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June 19, 2011 / admin

Is Your Username Costing you Dates?

I was recently reading a book that was talking about the power of your username, particularly when it relates to online dating.

Picking a username is a science and should be given thought as it is one of the the first few things a potential mate has to evaluate you online. Most people filter out others based on their usernames or may decide to engage with someone due to a username that reflects a shared interest, e.g. a username like CMajorGrl would immediately tell another musician (piano player) that you play or know about the piano. Whereas a username like GhettoFab may scare away decent men and Sexibigbrwn may only attract those interested in one thing or another…

Note Sexibigbrown could mean that you have big brown eyes, you are a big brown sexy girl, or you are a big – as in tall – brown, and sexy girl, etc.  but you’ll have to sift through all those people with the misinterpretations in order to find those with the more innocent interpretations or who correctly figure out the intended references. I would say it’s best to look at all the different ways your username can be construed and edit for clarity.

Simply applying a little forethought can go a long way in catching the interest of someone who may be more compatible with you. When deciding on your username think about your favorite books, sports, movies, hobbies, interests, places… even your profession! P.S. Stay away from sexually suggestive names, unless you’re just looking for flings and hookups.

So before you get the right picture, fill out your profile and start marketing yourself on the internet, make sure you give some thought to how you want to be perceived, who you want to attract and how your username can help you do just that.


If you want to test out a new online dating username or get feedback on your current one post it in the comments section below. You’d be surprised how others may perceive what you are trying to convey.


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