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February 14, 2012 / admin

Oh… is that today?… The Anti – Forever Lonely Challenge

I have had numerous Valentine’s over the course of the years, but there were definitely bouts that were spent alone, wondering what my first love was up to (No, I’m not proud of this but he appears to be my default “I wonder what he’s up to” guy!). If you’re single you may have your eye on a really hot stud or two from afar but with no serious prospects in the fold alas, you have resigned yourself to a day spent looking at all your paired up friends posting messages and pictures of their lovely bouquets, gifts, chocolates, engagement rings and what not!

“I hate being alone!”, and “Next year, I’ll be with someone!”, you tell yourself! Ok, so it shall be. I want to help you help yourself, so that next year this time (the world ending withstanding) you too will be able to gloat about how sweet and wonderful your guy has made you feel on St. Valentine’s day. But there’s a catch! You have to promise me you will be committed!

Each week or two I will challenge you to perform an action (it could be small or big) and you must promise to go forth into the field and get to getting. I am not a dating expert or guru and can’t promise you any results (had to get the disclaimer out of the way) but maybe since what you have been doing hasn’t been working, it’s high time you challenge yourself to do something different.

Your task this week, should you choose to accept it…

is to go through your wardrobe and pick out 7 of your prettiest/most flirty/most feminine looking dresses (caveat – no black or red) to wear for the next 7 days. “But it’s winter” you say? And? Pair the dresses with black tights or stockings, a cardigan and heel of some sort (ankle/knee length boots or pumps will do). WHY? You will wear these dresses for the next 7 days to appeal to the fact that men notice feminine women – or said another way, feminine women stand out in a sea of unfeminine looking women! On top of this, when you feel extra attractive/pretty and feminine you act a little differently, even if you aren’t aware that you’re doing it. The vibes you send out are different and men can pick up on these vibes! 🙂

You must also commit to doing your hair and makeup for the next 7 days. Hey, I did say this was a challenge right? What does it mean? You are forbidden from wearing your hair up or back. NO tight little buns at the back of the head, If you are a naturalista, redo your twist outs or banktu knots nightly and apply oil. If relaxed – break out your straightener and put some pretty curls in those locks or commit to pin curling your hair at night to get those bouncy curls come morning! You can also choose to straighten but curls tend to be more girly. (If you need a weave/wig/clip ins to help you achieve this look go for it!)

Makeup – Line your eyes, applying mascara, lipgloss, blush (yes, blush!) and a bit of concealer/foundation (should you need it) are the staples. If you don’t know anything about ‘no makeup’, get thee to a Mac counter pronto! Yes, you have an extra step for your challenge this week. Ask the makeup artist to show you what you need to do to enhance your look. Ask questions and make sure you get the routine down. Take notes and/or ask if you can video tape her as she applies the makeup to your face (we all have video on our cell phones don’t we? Just point it at your face as the artist does their thing). How ever will you get the men to notice you and ask you out if the first thing they see – that lovely face of yours – doesn’t inspire them?!

So that’s your challenge for the next 7 days. Simple enough right?! I’m not even going to force you to say anything or flirt! Just do your hair, apply makeup, and wear dresses/heels and go about your normal routine. (Of course you should look pleasant – no scowls)! Do this for the next 7 days and feel free to report in on how it’s going. Did anyone compliment you? Did you notice guys checking you out? Do you feel different? Are you noticing that you act/walk/talk differently?

I’m so excited for this journey ad await your responses! Report if you will be joining the challenge below 🙂


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  1. MsB. / Apr 10 2012 12:25 am

    I have every intention of accepting this challenge. However I am a caregiver (staying overnight with my client) and wearing a dress/skirt is inappropriate,as he (my client) has a tendency to bleed (TMI I know). I will be starting a new job next month, and will report back at that time (end of May 2012).
    🙂 Wish me success!

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