a culture than learning to speak its language.

If you have any other tips or tricks that you have used successfully feel free to share them below!


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