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March 31, 2011 / admin

The Aptly named “Color” Dating App

So Apparently this hip new App receiving much buzz could be just the thing you’ve been looking for in your quest to “organically” meet singles. AND, apparently lots of guys (at least the tech savvy ones) are already there but the women are not. Soo…. tons of guys – little to no women YET…. Is this what you should be downloading today?

From PC Magazine

  • Pros – Swift, proximity-based photo and video sharing. Ability to customize your image-viewing experience. You can view previously-snapped user photos even after they’ve moved out of range. Notifications system.
  • Cons – Confusing, busy interface. Lack of privacy controls.
  • Bottom Line – Color lets you quickly share and discover new photos and video from people within your vicinity but the fragmented interface and privacy concerns may prove a barrier to entry.
  • The Idea, The Setup
    Color is designed to eliminate some of the barriers associated with social networks by letting you share photos, videos, and messages extremely quickly. The exceptionally simple setup process highlights that fact: You’re prompted to enter your name and snap a profile photo upon launching Color for the first time—and that’s it. No weighty profile creation process that involves e-mail addresses, passwords, friending, tagging, or entering your age and location. Color’s setup ranks as one of the simplest and swiftest of any “social network,” due in no small part to the fact that your Color account is tied to your handset’s phone number and ID, which speeds the identification process.

    The Color Experience
    Color is first and foremost a social exploratory experience. Firing up the app without a fellow Color user within 150 feet doesn’t tap the app’s unique features; in fact, the home screen displays an image of four people snapping photos and a command to “take photos together.” Before another Color user entered my area, I swiped through the photos I had taken using the app. And don’t fret! Images snapped using the iPhone’s own camera app or other apps, like Instagram or Hipstamatic, remain off-limits to Color….

    Walking down a busy Manhattan street with Color turned on, I was bombarded by images that were taken in the back of taxis, dark bars, and a variety of other locales. Oddly, it wasn’t overwhelming; peering into the lives of people that I’ve never met and viewing their immediate worlds constantly captured my curiosity.

    I couldn’t help but to imagine Color being put to excellent use at a concert, party, or other gathering place where people are likely to visually chronicle an event. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Color used as an alternative to traditional Internet dating as you see photos of others and leave them messages.


    What do you think? Would you use this app to find hotties within 150 of you, or does the privacy concerns freak you out? Leave a note in the comments section!


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