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April 19, 2012 / admin

Midweek Missed Connections ya’ll!

3 Train, Crown Heights – m4w – 31 (Nostrand Stop)

From Craigslist NYC

You: young black woman, slim, short hair, bright lipstick, black blazer and otherwise dressed very well, and all in black.

Me: white, glasses, short hair, beard, also basically dressed in black–pretty nondescript.

We both got off the 3 at the Nostrand Stop; thought we vibed, but maybe not.

You looked amazing, which I guess is the central point to any missed connection.


Black woman on 1 train, around Houston stop going uptown – m4w – 35 (1 train)

From Craigslist NYC

This was Thursday, April 12, around 6:15 pm. You’re a stunning Black woman. So stunning I couldn’t speak. I’m a tall white guy, short brown hair, and was wearing a backpack and black shirt. You had your hair tied back, carrying a Blackberry and notebook of some kind. I think you wore a black blazer? You looked up and made eye contact just as I stepped on the uptown 1 train at Houston. We exchanged looks once more and then I squeezed past you to get off at Union Square. We had something there. Give me another chance!


Hot African American TSA Officer at LGA – m4w – 31 (LGA)

From Craigslist NYC

I was traveling Friday afternoon and after dumping all my stuff, including my shoes, as is normal when going thru airport security you had me walk through the metal detector directly towards you when everyone else in line was directed thru the body scan machine.

I noticed that you never broke eye contact with me the entire time I walked thru and when I got thru and to you I said “Thank you” and you smiled. You are a beautiful African-American girl in her mid-twenties I guess and about 5’5″. I was the white athletically built guy with blue eyes.

Hopefully you see this, I can’t stop thinking about your smile.


Making eyes on the G train around 9pm – m4w – 39 (Court Square – Metrpltn.)

From Craigslist NYC

This is a long shot, but here it goes.

You: African American F, dressed in dark clothing, with run in your stocking.

Me: White M in black coat, grooving out to my IPod. We made eyes at each other. I got off at Metropolitan.

I thought you were so hot.


C Train from 81st Uptown – Last Night (Sunday) – m4w (Harlem / Morningside)

From Craigslist NYC

Details blur overnight, so I’ll do the best I can here:

You are pretty, brown skin, traveling with two (female) friends. We noticed each other on the platform and all got onto the C train at 81st Street and CPW, Sunday night, mid-evening (nine-ish?). You smiled and looked sweetly several times in my direction and smiled again and waved goodbye as you exited uptown. You did catch me looking at you, too. If, as it seemed (or, perhaps, as I only imagined), there was any meaning to that short encounter, I would love to hear from you. If you can remember any small detail about me, my clothing, etc., or something else you can tell me about you or your friends (or where we all sat or where you got off the train) that I might have noticed, that would help make sure it’s you.

I am older, white, though olive-y skinned. Beard, not much hair, glasses.

You actually made my day.

Just a message in a bottle.



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  1. iamlenise / Apr 23 2012 9:45 am

    This was toooo sweet..Big smiles..Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. pkayden / Apr 25 2012 5:47 pm

    Are these things ever successful? Sounds romantic.

  3. anne petty / Dec 30 2012 10:54 pm

    Yes its me and I’ll give you 1 or2 more chances.

  4. Aire Esther / Apr 4 2013 6:56 pm


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