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May 8, 2011 / admin

What the Tweeps are Saying

People are talking …. I hear them whisper, you won’t believe it! … (Bonnie Raitt – Something to talk about)

What exactly are they talking about? Let’s see – in this week’s edition of –  “What the Tweeps are Saying”

AliPB_LowKey Alison
I would definitely date a white guy .
Gary Owen

@garyowencomedy Gary Owen
When I see a black girl in Starbucks I assume she is open to dating white guys.
OW 
TaviBabi OW 

The white guy that trained me today asked me if I work out and do I do squats…smh he was flirting all day lol
KholoThalakgale Kholofelo
Ha! Did this white guy say what I think he said. Lol! He likes what he sees! Lol unbelievable! #generations
Justin Ona
BeLikeJONA Justin Ona

Seems like more and more females are starting to date/talk outside their race. #winning
Ohad Okon
OkonPlainDealer Ohad Okon

@Cavaliers1970 he basically said im gonna go to hell cuz im dating a black girl…DMed it
pnktaco_ Jenn
im determined to date a white guy.
Choklate_ViRGO BREE-Z ♡ 
Is it true that white men are intimidated by black women?
#question interracial relashionships?? example: white guy black girl… cute or awkward?
Jim Swimm
Jims_Whim Jim Swimm
@ifiranthecircus Matter of fact, my 1st kiss was from…wait for it…Tawana Cherry, sassiest, darkest Black girl at Sutton Elementary. ; )



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