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March 22, 2012 / admin

How I’ve Missed You, MC

If you’re wondering where all the single White men are that are interested in Black women… open your eyes and look around, they’re literally everywhere!!

BP on Roswell Rd – m4w – 27 (Sandy Springs)


I don’t know if you even know about this, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. You are a pretty black woman, and I’m a white male. I was standing in line, at BP on Roswell Rd next to Long Horn Steakhouse. You came in and waited behind me. I was buying a lottery ticket. On my way out, you said something to me. If you happen to be reading this, please tell me what you said, and what I was wearing? I would love to take you out for a drink, and talk!!


Nova SouthEastern University – m4w (looking for Alvin Sherman Library)

South Florida

You were a black girl, with long straight hair, very white teeth and an educated demeanor. You seemed a bit stoic but as though there was something heavy on your mind. You were sitting on a bus stop bench in the early evening near parking lots and to the side of a parking garage. I was looking for the Alvin Sherman Library and I asked you directions from the driver side of my vehicle. You had an extremely eloquent way of communicating with a quality of enunciation not typically seen in the south. You were looking down at your seat when I interjected with an “excuse me”, and you were puzzled as to which library it was that I was after. You told me the street where the library was located, and I’m uncertain if you were attending Nova Southeastern or one of the other colleges nearby. It seemed like we were supposed to communicate a bit more than we did. I think I might have screwed up a contact that I was supposed to make. I was a white male. This happened about a week ago. It appears futile/borderline impossible to me that you would bother to look in missed connections, but I haven’t the slightest clue who you are or how to make your contact again. Our conversation was brief and I thanked you before driving off. I think that we’re supposed to continue the conversation. Can you tell me something of your recollection of this event that might confirm your identity? It’s a long shot, I know.


Boys championship game at the bob – m4w – 39 (Wilm)


Woman sitting in sec 18 row e. Beautiful black woman w slim glasses. I was white guy sitting a few seats to the left of you. Let’s catch up


Attractive, black woman making eyes at me today at the tattoo con – m4w – 27 (philadelphia)

We made eyes a number of times today at the tattoo convention.
You were a stunningly beautiful, young black woman.
I am an attractive white male, going for the intellectual (yet approachable) vibe.
Please let me know if you did see me, by describing me a bit!
I just thought to see what you may have had in mind.


Petite Pretty Black Girl on Q train – m4w (Atlantic / Pacific)

New York

We stood across from each other on the Q train coming into Brooklyn on Wednesday. You were a petite black girl with glasses. I am a white guy with short light brown hair. We kept making eye contact but your beauty got me all nervous. Maybe you will see this and send me a message or hopefully I will see you again and get the courage to just say hi.



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  1. df / Mar 23 2012 7:09 pm

    i’m selfish and have always wanted a missed connection then I ended up interacting with a girl (convenience store clerk) that got one and she was a stunning, unique looking girl…I gave up after that LOL…I like reading them in cities with younger populations because CL is usually more active and you find a lot of cute MC’s with of course creepy ones…the one from the university area is interesting and kind of cute (I almost want to assume that he’s surprised at the way she talked and presented herself but I’ll keep it light). I’m guessing the guy is an academic also…

  2. g2-945c26a125d7f491a42da6334ca2a0dc / Mar 23 2012 8:17 pm

    lol…..i’m the black girl on the Q train. I don’t read missed connections but I like this site and it’s so odd that I’m that girl. Too nervous to write the guy it seems kinda weird.

  3. admin / Mar 24 2012 1:58 am

    Girl, you’d better write to him! (If you are single and were attracted to him of course!)

  4. g2-945c26a125d7f491a42da6334ca2a0dc / Mar 24 2012 4:02 pm

    Nevermind….checked the date and it definitely wasn’t me. lol

  5. kerra / Sep 15 2012 6:25 pm

    i love reading these and to know that this happened at the college just a couple of minutes away just blows my mind XD the people down here in south florida are a tad proper than the people more up. because it has a suburban cali mix with the ny type feeling to it. gosh this really does put my hopes up 😀 keep em coming ^_^

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