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February 11, 2011 / admin

What Would You Do? Interracial Couples Harassed While Dining

Let’s hope you don’t have to encounter racist people ever, especially while out with your love. However, it’s good to know that if you ever do, there are decent folks in the world who will be willing to speak up and defend your right to be with whoever you want!

In the following video the TV Show, What Would You Do?, experiments with two interracial couples (BW/WM) and (WW/BM) to see how people will react when they are harassed while dining, simply for the fact that they are in an interracial relationship.

Can’t see the video? Click HERE


My Notes:

* I would have liked to see what the restaurant patrons would have done had the BW/WM couple been attacked by a White man or woman but they didn’t show that scenario.

* I found it interesting that when it was a BW/WM couple and the racist Black man confronted them everyone was afraid to confront him, instead choosing to comfort the couple. Yet when it was a BM/WW couple with the racist Black girls they were called trash, and the patrons said the girls were envious of the white woman.

* Another scenario they could have included was having a WW come on strong to the WM in the BW/WM relationship as some BW have reported WW trying to get their men’s attention as if they can’t tell or just can’t fathom he’s already taken by a Black Woman. As well, let’s see what would happen when a BM publically tries to test and undermine the obvious relationship by hitting on the BW while she is clearly coupled up with her man.

That leads to the question I want to ask YOU directly, what would you do? I take it since you’re on this site you are a man or woman who is definitely open to interracial dating, so would you speak up in both couples’ defense, only one (bw/wm), or just shake your head, ignore the racists, eat your food and leave? Would you ignore the people doing the harassing and try to console the couple letting them know you can relate/understand? I have my own theory but want to know whether the people who are themselves in an interracial relationships more likely to get involved or not.

Also, feel free to add any of your observations on the different ways the situations were handled below.



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  1. Carib / Feb 11 2011 9:32 pm

    Applause…bravo! I love this. I watch that segment on ABC all the time, and have always wondered when they were going to address this subject. I’ve actually emailed ABC in 2009 about doing exactly this and now I see this…amazing! I’m excited, I would like to think that my message had something to do with it, but who knows 🙂
    This was just amazing, and the black woman was right, we do need experiments like “what would you do?” to show us all what issues need fixing in our society and that racism still exist.
    The reason I emailed ABC was, I thought that they needed to get out there, that some black women, are harassed constantly, when they’re in interracial relationships. The stigma placed on black women are, they’re jealous, bitter and angry, when it comes to black men in interracial relationships, but its not true (mainly talking about the black women who could care less). I’ve heard a lot of black women are being murdered, assaulted or harassed when they’re with a non black man, and I felt someone needed to bring this problem to society’s attention. I appreciate you showing this. I really wished they would’ve gotten deeper into it, but it’s a start and I still appreciate it.

  2. Carib / Feb 11 2011 10:31 pm

    I too felt, they didn’t have the courage to address the racist BM. Maybe non blacks are afraid to be called a racist themselves for harshly talking to a BM, who knows. I would’ve addressed the bigot BM disrespecting the WM/BW couple. Honestly, I don’t see a lot of BM/WW couples being harassed or even assaulted in THIS millenium, but it’s happening a lot to BW and WM. Its shocking how many people are racist in 2011.
    I really noticed the difference in the way the patrons handled the situation. Being an immigrant, but growing up in U.S, I’ve observed alot of issues in this society. It just seems to me that people are, for some reason, afraid to confront BM, especially in this kind of scenario. Not sure why…it’s just my opinion. I’ve been in a situation similar to this, but I stood up for myself and will do so for anyone I see this happening to.
    What I noticed was, they made the black females behave more jealous/bitter/angry, than the black man. They seem to have made the BM’s approach more calm and preachy. ie: It was “black women ain’t good enough for you, not pretty enough?” versus “think about our race, the black race is deminishing”…they made the BW more negative. I will be sending another email to ABC, it was pretty good, but could’ve been better.

  3. admin / Feb 12 2011 3:32 am

    Kudos to you for suggesting this to ABC. We may have you to thank for this segment then!

    • Carib / Feb 13 2011 12:35 pm

      Thank you! I like getting involved 🙂
      The woman was right, we all need to do our share. Your wonderful website is an example.

  4. ree / Jul 20 2011 12:07 am

    Wow what an idea! Regarding the BW/WM interracial couples this really needed as you said to be addressed. Great Job on your part for putting this issue out there and no that you have this BW support.

  5. mzdougla / Jul 23 2011 1:16 am

    I’m still working on that new letter to ABC. They had another segment called, “what would you do if you saw a bm with a white child or wm with a black child at a restaurant” (not quoting). The patrons stood up for the black male being harrassed by the white waiter, and when the white actress playing the mother approached the table, the waiter(actor) seemed relieved.

    In another scenario not one patron helped the white father being harassed. No one believed the white male was the father, even after a black woman(actress) walked up and hugged him. They didn’t even think the black woman was the mother. The sad part is, these are real patrons and their real reaction to this type of situation. I understand that ABC can’t play out the scenario in front of the same people to get a fair reaction, but why not get a clear/real answer from the patrons. Why did they believe that the white child cast as the black male’s daughter was biologically his, but the mixed child cast as the white male’s daughter must be kidnapped?

    They had the white male act guarded and easily irritated, and the black male happy and approachable. While watching it, I realized that there truly are wicked people in our society, that dislike wm/bw couplings, because even when they switched personalities; the patrons still didn’t believe that the white male and black female were the parents. The segment could’ve been done differently.

    • admin / Jul 23 2011 3:17 pm

      I remember the episode. I’ll see if I can find it online and post it

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