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February 13, 2012 / admin

SIDE EYE! Should you worry more about White or Black girls?

Funny thing happened on the way to where I was going today. I made a friend (WM) recently. He has a girlfriend and a baby but he has taken to me (probably finds me attractive) and follows me around. He knows I am attached and I do not see him in any romantic way. Today he invited me to lunch and as we got into the elevator and were chatting/smiling/laughing I notice a White girl looking at us and then looking me up and down, not in a good way. I paid her no attention and didn’t acknowledge her.

I’ve heard BW say that some White women will try to hit on the one they are with or get flirty with the guy right infront of them. I have never had this happen with a White Woman… but I have noticed this phenomenon with Black women. It seemed that whenever I was out with my beau, while I would get smiles from some bg’s, others would look at my guy a little too hard. It was as if they were thinking “Hmmm, oh, so he likes black girls!” My guy instantly became more attractive to other Black women because I guess these women could visibly see that they “had a chance?”

I just thought this was an interesting observation and I just have to give these women the side eye for their behavior! Have any of you experienced this with White or Black women? Or are you guilty of doing this yourself (seeing a white guy with a black woman and instantly finding him ten times more attractive?) Share your thoughts below!


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  1. DDR / Feb 13 2012 10:15 pm

    I don’t Mate Poach nor covent my sister’s man, eyeballs firmly in place đŸ™‚

    That said, in my history of swirling I’d say it’s 50/50. Most women are curious about a man when he’s seen in the company of a (fly, smart, accomplished) BW. However, the WW were more bodacious…brushing their butt and breasts against him in my experiences, while the BW stare hard and come closer. All in all, if I were a WM dweeb, I’d get a fly BW to be my wing woman=extra play.

  2. WingedBeast / Feb 14 2012 10:16 am

    This is something I’ve seen in both men and women, and I’ve not seen anything to indicate any racial lines here. It’s the part that only wants what (or in this case who) somebody else has. The easiest way to attract someone is to already have someone. Of course, you generally don’t attract people you want a relationship with, and I know a little too much about repeating patterns to go out with someone who’s cheating on someone else.

    For some it’s jealousy. For some it’s that they estimate value by what other people value (we all do it to some extent, it’s how money works). For some, it’s the power trip of taking a signifigant other from someone else.

    Yeah, DDR, it does make that a very good idea, alwas bring in an intendedsex wing-person, go to a meet market, act like you’re on a date, watch offers come rolling in.

  3. islandgirl77 / Apr 30 2012 6:19 pm

    This is typical. I was at the mall a couple of months ago and was sitting at the food court one chair away from two black women. I was there a good 15 minutes and they said nothing to me. A white guy came and sit next to me in the chair between the two black ladies. He starting talking and flirting with me. They then proceeded to talk to him asking what is going on that weekend. Mind you, I was there first and they didn’t even bother to ask me. He would answer the question and continue to talk to me. They continuously interrupted our conversation and he eventually turned his chair/back away from them toward me. I eventually left because I was so irritated by their behavior.

  4. Tif / Aug 5 2012 8:00 pm

    Yes i have experienced this with non-black women but not black women. Latina, Asian, and white women have flirted with my boyfriend or guy friend at the time. Just last week me and my boyfriend was at the mall and the white sales girl grabbed my boyfriends hand literally behind my back. It’s funny because my boyfriend doesn’t even notice when he’s being flirted with and could care less about how any other woman in the room looks but me. I’ve even witnessed an Asian girl pretending to do something in front of us to catch his eye. It’s weird that other women are so quick to go out with a man who’s with a black woman when we’re considered to be bottom of the barrell. I’m not sure whether they believe that it’s just easier to steal a black womans man because surely he didn’t really want her so it’s out of disrespect or what but it’s quite strange to me. Especially considering the fact that he could also have a non-black woman if he wanted to yet he chose me.

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