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February 15, 2011 / admin

The Other Side of the Coin – White Men Being Fed Propaganda

In the article Why More Black Women are Dating White Men, this comment from a White man caught my attention:

by Scuban

01/03/11 | Report as spam

RE: Why more black women are dating white men

I’ve read reasons why some Black women go for White guys and I would like to say as a White man who is very much attracted to Black women that I wouldn’t want a Afro-Am woman to date me solely because she couldn’t find a suitable mate of her own race. If she is more attracted to a Black man, then she should not settle for a Caucasian or someone from another race because her biological clock is running out.



For many years Black women have been fed some variation of the following lies “A White man might date you but he won’t marry you/bring you to home to his mom” or “[White men] only want to date you [Black women] because of a fetish”

Could we say the flip side to this Black women anti-interracial propoganda is the following White man targeted anti-interracial propoganda …

“[Black women] only want you as second choice” or “Black women are dating White men because there are no good black men left” or “The only reason Black women date you [White men] is to get back at [Black men who date non-bw].”

It isn’t a stretch to believe that when a White man hears stuff like this the result is uneasiness or apprehension for dating Black women… It’s akin to the side eye that Black woman are famously known to give White men if he starts acting friendly towards her. If he thinks to himself, “Wait a minute – is she really into me or is she just settling because her biological clock is ticking and the good brothers aren’t anywhere to be found?” Really, which man (or woman) would want to be with someone who they felt solely wanted them because they couldn’t get what they REALLY wanted?

For those White men out there who are considering Interracial dating but have heard this anti-bw interracial dating propaganda and thought twice, please be aware/advised! If you feel a pang of nervousness about the Black woman you may be interested in, who is also showing signs of interest in you, know that you are simply reacting in the exact manner in which the people who have fed you these thoughts want you to act.

There are plenty of Black women who have said loud and clear that White men are their “preference” “their first choice” or that they simply “find White men just as, if not more, attractive as any other race of men”. Enter the relationship or friendship without the preconceived notions and baggage, vet the woman individually and take it from there.


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  1. WingedBeast / Feb 15 2011 3:30 pm

    I suppose everybody who finds someone outside their “in” group, whatever that group is based on (race, religion, political affiliation, Highschool Based Cliques), gets the mix of messages from “they aren’t attracted to us” to “they could never understand us” to “they could never be serious with us” and unimaginative commedians alone give us more than enough building material for insecurities.

    But, hey, the statistics are there. Unless you’re determined to watch Fox News and the Tea Party and nothing else, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that we’re really in an “us vs them” world anymore.

  2. Valerie / Feb 18 2011 6:17 pm

    There is too much, far too much analyzing, why black women are dating white men, maybe they actually like and find them attractive.

  3. Eugenia / Mar 30 2011 10:19 pm

    Yea, I hope some white guy is reading this. Black women and white women are getting fed way too much propaganda, thank goodness I question all propaganda and recognize it for what it is, absolute crap.

  4. chocolate / Aug 28 2014 8:46 pm

    Only, scared dumb weak people let others stop them from having real love.

  5. Adeen / Sep 13 2014 10:03 am

    Good post. I am interested in dating good quality White and Asian men. All of the things you listed that Blacks tell Black women to discourage us from dating outside of our race is true. I have been told that a White man wouldn’t marry me or take me home to their parents and only sleep with me. And most of this nonsense was what I heard from mostly Black men too. Black men don’t want Black women to date out because they have to compete with other races for quality Black women. And we all know that they can’t measure up to White and Asian men in social, economic or political power. That is why they say such things.

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