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September 18, 2011 / admin

What the Tweeps are Saying… Attitudes are shifting!

People are talking …. on Twitter! It seems more and more bw are waking up and spreading the word to their followers and the rest of the world alike. What are they saying?

‘Black Women, Wake up!’, ‘Open your dating options!’, ‘White men are attracted to Black women!’, ‘I’m not afraid to say I am attracted to Wm’, ‘You don’t have to wait on your ‘Black prince’ to be happy!’, ‘It’s 2011. We approve!’

What? You don’t believe me? See for yourself… here’s what the tweeps are saying

The truth
5tumbles The truth
Some white guy got a black girl that I would date on his lap rite now… Darskin men I’m sorry but y’all #Loosing lately
♡♡Jalisa The Elite♡♡
JalisaElite ♡♡Jalisa The Elite♡♡
High five to every black woman dating out of their race… and I don’t mean mixed men
Vee The Villain
Yummy_VEE Vee The Villain
Heading out with my Greek/Italian guy to the city today. Never dating black men again….. Smartest choice I made this year lol.
NaToya Danielle
NaToyaDanielle NaToya Danielle
RT @FreshPress1@NaToyaDanielle Date a real white guy that wears Abercrombie and you will experience new things…<been there, done him.
Isn't She Lovely :)
GlamourMeERIN Isn’t She Lovely 🙂
So, I wrote a Facebook status saying that I want to date a whiteguy now. It’s amazing how many white guys has hit me up since then! LOL!
A lot of black women need to expand the dating pool they currently have, they miss out on a lot of great men because of colour blindness.
mrs_mpumie harajuku_barbie
I wanna date a whIte guy 😉 #Teamfollowback #instantfollowback
Quira Squarepants
OneLocaGagaFan Quira Squarepants

@AlejandroLxndr Thing is, I date a white guy. LOL!
Daneishia Jones
NeishaWho Daneishia Jones
Watching rugby. I’ve never been with a white guy but I’d date a few of them lol
@call_me_britt: my dad is a mess he said black men will date an ugly white woman, but a white man will get him a fine blackwoman!”<== YES!
Yo honestly I wanna date a white guy
Meme Francois
MemeFrancois Meme Francois
The more black women exclude themselves to dating or marrying just black men, the more power they lose & the more black men gain.
Tyra ϟ
tyratw4t Tyra ϟ
My auntie just told me i should get myself ” a nice, white boyfriend” lol ilysfm
_goJOgo Jooooooo
If I have a baby its going to be soo cute. Nd not cuz my boyfriendis white either. It’s going to be cute cuz me (:
My closing argument:
William Fletcher
AYEyoWILL William Fletcher
Black Women always complain about Black Men dating outside their race … well, get it together, its a competition out here
This is what the average Black Man thinks and he couldn’t be closer to the truth. Black women, start thinking like this black man and make your new motto “It’s a competition out there” when you’re wondering whether or not to return the advances of that White guy who is always throwing you glances. Black men have their options wide open .. so what are YOU waiting for?

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  1. jess / Sep 22 2011 4:52 am

    Haha. This is the best “What the Tweeps are Saying” yet.

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