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December 10, 2011 / admin

Jobs & Industries that are Great for your Dating Life!

This post is not intended to tell you to change your occupation just to find a guy –

It is probably most useful for those who are considering changing their field, figuring out what field to work in or getting a part time job in another industry.

There are certain fields that have a tendency to have more men (e.g. construction) or women (e.g. nursing). So I wanted to compile a list of the best industries/jobs to consider taking if you want as many available men to choose from.

1. Finance – Who wouldn’t want a man that knows his way around money?

2. Real Estate – Rentals or Sales .. although you’d probably find more singles renting apartments than selling houses.

3. Architecture – smart (they use a lot of math) and creative (they’re designing houses!) guys. How can you go wrong?

4. Computer Engineering –

5. Graphic Design –

Pretty much any field where there are more guys than women  … you should be able to expand your pool of dating options. Do you work in a field that is male dominated where the pickings are really good? Do you have any suggestions? Leave your comments below.



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  1. Nkosazana / Dec 11 2011 6:18 am

    I recommend going for the engineer type. Makes good money and are quite devoted!

  2. Ruthlyn / Dec 21 2011 6:10 am

    please remove my picture from the blog about me. this is the number 1 place my name shows up. I asked a few months ago but my brother recently brout it to my attention again.

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