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June 5, 2011 / admin

What the Tweeps Are Saying (II)

People are talking… I hear them whisper…. you won’t believe it!
Here’s the latest installation of what the tweeps are saying.

Gordon Cozier
Roll_UpAnother1 Gordon Cozier

Some Girl just asked if I would ever be interested in a black girl… Hello! I’m Will Blood, I only like black girls. 
Ania Marie
AlwaysAniaMarie Ania Marie

Best Interracial Couple, the Sexiest Korean Guy I Ever Dated 
Mr. Big Dawg
CThFoster Mr. Big Dawg

@TellEmSHANsaid: White guys know how to treat their women #Fact” – agree and cosign!! We treat them like royalty!!
Ashley♋Nanwica Kciji
its_NDNRemy Ashley♋Nanwica Kciji

#FYI more sucessful black women are dating outside of their race because the most sucessful men are white, asain or african..
Mandii B
FullCourtPUMPS Mandii B

RT @MissJia: So….Dirk Nowitzki is allegedly dating/marrying a Black woman? Cute. At least somebody in the NBA is.
RuthOhanu Ruth

RT @JmEdLiN89 Im gonna marry a black woman when I’m older.< whens the date?  
Ashanti Nichelle
ashtabula7 Ashanti Nichelle

I love that cartoon, Sid the Science Kid, and the fact that the family is interracial.
Joanne Halla
Sharp_Eminence Joanne Halla

RT @_ChoclateKISSES Shia LeBouf is the sexiest white man I’ve ever seen –I agree!
Lola Limestone
huny Lola Limestone

#makidada@divalutionary: huny i thought i was the only black girl who felt that way about david grohl *sings* you are not alone”


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  1. Ruthlyn / Jun 8 2011 10:54 pm

    i’m @OriginalRuthlyn

  2. wanderlust82 / Jun 17 2011 5:40 am

    These are funny, especially the last one

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