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July 18, 2011 / admin

MythBusters #4 – White Men Cheat (More than Other Men)!

All men do not cheat, but all types of men do!

We tend to hear stories about white male celebrities (middle aged) cheating on their, many times beautiful, wives or girlfriends – **Arnold, David Letterman, Bill Clinton, Asthon Kutcher** more often than their black counterparts because the news organizations and tabloids target mainstream (read – white) audiences and they don’t think White people care so much about Black men’s infidelity. Now, let that Black celebrity be Will Smith, Denzel Washington or Barack Obama … or Tiger Woods (people that the news orgs. and tabloids think White people know/care about and you better believe the stories will run… and run… and run..)

But we all know that many of the Black “celebrity” and sports athletes (NBA/NFLA) are not innocent as they have a word of mouth reputation for cheating on their spouses like it’s nobody’s business. (This is why I never understood groupies who chase after these men in hopes of getting knocked up and trapping said ‘star’ into a life with her. The traps rarely, if ever, work as the man will just move on to the next!)

The truth is some white men cheat and others have good values/morals and do not… the same for some Asian, Black, Hispanic men. The most important thing is to vet and then see if a man’s behavior is living up to his words or what he says he values. If he says he believes in being monogamous to the one he is with yet he unapologetically stares at women while you are out together or flirts like there is no tomorrow … or he tried to pick you up when he was already in a relationship, the flip side being he tried to pick you up despite knowing YOU were in a relationship – ALL RED FLAGS!

Finally, some cultures do seem to expect or excuse men’s cheating behavior and this is true for many caribbean cultures. Maybe not so much cheating, but having tons of women/baby mother’s all over the place and not particularly caring for offspring (NWNW!). I have to say that American Culture (particularly White American Culture/Society) does not condone or take cheating lightly. If a wealthy WM cheats on his spouse and is caught, chances are high that she will divorce him and the court will grant her a hefty sum (approximately half) of his wealth. The consequences can be high!



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  1. Stacy009 / Jul 18 2011 3:21 pm

    In my experience my white boyfriends have been more faithful (as far as I know) and respectful of me (in terms of flirting and looking at other women) than my black boyfriends. My white boyfriend’s only seem to have eyes for me. Even when a girl in booty shorts and a ton of cleavage walks by my current boyfriend won’t turn his head. My ex (black boyfriend) couldn’t stop ogling other women and adding them on facebook … smh

  2. Ty / Jul 18 2011 4:44 pm

    Black women who use this excuse for not dating White Men need to seriously get a freakin’ clue and lose the ignorance!

    My Polish-American boyfriend is extremely dedicated and faithful to me. I attribute his strong values to modeling by his parents and grandparents who have been married for 28 and 52 years respectively

    There must be some reason so many Black women say their White boyfriend or husband treat them like a queen, which would include them not stepping out on their relationship or marriage. Is it just a coincidence or what? White men seem to be the most devoted to their families as they realize building with one woman is more satisfying long term than wanting to sample everything (grass is greener mentality) hopping from bed to bed.

    It must be White women spreading this myth and only dumb (or I’ll be a bit less harsh and say uninformed) black women believing it!

    Sorry to write a book admin, but I hear this lie by many of my girlfriends and family members and it irks me so much!

    • admin / Jul 18 2011 5:41 pm

      No need to apologize! Yeah, I don’t think Asian women are buying it

    • ddf / Jul 18 2011 9:36 pm

      interesting…most of the white guys i dated had parents that were divorced but men of different ethnic backgrounds had parents married for yearssss and that were still married…(including black/african men)…none of the guys i’ve dated have cheated on me so I can’t say anything about men of african descent in that aspect…in terms of treating me’s all been dependent on age….when I was in college AND took crap from men naively, there where white dudes who did not treat me with respect! same with black dudes, asian dudes..etc…there were two guys who were wonderful to me though during that trying time of my life. One was white american and the other was african american.

      idk people need to be careful about upholding white men as if they are THE standard. I feel it just reinforces the whole white is right mentality that grips our global society.

      • Daja / Jul 18 2011 10:32 pm

        I agree, WM are not the standard; some of them cheat. But I also agree that if it is culturally accepted for men to cheat, they will cheat more than other men whose culture doesn’t accept it. WW expect their men to be faithful to them, unlike some BW who have seen cheating so much from their fathers, uncles, etc. that they think it’s just something “men do” that they can forgive, resulting in their BM creeping.

  3. mzdougla / Jul 18 2011 4:56 pm

    I knew this was coming lol. Also based on my experiences, the white men I went on dates with were respectful, and treated me as if I was the only woman on earth. One African American guy I went on a date with kept staring and flirting with other women (that was the guy my father liked).
    I will also say, coming from the caribbean, some do seem to let a lot of those behaviours slide and some have even become use to it (so sad). A small percentage of the men are very chauvinistic. Its not prevalent where I’m from and Afro-caribs are not the majority. Most of the Indo-carib men protect the women in their family, like my uncle. I could only really speak on what I know about my country and not others.
    On that note, men should always be vetted regardless of race. I myself prefer men of Euro descent. I check for red flags and I make sure he is a respectful man.

  4. Mellisa / Jul 18 2011 5:20 pm

    It does seem like when white men cheat they don’t leave a trail of kids with their jumpoffs, so i can only guess they take the necessary precaution to protect themselves and their money with condoms. I cant really say the same for black guys

  5. teachermrw / Jul 20 2011 6:58 pm

    Is there any hard data that supports the claim that White men cheat more or less than Black men? I appreciate the anecdotal data, but some viable research to support the claim either way would be more helpful – at least to me.

    • admin / Jul 20 2011 10:07 pm

      That would be a hard thing to get hard data on because people have a tendency to deny or lie about sensitive subjects when taking surveys…. even when told that they can answer anonymously.

  6. mzdougla / Jul 23 2011 12:11 am

    It has to do with the people you know. I have white male friends who’s parents have been married for years and I can’t tell you how many black guys I knew with unwed parents or no fathers.
    People have to be careful what they are telling others, what they believe and who they let in their lives. This is like the ongoing “wm aren’t well endowed, wm are geeks, wm are racist, wm can’t dance.,etc” fictitious nonsense. I would like to know who is spreading these so-called facts.
    If women really and truly feel white men “cheat more”, then a simple solution would be not to date them. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other men THOSE women can choose from.

  7. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 26 2011 9:37 pm

    That’s why it kills me to hear black women complain about black male athletes marrying white/non-black women. They’re not good catches! They are married to the GAME and have women throwing themselves at them like crazy. For me anyway someone whose job is that demanding cannot fulfill my emotional needs. Unless all you care about is being taken care of, professional athletes are NOT marriage material.

  8. Ruthlyn Oliver / Jul 26 2011 9:45 pm

    I guess i’m the exception here. I’ve never been cheated on by a black guy. Been cheated on by three white guys. I am attracted to both black and white men, but I think because of my past I held black guys to higher standards in order for me to date them. After my first husband- I told HIM and myself that my next husband would be black. lol Because all the shit I got for dating him wasn’t worth it since he in fact WAS a racist, cheating pig. But you just can’t fight love! Now i’m with the sweetest, most faithful, honest and respectful person ever. And he’s as white as they come- from Wyoming, Montana and Maine. lol

  9. xxbronzegoddessxx / Sep 5 2011 11:38 pm

    Cheating has nothing to do with race and everything to do with having a serious character flaw. My ex cheated on me and he was a non-bm. I think people stereotype so they don’t have to expand their minds and can live in a little world of their own assumptions. The real crime happens when they try to convince other’s that its true. Classic chicken little syndrome.

  10. Let's be Realistic / Jan 13 2012 1:58 pm

    OMG Ruthlyn how did you find out that Josh was racist? That’s one of my aversions to white men. I’ve just heard and experienced too many foul and racist comments and actions for me to really trust them. They constantly stare me down like I’m lunch or something and they never approach…or they sort of approach but expect me to due the heavy lifting of the pursuing just to act akward in the end.

    I do naturally find good looking white men to be the most attractive, but I’m turning 20 soon and the world the way it is …………lol idk if I’ll be dating anyone which is fine because I’m pre med and don’t have time for much else outside of med school prep…but yeah, idk I really do love all men, including non ghetto black men i think a good man is of high value and should always be praised BUT i just can’t help my attraction to white men although when I run into the ignorant racist ones i just wish they didn’t exist sometimes lol

    i’ll be standing in line anywhere (this has happened more than once) and one guy will say “She’s hot for a black girl” then the other guy goes “that’s because she looks like a white girl” …………UHM NO a symmetrical face is not the property of white people lol…..i truly feel sorry for the black girls who think white boys are just the remedy for every problem….i think i used to be one of those girls but now i’m just starting believe i’ll end up with some fellow asian doctor somewhere down the road…love the blog.

  11. anonymous / Feb 25 2012 8:23 pm

    Regardless of race i find military men cheat alot more. Think about it, why is it that when these soldiers go over sease they go to titty bars? black man, white man, asian man, mexican man, they all do it because they only think with their penises.

    • Sean Carpentier / Nov 17 2012 3:10 am

      They’re away from their wives most the timean when a man is away from getting puss they go crazy for an they resort to even cheating. It’s quite a testament to their character you could say. Think about the men who go to war. They go nuts.

    • water / Dec 14 2012 1:22 pm

      Anonymos yoy say that man can chaet no mater what.That might be true but I have read that some of the asian countries and Mexico women if they are married to thees women and the man cheats once or alot thay want divorce that man no matter if the man cheets on them all the time beacuse of there colter and alot of the mexican women dont whant marry other man out of there colter. I dont like that beacuse if the mexican man treets them like crap and thay could of had a man that treets them will.

  12. kamesha|sh / Apr 12 2013 7:29 am

    Im 20 years old and i say all races of men cheats. But through my entire life the only man that showed me respect and treated me like the a queen was a bm. I have been going with my bf for sense i was 17 and he already is talking about marriage and he also wants us to get our own place so we can be together more often. Im sure there some cool wm out there too. but i have a cousin who had a long experience with 1 and they had been together for almost 2 years and when she finally commited to him and gave up her verginity she got pregnant. he stayed a few months after her pregnacy and then he left and went and got another black women pregnant with 2 kids. He dont ever come see his son by my cousin or nun he just completely deleted hisself from his own son life. Its like after a while they all seen to change almost like they gets tired of you or something. but im sure there some good ones are out there too.

  13. ray thomas / May 18 2013 11:01 pm

    You’re all a bunch of sad, ignorant people. I hope that I’m never so unlucky as to allow any of you wretched, illiterate, closet racists (both black and white) cross my threshold. Yes, I am a black male, educated, with a very nice job, and living an equally satisfying life.

  14. teri / Aug 27 2014 1:33 am

    This post is old, but STDs are forever. Cheaters get AIDS, VD and other types of STDs. That’s why God made us to have one person at a time. Monogamy protects us more than contraceptives protect us.

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