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April 17, 2012 / admin

How to Let a Black Girl Know that you Like Black Girls

Another juicy top search term that brings people to this blog is “how to let a black girl know you like black girls”. Apparently there are a load of White guys out there who are digging Black girls but perhaps finding that the girl isn’t giving him any play because she doesn’t think the cute white guy who is probably just being nice to her, would ever be seriously interested. I can only imagine the girls right now second guessing themselves and thinking well, he’s just nice to everybody! *sigh*

Anyway, my dears, you have come to the right place. We are happy to help you with some tips on how you can let that Black girl know you are actually into Black girls – namely, that special one that you are crushing on!

For me, I always operate on the assumption that a guy will be into me because I am a woman first…. I never stop and think, does he like ‘black girls’ when I see someone I like. If a guy isn’t giving me any play, I wouldn’t assume that means he would turn down Beyonce too, y’know … just because she’s black. But, back to you and your dilemma. Personally, I would recommend just flirting with the girl and she should catch a hint, but if you insist on being so subtle with it, here are some ways that guys in the past have tried to drop hints that they are into black girls, or namely me.

* Compliment her on her hair – go ahead, play in it and say how soft and light it feels! (see post below)

* Compliment her on how soft her skin is (great excuse to touch her – stick to hands / arms)

* Tell her she kind of resembles some popular black celebrity, e.g. Zoe Saldana (the celebrity in question should be good looking) and say that you’ve always had a crush on that celebrity ever since her ‘crossroads’ days

* If it is at all possible that she will see your computer screen, have a background or screen saver of Naomi Campbell or some other stunning Black supermodel.

* Talk to and become friends with black girls (even the ones you are not interested in). Trust me, other black girls will take notice!

If you have any other advice for how these obviously shy guys can let the black girls they are crushing on know that they are not averse to dating a black girl, leave your comment/tip below. Fire away!



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  1. christywritesalot / Apr 17 2012 2:58 am

    These tips are pretty much true to when I first met my boyfriend. One warm afternoon, in my sophomore year, I went to visit his dorm room with iced coffees in tow and unfortunately forgot to knock (we were still only friends at this point). I casually walked in to find him ‘rubbing one out’ when he was supposed to be finishing homework. He was shy about it and I asked him what he was enjoying. He blushed and I saw my picture on his laptop screen. It was from a formal dinner held on campus and he’d been my date. He apologized and admitted his feelings, citing that he thought I wouldn’t date him because he is white. We talked for hours that day and then he kissed me, singing this song called “Rock and Roll Queen” just before I left to go home. 1 and 1/2 years later, we’re now a couple.:)

    • admin / Apr 17 2012 9:20 am

      Whoa! hahaha. What a story to tell the grandkids πŸ™‚

      • k / Apr 17 2012 9:33 am

        haha yup! He is honestly the best man ever to me.
        I remember when he sang the song to me (and played his guitar!): “You are the sun, you are the only one…” πŸ˜€

    • Romans 12-21 / Apr 23 2012 11:45 pm

      That is an awesome story

    • Aire Esther / Apr 4 2013 6:48 pm

      Wow!lucky you

    • Elle / Mar 5 2014 1:18 pm

      omg that is so freaking cute and funny lol

  2. Rather an interesting read, but you have to be careful when approaching women, not all the same tricks will work with them. You have to observe and weigh it first before you approach them. Great article. Keep it up.

  3. Joseph Hutch / Apr 19 2012 7:09 pm

    The way to let a black girl know your interested in her is to smile and tell her she’s beautiful, just as anyone else. It’s epic how far that can go with a woman. It shows interest and sincerity at the same time. I wouldn’t play in her hair until we are comfortable with one another first though, so I don’t agree with that.

  4. Disciple Five / Apr 30 2012 9:16 pm

    admin, I agree with pretty much all of your tips. I have only one issue, however. Some black girls, even if they don’t mind white dudes, may not want to date one due to the fact that it may make them look bad to their friends. I might be wrong about that, but that’s how I uderstand it with a lot of cases. It actually kinda makes me mad because black dudes can date white girls and no one’s going to say anything. It seems kinda unfair to me. Like I said, I may be wrong about that, so correct me if I am, but if it is the case, how would I surmount that obstacle? I would prefer you and/or christywritesalot to respond because I think hers and your advice will be the most helpful.

    • theeloquentquill / May 7 2012 6:24 am

      Hi! It’s Christywrites here. I think the best way to show you’re interested in a black woman or black women is to show her that you’re interested in her. For example, for my bf I’d spoken of earlier, he said he’s usually attracted to women of darker, tan or chocolatey complexions(I’m like Angela Bassett/Gabrielle Union complexion) and with diverse background. BTW, he’s probably the most palest person I’ve ever seen, haha πŸ™‚ I think his cultivation for having a preference for ethnic females stemmed during a summer abroad project in which he volunteered.
      He asked me things about my culture and foods and wanted to get to know me. Here are some general tips I’ve come up with for you. Good luck!

      NEVER over-simplify or belittle a person’s culture, be it cultural or religious practises, rituals, etc. If you would not appreciate someone doing it to yours, do not do it to others. No culture is just what it appears to be, so be open-minded, polite, conscientious and empathetic. You are NOT always right. We are all humans.
      Do not be afraid to ask questions, no matter how ignorant or ill-informed they may be. Show a spurred interest and be open to gaining new perspectives. You will sometimes be the teacher, but get used to being the pupil. Becoming a cultured person is an active and maintained process.
      Buy and READ various forms of diverse literature: travel books and guides, magazines, culture-specific books, world travel atlases, etc. Watch high-quality documentaries and films about other cultures and peoples. Ask yourself questions not only about differences, but more importantly if there are any similarities shared. Understand why certain things about the world are the way they are, understand relationships in a specific culture and challenge yourself. You don’t need to be well-travelled to become well-cultured.
      Start a journal or even better – have an international pen-pal. πŸ™‚
      Immerse yourself in a specific culture that you are interested in knowing more about: try picking up a new language, listen to new and complete albums of music from a new genre and cook and eat new foods to broaden your palate. Attend art and cultural festivals, eat at a new restaurant that you would not normally, and do not be too nervous to indulge if and when you find yourself having fun. Do not make contrasts between cultures but see what you have in common. The key here is to respect what you are ignorant of not knowing.
      Get OUT of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to mingle and talk with locals, but do not let yourself be taken advantage. Learn about, understand and accept different cultures and never feel threatened or convince yourself that you are the odd person out.
      Know and accept that although you may not always be accepted into a cultural group with open arms, you should explore a new culture firstly for YOUR own benefit
      .Final summation: Be the “James Bond” amongst your friends – that is, be comfortable no matter where you are. Peace! πŸ™‚

      • Butcher Seven / May 8 2012 5:33 pm

        Thanks (you were responding to my query, right? [it’s Disciple Five]). I was just asking because some people; and not just old Southern white people, still have ignorant attitudes when it comes to that. The South is the part of the country I was born and raised in (you wouldn’t recognize it from the way I talk because I’ve tried my hardest to distance myself from that demographic), and I hate it with a passion.
        But anyway, I digress. I used to not care either way, but I’ve rencently become more interested in black girls. I still have the same standards ; they have to have a good personality, be smart, etc., but (and I REALLY HATE to invoke any stereotypes here, I try not to do that as much as possible) they can’t be too “ghetto”. I don’t mind if they’re “black” as far as personality goes (if that makes any sense); and as a matter of fact I don’t want them to act too white, but like I said I don’t want them to be too “ghetto”. I’m not saying I WON’T date anyone who’s not black now (except SOUTHERN white girls), but I think I’ve developed a favoritism toward black girls.
        They have better bodies (and definitely have something white girls don’t have: curves), and a lot of them; even ones that can be considered “preppy”, aren’t as stuck up as their white counterparts. And I know it’s ironic, but they almost all look the same to me (I guess because I’ve spent more time around white people during my life). And as far as complexion goes, I’m not too picky, but I do prefer the “darker, tan or chocolatey complexions (like Angela Bassett/Gabrielle Union complexion)”. And since you mentioned her, Gabrielle Union’s definitely in my top five lol.
        It’s odd that this would would happen to me, because I’m probably one of the “whitest” people in terms of personality. For example, I’ll listen to ANY kind of music (excluding most country and pop music), but my favorite kind is rock. I listen to ALL (including Southern Rock, like Lynyrd Skynyrd, because I may not care for the South, but good music is good music) genres of rock, but my favorite are probably the heavier genres. I tend to like angrier songs the best lol (which are actually in any genre of rock; something can still be angry without a lot of profanity and screaming). My five favorite bands off of the top of my head are Papa Roach, Guns N’ Roses, Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, and Three Days Grace (mainly their first ablbum). Linkin Park, Underoath, and Avenged Sevenfold would be up there, too. My absolute favorite song (if I had to choose one) would be “Blood (Empty Promises)” by Papa Roach, because I can listen to it over and over without EVER getting tired of it.
        I used to not listen to any “black” music, but until I started wrestling my Freshman year, I hung around black people very little, if at all. But then it started to rub off on my me. Now I love rap and R&B (not quite as much as rock, though). And in my experience with wrestling people from other schools, I actually found myself talking to the black people from the other wrestling teams more than the white people. But I feel comfortable in any group at school, though. I don’t really have a “clique”. That stuff won’t matter after high school anyway.
        One more thing, I’m not saying I’m positive it’ll happen (because you never know for sure what will happen); IF I get married (I don’t even want to get married), but I won’t be surprised if it’s a black woman. The reason I say that is because I’m going to be in the military (I’m going to the Citadel [starting next year] to become a Naval officer and upon my commissioning, my next goal is to become a SEAL), and (correct me if I’m wrong) I notice that a surprising percentage of people in the law enforcement and military communities are black women.
        And what you said about immersing myself in other people’s cultures shouldn’t be too hard anyway, because I’m very open-minded. You have to be when you’re spending days or weeks behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, for example. I’m white, but my complexion’s dark enough that I can pass for an Arab or a Pashtun if I spent enough time in the sun and my hair was black (it’s dark brown). I’ve always been interested in other cultures, I guess because it’s something different. I’m actually in the Spanish club at my school; foreign languages come easy to me.
        Once again, thanks.

    • Chocolate Candy / May 29 2013 4:55 pm

      @Disciple five, The h3ll with “black dudes”. They’ve had their say….and people are tired of listening to them on this topic. and yes, they DO date other races unabashedly (sp?) while expecting black women to sit at home and wait for them to finish enjoying their lives & having sex. Forget them. I’ve got my eye on a particular white guy and he just….gorgeous! Smart and funny. He’s got the entire package.

      • Darren / May 31 2013 7:00 pm

        Aww, I’m flattered. : p

  5. Maplecraze / Nov 5 2012 9:08 pm

    I would say give eye contact, give her the I am interested in you look. You can always approach her and simply ask her name. It is not hard we are all women, no matter the race. You may feel unsure about how she may react, but who cares! Take a chance!

  6. Barry / May 21 2013 5:25 am

    i dont really have any advice, but i do have my own personal delema … LOL the black lady that i am interested in is actually my Superior, im in the Military and she being an Officer brings its own callenges that are very unique … i have to deal with the whole issue of “Military Protocol”, and i cannot just walk up to her and ask her out … “or could i” … ?

    i have known her for 3 years now and she always catches my eye whenever we are interacting “in a working environment” funny thing, i”ve actually given her a ride on my Motorcycle, we were doing a fitness test and afterwards she seemed very tired and i told her “hop on” without a second thought she jumped on my Motorcycle and it was just the most amazing feeling to feel her beautiful arms around me …

    i do see her often at the Military Gym and always make an effort to chat to her. After 3 years she must suspect that i am obviouslly “in love” with her. but i dare not ask her out, after all she is an Officer and my Superior … what to do … ?!

  7. Denzil / May 22 2013 8:14 am

    Lol, I met my fiance (also a black lady), over 3 years ago. I was an undertaker at the time, and was burying one of her uncles, and we just clicked after the service. She was extremely funny and got my attention with her personality. After exchanging phone numbers, we eventually started dating and now we are happily engaged for over a year, with 2 children. She was shy to admit, but she was into white guys, and I was into black girls, so it was a win-win chance of meeting.

  8. Average Guy / May 27 2013 1:54 am

    My opinion would be to not worry about race…she is a woman. Let her know you think she is beautiful and she will pick up on the signals you give, you are a man after all! Believe me, she will get it. Good luck!


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