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June 9, 2011 / admin

The Skinny on Female Pick Up Artists

What is a FPUA (Female Pick Up Artist)?


Female pickup artists are women who adopt the tricks and techniques of the seduction community, and apply them to seducing the men they desire. While pickup has long been a male dominated industry, there are an increasing number of women becoming involved in the pickup community as well, either as wing girls or as actual female puas.

Traditional gender roles have dictated that men are the one’s expected to pick up, while women have played the role of those being picked up on. However, with the rise of feminism and the blurring of gender roles, women have increasingly taken a more aggressive approach to their dating lives, not content with simply waiting around and hoping to be picked.

There are also women who are forced to pick up, such as bisexual women and lesbians. Such women often face the same difficulties that men have when approaching girls, and because there are few sources that deal with their specific situations, many such women have turned to the seduction community for advice.

It is somewhat ironic that women are starting to learn pickup, because many PUA techniques such as active disinterest, body rocking, and qualification are techniques that were originally developed by modeling women who used the very same techniques on men. With the rise of female puas and the popularizing of the seduction community, the game has come full circle.


Interesting… The comments section even more so!

I watched an episode or two (okay, maybe more) of the VH1 show, Pick Up Artists with Mystery and ’em (I can’t remember their names – too lazy to google). I wondered if there was anyone out there teaching women (who needed help for whatever reason) the methods to picking up men.

I figured most women wouldn’t want to pick up multiple men for one night stands, but would use the information to land the ‘one’ guy she really wanted. However, I was convinced the techniques the guys were using (negging and dressing outrageously in goofy hats with feathers, boas, extra small pants, etc *cough – Mystery – cought* wouldn’t work on a man if he simply wasn’t attracted to the woman trying to catch his eye; while most women will give a man a shot if his humor, wit, obvious success/wealth, etc. speak to her despite not being initially attracted to him.

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