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September 8, 2011 / admin

Myth Buster – White Men Love Boobs and Not A**


Maybe it comes from the fact that men were totally head over heels in love with Pamela Anderson and her ever-growing… quite ridiculously looking… bosom, or a lot of White women (non-celebrities and celebrities alike) seemingly getting breast implants (presumably to appease their men), or perhaps it’s because in contrast to Black men’s magazines, which usually have round/large high in the air butt shots on the cover, magazines geared towards white men seem to showcase smushed and pushed up breasts on the teeniest/tiniest model frames instead… this myth has managed to infiltrate society.

However and wherever this thought comes from… it’s a Bold . faced. lie.

Men, are men, are men. Some men love boobs, some men love legs, some men love a**, some the face, others have no preference … most love it all!

Men’s likes/dislikes run the gamut and you know what, that works out really well for all of us women and our different sizes/shapes (the guy who loves what you’ve got the most is somewhere out there). I can say though, while you can work what your mamma gave ya’, try not to put it all out on display and leave a little to the imagination. If you leave something for a man to discover, instead of it being on front street for all to see, you’ll probably find the kind of guys you want to bring home to meet the parents.

This quote from Snorkledorf  sums things up neatly for you:

“I think we’re almost paranoid due to girls asking the dreaded question we always have to lie to: “Does this make my butt look big?”
I always want to answer “Yeah!” with a big smile, but I doubt many girls would realize that this is a complement… Big boobs, yay! Big butt, yay! But some girls (and apparently some mildly insane guys) don’t seem to get it.”


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  1. Lulu / Sep 8 2011 1:36 am

    very true, either way they can like what they like as long as I don’t get cat called. I’m a human being! Not a good look no matter what race you are!

  2. WingedBeast / Sep 8 2011 9:39 am

    Is that supposed to be mutually exclusive?

  3. Ruthlyn / Jul 18 2012 2:05 pm

    It’s also wrong to assume women do it to please their men. All the women I’ve spoken to who do it, do it for the sake of being proportional. 9 times out of 10 it has nothing to do with men. Kind of like tattoos and peircings – its body modification- a personal choice to project the self image you believe you should have. It’s not all about sex just because they’re boobs. For me it was the way clothes fit. It never had anything to do with sex, or stopped me from getting mine. Not to mention all the white guys I’ve dated appreciate curves. They kinda have to in order to appreciate me, unless they like those rail-thin supermodel types.

  4. Elle / Mar 5 2014 1:25 pm

    i asked mine about his preference & surprised the hell outta me when he said he likes ass…

  5. teri / Aug 28 2014 1:32 am

    I know more white men than black men. Out of all the white men I know, none of them likes a woman with a flat butt. I have never heard any white man say he likes a flat A** woman (white or black woman).

  6. More Than A Man / Oct 29 2014 6:19 pm

    The entire breast implant industry is fueled by WHITE MALE obsession with boobs. They invented the surgery, the implants, and created the image of Barbie with unrealistic proportions that have nothing to do with women of other races. Barbie is the white male ideal woman. Blonde, big breasted, unnaturally skinny and who cares about the a**? That is the white guy ideal. Black men (like me) like women of all races and have been with them. But I only like women with natural breasts (whatever size) and they MUST have a nice round butt and go in at the waist like an hourglass. This collection of goodies comes in all colors and sizes, but none of them include fake boobs or big boobs with no butt and no shape. I recently watched the movie “10”, and thought to myself….this Bo Derek is maybe a 6? Flat butt, boobs out of proportion, broad shouldered, blonde. Not attractive features to black or Hispanic men. I know many white guys who like what I like, with a** being the preference, but the vast majority merely acquired that taste from their non-white friends. Most little white boys show their fascination with breasts from a very young age, where young black males show interest in the curves and the butt at the same age. Watch kids to answer this argument. 🙂

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